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Best Campervan Rentals in Las Vegas in 2024

With a Las Vegas campervan rental, you’re free to explore the great outdoors of the American Southwest. Sin City is a great place to begin your journey since there are lots of cool things to do outside Las Vegas, as well as beautiful national parks near Vegas that will take your breath away.

This is one of our favorite places to go on adventures, so much so that we recently decided to make Las Vegas our home base. This way, it’s easy for us to rent a campervan in Las Vegas and spend a few days or weeks checking out the surrounding areas.

Camping in the Valley of Fire, campervan rental in las vegas

Best campervan rentals in Las Vegas in 2024

Over the years, we’ve spent time sightseeing and traversing this part of the country, so we have quite a bit of experience with the different camper rentals in the Las Vegas area. We’ve found Travellers Autobarn to be the best choice for our trips, thanks to the great prices, convenient amenities, and the option to book a one-way or roundtrip rental.

Of course, there are other great companies and platforms where you can find travel van rentals in Las Vegas. For example, Outdoorsy really comes in handy when we want to rent directly from a campervan owner and have it delivered to our campsite. We also have a coupon code: CAPTURETHEATLAS to get $50 off your rental.

In this guide, I’ll help you out with an overview of the 5 best Las Vegas campervan rentals, including a price comparison as well as what to look for in a rental, and tips for your roadside adventure. Before I begin, be aware that this article is specifically for rentals in Las Vegas. If you want to go beyond the Vegas area, check out our guide to the best campervan rentals in the USA. And if you’re looking for a larger vehicle or something more luxurious to drive in, we have a complete guide on the best RV rentals in the USA.

Guide to renting a campervan in Las Vegas

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to find camper vans for rent in Las Vegas, as this is a popular place to explore by camper, RV, or motorhome. That said, with the variety of options available, you might want some help choosing the best company for your travel needs. That’s where I can help!

RVing in the desert, las vegas campervan rental

Guide to renting a campervan in Las Vegas

In this guide, I’ll tell you the top places to rent a campervan in Las Vegas and how to make the most of your money. Whether you’re looking for something large and luxurious, or you want a cheaper campervan rental, there’s an option for you. So, let’s dive in and find your perfect match.

Best campervan rentals in Las Vegas

To sum up, these are the 5 best campervan rentals in Las Vegas:

  1. Travellers Autobarn
  2. Outdoorsy
  3. Motorhome Republic
  4. Escape Campervans
  5. RVshare

I’ll give you more details about each company below, including nightly rates, customer support, and more. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of which option is best suited for your trip plans and particular needs.

Las Vegas campervan rental price comparison

I’m sure that your first question about each of these companies involves the price. I get it; the cost is super important and can be tricky to calculate since you need to factor in not just the nightly rate, but any extras like insurance and mileage fees.

To make it easier for you, I’ve compared the prices for a camper van rental in Vegas for a 10-day road trip. For each company, I selected two passengers, the same pick-up and drop-off location (Las Vegas), and basic amenities like cookware, linens, generator, unlimited miles, and insurance.






Rental price















Not included



Roadside assistance






Total price








As you can see, Travellers Autobarn is the cheapest campervan rental in Las Vegas, although if you don’t mind renting directly from the owner, Outdoorsy is another excellent option.

For those in search of a larger or more luxury-style Las Vegas campervan rental, Motorhome Republic is the best deal.

Which is the best campervan rental company in Las Vegas? Which is the cheapest?

Going off our years of experience, Travellers Autobarn is the best campervan rental in Las Vegas (and beyond). Not only does the company offer great nightly rates, but it also has a free delivery service and roadside assistance for customers.

Another Las Vegas campervan rental company that we’ve had positive experiences with is Outdoorsy. This platform has some of the cheapest campervan rentals in Las Vegas because it connects vehicle owners to those seeking a rental.

Desert motorhome, campervan rentals in las vegas

Which is the best campervan rental company in Las Vegas? Which is the cheapest?

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, Motorhome Republic is an awesome place to find not only Vegas campervans but larger vans and vehicles. We used this company for our journey along the California coast and had zero problems the entire time.

Of course, the cost to rent a campervan in Las Vegas depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the vehicle, where you’re going, how long you plan to travel, and even the age of the driver. Rest assured that you can find a budget-friendly option, as you’ll see below.

1. Travellers Autobarn, the best site to rent a campervan in Las Vegas

As I mentioned, Travellers Autobarn is my first choice for a Las Vegas campervan rental. While we’ve tried different companies throughout the years, we keep coming back to Travellers Autobarn for several reasons, as we explain in our Travellers Autobarn review.

Travellers Autobarn, best vegas campervans

1. Travellers Autobarn, the best site to rent a campervan in Las Vegas

First, the company gives you free unlimited miles with your rental, which is huge since some other companies charge a pesky mileage fee. Another plus of Travellers Autobarn is that you can request that the campervan be delivered to your campsite, free of charge.

That said, my favorite part about Travellers Autobarn is that it offers one-way and roundtrip campervan rentals from Las Vegas, so it’s suitable for all types of trips. Some other perks include 24/7 roadside assistance, newer conversions and amenities, and super comfortable campervans.

  • Great campervan conversions
  • Access to a variety of van customizations
  • Free unlimited miles
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • One-way and roundtrip options
  • No delivery fees
  • 4-night minimum rental period

2. Outdoorsy, another one of the best Las Vegas campervan rental apps

Another company that we’ve used several times is Outdoorsy. It’s a great platform where you can find campervan rentals in Las Vegas and get them directly from the owner.

Using the Outdoorsy website is super easy. Just select your desired pick-up location and specify the length of your trip. Then, you can play with the filters to adjust the search results based on things like vehicle size and available amenities.

Outdoorsy, camper van rental las vegas nv

2. Outdoorsy, another one of the best Las Vegas campervan rental apps

While Outdoorsy only offers round-trip Las Vegas campervan rentals, some owners are willing to deliver the vehicle to your campsite. Plus, the nightly rates are very competitive, especially if you use our coupon code CAPTURETHEATLAS for $50 off your rental, and it includes free roadside assistance.

We’ve relied on Outdoorsy quite a bit for our road trips around Las Vegas, so I can confidently recommend it as a convenient and cheap option. If you prefer to go through a company, check out Travellers Autobarn.

  • Cheap than going through a rental company
  • Filters options based on your search preferences
  • Delivery service
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Available vehicles may be older models
  • You must return the vehicle to the same pick-up spot

3. Motorhome Republic, an affordable place to rent a campervan in Las Vegas

Motorhome Republic is another popular place to find Las Vegas campervan rentals. We actually used this company during our first visit to Sin City, as well as on our 10-day West Coast road trip, and consider them to have some of the best RV rentals in Las Vegas.

Motorhome Republic, best campervan rental las vegas

3. Motorhome Republic, an affordable place to rent a campervan in Las Vegas

Motorhome Republic is a one-stop-shop for RVs and campervan rentals in Las Vegas and beyond. You’ll find a wide range of vehicles from different companies, so no matter what size or type of van you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Another nice thing about this service is that you can select different pick-up and drop-off locations. This is why we used Motorhome Republic when we were traveling through the Western USA. In addition, many of the available camper rentals are newer models, which adds more peace of mind to your trip. Just be aware that the company doesn’t offer delivery service, so make sure you select the correct pick-up location.

  • Access to newer campervan rentals
  • Rent from a wide range of companies
  • Different drop-off locations available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Strict cancellation policy
  • No delivery service

4. Escape Campervans, a popular option for campervan rentals in Las Vegas

Another company that’s worth checking out is Escape Campervans. This website has a large selection of camping vans in Las Vegas and all throughout the United States. You’ll also notice that its fleet of vehicles features fun, hand-painted designs, although you can request a plain white model if that’s more your style. When booking through this link, you will get a 10% discount on your campervan rental.

Escape Campervans, camper van rental las vegas airport

4. Escape Campervans, a popular option for campervan rentals in Las Vegas

There is a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, with older vans dating back to 2012. If you rent from this company, you’ll receive free 24/7 roadside assistance as well as damage protection insurance, and you can upgrade your coverage for an additional fee.

Escape Campervans’ Las Vegas rentals are available for one-way and roundtrip journeys, making this a decent alternative to Travellers Autobarn. However, Escape Campervans has a mileage policy in which it charges a fixed rate for estimated mileage ($30-$36/day), followed by a pay-per-mile fee for any excess miles (30-36 cents/mile). So, if you’re looking for a Las Vegas campervan rental with unlimited mileage, I recommend Travellers Autobarn.

  • One-way and roundtrip options
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Locations throughout the U.S.
  • Access to a variety of campervan customizations
  • 3-night minimum rental period
  • Wide range in vehicle age
  • Fixed mileage policy

5. RVshare, another good site where you can rent a campervan in Las Vegas

The last company I recommend is RVshare, a peer-to-peer platform that’s similar to Outdoorsy. While RVshare’s selection of Las Vegas camper van rentals is smaller, the prices are pretty good. Plus, the website is super organized and easy to use with filter options and search preferences.

RVshare, camper van rental las vegas airport

5. RVshare, another good site where you can rent a campervan in Las Vegas

Moreover, the company offers a delivery service, so it’s a convenient choice for those who are already on the road. The campers vary in terms of quality and age, but every rental includes 24/7 roadside assistance should you need it.

We used RVshare for one of our trips and had no problems with our rental or the company. That said, we prefer Outdoorsy, which tends to have better prices and deals.

  • Comparable price to the other rental companies
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Delivery service
  • Smaller selection of campervans
  • Wide range in quality and vehicle age

Things to consider when renting a Las Vegas campervan

Now that you know where to look for camper rentals in Vegas, let’s focus on what to consider when sorting through all the available options. Before you select a rental, you’ll want to think about things like the length of your trip, your destination, and how many people will be traveling in the vehicle.

Keeping those key factors in mind, here are the most important things to think about when looking for your perfect travel van rental.

Do you need a toilet? Shower?

Eventually, nature calls when you’re on the road. If you’re in a remote and natural environment, you may have no problem taking care of business in the wild. Moreover, many campsites have restrooms and showers, so if you plan your route right, you can take care of your bathroom and shower breaks that way.

Some campervans have a composting or foldable toilet, but most don’t. You can filter your search preferences when looking for a campervan rental in Las Vegas, although you’ll notice that it results in a higher price.

High-roof vs low-roof campervans?

You should also decide if you prefer a camping trailer with a high roof or a low roof. A high-roof campervan is usually 8ft to 8.5ft tall, giving you more space to stand up and store items.

Campervan with pop-up tent, best campervan rental las vegas

High-roof vs low-roof campervans

Low-roof campervans are usually 6ft to 7ft tall and tend to be cheaper and a bit easier to drive. They also offer easy access to the roof, which is nice if you want to bring bikes or outdoor gear, or you have a pop-up sleeping tent.

Fixed or convertible bed?

Another thing to consider is whether you want a Las Vegas campervan rental with a fixed bed or a convertible bed. The standard option for most camper vans is a fixed bed, usually around a queen size that accommodates two people.

The alternative is a convertible bed, which folds away so you have more space to move around during the day. While you’re sifting through different rentals, you may see some that have a fixed bed and a converted loft area or pop-up tent on the van’s roof.

Unlimited vs. pay-per-mile

As you’ve seen, some Las Vegas campervan rentals come with unlimited mileage while others charge you per mile.

The unlimited mileage option involves paying one flat rate, which is added to the final price of your Vegas camper van rental. Keep in mind that most companies calculate 150-300 miles per day, so this might not be the best deal if you’re taking a shorter trip.

Camping van in Utah, camping trailer rental las vegas

Unlimited vs. pay-per-mile

Companies that use a pay-per-mile policy typically charge a rate of 30 to 38 cents per mile. As an example, if the company charges customers for 100 miles per day and your total mileage surpasses that, you’ll be charged for the excess according to the per-mile rate.

I recommend planning your itinerary ahead of time so you can better estimate how many miles you’ll cover during your trip. That way, you can choose the best Las Vegas campervan rental according to your mileage needs.

Campervan rental insurance

Lastly, make sure you double check if the rental company offers insurance coverage and if it’s included in the rental price.

You can also check with your personal auto insurance policy to see if it covers campervan rentals. Usually, if you have rental car coverage, you’ll probably be covered for campervans, too.

If you don’t have car insurance or your policy doesn’t cover your campervan rental in Las Vegas, don’t worry. Many rental companies include insurance coverage or offer it to customers for an additional fee. This is usually damage protection insurance, which includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage in case you get into an accident or damage the vehicle.

The price depends on several things like the type of camper and the duration of your trip, but it could cost as little as $20 per day. Also, some companies have the option to upgrade your insurance coverage to include personal property and supplemental liability insurance, which covers claims made by third parties for injury or damage. This isn’t required, so it’ll cost extra to add this to your Vegas camper rental.

Best campervan parks in Las Vegas

While you’re adventuring around Las Vegas in a camper, you’ll want to be mindful of the parking situation. Within the city, you can only park your camping van in designated lots, which are usually standalone Las Vegas RV parks or lots that are connected to a hotel.

RV park in the desert, campervan rentals in las vegas

Best campervan parks in Las Vegas

Outside the city limits, you can find several campgrounds near Vegas, although you should always check the size restrictions and capacity ahead of time.

Free campervan campsites near Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a place where you can park your Las Vegas campervan overnight for free, I recommend checking the Free Campsites app. Simply type in your destination and then filter the results to show free campervan and RV-friendly campgrounds.

Also, consider Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sites, which are often found near national parks and natural areas and offer free dispersed camping. If you’re really in a pinch, Walmart stores allow you to park your campervan overnight in the parking lot for free.

Where to park your Las Vegas campervan rental

If you’re looking to park your Vegas campervan for a short period of time, you can do so at some Las Vegas hotels or in a Walmart parking lot. It’s also possible to get a 48-hour parking permit on the official website for the City of Las Vegas.

Places to visit near Las Vegas in a campervan rental

I love renting a campervan in Las Vegas because there are so many beautiful nearby places you can explore. In addition to all the fun things to do in Las Vegas, there are cool attractions on the outskirts of the city and just a few hours away.

Motorhome in the Nevada desert, Las Vegas campervan rentals

Places to visit near Las Vegas in a campervan rental

You can learn more with our guides to the top national parks near Vegas and the best road trips from Las Vegas. Below, I’ll share my favorite destinations to visit in a travel van rental from Las Vegas.

First, Valley of Fire State Park is just 45 minutes from Sin City, so it’s our go-to when we need a nature break. This area is known for its fiery landscapes and impressive rock formations, which are formed from vibrant red sandstone. The place really does look like it’s ablaze, especially with the contrast from the desert flora.

Here, you’ll find several lovely hiking routes as well as family-friendly trails. And if you want to sleep overnight in your Vegas campervan, you can stay at the Atlatl Rock or Arch Rock campsites. I cover all the details in our Valley of Fire camping guide.

Red Rock Canyon is another nearby attraction with hiking trails and spectacular scenery. It’s 30 minutes outside Las Vegas and perfect for a Las Vegas camper trip. You can take a ride along the Scenic Drive, which goes past the area’s most popular sights and rock formations or park your vehicle and go for a hike. If you plan on spending the night, check out the Red Rock Canyon Campground.

The Hoover Dam is an easy drive from Sin City, making it the perfect stop for your Las Vegas camper van adventure. All you need are a few hours here to see the full magnitude of the dam, learn about its history and legacy, and capture the amazing views from the lookout points and bridge.

Speaking of the Hoover Dam, it’s a great place to visit before making your way to the Grand Canyon. We have a complete guide on how to visit the Grand Canyon from Vegas, but I’ll tell you now that it’s totally worth it.

You have to see this natural marvel in person to truly appreciate its immensity and majesty. There are gorgeous viewpoints from each of the rims, so you’ll want to plan out your trip ahead of time. Also, while a larger campervan rental from Las Vegas is best for this trip, it’s not mandatory. Plus, there are several Grand Canyon RV parks where you can camp overnight.

Zion National Park is less than 2.5 hours from Vegas, so I highly recommend visiting. Ideally, you’ll want a couple of days here to fully explore the rock formations, forests, gorges, and cliffs. There are ample hiking opportunities here, and the lookout points are absolutely breathtaking.

It’s totally possible to visit Zion National Park in a Vegas campervan, and you can even camp overnight in Zion at one of the campgrounds inside the park.

Just a stone’s throw away from Zion National Park, you’ll find Bryce Canyon. This national park stands out for its famous hoodoos, which are otherworldly rock formations. The entire landscape is bathed in shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown, creating one of the most unique views in the country.

Moreover, this is an amazing place to go stargazing, so you may want to camp overnight in Bryce Canyon in your travel van rental from Las Vegas.

Death Valley is one of the most surreal places we’ve ever visited, so I highly recommend checking it out. While it’s in California, it’s just two hours from the Strip, so you can definitely get there in a camper van rental from Las Vegas. There are lots of things to see here, so be sure to check our guide for all the details.

For now, I’ll say that Death Valley is full of beautiful landscapes, ancient history, and colorful rock formations. There are hotels and campsites in Death Valley, and it’s worth staying overnight so you can witness this natural area at sunrise and its gorgeous star-filled skies at night.

Tips for renting a campervan in Las Vegas

Before you go and rent a camping van in Las Vegas, I want to leave you with some tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible:

  • Plan your route so you can better estimate your mileage.
  • Calculate fuel costs and check for gas stations along your route.
  • If you’re short on time or want to cover more ground, consider a one-way campervan rental from Las Vegas.
  • Make sure that national parks and attractions will be open during your travel dates, and book entrance fees and campgrounds in advance.
  • Take photos of your camper van rental in Vegas before you embark on your trip. This way, you have tangible evidence if you’re wrongly accused of damages.
  • Make sure you have insurance for your rental!
  • Check the parking situation at your destination(s) to avoid unnecessary tickets and violations.
  • Download useful apps to make your journey easier. You can find campervan parks and campsites on the FreeRoam, RV Life, and Free Campsites iExit shows you nearby food, gas, and lodging, while the EIA app gives you updated gas prices so you can better estimate your fuel costs.

FAQs – Las Vegas campervan rentals

To wrap up, here are some common questions about renting a campervan in Las Vegas, and in general:

Camper vans in Las Vegas can be rented for under $100/night, although the price can go up to several hundred dollars a night. It depends on the size of vehicle and any amenities you want to include.

We’ve had great experiences with Travellers Autobarn, Outdoorsy, Motorhome Republic, Escape Campervans, and RVshare. I recommend checking these companies during your search for campervan rentals in Las Vegas.

We’ve found the cheapest Las Vegas campervan rentals with Travellers Autobarn and Outdoorsy.

You can park your campervan overnight in a Las Vegas RV park or a Walmart parking lot.

No, all you need is a valid standard driver’s license to rent a campervan in Vegas.

You need a valid driver’s license and a credit card to rent a campervan in Las Vegas.

You must be at least 21 years old to rent a Vegas campervan. Be aware that some companies charge a young driver fee for people under 25.

There are so many beautiful places to visit outside Las Vegas, like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Zion National Park, and much more.

With that, you’re ready to rent a campervan in Las Vegas. I hope this guide helps you organize your trip and that you find the best Las Vegas campervan rental for your needs.

Of course, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below if you have any questions about the rental process or anything related to traveling in Vegas by campervan.

Stay safe and have an amazing trip!

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