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Best RV Rentals in Las Vegas in 2024 + Prices

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Opting for an RV rental in Las Vegas is a great idea if you want to get off the beaten track and explore Sin City’s beautiful surroundings. This area is a prime location for adventurers since there are several state and national parks near Las Vegas.

We love the American Southwest, and one of our favorite things to do is to rent a motorhome in Las Vegas and travel around Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California. We even took a 10-day West Coast road trip, which was a dream for us and one of the most exciting experiences.

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Best RV Rentals in Las Vegas in 2024 + Prices

Of course, the process of planning a road trip and researching different RV rental companies in Las Vegas is a bit of a challenge. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot and have streamlined the process to make it as simple and efficient as possible. After several multi-day trips using a motorhome rental in Las Vegas, we’re more informed and better prepared than ever, and I’m sharing our top tips in this guide.

Before I begin, I want to mention that this article is specifically about hiring an RV in Las Vegas. If you want to know more about RV rentals in the USA, I recommend checking our specific guide on that.

Also, I’ll tell you upfront that we prefer Motorhome Republic for renting Class C motorhomes, and Travellers Autobarn for campervans. Whenever we want a cheaper RV rental in Las Vegas, or we want to rent directly from an owner, we use Outdoorsy, which offers peer-to-peer service and you can even get $50 off with the coupon code CAPTURETHEATLAS.

I’ll tell you about each company below, including their RV rental prices in Las Vegas so you can find the perfect option for your trip.

Best RV rentals in Las Vegas

There are quite a few RV and motorhome rentals in Las Vegas, but if you’re overwhelmed by the options, don’t worry. I’ll help you find the perfect one for your trip so you can take advantage of all the wonderful things to do outside the Vegas area.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury vehicle or a cheap RV rental in Las Vegas, these are the best options, which I’ll describe in detail below:

  1. Outdoorsy
  2. Motorhome Republic
  3. Travellers Autobarn
  4. RVshare
  5. Escape Campervans
  6. USA RV Rentals
  7. Cruise America

Las Vegas RV rental prices

One of the most important factors when deciding on a company is the price of its Las Vegas RV rentals. The chart below is an overview of each of the Las Vegas RV rental companies that I mentioned, as well as their rates for a 10-day road trip. I selected in each of the Vegas rental sites a 20-foot RV for two people. I set the pick-up and drop-off location as Las Vegas and included the basics like cookware, linens, generator, unlimited miles, and insurance.








Rental Price


















Not included




Not included

Not included

Roadside assistance








Total price










As you can see, Motorhome Republic is the best option if you’re looking for a luxury RV rental in Las Vegas, while Travellers Autobarn is your best bet if you’re looking for campervans to rent. However, if budget is the most important thing to you and you don’t mind renting directly from the owner, Outdoorsy comes out on top in terms of the best peer-to-peer company. You can find there the cheapest RV rentals in Las Vegas, regardless of the type of vehicle you’re looking for.

Which is the best RV rental company in Vegas? Which is the cheapest?

If you’re set on getting the cheapest price for an RV rental in Las Vegas, then I strongly suggest renting from someone who owns an RV rather than going through a company. We’ve used the peer-to-peer platform Outdoorsy several times and never ran into any problems.

During one of our trips, we rented a motorhome in Las Vegas through Motorhome Republic and drove it to San Francisco. That was also a super positive experience, so I consider Motorhome Republic one of the best rental companies, especially if you’re looking for a larger RV.

That said, if you want a camper rental in Las Vegas, it’s better to go with Travellers Autobarn because their conversions are superb.

Of course, each trip is unique, so I suggest planning your itinerary, and then shopping around for deals. Either way, just know that it’s totally possible to find excellent prices for Las Vegas RV rentals, especially now that you know where to look!

1. Outdoorsy, the overall best RV rental site in Las Vegas

First, Outdoorsy is a service we’ve used a couple of times to find an RV rental in Las Vegas by owner. This peer-to-peer platform lets you contact RV and motorhome owners directly so you can find some great deals and a variety of vehicles.

Outdoorsy, cheap RV rentals in Las Vegas

1. Outdoorsy, the overall best RV rental site in Las Vegas

To use Outdoorsy, just go to the website and select your preferred pick-up location as well as the length of your trip. Then, you can filter the search results to find a cheap RV rental in Las Vegas. Don’t forget to use the CAPTURETHEATLAS coupon code to get $50 off your rental. Outdoorsy offers free roadside assistance, and some owners are willing to deliver the RV to your campsite, so it’s quite convenient.

This is the platform we use most often for our Vegas road trips, and I highly recommend it, especially for roundtrip rentals since you must return the vehicle to the same pick-up spot. If you’re looking for a one-way RV rental in Las Vegas, it’s better to use Motorhome Republic, which is what we use for such scenarios.

  • Cheaper than going through a rental company
  • Filters options based on your search preferences
  • Delivery service
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Available vehicles may be older models
  • You must return the vehicle to the same pick-up spot

2. Motorhome Republic, one of the most popular RV rental companies in Vegas

Alternatively, Motorhome Republic is ideal for one-way trips like the one we took during our first visit to Las Vegas. This company connects you with the top RV and motorhome rentals in Las Vegas and offers great discounts, too. Also, unlike Outdoorsy, Motorhome Republic has access to newer makes and models, and you can return the vehicle to a different drop-off location.

Motorhome Republic, RV for rent in Las Vegas

2. Motorhome Republic, one of the most popular RV rental companies in Vegas

One thing to keep in mind with this company is that it doesn’t offer a delivery service, so you’ll have to go directly to the pick-up location to get your rental. That said, we’ve never had any problems with Motorhome Republic, and we’ve used them several times, including the first time we rented an RV in Las Vegas.

  • Access to new RV and motorhome rentals
  • Rent from a wide range of companies
  • Different drop-off locations available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Strict cancellation policy
  • No delivery service

3. Travellers Autobarn, one of the best RV rentals in Las Vegas

Travellers Autobarn is another company we’ve used, specifically for campervans. What makes Travellers Autobarn stand out is that they offer free unlimited miles with each rental, so it can be quite a good deal. Also, you can choose a specific pick-up location or have the vehicle delivered to your campsite, and you can drop off the rental at a different spot if you need to.

Travellers Autobarn, motorhome las vegas rental

3. Travellers Autobarn, one of the best RV rentals in Las Vegas

Besides that, the company updated their fleet in 2020, so the aesthetics and amenities of their conversions are newer, and they are super comfy! Plus, Travellers Autobarn has 24/7 roadside assistance, a complimentary campground app, and a 10% discount for customers at select campsites. So, if you’re specifically looking for campervan rentals in the USA, this is one of the best options.

We have used this company several times and have a full review on Travellers Autobarn I recommend checking out if you’re planning to book your RV with them.

  • Great van conversions
  • Access to a variety of campervan customizations
  • Free unlimited miles
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • One-way and roundtrip options
  • No delivery fees
  • 4-day minimum

4. RVshare, another site for renting RVs in Las Vegas

RVshare is another place to find cheap RV rentals in Las Vegas. It’s similar to Outdoorsy in that it’s a peer-to-peer platform and, while it has fewer options, it’s still worth checking out before a big trip.

RVshare, rv rental las vegas cheap

4. RVshare, another site for renting RVs in Las Vegas

The website is easy to use, and you can filter out old and new models, customer ratings, reviews, and more. Another convenient aspect of RVshare is that it offers vehicle delivery and 24/7 roadside assistance. While we prefer Outdoorsy, we used RVshare once and had a positive experience with the company and our rental.

  • Comparable price to Outdoorsy
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Delivery service
  • Fewer options than Outdoorsy
  • Wide range in quality and vehicle age

5. Escape Campervans, an affordable RV rental site in Vegas

If you have your heart set on a campervan and you want an alternative to Travellers Autobarn, check out Escape Campervans. This company has a large fleet of newer and older models, as well as roundtrip and one-way options. Just be aware that some of the older campervans date back to 2012.

Escape Campervans, rvs for rent las vegas

5. Escape Campervans, an affordable RV rental site in Vegas

One of the first things you’ll notice about this company is that its fleet of vehicles has fun, hand-painted designs, although you can also opt for a plain white model. Your rental includes 24/7 roadside assistance and insurance with the option to upgrade your coverage.

However, be aware that Escape Campervans charges a fixed rate for estimated mileage ($30-$36/day), followed by a pay-per-mile fee for any excess miles (30-36 cents/mile). So, if you’re looking for a Las Vegas RV rental with unlimited mileage, I recommend Travellers Autobarn. However, Escape Campervans prices are very competitive, especially if you use the 10% discount when booking through this link.

  • One-way and roundtrip options
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Locations throughout the U.S.
  • Access to a variety of campervan customizations
  • 3-night minimum
  • Wide range in vehicle age

6. USA RV Rentals, a luxury RV rental company in Las Vegas

If you want a luxury RV rental in Las Vegas, consider USA RV Rentals, an online platform with newer RVs, motorhomes, and campervans. The vehicles are available for one-way and roundtrip excursions, and a variety of models and brands are available. While this means that you have a lot more options, it also means the prices are higher.

USA RV Rentals, long term rv rental las vegas

6. USA RV Rentals, a luxury RV rental company in Las Vegas

Also, if you’re going to use this service, make sure you check the price before you book since they charge extra for things like taxes, mileage, accessories, and “preparation fees”. At first glance, it looks very similar to other RV rental companies in Las Vegas, but after factoring in the hidden costs, I think you can get a better deal with Motorhome Republic.

  • Newer, luxury vehicles
  • RV/motorhome models from top brands
  • One-way and roundtrip options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Lots of hidden fees
  • No delivery service

7. Cruise America, another great site to rent motorhomes in Vegas

Finally, you can find an RV to rent in Las Vegas through Cruise America, another simple, easy-to-use online platform. Just select your pick-up location, departure date, and return date, and you’ll see a full list of available RVs and motorhomes in the area.

Cruise America, rent an rv las vegas

7. Cruise America, another great site to rent motorhomes in Vegas

Each listing shows the nightly rate and any accessories and amenities that are included. Also, customers get free insurance coverage with their rental and 24/7 roadside assistance, although you must rent the vehicle for at least three nights. Also, Cruise America offers limited one-way RV rentals in Las Vegas, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you may have trouble finding a suitable option.

  • 24/7 free customer assistance
  • Newer and older vehicles
  • Competitive pricing
  • 3-night minimum
  • Limited one-way options

What to look for in an RV rental in Las Vegas

Now that you know the best RV rental companies in Las Vegas, it’s important to understand the common terms and conditions for these types of vehicles. Below, you’ll find more information about choosing which class of RV or motorhome to rent, what kind of insurance you need, and how to navigate the question of pay-per-mile vs. unlimited mileage RV rentals in Las Vegas.

Valley of Fire, luxury rv rentals las vegas

What to look for in an RV rental in Las Vegas

What type of RV is best to rent in Las Vegas

The best Las Vegas RV rental depends on your trip, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. To give a better idea of which type of RV or motorhome to rent in Las Vegas, here is an overview of the different options that are available:

  • Class A: This heavy-duty RV has slide-out components and lots of storage space, so it’s good for a family or group trip. However, it’s harder to drive and has poor fuel economy.

class a rv for rental in las vegas

  • Class B: Also known as a campervan, this is a smaller, cheaper option that’s easier to drive. If space is no issue for you, it’s something to consider.

class b rv for rental in las vegas

  • Class C: This is a good compromise between a Class A and Class B motorhome. It’s comfortable, has an overhead sleeping area, and can tow a small vehicle behind it.

renting a class c motorhome in las vegas

  • Travel trailer: This type of rental is non-motorized, so you must tow it with your own car or rent a truck with enough towing capacity. A variety of sizes are available, and it’s often used as an alternative to tent camping.

travel trailer to rent in las vegas

We turn to Motorhome Republic when we need a Class C RV rental in Las Vegas, and we’ve always had a great experience. For campervans, we love Travellers Autobarn. However, if keeping on a budget is crucial, then Outdoorsy is the best option.

Unlimited mileage vs. pay-per-mile

Another thing to consider when shopping around is whether you want a Las Vegas RV rental with unlimited mileage, or whether you prefer pay-per-mile.

With the first option, you pay one flat rate, which is added to the final price of the rental. While this sounds great, consider that most companies calculate 150-300 miles per day, so it may not be the best deal if you plan on taking a shorter trip.

The alternative is a pay-per-mile situation. Most companies charge a mileage rate of 30 to 38 cents per mile, although I recommend double-checking the policy. As an example, let’s say that the company charges customers 100 miles per day. If your total mileage surpasses that mileage, you’ll be charged for the excess.

It’s always a good idea to plan your itinerary ahead of time so you can determine which option is best for your Las Vegas motorhome rental.

RV rental insurance

It’s also important to factor in whether the company includes insurance coverage in the price for its Las Vegas RV rentals.

Damage protection insurance is required for you to rent an RV in Las Vegas and throughout the U.S. This includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage so you’ll be protected if you get into an accident or damage the vehicle.

Motorhome in the desert, rv rental las vegas prices

RV rental insurance

The price for RV insurance depends on the type of vehicle and the duration of your trip, but it could be as low as $20/day.

Many companies also offer the option to add personal property and supplemental liability insurance to cover claims made by third parties for injury or damage. This isn’t required, so it’ll cost extra to add this to your rental policy.

Other tips for renting an RV in Las Vegas

In addition to price, mileage, and insurance, there are other things to consider when renting an RV in Las Vegas. Here are some tips to keep in mind so you have the smoothest journey possible:

  • Before you commit to an RV rental in Las Vegas, decide which type of vehicle you want. Depending on the kind of trip you’re taking, a specific class of motorhome, campervan, or RV might be preferable.
  • Plan your itinerary carefully and remember that your travel times will be longer since you’ll be driving at a slow pace in an RV. This is even more important during peak season when national parks and campsites have specific hours and limited availability.
  • Do your calculations, taking into account Las Vegas RV rentals with unlimited mileage pay-per-mile, as well as any added protection you might want.
  • If you’re short on time or want to cover more ground, consider a one-way RV rental from Las Vegas.
  • Take it slow and use your brakes sparingly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • Be mindful of height restrictions, especially in mountainous areas where there may be tunnels.
  • Use your mirrors and be aware of blind spots when driving to keep everyone safe on the road.
  • Check for RV parking in Las Vegas and any other sites you plan to visit, being mindful that a campervan is a lot easier to park than an RV.
  • Download some helpful apps for RV drivers. The RV Life app lists the country’s best RV parks, and the Free Campsites app helps you find a place to park your camper for free in Vegas. Download the iExit app to quickly find nearby lodging, food, and gas, and use EIA to check gas prices and better estimate your mileage.

Places to visit if you rent an RV in Las Vegas

Now that you know how to find the best RV rentals in Las Vegas, here are some ideas for your road trip itinerary.

Motorhome rental, rv rental las vegas prices

Places to visit if you rent an RV in Las Vegas

We have some great articles on the best road trips from Vegas and popular national parks near Las Vegas, but here are my favorite spots:

The magnificent landscapes of Valley of Fire State Park are just 45 minutes from Sin City. The fiery red sandstone cliffs and rock formations have been here for millions of years, and they’re something to behold. It’s not hard to see how this park got its name, and there are lots of scenic walking and hiking trails you can do with the family.

Plus, you can bring your Las Vegas motorhome rental here and spend the night at the Atlatl Rock or Arch Rock campsites, which have RV hookups. You can get all the details in our Valley of Fire camping guide.

Red Rock Canyon is just a half-hour from the Strip, so it’s one of the first places people visit after picking up their RV rental from Las Vegas. Whether you prefer traveling along the park’s Scenic Drive, or you want to stretch your legs and do some hiking or climbing, this is a lovely spot to do so.

Also, you can sleep under the stars at Red Rock Canyon Campground, a great alternative to the noise and busyness of the Vegas Strip.

You can easily make the drive to the Hoover Dam in your Las Vegas motorhome rental. All you need are a few hours to explore this manmade wonder, Lake Mead, and its fantastic viewpoints. It’s the perfect pit stop as you make your way to the Grand Canyon.

A road trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is one of the most exhilarating experiences, so I highly recommend it. You’ll want a few days to appreciate the full magnitude of this natural wonder, so it’s a good idea to rent a luxury RV in Las Vegas for this adventure.

Visiting the Grand Canyon is a must-do, and if you drive there, you can make all kinds of fun stops along the way. When it comes to spending the night, there are several RV parks at the Grand Canyon, so I recommend checking out our guide.

The viewpoints, the hiking trails, the incredible gorges…there is so much to see at Zion National Park. Ideally, you’ll want a couple of days to explore this park, so it’s a great place to visit in your motorhome rental from Las Vegas. There are also some scenic campgrounds in Zion that have tent and RV sites, so you can spend the night here.

Bryce Canyon is super close to Zion National Park, so you can enjoy a double feature in your campervan. The hoodoos and natural rock formations at Bryce Canyon are out of this world and unlike anything we’ve ever seen. This place is also an amazing stargazing spot, so you can bring your RV rental from Las Vegas here and spend the night sleeping in Bryce Canyon.

Finally, Death Valley has one of the most unique environments in the country, with striking landscapes, ancient petroglyphs, and colorful rock formations. It’s about two hours away, in California, so it’s worth renting an RV in Las Vegas for the trip.

Besides, there are nine campsites in Death Valley, and some of them are free to stay at, so I suggest taking advantage of them so you can go exploring during the early morning hours, and then seek refuge in your motorhome during the hottest part of the day.

How to find RV parking in Las Vegas

While you’re looking for a motorhome rental in Las Vegas, it’s important to keep in mind the parking situation. Remember, RV parking in Sin City is only permitted at designated lots, which you can learn more about in our guide to Las Vegas’ RV parks.

RV park in the desert, rv rental las vegas luxury

How to find RV parking in Las Vegas

In addition to all the fun things to do in Vegas, there are lots of gorgeous places in the surrounding area that you can explore in a motorhome. You can even find RV camping near Las Vegas, although I recommend checking the size restrictions ahead of time so you can be sure that your vehicle will fit.

FAQs about RV rentals in Las Vegas

To wrap up, here are the answers to some common questions about renting an RV in Las Vegas:

There are several RV rental companies in Las Vegas. However, for the best deals, I recommend looking at one of the options in this guide: Outdoorsy, Motorhome Republic, Travellers Autobarn, RVshare, Escape Campervans, USA RV Rentals, and Cruise America.

You must be at least 21 years old to rent an RV in Las Vegas, although some places raise the age requirement to 25.

If the vehicle you’re renting is under 26,000 lbs., you don’t need a special license to get an RV rental in Las Vegas.

Many Walmart stores and some Vegas hotels offer overnight RV parking. For more details and locations, I recommend reading our guide to Las Vegas’ RV parks.

Yes, there are a few casinos in Vegas that offer RV parking or hookups, including Circus Circus, Mandalay Bay, The LINQ Hotel & Casino, and The STRAT.

In our experience, Outdoorsy has the cheapest RV rentals in Las Vegas.

There are lots of awesome road trips from Las Vegas that you can take in a motorhome. With a long-term RV rental from Las Vegas, you can enjoy a trip to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Death Valley, and more.

That’s everything you need to know about renting an RV in Las Vegas. Of course, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions or if you’d like to add your tips or experience with a rental or RV share in Las Vegas. I look forward to hearing from you!

Stay safe and have a wonderful motorhome adventure!

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