Our 15-days Cuba Trip as backpackers

Who didn’t dream about traveling to Cuba? Its peculiar political situation, together with its magnificent climate, the Caribbean Sea, its rums and its paradisiacal beaches, attracts the curiosity of millions of tourists every year. The communist regime and the world blockade, which continues to affect today, have preserved the history of the country. A misfortune for most; a very pure rich culture product of the isolation suffered.

Cuba is that old woman whose wrinkles are not able to hide a huge beauty that tells us about their years of glory. A beauty that we could discover layer by layer, street to street.

As we told you in the introduction to our trip to Cuba the adventure caught us by surprise, so we had just a month to prepare everything. The island has two large cities, Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Both separated by almost 1000 kilometers. In 15 days it was impossible to travel all the island, so without much idea and after taking the tickets to Havana we decided to explore all the upper half; leaving Santiago for a second visit. Obviously, in two weeks we left a lot of things to see even from the north of the country. But we wouldn’t regret or change any of the stops we made.

In addition, the itinerary was modified during the trip, according to preferences and contingencies; since we were traveling with a lot of flexibility.


This is the tour we finally made, and we believe it fits perfectly if you are traveling to Cuba for 15 days. The recommended time to spend in each destination will be discussed in each post:

  • Havana: Strolling through this frantic city will not leave you indifferent. You either hate it or love it, but it’s a must on your trip to Cuba.
  • Cienfuegos: One of the best examples of eclectic architecture on the island. Its malecón has little to envy the renowned Havana.
  • Trinidad: The colonial jewel; cobbled streets of centuries old, the best house of Cuban music, beach and mountain side by side, Can you ask for more?
  • Viñales: The rural Cuba, the original. The Cuba of the tobacco plantations plowed by oxen, of coffee, of tropics and of the guajiros.
  • Cayo Jutías: A lost key away from monstrous hotel complexes and crowds; just turquoise water, white sand, starfish and many miles of wild beach waiting for you. The Paradise.

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With a draft of the route drawn on a map and no more than the first two nights of Airbnb we launched to the adventure.



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