Capture the Atlas

¡Hello Explorers! Welcome to ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA

We are Ascen and Dani, a spanish couple addicted to the maps and creators of this adventure and photography travel blog. This corner is for you if you have an insatiable desire to enjoy the beauty of the planet. If you are a fleeing all-inclusive vacation, this is definitely your travel blog.

Here you will find alternative guides for all those who travel as backpackers. Prepare some good mountain boots because what comes will not be easy. But we promise that we will take you to corners that will take your speech away.

And the best, we will teach you to capture those incredible moments to share with humanity to make you encourage other to travel. So do not forget to bring your camera. With us you will get the best photos of your trips.

Are you ready to climb volcanoes and to count stars with us?