The initiative: Focus on CHange

In a world filled with captivating moments frozen in time, where the lens captures the essence of beauty and emotion, we believe that photography can break the boundaries of pixels and frames. Capture the Atlas – Focus on Change is not just a photography initiative; it’s a collective journey towards making a positive impact through the lens.

Uniting Photographers for a Good Cause

At the heart of this initiative lies the belief that photographers possess the incredible power to influence change. “Focus on Change” aims to unite photographers from all corners of the globe to channel their artistic prowess for a cause greater than the individual frame.

How it Works

This year, photographers from the Capture the Atlas team and those directly involved in the making of the calendar have submitted some of their best images. Each photograph showcases an awe-inspiring moment in time, in a different corner of our beautiful planet. These captivating visual stories will be curated into a stunning collection, showcasing the power of photography to evoke emotion and inspire action.

The Ripple Effect: Impacting Lives

Every photograph showcased in Focus on Change is more than an image; it is a catalyst for change. The funds raised through this initiative will be dedicated to supporting charitable causes, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the viewfinder.

This year we’ve joined forces with Prince Berkoh, landscape photographer, to raise funds for Cocoa360, and organization we believe is making a real impact in the community they support.

Supporting a Good Cause

The Charity: Cocoa360

Ghana is one of the world’s leading exporters of cocoa; however, cocoa farmers lack basic services.

The C360 Education Access Initiative is a beacon of hope for the rural cocoa communities, where poverty and deprivation have made education an unattainable dream for many children. At Cocoa360, they believe that every child deserves the chance to learn and reach their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances. That’s why we, at Capture the Atlas, are committed to helping Cocoa360 remove every barrier to education that stands in their way through our Focus on Change initiative which aims to bring photographers from all around the world together, to use photography for a good cause.

Cocoa farmers extracting cocoa beans in Ghana

In these communities, necessities like uniforms, books, transportation, tables and chairs, and teaching and learning materials are luxuries that many families simply cannot afford. Children are forced to walk long distances to school, often in the scorching sun or pouring rain, with nothing to carry their books in and no desks or chairs to sit on when they get there. This not only makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies but also puts their health and safety at risk.

We believe that when children are given the tools they need to succeed, they can break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Mother and daughter in a cocoa field in Ghana

The impact of this program cannot be overstated. It has transformed the lives of countless children in the cocoa communities, giving them the gift of education and the hope of a better future. Thanks to the C360 Education Access Initiative, they can now go to school with pride, knowing that they have everything they need to succeed. And that’s a feeling that no child should ever be denied.

Become an active partner today by purchasing this photography calendar or making a direct donation to ensure that a child gets access to quality education.

For detailed information about Cocoa360 and its management, you can visit Cocoa360’s website or read the 2022 Annual Report – on page 17, they make mention of our 2022 calendar 😉

Frequent questions about our photography calendar

This year, due to logistical limitations, shipments will only be made to Spain and the United States.

The shipping cost is included in the price of the calendar.

Shipments in the US will begin in mid December 2023.

Certainly! To make a direct donation, you can do so using the following Givebutter link.

This is an affiliate link, but we don’t receive any commission from Cocoa360 or any involved parties. We use the link solely to track donations made through our initiative.

Calendars will be delivered during the month of December.

All orders will be processed and shipped at the end of the work week. Calendars will be sent through USPS.

The calendars will be available to purchase until we run out of stock. Stock is limited. Go get yours!

Online transaction costs and shipping costs will be deducted from the price of the calendar. To reduce expenses and increase the margin for donation, Capture the Atlas covers 100% of the printing costs.

None of the parties involved in the creation of this calendar receive monetary compensation from Cocoa360. All the photographers involved have generously donated their photographs altruistically.