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Heymondo Travel Insurance Discount and Review

Looking to learn more about Heymondo insurance? Maybe someone you know has used it on a trip and given you a glowing recommendation, or perhaps you’ve read about it in an article on the best travel insurance companies in 2023.

Either way, you may be wondering, is Heymondo insurance legit? Is it affordable or expensive? What kind of coverage does their insurance provide? What makes Heymondo stand out from the rest? Can I get a discount on Heymondo insurance?

Valley, Heymondo travel insurance review

Heymondo Travel Insurance Discount and Review

This article will answer these questions and more, plus I’ll share my own personal Heymondo review. I’ve used Heymondo travel insurance for three years and purchased several different types of plans from them, so I know quite a bit about how Heymondo insurance works and what it does best (and worse).

However, if you’re in a hurry, let’s jump to the most important thing. Here is your Heymondo travel insurance discount.

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Heymondo travel insurance plans

Unlike many other insurance companies, Heymondo specializes in selling travel insurance, so travelers should have no trouble finding a plan to suit their needs. There are four different types of Heymondo insurance plans for travelers:

  • Heymondo travel insurance
  • Heymondo cancellation insurance
  • Heymondo long-stay travel insurance
  • Heymondo annual multi-trip insurance

Heymondo travel insurance

Heymondo travel insurance is the best choice for single, short-term trips that already have confirmed departure and return dates. You can even buy it if you have already left for your trip, although you must indicate that you’re already traveling when you purchase Heymondo insurance.

For Heymondo single-trip insurance, you can choose from their Top, Premium, or Medical plans. Their Top plan is the more affordable travel insurance plan but still includes a high amount of medical- and travel-related coverage. The Premium plan is slightly more expensive and offers at least two times the amount of coverage in the Top plan, plus rental car excess coverage and the option to add cruise coverage.

heymondo travel insurance

The Medical plan is the most affordable of the three plans and provides medical-related coverage only for emergency medical expenses and medical transport and repatriation. If you feel that you don’t need travel-related coverage and just want travel medical insurance, the Medical plan is the best option for you.

In any case, the prices of all three plans will depend on your country of residence, the length of your trip, and your destination, which can be a specific country, several countries, or worldwide.

Heymondo cancellation insurance

Heymondo cancellation insurance will reimburse you for the accommodation- and transportation-related costs of a trip if you are forced to cancel it for any one of the eight reasons listed in your policy, such as a sudden illness, the sudden death of a relative, or unexpected job termination.

Of course, if you purchase Heymondo single-trip travel insurance, cancellation coverage will already be included, but if you just want trip cancellation insurance and aren’t sure whether you’ll be able to take your planned trip, Heymondo’s cancellation insurance will have you covered.

Heymondo long-stay travel insurance

Heymondo long-stay travel insurance is ideal for anyone who will be traveling for more than 90 days at a time. This Heymondo insurance plan gives you the option of totally flexible renewals, where you can choose to renew your plan for anything from two weeks to eight months, so it’s the best insurance for digital nomads and long-term travelers.

This type of insurance was the insurance I bought when I first moved to the U.S. and didn’t know if I would stay temporarily or permanently. Long-stay travel insurance works for anyone who’s working or studying abroad temporarily, but it’s not suitable for permanent residents.

Heymondo annual multi-trip insurance

Heymondo’s annual multi-trip insurance is the insurance we currently have since it covers travelers who take multiple trips in a 12-month period. If you will be taking at least four separate trips over the next year, annual, multi-trip insurance can save you a lot of money.

Gili Trawangan, Heymondo travel insurance review

Heymondo annual multi-trip insurance

Keep in mind that annual travel insurance is not travel insurance for a year-long trip. With annual, multi-trip travel insurance, each trip can only last a maximum of 60 days, and you must return to your home country between trips. If you’ll be traveling for a year non-stop, I recommend purchasing Heymondo long-stay travel insurance instead.

We currently use this annual insurance for frequent travelers.

Heymondo travel insurance coverage

Next, let’s talk about what’s included in Heymondo’s travel insurance coverage. Heymondo coverage can be broadly divided into two categories: medical-related coverage and travel-related coverage. Each category includes a variety of coverage elements, as we’ll explore below:

Heymondo medical expenses

Heymondo travel insurance provides coverage of up to $10,000,000 for emergency medical expenses. The actual amount of coverage you receive will depend on the plan you choose, as well as your home country and destination.

COVID-19 coverage

Heymondo offers the best travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage. Medical fees incurred due to COVID-19, medically prescribed PCR tests, medical transportation and repatriation, quarantine accommodation expenses, and cancellation due to COVID-19 illness are all covered by Heymondo’s insurance plans.

Repatriation and early return

Whichever plan you choose, if you fall seriously ill or have an accident on your trip, Heymondo will pay up to $500,000 for the repatriation of you and a companion back to your home country or to the nearest hospital. Additionally, if you were to die on your trip, which would hopefully never happen, Heymondo would cover transportation for you and a companion back to your home country as well as funeral expenses.

Heymondo travel insurance is legit

Repatriation and early return

Travel expenses for a family member

Heymondo travel insurance also covers a round-trip ticket and accommodation expenses for a family member if you are hospitalized for more than seven days while you are abroad.

Damaged luggage and theft

Depending on your destination and the plan you choose, Heymondo travel insurance will reimburse you up to $2,500 for damaged or lost luggage if your luggage is stolen, partly or totally lost by your airline carrier, or damaged due to fire or aggression on your journey. Heymondo will also compensate you if there is a delay in delivering your luggage.

Trip cancellation and interruption

Heymondo provides up to $7,000 worth of coverage for trip cancellations, delays, and interruptions. If your flight is delayed by more than twelve hours, you will be reimbursed for meals, lodging, and transportation expenses.

Northern Lights, Heymondo insurance

Trip cancellation and interruption

You will also be reimbursed for any travel expenses if you can’t travel for any of the eight reasons specified in your policy: your own sudden death, illness, or injury; the sudden death, illness, or injury of a relative; the sudden death, illness, or injury of a travel companion; a Travel Advisory warning travelers not to travel to your destination if issued after you’ve booked your trip; your home or business premises becoming uninhabitable; your summons as part of a judicial proceeding; your unexpected job termination; or a police summons for robbery at your residence.

Liability insurance

Heymondo covers private civil liability and legal costs, as well as expenses to cover compensation for material or bodily damages to third parties.

Accidental death or dismemberment

Heymondo will compensate you up to $60,000 in the event of a serious accident or death.

Heymondo insurance’s optional coverage

Heymondo travel insurance offers optional extra coverage, including:

Adventure sports coverage

Heymondo travel insurance already covers a number of standard sports, but if you are going to do any adventure sports, you will need more coverage. With adventure sports coverage, you will be covered if you do more adventurous or dangerous activities, such as climbing or canyoning.

Optional coverage for electronics

Purchasing this coverage will mean that Heymondo will compensate you if your computer, photography gear, and/or electronics are stolen, partly or totally lost by your airline carrier, or damaged by fire. This coverage is very useful if you travel, for example, with good travel photography equipment or with a laptop or tablet.

Have you ever seen such comprehensive coverage? Don’t forget to buy it here to get your Heymondo discount.


Heymondo travel insurance price

As I mentioned above, the price of your Heymondo insurance will depend on various factors, including your country of residence, your destination, and the length of your trip, but to give you a general idea of how much Heymondo travel insurance might cost you, I’ve generated prices for every plan for worldwide trips that last 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, and 90 days.

Types of travel insurance/length of trip

7 days

14 days

21 days

90 days

Heymondo Top





Heymondo Premium





Heymondo Medical





Heymondo Long-stay

$303.34 (for 3 months)

$303.34 (for 3 months)

$303.34 (for 3 months)


Heymondo Multi-trip annual

$197.96 (for a year)

$197.96 (for a year)

$197.96 (for a year)

X (trips are restricted to 60 days)

Heymondo Cancellation







What makes Heymondo travel insurance unique?

Before I get into my own experiences with Heymondo insurance, let’s talk a bit about what differentiates Heymondo from its competitors.

1. Great price/coverage compared to other insurance

Many travel insurance companies offer affordably priced plans, but often, the cheapest plans don’t provide much coverage. For Heymondo, the opposite is true. You get the best of both worlds: a reasonable price (especially if you use our Heymondo discount here) and a high amount of coverage in all medical- and travel-related categories.

Even if Heymondo is not the absolute cheapest travel insurance on the market, you can rest assured that you’ll always get a good value for your money and an excellent coverage-to-price ratio.

2. No out-of-pocket medical expenses

Heymondo is the only travel insurance company that doesn’t require you to file a claim to get reimbursed for medical expenses. Instead, Heymondo will pay your medical bills upfront and directly for you so that you never have to pay a cent out of your own pocket.

Filing a claim can be stressful, time-consuming, and confusing, plus there is always a chance that your claim could be rejected if you don’t provide correct or sufficient evidence. With Heymondo insurance, you’ll avoid this hassle completely.

3. Heymondo app and trip assistance

The Heymondo app offers first-class assistance, both for minor illnesses and for more serious matters that require hospitalization. It’s also a great way to make a claim to get reimbursed for non-medical expenses.

Heymondo travel insurance review

3. Heymondo app and trip assistance

A 24-hour medical chat is available on the app, and if it’s a serious medical issue, you can always call Heymondo through the app for free to find out where the nearest hospital is. Before you get to the hospital, the Heymondo team will already have contacted the medical clinic to let them know you are on your way and arrange payments with them for you.

If you suffer a travel mishap, such as a missed flight, lost bags, or theft, you can use the app to make a claim and upload files and supporting documents. That way, you can get reimbursed for what you spent in the shortest possible time.

Heymondo insurance review

I have been using Heymondo insurance for more than three years and have nothing but positive things to say about their coverage.

I will admit that there was a slight mishap when I first bought Heymondo insurance where I was given the phone number for the finance department instead of the medical assistance department. However, the Heymondo team was very apologetic and helpful, and this situation occurred before the app existed, so I don’t think it would happen anymore. Anyway, I haven’t had any negative experiences with Heymondo since then.

Grand Canyon, Heymondo insurance

Heymondo insurance review

I have bought many single-trip insurance plans for short trips, and I also purchased Heymondo long-stay travel insurance when I first moved to the United States. As soon as I realized that I wanted to stay in the U.S. permanently, I stopped renewing my long-stay travel insurance and got annual multi-trip insurance instead.

Over the past three years, my Heymondo insurance has been useful in all kinds of situations. When I lost my luggage on one trip, the Heymondo team helped me file a claim in the app and reimbursed me so quickly. On another trip, when I rolled my ankle while hiking, I contacted the Heymondo team via the app’s medical chat and quickly figured out which hospital to go to. I didn’t even have to worry about the payment because they took care of all of that for me.

Overall, my experience with Heymondo has been so positive, not just because of the plans’ high coverage and low prices but also because of the team of people who are there to help when things go wrong during a trip.

Is Heymondo insurance legit?

Hopefully, after all the information I’ve shared above, you can see for yourself that Heymondo is a real travel insurance company, and it really is affordable while providing good coverage.

As I’ve said before, I’ve used Heymondo insurance for three years and I know I can rely on their assistance app to help me with any and all issues that arise while I’m traveling. The fact that Heymondo pays your medical expenses upfront for you without you having to file a claim has saved me so much time and hassle; I never feel worried or stressed about receiving emergency medical care while I’m traveling, since I know I won’t have to pay a cent toward my medical bills.

Heymondo Discount

Finally, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: your Heymondo travel insurance discount. Just for being a Capture the Atlas reader, you’ll get a 5% discount on all Heymondo plans, which will be applied automatically when you get a quote here.

I hope that this Heymondo review has been helpful for you and that you take advantage of your discount to get great travel insurance!

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6 replies on “Heymondo Travel Insurance Discount and Review

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Are their age restrictions for the insurance ie.over 70. Also how do they deal with pre-existing conditions?

  2. Birgit says:

    I live in the USA and wanted to find out if HeyMondo also works for traveling within the USA. I understand that my regular health insurance covers medical emergency, but how about Travel Cancellation, Trip Delay/Interruption, Baggage? Tks

    • Ascen says:

      Yes, it covers if you’re traveling out of your state. Last year they cover me in Alaska (I had to used it) and in Hawaii (living in PA).


  3. Lyna says:

    Heymondo uses AXA for the quote I was looking at and it sounds too good to be true for my trip to cost $300USD vs majority is over 800. I did some research and saw that AXA has some really bad reputation. Has anyone have great experience with them in cases where they were needing to claim some serious medical emergencies?

    • Capture the Atlas says:

      Hi Lyna,

      I have been using Heymondo/AXA for more than three years and I have had some medical emergencies and not an issue yet. Besides, you don’t need to fill any claim and wait for being reimbursed. Heymondo pays all the medical expenses in front, so I haven’t had to deal with any medical bills or out-of-pocket expenses yet.

      Let me know if this help,


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