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Best Time to Visit Las Vegas – Weather in Las Vegas by Month

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While it may be in the desert, the weather in Las Vegas, NV can vary depending on the season. If you’re going to travel to Sin City, it’s always a good idea to check the Las Vegas weather report so you can better plan your itinerary.

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Best Time to Visit Las Vegas – Weather in Las Vegas by Month

There isn’t a bad month to visit Sin City since the climate of Las Vegas is generally dry and relatively warm. That said, the temps in Las Vegas can get close to freezing. Moreover, there are lots of fun things to do in Las Vegas, and the city hosts different events throughout the year. This means that you may face expensive airfare and lots of crowds depending on when you go.

To help you better plan your trip to Las Vegas, I’ll share Las Vegas’ monthly weather and events. That way, you’ll find the best time to visit Las Vegas for your budget, schedule, and interests!

Las Vegas weather by month

Since it’s in the desert, the weather in Las Vegas can be extreme, especially in the summer. High temperatures in Las Vegas can exceed 100°F during the summer months, and the heat can extend into early fall. Also, don’t let the desert environment fool you. Winters here can see freezing temps, which can make walking along the Strip quite unpleasant.

To help you plan your trip, here is a chart that breaks down Las Vegas’ monthly weather.













Average low temp. (ºF)













Average temp. (ºF)













Average high temp. (ºF)













Rainy days













Average precip. (in)















Highest temperature in Las Vegas

If you’re wondering how hot it is in Las Vegas, the average yearly high is 80°F. The highest temperature in Las Vegas ever recorded was a scorching 117°F.

Average temperature in Las Vegas

While the temps here may vary by season, the overall climate of Las Vegas is dry since both precipitation and humidity levels are low. The average winter and summer temperatures are 49°F and 89.6°F, while the yearly average is 68.5°F.

Lowest temperature in Las Vegas

Again, don’t let the desert fool you, as Las Vegas’ winter weather can get chilly. The average yearly low is 58.7°F, and the coldest temperature on record is 8°F.

When is the best time to visit Vegas?

Before booking your trip, especially if it’s your first time in Sin City, you’ll want to know the best time to visit Las Vegas. To be fair, there isn’t a bad time to come here, but if you want to avoid the crowds or attend an event, you’ll want to do some planning. I’ll share the best month to go to Vegas depending on your interests, schedule, and budget.

Most popular time to visit Las Vegas

While this city is popular year-round, it does have certain times of the year that are more crowded.

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Most popular time to visit Las Vegas

The summer weather in Las Vegas keeps many visitors away, although Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, and Labor Day weekend tend to bring crowds. Also, December is a wildly popular month, thanks to the National Finals Rodeo, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

I also recommend checking Sin City’s calendar of events since things like conventions, expos, and tournaments can mean lots more tourists on the Strip. For example, during March Madness, there will be lots of sports fans flooding the city.

Best month to go to Las Vegas for good weather

If you want to experience the best weather in Las Vegas, plan your visit for early spring or late fall. This is the best time to go to Las Vegas for pleasant temperatures around 60°F to 70°F.

Cheapest time to go to Vegas

The best month to go to Vegas for a budget-friendly vacation is January, specifically after the New Year’s festivities are over.

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Cheapest time to go to Vegas

You’ll find inexpensive airfare to McCarran Airport in January and February. Those low prices should extend into April as long as you don’t book during spring break. If you’d rather visit in the fall, you can find cheap plane tickets from September to November.

Those same timeframes apply to hotel reservations, too, so if you want a longer stay in Sin City, those are the cheapest times to go to Vegas. We even have a complete guide on where to stay in Las Vegas.

Worst time to go to Las Vegas

The worst time to visit Sin City is when the weather is unpleasant, and there are tons of crowds. So, if you want to avoid those obstacles, I suggest avoiding mid-December to New Year’s as well as July and August. Again, it’s a good idea to check if any events are going on during your planned travel dates, too.

Weather in Las Vegas

Like most places in the U.S., Las Vegas experiences different seasons throughout the year. Below is a summary of the spring, fall, winter, and summer weather in Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas summer weather

The Vegas Strip is sizzling during the summer months, with an average temperature of 90°F and highs in the 100s.

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Las Vegas summer weather

The hot summer weather in Las Vegas makes it the perfect time to visit the best pools in Vegas. You can also keep cool by seeing a show or hitting the best Las Vegas casinos. If you want to walk along the Strip or visit Fremont Street, I recommend waiting until after dark to go out.

Las Vegas weather in fall

If you visit in the fall, the temperatures in Las Vegas will be cooler than in the brutal summer. You’ll also get the added benefit of the slower tourism season from September to November.

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Las Vegas weather in fall

Average temps in the fall hover around the mid-60s, making it a great time for hiking in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas winter weather

Winter in Sin City can get chilly, but not blistering cold. Also, there isn’t much precipitation, so it rarely snows in Vegas. If you love the holidays, it’s worth celebrating Christmas in Las Vegas since the city has all kinds of events and beautiful decorations.

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Las Vegas winter weather

Once the holidays are over, January and February are two of the best months to visit Las Vegas to avoid crowds.

Las Vegas weather in spring

The weather in Las Vegas in March, April, and May is typically very comfortable. It’ll be warm but not too hot, and you’ll get full days of sunshine. The average temperatures hover around the high 60s, so take advantage of Las Vegas’ spring weather by visiting some nearby attractions.

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Las Vegas weather in spring

This is also the most romantic time to go to Sin City, and there are lots of couples things to do in Vegas, like the Bellagio Conservatory or The Venetian’s gondola rides.

Las Vegas special events by month

The Las Vegas climate isn’t the only thing to consider when planning your trip. As I mentioned, the city hosts different special events throughout the year, so I’m listing the most popular ones below by month.

New Year’s Day is an exciting time in Vegas in January because most attractions open back up. The first week of January also brings the Consumer Electronics Show to town. Other events include the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade, and the Adult Entertainment Expo, and the Las Vegas Winter Market towards the end of the month.

February in Vegas is known for Super Bowl weekend and Valentine’s Day, but other events occur during this month. These include Chinese New YearNHL Honda All-Star WeekendMAGIC Marketplace Spring Show, the Black History Month FestivalMardi Gras, and the NFL Pro Bowl.

Some of the most popular March events are the NASCAR Cup SeriesSt. Patrick’s Day, and Spring Break. Also, sports fans will flock to Sin City for NCAA March Madness. The Vegas ToyCon and the Nightclub & Bar Show Expo also occur in March.

If you visit Vegas in April, you can catch the Las Vegas Spring Market and the Clark County Fair & Rodeo. A few other popular events are the Great Vegas Festival of Beer, the City of Lights Jazz Festival, and the Evolution wine-tasting festival. CinemaCon and the Academy of Country Music Awards take place at the end of the month.

Cinco de Mayo is a big celebration in Las Vegas in May, and Memorial Day weekend at the end of the month ushers in the summer season. In-between those events, you can attend the Vegas UnStripped food festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival, and the Exodus music fest. The Fremont Street Experience Concert Series also kicks off in May.

In June, celebrate Pride Month in Vegas and indulge during Restaurant Week. The Juneteenth Jazz Legacy & Heritage Festival is a two-day event you can check out. This month also includes the Vegas Fringe Festival and Reggae in the Desert.

July 4th is a top summer event in Sin City, so expect lots of tourists. The Las Vegas Summer Market also takes place in July, as does Big Dog’s Summer Beer Fest. If you like music, check out the Las Vegas Tribute Festival commemorating Elvis, and for sports fans, the NBA Summer League is a top event.

If you’re visiting Sin City in August, you can check out the DEFCON hacking expo, Vegas Tejano Music Week, or the Psycho Las Vegas rock’n’roll event.

Some restaurants and attractions have specials for Labor Day, although September brings other exciting events. For example, the Life is Beautiful and iHeartRadio music festivals are wildly popular. The Las Vegas Fall Market and the Motor Trend International Auto Show also occur in September.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Sin City in October. The Las Vegas Food & Wine FestivalGreek Food FestivalUSA Today Food & Wine Experience, and Downtown Brew Festival occur in October. The RiSE Festival takes place in the Mojave Desert, while the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival brings some medieval history to Vegas. Also, don’t forget about traditional October events like Halloween and Oktoberfest!

Before the early holiday events kick in, check out the World Series of Poker or the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival. If you love music, the Latin GRAMMY Awards and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon also take place in November. Lots of restaurants and hotels have Thanksgiving specials, too.

Christmas events are in full swing in December, but you can also check out the Nevada International Film Festival. The National Finals Rodeo draws huge crowds, as does New Year’s Eve on the Strip.

FAQ – Best time to go to Las Vegas

If you still have questions about Las Vegas’ weather or the best time to visit Las Vegas, check out this section.

The yearly average high temperature in Las Vegas is about 80°F. That said, the summer weather in Las Vegas can be brutal, with highs exceeding 100°F.

December is the coldest month in Las Vegas, with an average high of 39°F. January is a close second since the daily high averages 40°F. While the winter weather in Las Vegas doesn’t get as cold as other places in the U.S., temps can dip below freezing at night.

It rains in Las Vegas, of course. However, since it’s in the desert, the climate is generally dry and arid. The rainiest month in Vegas is February, with 0.76 inches of precipitation, followed by January, with 0.54 inches.

The winter weather in Las Vegas can bring freezing temperatures, but snow isn’t common here. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but you likely won’t see snow in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas cools off at night and, if you’re visiting in winter, the average low temperature can dip to 32°F.

Now you should have all the info you need to plan your trip to Sin City! If you have any other questions about Las Vegas’ weather or the best time to go to Vegas, leave me a comment below. Have a safe trip!

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