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COVID Travel Insurance – The Best Coronavirus Travel Insurance

If you’re reading this, you probably need travel insurance that covers COVID. However, there are all kinds of questions related to COVID-19 travel insurance, and it can get quite confusing.

Does all travel insurance cover the coronavirus? How can I be sure I’m covered for trip cancellations due to COVID-19? What exactly does coronavirus travel insurance cover? What happens if I get the coronavirus while overseas? What if I can’t travel at all due to the pandemic?

COVID-19 has been plaguing the world since the WHO declared it a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. At first, most travel insurance companies halted medical expenses coverage for travelers who were affected by coronavirus. This was due to a unanimous clause in the policies that excluded pandemic coverage.

At the same time that some countries reopened to tourism, some insurance companies, such as Heymondo, rewrote their policy terms to better serve thousands of travelers who want coronavirus coverage while traveling domestically and internationally.

Heymondo is one of the few travel insurance companies offering COVID-19 coverage. In addition to coronavirus testing and treatment abroad, Heymondo also offers trip cancellation insurance due to COVID-19. This includes cancellation due to the illness of a traveler or relative, among other scenarios, which we’ll discuss in this guide.

In this guide, I will answer all your questions about COVID-19 travel insurance and include the latest updates related to the pandemic and coverage. I’ve also analyzed the different COVID travel insurance policies to help you choose the one with the domestic and international coronavirus coverage you need.

heymondo travel insurance

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Best travel insurance for COVID-19

Although Heymondo was the first COVID-19 travel insurance that emerged after the pandemic, other insurance companies have begun to include clauses in their policies to cover COVID testing. This covers customers in case they present symptoms at the destination, as well as any expenses, medical or otherwise, related to the coronavirus.

Luckily, today we have more options than ever when it comes to buying COVID-19 travel insurance policies, so I have created a comparison of the best travel insurance policies with coronavirus coverage.

To compare, I have analyzed the best travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage for a Canadian traveling worldwide for a week and these are the results:







USD 32.33

USD 18.55

USD 13.16

USD 18.27




USD 250

USD 250

Covid-19 Coverage





Medical Assistance

USD 3,500,000

USD 100,000

USD 100,000

USD 250,000

Covid Testing





Early return





Trip cancellation






* You may be eligible for benefits related to COVID-19 depending on the Travel Warning Level of your destination country

** Only if contracted at your destination

I have compared the cheapest travel insurance with COVID coverage of each company and Heymondo is the best one, since it’s the only one that covers medical assistance related to COVID-19 with no exclusions. Besides, it not only covers medical expenses, but also COVID testing abroad, early return and repatriation related to the coronavirus, and trip cancellation (in case you or a relative gets sick before the trip).

Furthermore, it has no deductibles and it’s the only travel insurance that takes care of all medical expenses upfront. With IMG Global, Tokio Marine and Safety Wing, you will need to pay any medical bills and fill a claim to get a reimbursement once you’re back home. So for peace of mind, I always recommend going for Heymondo so you don’t have to deal with any out-of-pocket expenses in case you need any medical assistance.

Sounds good, right? Well, also, for being a Capture the Atlas reader, you are entitled to a 5% discount on all Heymondo COVID travel insurance if you buy it here.

COVID-19 travel insurance – Testing and treatment

Coronavirus treatment abroad is one of the fundamental aspects that a good COVID travel insurance policy must cover.

It’s important to read the fine print of a coronavirus travel insurance policy since many companies that claim to have COVID coverage only cover you if you can prove that you contracted the virus while abroad. In other words, you likely won’t be covered if you start showing symptoms within 14 days after leaving your home country.

Best international travel insurance COVID

COVID-19 travel insurance – Testing and treatment

I have personally traveled many times with Heymondo travel insurance, and right now, I’m covered by their annual multi-trip insurance for frequent travelers. In the past, I’ve had to use their insured medical assistance several times (never because of COVID-19, luckily). Until now, they’ve always provided exceptional service and have done their best to help me.

To calm your doubts, keep in mind that Heymondo covers coronavirus and treats it like any other disease. So, if you need medical assistance due to an accident, injury, or illness (including COVID symptoms), you’ll be covered by Heymondo.

Speaking from experience, I can say that Heymondo is your best option if you’re looking for reputable travel insurance with COVID coverage. All of Heymondo’s travel insurance policies cover medical assistance for coronavirus, including COVID testing.

While other COVID-19 travel insurance plans make you pay for medical expenses upfront and request reimbursement, Heymondo doesn’t. If you do require medical assistance, simply contact Heymondo and they’ll find a covered health center nearby. The company will take care of managing the medical expenses and payments, so you don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses.

Trip cancellation insurance for COVID-19

Travel has never been this uncertain, so purchasing COVID-19 travel insurance is a must. Coronavirus cases have grown exponentially, so most of us will be exposed to an infected relative, or even get the virus at some point.

What happens if the pandemic causes me to lose my job and therefore, I’m no longer able to afford my trip? Or, what if I’m asymptomatic, but I’ve tested positive for COVID?

There are hundreds of potential scenarios, so I highly suggest travel insurance with COVID coverage in case you need to cancel your trip.

Travel insurance with COVID cover with cancellation option

Trip cancellation insurance for COVID-19

If you want your Heymondo International COVID-19 travel insurance to also cover trip cancellation due to the virus, I recommend purchasing the insurance no later than 7 days after you buy your flight tickets. That way you will be reimbursed for your trip expenses in case you need to cancel for different reasons, for example, if the government makes an official announcement that advises against traveling to your destination.

This Heymondo trip cancellation policy also covers illness or death of the traveler, partner, or a family member, caused by coronavirus.

When purchasing your trip cancellation insurance, you must include the cost of the trip per person, which will determine the price of the policy and how much coverage you get in case you have to cancel your trip due to COVID (or for any other reason stated in the policy).

You can calculate the price of COVID-19 trip cancellation insurance here.

Now, let’s look at what COVID-19 trip cancellation insurance covers, as there are a few exceptions you should know about. Just so you know, the exceptions that Heymondo’s COVID-19 trip cancellation insurance doesn’t cover aren’t covered by the other coronavirus travel insurance policies either.

Trip cancellation for testing positive for coronavirus before the trip

Unlike other insurance policies, Heymondo’s trip cancellation insurance will cover the costs of cancellation if you contract the virus before your trip.

But what if I have coronavirus and haven’t yet travelled? Well, you’ll have to self-quarantine for at least 14 days or until you test negative. This rule applies even if you’re not showing symptoms, or if you’ve had close contact with someone who tested positive. After the quarantine period, you’ll have to take the coronavirus test again and if you test negative, you can travel.

If you end up having to self-quarantine during the days you had planned to travel, you’ll be out of luck. However, if you have purchased trip cancellation insurance for COVID-19, you can contact Heymondo to receive reimbursement. You’ll have to present documentation proving you were ordered by a doctor to quarantine.

Heymondo the best covid travel insurance

This same process applies if you need to cancel your trip because your partner or relative has tested positive or died from the virus.

COVID-19 travel insurance covering flights cancelled by the airline

Another great question is, what happens if the airline cancelled my trip because of the coronavirus? Unfortunately, there isn’t travel insurance that covers cancelled flights due to COVID-19.

In this case, the airline is obligated to refund the ticket amount to you, or to let you change your dates of travel. If they don’t do this, I suggest filing a claim with the airline. While most airlines comply with covering coronavirus-related claims and are obliged to refund your ticket, you aren’t entitled to additional financial compensation because a pandemic is not within the airline’s control.

Flight canceled and travel insurance that covers covid

COVID-19 travel insurance covering flights cancelled by the airline

We’ve personally had two flights cancelled due to COVID-19, and fortunately, both airlines let us change our travel dates. I recommend changing your travel dates if possible, especially if you’d like to continue supporting the tourism industry. Requesting a refund will hurt these struggling companies a lot more than a date change.

Trip cancellation due to COVID travel restrictions

No insurance company, including Heymondo, will cover the expenses related to trip cancellation due to coronavirus. There is no travel insurance for COVID that includes coverage for trip cancellations due to pandemic or coronavirus-related issues like border closures and travel restrictions.

After the WHO’s declaration, travel during the COVID-19 pandemic became very difficult, and many restrictions were put in place. For example, many countries stopped accepting U.S. travelers. However, if you are a U.S. citizen and manage to get to a country where you’re not supposed to travel to via a different connecting flight, and the border officials don’t let you in, no COVID-19 travel insurance will cover you.

Travel insurance for COVID 19 travel restrictions

Trip cancellation due to COVID travel restrictions

And, what if the airline refused boarding my flight home because of the coronavirus? In all these scenarios, there is no coronavirus travel insurance that will cover the trip cancellation.

That said, if you’re from Canada and the Canadian government issues an official statement advising against travel to your destination, and you’ve purchased the Heymondo travel insurance no later than 7 days after you booked your trip, they will reimburse your travel expenses. Right now, Heymondo is the only company that offers coronavirus-related claims like this one. I highly recommend getting this cancellation policy with your COVID-19 travel insurance coverage.

Regardless of whether the insurance policy covers this, my experience is that airlines, transportation companies, and hotels are quite gracious to travelers who need to cancel their trips. If you find that you’re not covered by travel insurance, my advice is to get in touch with different providers and file a claim that will allow you to get a refund or at least change your travel dates.

If you don’t have success with this, get in touch with a Heymondo representative who can walk you through the steps to get a refund. Just remember that, in this case, Heymondo is simply an advisor and will not be responsible for reimbursing cancellation fees. It must be the airline, transportation company, or hotel that reimburses you (or lets you change your travel dates).

International travel insurance that covers early return due to COVID

Heymondo’s international travel insurance for COVID covers the cost of early return to your home country.

If a relative is admitted to the hospital for COVID-19, or dies from the virus, you may return home early and have the costs covered by Heymondo. Moreover, if you must cut your trip short due to border closures, you can request an early return flight.

You should not manage an early return on your own. Rather, contact Heymondo and have them take care of it.

Travel insurance for covid 19 discount

What to do if you get COVID-19 during an international trip

You may wonder which travel insurance covers a COVID-19 diagnosis abroad. If you contract coronavirus during an international trip, and you’re insured with Heymondo, you’ll have all related medical expenses covered, including coronavirus testing.

If you start to show any symptoms or you feel unwell, you can use Heymondo’s 24-hour customer support app. It’ll connect you with medical specialists and doctors who can offer expert advice. Keep in mind that this is simply a consultation service, so if you need to go to the hospital or see a doctor in person, you should use the free telephone service to call the doctor. They will direct you to the nearest hospital.

Travel insurance including covid cover during an international trip

What to do if you get COVID-19 during an international trip

I advise against going to a hospital or health center without calling in first, as this can exacerbate the spread of COVID-19. Hospitals around the world are taking special precautions to avoid unnecessary visits and to keep patients as safe as possible. Therefore, you should pay attention to the health protocol at your destination.

If you have mild or moderate COVID symptoms that don’t require hospitalization, you must self-quarantine for at least 14 days or until your test negative for the virus.

Travel insurance and coronavirus coverage FAQs

Regarding travel insurance for COVID-19, there are many possible scenarios, including ones that we haven’t addressed in this guide. Below are the most common questions we’ve received about travel insurance covering COVID, as well as trip cancellation insurance.

If your specific question isn’t here, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to answer you.

Basic International COVID-19 travel insurance should cover medical assistance abroad, coronavirus testing, accommodation expenses related to doctor-prescribed self-quarantine, an early return flight, and trip cancellation due to COVID.

Heymondo’s travel insurance with COVID coverage will take care of the trip cancellation if you contract the virus before traveling, but only if you buy your policy within 7 days of purchasing your flight tickets.

Yes, Heymondo’s trip cancellation policy will cover the costs if you must cancel your trip due to a relative contracting or dying from coronavirus.

Heymondo’s travel insurance for coronavirus covers trip cancellation if a doctor orders you to self-quarantine due to COVID symptoms after a positive coronavirus test, or close contact with someone who tests positive.

Trip cancellation due to preventive quarantine is not covered by any travel insurance.

There aren’t any travel insurance policies that cover trip cancellation due to imposed quarantine restrictions for tourists. Remember that preventative quarantine is not included in any insurance coverage.

If you choose to travel while these measures are in place, you must self-quarantine in your hotel room, although you won’t be entitled to compensation for additional accommodation expenses.

If coronavirus testing is imposed on foreign travelers at your destination, then the test won’t be covered by travel insurance. So, if you decide to travel to a country that requires tourists to get tested, you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

No, there aren’t any travel insurance policies that cover trip cancellations caused by border closures. You’ll have to contact the airline, transportation company, and/or hotel to request a refund or change your travel dates.

If the airline cancels your flight, travel insurance that covers COVID-19 will not cover the expense of your return flight. If you find yourself in this situation, you must contact the airline to see if you can get a refund for your cancelled flight or change the return date.

Heymondo’s COVID-19 travel insurance covers coronavirus testing abroad if it’s ordered by a doctor. In this case, you must be showing COVID symptoms, or have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive during your trip.

COVID-19 travel insurance through Heymondo includes coverage for treatment if you contract the coronavirus while abroad. However, the coverage limits depend on which policy you purchase.

Heymondo’s COVID-19 travel insurance covers extra accommodation expenses that result from a doctor-ordered self-quarantine. The coverage limits depend on which policy you purchase.

If you contract coronavirus while traveling abroad and you don’t have COVID travel insurance, you won’t have coverage for your medical expenses. You can contact your Embassy for assistance or pay for the medical expenses yourself.

If you get coronavirus while traveling abroad and this causes you to miss your flight, Heymondo COVID-19 travel insurance will cover your missed flight and related medical expenses.

Además, el seguro de Cancelación Top de MONDO cubre en caso de querer cancelar un viaje por COVID-19 a un país en el que el gobierno desaconseje viajar siempre que hayas contratado el viaje antes del comunicado oficial.

Your medical expenses will be covered even if you contract COVID-19 in a country where the government advises against traveling.

In addition, Heymondo covers trip cancellation due to COVID-19 even if you travel to a country in which the government advises against traveling, as long as you booked the trip before the official statement.

Heymondo’s COVID-19 travel insurance also covers you if you travel domestically, as long as you select your home country as your destination country when purchasing the insurance.

After considering all the possible scenarios involving coronavirus and travel insurance, I highly recommend purchasing travel insurance for any trip.

You need travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage, such as a policy from Heymondo, which applies to any emergency situation. In fact, pre-pandemic, I had already compared the best travel insurance, and Heymondo was my top pick. I’ve personally been using it for the past three years with no problems, even after running into medical expenses on several occasions.

You’re probably wondering if and when it will be safe to travel during the coronavirus pandemic. If you purchase travel insurance and take the necessary precautions, you should be fine to enjoy a trip.

That said, you shouldn’t travel to countries that the government advises against (Canada & USA). Also, if you have COVID symptoms or you’ve recently been in contact with someone who has symptoms, don’t travel.

Finally, don’t travel without travel insurance that covers COVID-19, no exceptions!

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21 thoughts on “COVID Travel Insurance – The Best Coronavirus Travel Insurance

  1. David says:

    Hi Do you know who underwriters Heymondo policy and has this been verified? I cannot find any feedback on the normal review sites (trust pilot etc) that have scores on Heymondo? Stranger as it been selling travel insurance for 24 months plus ?. Do you know of any ? Cheers David

    • Ascen says:

      Hi David,

      Heymondo compares different insurance companies and provides the best option depending on your destination and nationality. Before you purchase, their website will tell you who is underwriting that policy (you have to click on “See Details”.

      Regarding the reviews, I have been traveling with Heymondo insurance for more than 3 years. First, with the Spanish version of their website, and then with their English version. I think they launched in English one year ago, that is why you maybe don’t see many reviews yet. Here are their Covid travel insurance reviews in Trustpilot.

      Let me know if you need anything else,

  2. Mary says:

    Hi ,. I’m planning to apply for schengen Visa from next week and I’m surely in need of this covid coverage insurance.

    Is this refundable incase I did not pass my visa application ?

    I appreciate your advice.
    Thank you

    • Ascen says:

      Hi Mary,

      They have been very open with the cancelation policy lately, due to the Covid-19 situation. I can’t assure you they will refund your insurance cost, but they are refunding most of the travel insurance cost if the travelers can take the trip at the end due to the coronavirus.

  3. Hillary says:

    Hi there, my boyfriend is traveling to Costa Rica in two weeks and he’s thinking on buying HeyMondo travel insurance. What Costa Rica is asking is for tourists to have is
    1) A travel insurance that covers medical expenses of at least $50,000 US per person and 2) Quarantine expenses of at least $2000 US per person (extended lodging expenses due to the pandemic) . I’ve been reading their policy and they do cover “Unforeseen hospital expenses” but I can’t find a link or something to read about what is it that they mean by that, does it mean it would cover hospital expenses if he contracts COVID during his stay here?

    Thank you,

    • Ascen says:

      Hi Hillary,

      Yes, he will be cover if any unforeseen medical issue appears, like contracting COVID, have an accident, get gastrointestinal issues, etc. However, no travel insurance covers medical expenses that are not unforeseen, like Cancer, allergies, or that kind of thing. Only medical issues that travelers can get during the trip.

  4. Douglas M Dileo says:

    same question as other poster, will it cover up to $2,ooo u.s. fpr re-accommodation if your place of stay is uninhabitable due to pandemic or other natural disaster and they (govt) needs to move people to other locations..costa rica is requiring this $2,ooo accommodation…


    I’m recident in Spain and will be working in Sri Lanka. Couple of trips (2-4 weeks) a year during the next 3 years.
    Can I buy a travel insurance covering the covid-19 as well?

  6. Christopher D says:

    Hi there,
    We are traveling to Costa Rica; the country requires tourists to have travel insurance policy with clearly stated COVID-19 related cover; medical expenses cover of at least $ USA 50,000 per person, quaranteen expenses cover of at least $ USA 2000 per person. Does HeyMondo policy show COVID-19 pandemic expenses cover specifically, or is it to be simply assumed?

    • Capture the Atlas says:

      Hi Christopher,

      Once you complete the payment you will receive an email with the policy and a Covid-19 coverage certificate that you can use for the entry requirement that many countries are placing.

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

  7. Andelka says:

    Hi, I would like to know if travelling into a country with a high security level (5 or 6) is possible? Austria has declared some of the countrys our employees have to travel to as a high risk travel destination. So my question is if the insurance covers the costs for illness in case of corona virus infection? All trips are business trips. thank you in advance

  8. Tye says:

    Giuseppe Del Buono with HEYMONDO, stated in an email to me, THEY DO COVER:

    “ If your symptoms are moderate and you don’t need hospitalization, you will still have to remain in quarantine and remain isolated until a new test gives you a negative result. This can be extremely expensive if you are traveling and need to pay for your hotel nights, but don’t worry, Heymondo also covers the extension of your hotel stay so that you can remain quarantined without infecting anyone and without worrying about anything.”

    • Capture the Atlas says:

      Hi Tye,

      Yes, they cover test, treatment, and accommodation expenses due to extended stay if you need to remain in quarantine at the destination (just for medical reasons, not as an entry restriction from the destination country).

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

  9. Sherry Gamble says:

    Canada has level3 advisory – avoid nonessential travel outside Canada. Our September air travel is still in place and we will go to Europe. Will Heymondo cover COVID and is there age limit on insurance.

    • Ascen says:

      Hi Sherry,

      Heymondo covers Covid-19 even if there is a “no travel advice” from your home country. However, there is an age limit of 70 years old.

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

  10. BJ BOLTAUZER says:

    Hi there,
    We are traveling to Costa Rica; the country requires tourists to have travel insurance policy with clearly stated COVID-19 related cover; medical expenses cover of at least $ USA 50,000 per person, quaranteen expenses cover of at least $ USA 2000 per person. Does HeyMondo policy show COVID-19 pandemic expenses cover specifically, or is it to be simply assumed?

  11. Marianne Beijderwellen says:

    Can I be sure you (Heymondo) covers also covid19 related illnesses with a travel insurance ?
    Ik would like to buy an insurance, but I need to know if covid19 is covered.
    I see the 3 options, but Covid19 is not mentioned.
    Thank you so much

    • Capture the Atlas says:

      Hi Marianne,

      We are not a travel insurance provider but a travel blog. We have been traveling with Heymondo for years and I have had to use their travel assistance many times. This is the reason why I trust them and actually I have myself a Heymondo travel insurance plan right now (annual multi-trip).

      And yes, they do cover Covid-19 medical expenses and testing when you are abroad. However, if your trip is canceled due to coronavirus, there is no insurance company that can reimburse you for the travel cost.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions,

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