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Best RV Rentals in Las Vegas – Prices & Reviews

Finding an RV rental in Las Vegas is a great idea and something you will never regret. Sin City is a prime location for renting an RV because there are so many national parks near Las Vegas, so you can have the ultimate road trip!

Once we moved to the United States, we knew we wanted to rent a campervan in Las Vegas and travel around the country. So, during our West Coast road trip, we made that dream a reality, and it was quite the experience! We rented it through Motorhome Republic, and it was outstanding. However, if you’re traveling on a budget, Outdoorsy is your best bet!

RV road trip, rent an RV in Las Vegas

Best RV Rentals in Las Vegas – Prices & Reviews

That said, planning our trip and finding information about how to rent an RV was a bit tricky. Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about the process, and we’ve rented motorhomes and campervans for multi-day trips since then.

I already wrote an article about RV rentals in the USA, so in this guide, I’ll focus on renting an RV in Las Vegas.

Keep reading to learn about the best motorhome rentals, where to park an RV in Las Vegas, and other helpful tips!

Best RV rentals in Las Vegas

If you’re not sure which is the best Vegas RV rental company, don’t worry. There are a few options in the United States, particularly in the Vegas area. I’ll help you find the perfect one for your trip so you can take advantage of all the things to do outside Las Vegas.

Before I describe each company in detail, these are the 5 best options:

  1. Outdoorsy
  2. Motorhome Republic
  3. RVshare
  4. USA RV Rentals
  5. Cruise America

1. Outdoorsy

We’ve used Outdoorsy a couple of times with great success. It’s a peer-to-peer platform where you rent directly from individual RV and motorhome owners. Outdoorsy is a breeze to use; select the pick-up location and length of your trip. The webpage will give you a list of campervans and RVs, and it’s the best place to go for cheap RV rentals in Las Vegas. Plus, you get free roadside assistance, and some owners are willing to deliver the RV to your campsite.

Outdoorsy, cheap RV rentals in Las Vegas

1. Outdoorsy, one of the best RV Rental companies in Las Vegas

This is the company we are using the most. However, we didn’t use it the first time we hired a rental RV in Las Vegas because we wanted to do a one-day trip (the reason why we decided to rent it through Motorhome Republic).

  • Cheaper than going through a rental company
  • Filters based on your search preferences
  • Delivery service
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Vehicles may be older
  • You must return the RV to the pick-up spot

2. Motorhome Republic

Motorhome Republic connects you to the top RV and motorhome rentals in Las Vegas. Not only does it provide options from a variety of companies, but you can get great discounts, too. While the prices are higher than Outdoorsy, you can find new RVs and campervans on Motorhome Republic. Also, unlike Outdoorsy, you can return your rental to a different drop-off location, so it’s perfect if you’re making a one-way trip.

Motorhome Republic, RV for rent in Las Vegas

2. Motorhome Republic, best company for new RV rentals in Las Vegas

We have used this company a couple of times, including the first time we rented a campervan in Las Vegas.

  • Access to new RV and motorhome rentals
  • Rent from a wide range of companies
  • Different drop-off locations available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Pricier than others
  • No delivery service

3. RVshare

RVshare is another place to find an RV for rent in Las Vegas. It’s a peer-to-peer platform like Outdoorsy and, while it tends to have fewer options, it’s still worth checking out before a big trip.

RVshare, RV to rent in Las Vegas

3. RVshare, another good option for renting a motorhome in Las Vegas

On RVshare, you can use search filters to find new and old models, customer ratings, reviews, and more. The business also offers delivery, one-way rentals, and 24/7 roadside assistance for every customer. We’ve used this company once, although most of the time we find the best deals at Outdoorsy.

  • Comparable price to Outdoorsy
  • One-way rentals available
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Delivery service
  • Fewer options than Outdoorsy
  • Wide range in quality and vehicle age

4. USA RV Rentals

If you’d like to rent a luxury RV in Las Vegas, check out USA RV Rentals. This online platform can help you find newer RVs, motorhomes, and campervans for one-way and circular trips. Also, USA RV Rentals partners with dozens of reputable brands, so the prices are higher than the other options I mentioned.

USA RV Rentals, what the cheapest way is to rent an RV in Las Vegas

4. USA RV Rentals, another option to rent RVs in Las Vegas

If you’re going to use this service, be sure to check for hidden fees like a “preparation fee,” additional mileage, taxes, and accessories. You can read more about the complete rental fee breakdown on the website. Upfront, it may look cheaper than Motorhome Republic but if you consider all the hidden fees, this company is not the best one if you’re looking for luxury RV rentals in Las Vegas.

  • Newer, luxury vehicles
  • RV/motorhome models from top brands
  • One-way and round-trip options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Lots of hidden fees
  • No delivery service

5. Cruise America

Finally, you can find an RV to rent in Las Vegas through Cruise America. The online platform makes it simple; you just select your pick-up city, departure date, and return date. Then, you’ll receive a list of RV and motorhome rentals available in Las Vegas.

Cruise America, Las Vegas motorhome rental

5. Cruise America, an online platform to rent an RV in Las Vegas

Each rental option lists the nightly rate and included accessories and amenities. As a customer, you’ll get free insurance with your rental, as well as 24/7 roadside assistance. However, be aware that there is a 3-night minimum rental period.

  • Free insurance
  • 24/7 free customer assistance
  • Newer and older vehicles
  • Competitive pricing
  • 3-night minimum
  • Limited one-way options

Las Vegas RV rental prices

Regardless of the vehicle class or type of campervan you want to rent, you can find it with one or more of these platforms. In the chart below, you can see an overview of RV rental prices from Las Vegas for a 10-day road trip. As you can see, Outdoorsy is the best peer-to-peer company and Motorhome Republic is best if you want a luxury RV rental.


Motorhome Republic


USA RV Rentals

Cruise America

Rental price














Not included


Not included

Not included

Roadside assistance






Total price








Cheap RV rental in Las Vegas

If you’ve been wondering what the cheapest way is to rent an RV in Las Vegas, I strongly suggest renting from someone who owns an RV rather than going through a company.

We used the peer-to-peer platform Outdoorsy several times and never ran into any problems. There was only one time when we booked a motorhome through a rental company, but it was a good experience. We flew to Las Vegas and used Motorhome Republic to rent a campervan that we drove to San Francisco.

RV rental, RV rentals in Las Vegas

Cheap RV rental in Las Vegas

Overall, we prefer Outdoorsy, but if you’re making a one-way trip, a traditional rental company is often better because you can return the RV to a different location than the pick-up spot. Of course, each trip is unique, so it’s best to plan your itinerary, then shop around for rental deals.

As you can see, it’s not hard to find cheap RV rentals in Las Vegas, especially now that you know where to look!

Other tips for renting an RV in Las Vegas

From renting an RV with unlimited mileage to accurately estimating your travel time, there are several things to consider before embarking on your trip. Keep these tips in mind to have the smoothest journey possible!

  • Decide which type of RV to rent in Las Vegas, as there are different motorhome, campervan, and RV classes. Depending on which road trip from Las Vegas you take, you may need a specific type of vehicle.
  • Plan your itinerary carefully! Remember that you’ll be moving at a slower pace in an RV, so travel times may be longer. This is crucial considering that national parks and campsites have specific hours and limited availability during peak season.
  • Do your calculations, considering Las Vegas RV rentals with unlimited mileage and pay-per-mile rentals.
  • If you’re short on time or want to cover more ground, your best bet is a one-way RV rental from Las Vegas.
  • Check for RV parking in Las Vegas and nearby sites you plan to visit. A campervan can be a lot easier to park than an RV.
  • Download some helpful apps for RV drivers. The RV Life app lists the country’s best RV parks, and the Free Campsites app helps you find a place to park your camper for free in Las Vegas. To quickly find nearby lodging, food, and gas, download the iExit app. Moreover, you can better estimate your mileage by checking gas prices on the EIA.

Cool places to visit if you rent an RV in Las Vegas

Now that you know how to find the best RV rentals in Las Vegas, check out the coolest places to explore in the area. We wrote an article on the best state and national parks near Las Vegas, but here are some of my favorite recommendations.

Taking a Valley of Fire tour from Las Vegas is one of the best ways to see this magnificent landscape of fiery red sandstone cliffs. That said, you can also rent a motorhome and stay overnight at the Atlatl Rock or Arch Rock campsites.

With its excellent hiking and climbing spots, visiting Red Rock Canyon is another awesome thing to do in Las Vegas during the day. If you want to sleep there, you’ll have to stay at the Red Rock Canyon Campground.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most impressive sights in the country, and a must-see while in the western USA. We’ve written complete guides on how to visit the Grand Canyon and the best Grand Canyon campgrounds.

You can find some of the best viewpoints and hiking trails in Zion, which is why we have an entire guide on how to plan a one-day itinerary in Zion National Park. There is a lot to do here, so I recommend reading up on where to camp in Zion.

If you go to Zion, you must visit Bryce Canyon, which is a short drive away and full of famous hoodoos and natural rock formations. The park is also the perfect stargazing spot, so consider sleeping in Bryce Canyon under the night sky.

I highly recommend visiting Death Valley in California for the striking landscapes and unique environment. Plus, there are nine campsites in Death Valley, and some of them are free.

How to find RV parking in Las Vegas

There are lots of things to do in Las Vegas, so it’s a prime destination for road trippers. Remember, RV parking in Las Vegas is only allowed at designated lots, so check out my guide to all the RV parks in Las Vegas!

FAQs about RV rentals in Las Vegas

Before you search for RV rentals in Las Vegas, read through these common questions for more tips and general information.

There are several places to find an RV for rent in Las Vegas, but the best options are OutdoorsyMotorhome RepublicRVshareUSA RV RentalsCruise America.

You must 21 or older to rent an RV in Las Vegas, although some states require you to be at least 25.

If the vehicle is under 26,000 lbs., you don’t need a special license to rent an RV in Las Vegas.

Some Walmart stores and Vegas hotels have RV parking in Las Vegas. You can find all the RV parks in Las Vegas in our guide.

Yes! While not all of these casino hotels have full RV hookups, they do offer RV parking:

In our experience, Outdoorsy is the best place for cheap RV rentals in Las Vegas.

Depending on your schedule, there are several amazing road trips from Las Vegas that you can take in a motorhome. You can book an RV rental from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Zion, and more.

Now you have all the info you need to find the best RV rentals in Las Vegas! If you still have questions about Las Vegas campervan rentals or RV parking, leave me a comment, and I’ll be happy to help. Have a safe trip!

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