Is Costa Rica open to travel? Costa Rica travel restrictions

Is Costa Rica Open for Tourists? – Travel Restrictions

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Last update: 12/01/2023

Costa Rica’s borders have been open to tourism from some countries since August 1, 2020 and open to all countries since November 1, 2020. At the moment, travelers from any country can enter Costa Rica by air as long as they meet Costa Rica entry requirements, so it’s one of the best countries open for travel right now.

All tourists need to complete a Health Pass form before boarding their flight and have valid travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

Can I travel to Costa Rica right now?

Yes, the great news is that Costa Rica is open for tourists from any country in the world as long as they are traveling by air. Below is a map of all the countries that can currently visit Costa Rica.

Costa Rica - EN Placeholder
Costa Rica - EN

Tourists from any country can visit Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s only restriction is that travelers who require a visa to enter the country must enter Costa Rica by air.

Costa Rica COVID-19 travel restrictions

Costa Rica’s entry requirements are relatively simple and straightforward. All you have to do is complete this Health Pass form and have proof of travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage – that’s it! There are no PCR testing or quarantine requirements.

COVID-19 Vaccine to travel to Costa Rica

Vaccinated travelers are still required to purchase health insurance with COVID-19 coverage in order to enter Costa Rica.

If you’re going to get the COVID-19 vaccine before traveling to Costa Rica, I recommend taking a copy of a vaccination record or certificate with you.

Is PCR testing mandatory to travel to Costa Rica?

No, PCR testing is not mandatory to travel to Costa Rica. The Health Pass form you complete before arrival functions as your declaration that you don’t have COVID-19.

costa rica entry requirements for tourists

Costa Rica COVID-19 travel restrictions

Do you need to complete a Health Pass form (Pase de Salud) to travel to Costa Rica?

Yes, all travelers absolutely must complete a Health Pass form online before they enter Costa Rica. The form must be submitted within the 72 hours prior to departure One form must be completed per person, including minors.

Is there a mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Costa Rica?

No, there is no mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Costa Rica. The only circumstance in which you’d have to quarantine is if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 at any point during your stay in Costa Rica.

costa rica travel restrictions

Can I travel to Costa Rica right now?

Is health insurance with COVID-19 coverage mandatory to enter Costa Rica?

Yes, you need to present proof of valid travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage to enter Costa Rica. Insurance must also cover accommodation in case of quarantine. Information on whichever insurance you choose must be entered into the Health Pass form when you complete it. You must also have a certificate (either in English or Spanish) from your insurance company that states:

  1. The validity of your insurance policy during your stay in Costa Rica (coverage dates).
  1. A guarantee of at least $50,000 USD worth of coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses.
  1. A minimum coverage of $2,000 USD for extended accommodation fees due to contracting COVID-19 or for trip cancellation/interruption due to illness; this is to cover extra accommodation fees for quarantine

We have compared different travel insurance for Costa Rica and the best one is Heymondo. They offer pretty extensive coverage for testing and treatment abroad, so their policy is perfect for meeting Costa Rica’s standards. You can even save money by using our 5% Heymondo discount.

Other travel restrictions for Costa Rica during COVID-19

Costa Rica also has a few other entry requirements and restrictions for travelers:

  • Travelers from all countries need to have proof of their intent to leave Costa Rica before their visa expires, usually within 90 days. This is usually a return plane ticket or a bus ticket out of the country.
  • Immigration officials may also ask you to prove that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Costa Rica.
  • Face masks are required in all public areas on public transportation, and all indoor settings, except when eating, while alone, or in a private home.
  • Depending on your nationality, you may be required to get a tourist visa to travel to Costa Rica. Check if you need one below.

What is open in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has opened for tourism with certain capacity limitations. That said, it has given the mayors of the 82 cantons the power to regulate and restrict activities they deem unsafe for locals and tourists.

Open hotels in Costa Rica

All of Costa Rica’s hotels are open. However, hotels that can accommodate more than 100 guests must operate at 75% capacity.

Open restaurants in Costa Rica

Restaurants in Costa Rica are also open, but only at 50% capacity.  Opening hours are between 5 AM and 11 PM daily. No more than four people per table are permitted.

Bars have also opened in Costa Rica. They’re operating at 25% capacity and require patrons to stay six feet apart.

Open beaches in Costa Rica

All of Costa Rica’s beaches have opened, both in the Caribbean and Pacific. However, they’re only open from 5 AM to 6 PM daily.

what beaches are open in costa rica

Open beaches in Costa Rica

In some cases, if the beach exceeds capacity, the mayor of that canton may close the beach (or lake) to locals and tourists.

Vehicle restrictions for tourists in Costa Rica

There are some vehicle restrictions in place for travelers in Costa Rica. Depending on the license plate, vehicle use is limited to certain days of the week.

However, tourists with proof of hotel and flight reservations are exempt from this regulation.

Tours and attractions open to tourism in Costa Rica

Attractions and excursions in Costa Rica are operating with new security measures for COVID-19. Protocols include social distancing, regularly sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces, and mandatory face masks.

attractions reopening in costa rica after covid

Tours and attractions open to tourism in Costa Rica

Many attractions in Costa Rica are accessible with a rental car, so booking a full tour or excursion isn’t necessary. However, there are a few that I highly recommend:

Open airports in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s airport is open and operating with new security measures in place.

Some airlines that have resumed their flights with Juan Santamaría International Airport are American Airlines, Iberia, Spirit, United, KLM, British Airways, Avianca, Air Canada, and Air France, among others.

Costa Rica is currently one of the best destinations to travel to, and there are quite a few flight deals.

Where to get a pcr test in Costa Rica

Your country may require you to take a PCR test in order to fly back home. If you need to get tested in Costa Rica, here is a list of places you can get a PCR test.

Costa Rica reopening to international tourism – F.A.Q.

Check out these FAQs related to Costa Rica reopening for tourists and let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below.

Yes, you can travel to Costa Rica right now; it doesn’t matter where in the world you’re from.

There are currently 70,000+ active cases and 4,000+ deaths due to COVID-19 in Costa Rica as of today. The CDC classifies travel to Costa Rica as “Level 4- Very High Risk.” Avoid traveling to Costa Rica if you have a pre-existing condition or any health condition that could increase your chances of serious illness. In all other cases, you may want to reconsider travel to Costa Rica.

No, no countries are currently banned from visiting Costa Rica.

No, quarantine is not required to visit Costa Rica. The only situation where you would have to quarantine is if you test positive for COVID-19 at any point during your trip.

No, unlike many other countries, a PCR COVID-19 test is not required for a trip to Costa Rica.

No, there is currently no curfew in Costa Rica.

No, there are no restrictions on intercity and interregional travel. However, there are daily nationwide driving restrictions based on your license plate number.

Yes, hotels in Costa Rica are currently open.

Yes, airports in Costa Rica are open. Commercial flights from the United States resumed on September 1st, 2020.

Yes, restaurants are open in Costa Rica.

Yes, resorts are currently open in Costa Rica.

Yes, beaches are open from 5 AM to 6 PM daily.

Yes, Americans can currently visit Costa Rica.

Yes, Costa Rica is open to Canadians at the moment.


This guide on Costa Rica reopening to tourism will be updated with any new developments. If you want more information on Costa Rica and COVID-19, you can check these official sources:

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