Best Northern Lights Hotels in Norway

Tromsø Ice Domes Hotel

My best advice if you want to enjoy a beautiful display of Northern Lights is to stay away from light pollution. If you are planning to stay in Tromso, the best bet is to take a tour out of the city during at least, one of the days of your stay.

If you want to live an ultimate experience, you need to sleep in an Ice Dome hotel away from light pollution, with a dinner cooked in a bonfire and a snowshoe excursion to see the Aurora.

Radisson Blu Hotel

The Radisson Blu Hotel offers a top-notch Nordic style along with superb quality and the cherry on the cake: a crystal bridge to enjoy the Northern lights from the hotel.


Providing with a supreme breakfast, in probably the best locations in Tromso, Scandic Grand is one of the best quality-price hotels for travelers who want to see Aurora in Tromso. Some of the best Northern Lights tours departure from here.

Aurora Camp Tromso

Another unforgettable experience is to see the Northern lights in the Norwegian wilderness from an Aurora Camp very close to Tromso. You’ll relax and stay warm in a traditional “Lavvu” tent waiting for the Aurora show.

Para Lofoten

Eliassen Rorbuer

Enjoy the Northern Lights dancing over the most spectacular fjord in Lofoten from one of the most renowned wooden cabins in the archipelago, the Eliassen Rorbuer. We spent a night in these cabins and the experience of seeing the Aurora right from the window was unforgettable.

Reinefjorden Sjøhus

The second best option to see the Aurora from the heart of the Lofoten Islands is the Reinefjorden Sjøhus. These cabins are newer than the classic Eliassen and offer probably the best views to see the Aurora even from your window.

Anker Brygge

A more classic hotel of wooden cabins close to the Svolvær airport is the Anker Brygge Hotel; the perfect location for seeing the Aurora and enjoying the traditional Lofoten food and other activities like boat trips or just relaxing in a Sauna.


A relaxed and welcoming hotel offering a breathtaking view to see the Northern Lights is the Catogården Hotel, located in the middle of the impressive Reinefjord.


Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Not too far from Alta but far enough to stay away from light pollution, the most original and (literally) cool hotel to enjoy the Northern lights is the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. Just don’t worry too much about the cold, it’s set up to stay and sleep cozy and warm.

Aurora Canvas Dome

Seeing the Aurora in the pure wilderness while being comfy is possible in the Aurora Canvas Dome tent camp. It also offers a Sauna and the tent’s roof is transparent to enjoy the Northern Lights in Alta.

Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge

The Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge is a homey wooden hotel located in a perfect spot to see the Aurora dancing across Alta. It’s located away from all the light pollution, and they have a restaurant offering local food and pizza.

GLØD Pine Forest Lodging

This modern lodge decorated in gorgeous Nordic style is located close to the Alta river and away from the main source of light pollution in Alta.

GLØD Pine Forest Lodging offers sauna and buffet breakfast.


If you are looking for a more basic and cheaper option to enjoy the Northern Lights while being cozy in Alta, CampAlta is your choice. This resort offers small wooden cabins with all the basics to see the Aurora safe and warm.

Para North Cape

Northcape Seapark

If you are traveling as a group to Cape North, staying at the Northcape Seapark is a good option for seeing the Aurora from one of their apartments with sea views. In the area, there are also places for hiking and wildlife watching.

 Arctic Hotel Nordkapp

If you are looking for a classic Scandinavian-style hotel with no frills, the Arctic Hotel Nordkapp is a fantastic option. Daily buffet breakfast, and a superb location in the heart of Honningsvåg where you can enjoy the Northern lights show at night.

Nygård Apartments

Nygård Apartments offer quality-price units to enjoy the Northern Lights in North Cape.

In the surroundings, there is a wide variety of activities for the day like boat tours. bird watching tours, and local seafood restaurants.

Cape Marina lodge

With views to the mountain and to the open sea, the Cape Marina lodge is based in a big and cozy hotel-house where there are endless possibilities for seeing the Northern Lights. It’s a bit more pricey than other accommodations in North Cape but the quality and dreamy location worth the expense.


Radisson Blu Polar Hotel, Spitsbergen

With the title of the northern-most full-service hotel in the world, Radisson Blu Polar Hotel not only offers a great opportunity to see the Aurora during the Northern lights season but also other winter activities like glacier excursions. It also offers superb panoramic fjord views.

Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg

Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg is probably the most original location in Svalbard. Previously a miner’s barrack, the owner Mary-Ann revamped the whole building into a stylish and luxurious resort to enjoy the Northern lights in Svalbard.

Gjestehuset 102

The remoteness of the location in Svalbard makes the prices more expensive compared to the Norwegian peninsula. This guesthouse, however, offers the most affordable accommodation option in Svalbard with very competitive prices and a splendid view to the near fjords.


Aurora Borealis Observatory

The top option for seeing the Northern lights in Senja is the Aurora Borealis Observatory. As its own name says, this hotel is specifically designed to observe and see the Aurora, with large window glasses and offering impressive views.

Skrolsvik Kystferie

The second-best choice to see the Aurora in Senja is another real “observatory”, where you can see the Northern lights dancing above your head from the glass-roofed cabins. The cabins of Skrolsvik Kystferie are located in a historic reindeer farm and away from big sources of light pollution.

These cabins include a balcony with sea or mountain views to see the Northern Lights in Senja. From there you can also enjoy other activities like skiing.

It’s the perfect location for groups and families since all the cabins include at least 2 rooms.

Mefjord Brygge

The Mefjord Brygge resort, surrounded by the sharp mountain fjords of Senja, is located in a small fishing village and offers a great opportunity to move around Senja and chase the Aurora. The complex includes options for relaxing like a sauna, hot tub, and solarium.

Senja Fjordhotell

Another hotel offering some of the best views in Senja to see the Aurora is the Senja Fjordhotell, where all rooms have views towards the fjord.

Norwegian Wild

Offering a wide range of options, the Norwegian Wild is one of the best options to see the Aurora in Senja on a budget. It also offers bigger cabins with more services/quality at a higher price, but the most remarkable feature of this lodge is the accommodation from just $58 a night for 2 people.


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