Looking for Atlas ambassadors – Contest rules


The blog ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA, and therefore its owners Ascensión Aynat Piquer and Daniel Zafra Portilla, organizes a LIVE DRAW. In this can participate any person with account of Instagram or Facebook.


Here are established the terms and conditions that will be applied in the participation in the contest “LOOKING FOR ATLAS AMBASSADORS”. ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest development of the event in case of force majeure. ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA agrees to repeat the DRAW in case it is necessary until the winning place is covered. The resolution of the DRAW will be carried out by means of live streaming so that all contestants trust in its legitimacy.


To participate in the raffle it will be mandatory to be at legal age or have authorization from a legal guardian. The winner will not be able to give away the prize, he/she will have to travel with the companions he or she desires. In order to participate, contestants must follow one of the following two processes or both, if they wish, provided they use different phone numbers:


  • Share in public mode the contest on Facebook, posted on Facebook. The obligation to share in public mode is due to the need to check if the participant has shared the picture and has fulfilled all the requirements, otherwise, the privacy settings of the users would not allow us to see the publication on their walls .
  • Comment the post saying where you would like to travel and mentioning two friends that need a holiday.


  • Share through Stories a screen-shot of the publication of the contest mentioning @atlasdeunaamazona.
  • Comment the post saying where you would like to travel and mentioning two friends that need a holiday.

Participation is free. You will not need to buy any product to participate in the contest. This will take place from September 8th, 2017 at 12:00 (CEST) until September 7th, 2017 at 23:59 (CEST). Once the contest is closed, no more users can participate.

The resolution of the contest will be held the next week after the closure of the contest through a random and direct sweepstake draw through EasyPromo. All contestants will be able to follow the draw live via Facebook or Instagram. Once the contetst is completed, we will review again that the participant has fulfilled all the participation requirements in the periods from September 8th to October 7th, 2017 at 23:59 pm. The prize consists of €450 + two travel insurance from the company MONDO.

ATLAS DE UN AMAZONA is not responsible for late entries or for fraudulent or incomplete entries.


One winner will be selected from all participants. The winner will receive €450 in bank transfer, paypal or other means, which will be paid in two quantities, 300 € after proof of purchase of flights where at least one of the tickets must appear his name and 150 € after the collaboration in the Atlas Ambassadors Section of ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA. In addition, both the winner and his companion will also get MONDO  travel insurance that will cover them throughout the trip. *Note: This last insurance included in the prize will only cover spanish residents.

The winner will be announced live during the contest conclusion as well as through social networks. In order to manage the delivery of the prize, ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA will personally communicate with the winner. In case of not finding the winner after two attempts and after a period of 7 days, the prize will again be raffled live and with the notice of the date. The prize contained in this contest shall in no case be subject to change, alteration, compensation in cash or transfer at the request of a provisional or definitive winner. The name of the winner will be public and will be accessible to all contestants.


In order for the winner to be reimbursed the first amount of € 300 must submit to ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA an airplane ticket(s) that complies with the following:

  • The date of purchase of the airline tickets must be after the date of the contest resolution.
  • The winner must appear on at least one of the purchased plane tickets.
  • Flights must be scheduled before January 1st, 2019.
  • The amount paid will be the price of air tickets up to a maximum of € 300.
  • Tickets with different flight numbers will not be accepted to increase the amount of the previous requirement.

The two MONDO travel insurance policies, under the name of the winner and companion, included in the prize will be processed after verifying that:

  • The same requirements as described above are met.
  • The start date of the trip is later than one month after the receipt of ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA.

In order for the winner to be reimbursed the second amount of € 150 must comply with the following:

  • Having previously met the requirements to be paid with the first amount.
  • Having met the requirements to have enjoyed the MONDO travel insurance policy.
  • Delivering a text in Word format between 1000 and 3000 words counting your traveling experience to ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA before January 1, 2019.
  • Submitting at least 5 photos of the trip before January 1, 2019.
  • Consenting to the edition and publication of his/her trip, that will appear in the section of ATLAS AMBASSADORS in the blog ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA.
  • Giving  up any profit from that post.
  • Allowing Atlas de una Amazona to publish the article and the name of the winner.

5. General

This promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, managed or associated by Facebook or Instagram, nor by any other company outside ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA and it will provide its information.


 This promotional contest is organized with the aim of promoting and encouraging the participation of all users who follow ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA at least on one of their social networks and share the publication on their Facebook wall or Instagram Stories, thus reward fidelity on equal terms and with strict respect for the general principle of Good Faith. For this reason, ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA will automatically and immediately exclude any participant who transgresses the rules of good faith. In any case, but not limited to, and in what is applicable, any participant in the promotional contest will be excluded in the following cases:

  • Any anomaly attributable to a participant that prevents, alters or disrupts the normal development of the promotional contest, affecting or harming any other participant, which may falsify the participation data, jeopardize the security or reliability of the technical systems used for its development , or that otherwise violates the present bases, will entitle ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA to unilaterally and immediately exclude that participant and to report the facts to the competent authorities. In case any of the above irregularities, or any others, are detected after the actual delivery of any of the prizes, ATLAS DE UNA AMAZONA reserves the right to exercise the pertinent legal actions against its author or responsible, among others, the recipient to the return of the prizes.