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Coronavirus and travel insurance – Covid-19 travel insurance coverage

The coronavirus outbreak has completely affected our lives, and traveling is only a small part of that. However, if you have a trip soon and don’t know what travel insurance to buy in order to deal with a situation like this one, I’m going to give you all the information you need about travel insurance and coronavirus. In addition, I will also explain what happens if you have had to cancel a trip due to coronavirus or if you are going to have to.

As you surely have many questions, I will try to solve them with verified information and continuous updates.

What if I can’t travel because of Covid-19? Does my travel insurance have coronavirus coverage? Is it safe to travel after the coronavirus? My recommendation has not been changed by this crisis. It is essential that you always travel with insurance that protects you. However, now it is essential to check that your travel insurance covers the coronavirus, and for now, Heymondo is one of the few travel insurance with specific coverage for Covid-19. I’ll talk later about what exactly this international travel insurance covers for coronavirus, but first I’m going to give you all the information you need to know before purchasing travel insurance in the Covid-19 era.

Travel insurance Heymondo Covid-19

Unfortunately, the coronavirus is here to stay. So from now on, it will be more important than ever to buy travel insurance for any trip.

When will coronavirus be covered by travel insurance?

The first case of coronavirus reported by WHO was registered on December 31, 2019, in Hubei province, China. The epicenter of the outbreak, the capital Wuhan, reported the existence of a new virus that affected the respiratory tract and whose spread was extremely rapid. With a mortality rate lower than the SARS virus, a disease which was initially related to the so-called Covid-19, this virus spread around the world in just three months, collapsing health services and producing a global crisis.

Before March 11th, Covid-19 was an epidemic associated only with China and other neighboring countries, so some travel insurance covered medical expenses for possible infection and cancellation if the destination declared a state of alarm.

However, little by little, other countries were detecting cases and, later, so-called “community spread”, where the initial source of the infection couldn’t be identified. At that time, Covid-19 travel insurance coverage was effective as long as the insurance had been bought before an epidemic warning was declared in the destination country.

Covid-19 travel insurance coverage

On March 11th, the situation with travel insurance and coronavirus changed. Due to the high number of coronavirus cases outside China, the WHO declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. This means that as of March 11th, all insurance has systematically stopped covering the medical expenses of travelers who are diagnosed with Covid-19, since pandemic exclusion is one of the ubiquitous clauses in all travel insurance.

Some insurance companies, such as Heymondo, have had to rewrite their conditions in order to provide service to the thousands of travelers who want to be insured against the coronavirus wherever they go. But I will talk about this a little later.

International medical assistance in case of coronavirus

As I was saying, once the WHO declared the global pandemic, all travel insurance stopped covering the coronavirus by default. Although many travelers protested against this, I wasn’t surprised, since the fine print of any travel insurance specifies exceptional situations that travel insurance no longer covers, and the declaration of a global pandemic is one of them.

Coronavirus and international travel insurance coverage

Now you are probably wondering, is there no coverage in travel insurance for coronavirus-related issues?

Theoretically, no, although there are some exceptions, such as travel insurance being bought before the country of residence declared a warning about the destination country or if you were already traveling when the WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic. If so, some travel insurance covers COVID-19-related medical expenses for a certain period of time or the entire trip. If this is the case for you, I recommend contacting your travel insurance company and carefully reading the insurance policy.

Trip cancellation and coronavirus – Does any travel insurance cover it?

Since the WHO declared the coronavirus a global pandemic, no travel insurance covers coronavirus cancellations. As I have mentioned, in all insurance policies, some exceptional scenarios are not covered, and a pandemic is one of them.

You may be wondering, what do I do if my flight is canceled due to coronavirus? I would tell you to absolutely keep all your travel booking documents and contact the airline to reach an agreement as soon as possible.

Airlines are giving customers several options- a full refund, in a few cases, and the option to change the dates of the trip, in many cases. If they don’t give you an alternative and refuse to issue a refund or allow you to change dates, you can proceed to make a claim. In either case, this depends exclusively on the airline and not on the travel insurance company.

Cancelled my trip because of the coronavirus

You will also have to contact the hotel where you were supposed to stay to reach an agreement or the platform where you booked the reservation. If it was a reservation with free cancellation, you will have no problem; otherwise, they may allow you to change the dates.

These are, at the moment, the trip cancellation and coronavirus policies that airlines and hotels have. Insurers don’t intervene in these policies because, as I have already said, it’s a pandemic, which is something exceptional that is not covered by any travel insurance.

Heymondo Travel insurance coronavirus coverage

So far, I have said that no insurance company covers medical expenses and trip cancellation for Covid-19. However, Heymondo modified some of its conditions to be able to extend its coverage and not leave its customers unprotected. This makes Heymondo the best travel insurance with coronavirus coverage.

I have traveled many times with Heymondo travel insurance. Right now, I have an annual multi-trip insurance for frequent travelers with them, and I have never had any problems with them. The best thing is that they pay for everything in advance. You don’t need to pay out-of-pocket, since Heymondo contacts the hospitals to make the payments directly to them.

If you plan to travel after the coronavirus, I recommend buying your insurance with them, since if they haven’t left their clients unprotected now, they won’t do so in any other situation where you may need medical assistance.

Heymondo travel insurance Covid-19

As indicated on the website itself, all Heymondo travel insurance covers medical assistance, even in the event that you are diagnosed with coronavirus, including the test if necessary.

The extension of hotel stay by medical quarantine is also covered as it is covered the trip cancellation due to illness or death of a relative (for coronavirus or any other cause), as well as the cancellation in case you got this virus and can’t travel.

In addition, if you haven’t been able to enjoy your trip due to this situation and you are forced to cancel your trip due to coronavirus, Heymondo refunds 100% of the travel insurance cost.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, we had already made a comparison of the best travel insurance companies, where it was clear that Heymondo was the one with the best coverage for a much lower price than its competitors. However, it’s their commitment to traveler assistance that makes each time I travel insured by them feel infinitely safer.

If you’re planning a trip soon, buy your travel insurance with coronavirus coverage from Heymondo. In addition, get 5% off your travel insurance so you don’t have any excuse to travel without insurance.

Discount in your travel insurance

Coronavirus-related medical coverage for HeyMondo policyholders

The COVID-19 medical coverage of Heymondo travel insurance changed despite the fact that the WHO declared the coronavirus a global pandemic.

Heymondo issued a statement confirming that all travel insurance on its website covers medical treatment, even after coronavirus diagnosis. That is, medical expenses, extension of the stay, quarantine… All of this was covered if you were already traveling and bought insurance before an epidemic warning was declared about the destination country or the WHO declared the pandemic. However, they have confirmed that their travel insurance will also cover coronavirus for all trips, including those planned after March 11th.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is a disease that is here to stay, so the best option, once we can travel again, is to look for travel insurance that covers claims related to coronavirus. Heymondo has been, without a doubt, the only insurer that has modified its coverage to cover all travelers who may get sick from coronavirus while overseas.

24h online doctor chat – Insured against coronavirus

The assistance app has always been one of the strengths of Heymondo travel insurance, since it includes a 24h online doctor chat, allows free calls to the insurance to find out where the nearest hospital is in case you need health care, enables you to upload the requested files to make a claim, and much more.

Coronavirus and medical insurance

Through the app, you can ask any Covid-19-related questions you have or any other travel and health-related questions.

Coronavirus cancellations – What does heyMondo travel insurance cover?

If you need to cancel your trip because of the coronavirus for a cause other than illness or death of a relative (outbreak, a new state of alarm, new restrictions at the borders, etc.), here, unfortunately, Heymondo won’t cover the costs. No travel insurance covers the cancellation of a trip due to a pandemic.

Once the WHO declared the global pandemic, many borders were closed and travel wasn’t allowed anymore. This forced airlines, railway companies, hotels, and others in the travel industry to make decisions that benefit both parties. My advice is that you contact the different providers for your trip and start a claim process so that they will refund your money or allow you to change your travel dates.

If that doesn’t work, you can contact Heymondo for advice on what steps to take to make the claim. But keep in mind that Heymondo, in this case, will only act as an advisor and won’t be responsible for reimbursing you.

What if my trip is canceled because of the coronavirus?

We’re all asking ourselves about travel rights during the coronavirus outbreak and other pandemics, a situation we didn’t think about before but that could recur at any time in our lives.

Many countries have been forced to close their borders in order to prevent the spread of the virus. If you cannot travel due to these restrictions, you are not entitled to compensation for being in an extraordinary situation.

I have coronavirus and haven’t yet travelled

So when I cancel my trips due to coronavirus, do I lose everything? No. The airline should refund the amount of your tickets or allow you to change dates. If not, I recommend starting a claim. What you are not entitled to is additional financial compensation, as it’s something exceptional and beyond the control of the airlines.

We have missed two flights due to the coronavirus, and, luckily, both companies have allowed us to change the dates. If you want to support the travel industry, I recommend opting for the change of dates whenever possible, since requesting a refund represents an additional loss for all the companies in a sector that has already been so badly damaged by this crisis.

What if I got coronavirus before my trip? Can I cancel it?

If you have bought cancellation insurance with Heymondo and you get coronavirus before the trip or any of your relatives get sick or dies for the coronavirus or for any other reason, you will be entitled to a refund of all your travel expenses, such as flights, hotels and other bookings in case you have to cancel your trip.

I always recommend buying cancellation insurance together with your travel insurance and today more than ever it’s crucial.

What if I can’t travel due to Covid-19 and can’t come back home?

Many people are also wondering what happens if you can’t come back home because of the coronavirus. In this case, the insurance company can’t do anything either because it’s the country of destination or origin that decides to close the borders. In such a situation, the insurance company, even if it wanted to, couldn’t provide alternative transport or a solution, as this would go against the regulations of the country.

Of course, within the coronavirus-related travel rights, if your flight is canceled, you have the right to meals, enough drinks, two phone calls, access to email, and accommodation, as well as transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation. Subsequently, the passenger will have to receive the amount for the trip that was missed or alternative transport to get home.

Diagnosed with coronavirus before you are able to get home

If, due to the closure of borders, there is no option for alternative transportation, the traveler will have to contact the US embassy.

What to do if you are diagnosed with coronavirus during an international trip

If you are traveling and you get coronavirus, you will have to contact your travel insurer and ask if you are entitled to healthcare for coronavirus.

As I said earlier, all insurers, when the coronavirus became a pandemic, stopped covering coronavirus-related expenses. Fortunately, Heymondo modified its conditions to also be able to offer coronavirus coverage, so if you plan to travel in the future, I recommend you take out insurance with them.

Although the worst is over, Covid-19 will remain a part of our lives for at least a few years, as scientists seem to agree that its eradication is now impossible. Unfortunately, no country is completely protected against the coronavirus, so the only thing we can do about it is buy reliable travel insurance that works for any problem, including a coronavirus infection.

What to do if you get coronavirus while overseas and didn’t buy any travel insurance

Travelers diagnosed with Covid-19 without travel insurance won’t have medical expenses covered. This means that you will have to pay any cost out of your own pocket.

In that case, remember the experts’ recommendation: if you think you are suffering from Covid-19, don’t leave the hotel, and self-quarantine yourself. Most of the population suffers from mild symptoms, so most likely you won’t need any medical assistance. In the event that your symptoms worsen and you find it difficult to breathe, seek telephone assistance so that they can tell you which hospital to go to.

What to do if you get sick from Covid-19 and have bought heyMondo travel insurance

If you get infected with coronavirus on an international trip but are insured with Heymondo, all your expenses for medical care in case of coronavirus are covered, including the coronavirus test.

If you show any symptoms or feel unwell, you can use the 24-hour medical chat in the Heymondo app. Doctors will assist you and will give you the best advice. Remember that the medical chat is a consultation chat; that is, if you need hospitalization or simply have a doctor assist you in person, you must call the assistance service, which is free, so they can tell you which hospital you should go to. Once you get to the hospital, Heymondo will have paid everything in advance, so you won’t have to worry about the expenses.

I'm afraid to travel due to the coronavirus travel insurance

If your symptoms are moderate and you don’t need hospitalization, you will still have to remain in quarantine and remain isolated until a new test gives you a negative result. This can be extremely expensive if you are traveling and need to pay for your hotel nights, but don’t worry, Heymondo also covers the extension of your hotel stay so that you can remain quarantined without infecting anyone and without worrying about anything.


After explaining all the possible situations related to travel insurance and Covid-19, my recommendation is that once the travel bans have been lifted and we can travel again, don’t do it without travel insurance.

You need travel insurance with coronavirus coverage, such as Heymondo, which works for any emergency situation.

Discount in your travel insurance for coronavirus

You are probably wondering now whether it is safe to travel after the coronavirus. Although as I have already said, it’s a virus that can’t really be eradicated, it is true that the body will create an immunity to it; eventually, it will be like the seasonal flu and the contagion will not be as high as it is now. Taking this into account, if you travel with an insurance policy, you should not be afraid to enjoy your trips the same way you were until now.

Of course, don’t travel to countries where the government recommends not to travel. If you have symptoms, don’t travel. If you have recently been with someone who has had symptoms, don’t travel. And definitely don’t travel without travel insurance with coronavirus coverage!

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  1. Marianne Beijderwellen says:

    Can I be sure you (Heymondo) covers also covid19 related illnesses with a travel insurance ?
    Ik would like to buy an insurance, but I need to know if covid19 is covered.
    I see the 3 options, but Covid19 is not mentioned.
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    • Capture the Atlas says:

      Hi Marianne,

      We are not a travel insurance provider but a travel blog. We have been traveling with Heymondo for years and I have had to use their travel assistance many times. This is the reason why I trust them and actually I have myself a Heymondo travel insurance plan right now (annual multi-trip).

      And yes, they do cover Covid-19 medical expenses and testing when you are abroad. However, if your trip is canceled due to coronavirus, there is no insurance company that can reimburse you for the travel cost.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions,

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