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Best Discounts for Travel | Flights, Hotels & More

When traveling abroad, get a policy from one of the best travel insurance companies. You can get a 5% discount on Heymondo, the only insurance that pays medical bills upfront for you, HERE!

If you’re looking for travel discounts to save money on your next vacation, this guide will offer everything you need:

  1. Travel insurance: Heymondo
  2. International SIM cards: Holafly
  3. Buses and trains: Omio and Flixbus
  4. Fee-free travel cards: Revolut and Wise
  5. Accommodation: Booking
  6. Flights: Kiwi and Skyscanner
  7. Rental cars: DiscoverCars
  8. Tickets for attractions and events: Hellotickets
  9. Tours: GetYourGuide and Civitatis
  10. Tour packages: Tourradar
  11. Last-minute shopping: Amazon
  12. Visas: iVisa
  13. Ferries: DirectFerries
  14. City tourist cards: Sightseeing Pass, CityPass, and GoCity
  15. Luggage storage worldwide: Nannybag and Bounce
  16. Compensation for flight delays/cancellations: AirHelp

1. 5% discount for travel insurance with Heymondo

If you’re looking for the best travel insurance to protect you in case of any unforeseen event, I highly recommend Heymondo. You can get a 5% travel insurance discount with the promo code below. So enjoy the Heymondo discount!


2. 5% travelers discount for Holafly international SIM cards

If you’re traveling outside of the U.S., you can get mobile data with an Holafly eSIM card. This digital SIM card provides a 4G connection in over 130 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and North and South America. Not only that, but Capture the Atlas readers can get a Holafly discount here.

Holafly logo

5% OFF your international eSIM card

If your phone doesn’t support eSIM cards, you can also opt for a physical SIM Card from SimOptions, which is another very good option.

3. $11 discount for travel by train or bus with Omio

If you plan on using public transportation in your destination country, you can get an $11 discount for train travel and bus tickets through Omio.

Also, Flixbus is a super cheap bus company that operates worldwide, and while we don’t have a discount for travelers, you won’t need it since the fares are so low.


Omio discount for train travel

Flixbus best discount travel site

4. Discount on no foreign transaction fee cards

To avoid foreign transaction fees when making payments and withdrawing cash abroad, I recommend using a credit card with no foreign transaction fees or something like Revolut or Wise.

With our Revolut card, we can withdraw up to $1,200 a month, although we also have a Wise card that we use in case we need to exceed that limit. This way, we can make more withdrawals without the extra fees. It’s also useful when we need to pay deposits for rental cars.

Revolut discount code for travel

Wise find travel discounts

Other travel credit cards can give you rewards or miles that you can use to get hotels and flights for free. We love the Capital One Venture Rewards card and the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. Both are a good way to accumulate points for travel.

5. Up to a 15% discount on hotels with Booking

If you want to travel cheaply, you can save money on your accommodation by using Booking. This website lists the best prices on hotels, apartments, villas, and more. Plus, if you use the site frequently, you can upgrade to the Genius plan and get up to 15% discounts on hotels.

Booking discounts on hotel

6. Discounts on flights with Kiwi and Skyscanner

If you’re not sure how to find cheap flights, check out Kiwi and Skyscanner. These are the best sites to find discounts on air travel, and you can search for flights based on date, time, and airline. It’ll even show you the best flight combinations for layovers.

7. Up to 15% rental car discounts with DiscoverCars

To find cheap rental cars at your destination, the best option is DiscoverCars. This search engine compares all the rental companies to find the best offers and discounts on rental cars. You can get a 15% discount on cars, as well as SUVs, trucks, and more.

DiscoverCars discount on rental cars

8. Travel discounts on attractions and events with Hellotickets

If you’d like to see a show or attend an event during your trip, book your tickets through Hellotickets to enjoy a nice discount.

Hellotickets discount sites for travel

9. Up to 10% discounted tours with GetYourGuide and Civitatis

A tour or excursion is a great way to explore a new city or country, so if you’d like to take one, check out GetYourGuide. I also recommend Civitatis, especially if you’re traveling to Spain, as you can get a 10% discount on tours and activities.

GetYourGuide discounts on tours

Civitatis tour discounts

10. Tour and travel package discounts worldwide with Tourradar

If you aren’t sure how to plan a trip or it stresses you out to organize an itinerary, the tourist packages on Tourradar can help. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything, and you can enjoy a travel discount through Capture the Atlas.

Tourradar best discount vacation sites

11. Travel discounts for last-minute shopping on Amazon

If you need something last-minute, you can turn to Amazon since it has everything from suitcases and backpacks to travel photography equipment. Plus, you’ll find the best prices, so it’s another traveler discount we recommend.

Amazon discounts for travelers

12. Discounts on travel visas to anywhere in the world with iVisa

Whenever you travel abroad, you must check what kind of documentation you need to enter your destination country. We always use iVisa since it tells us exactly what we need and manages our paperwork super quickly.

Remember, if you have a layover in another country (especially if you intend to leave the airport), make sure you don’t need any extra documentation.

13. Get up to a 5% discount on travel by ferry through DirectFerries

If you plan on taking a ferry during your trip, the best discount travel site to find ferry operators and schedules is DirectFerries. We used this site during our trip through the Canary Islands, but it works all over the world.

DirectFerries discount travel deals

14. Discounted tourist cards in major cities around the world

For those who plan on visiting lots of tourist attractions in a popular city, a tourist card is a great way to save money. We’ve used the New York City attraction passes and were able to get steep traveler discounts on different sites and even public transportation.

You can check if there is a tourist card in the city you’ll be visiting by checking Sightseeing Pass, CityPass, and GoCity. With these cards, you can access museums, monuments, and all kinds of attractions at a discount or even for free.

Sightseeing Pass, discount sites for travel

CityPass discount travel deals

GoCity discount travel packages

15. Get discounts on travel bag storage worldwide

Sometimes when traveling, you have a long layover in another city, or you check out of your hotel but have a few hours before your flight. In those cases, you might not know what to do with your luggage, besides carrying it around awkwardly. We use Nannybag and Bounce, two luggage storage companies with a great reputation and low prices.

Nannybag discount travel bags

Bounce discount code for travel

16. Up to $600 in compensation for canceled or delayed flights with AirHelp

Flight delays and cancellations happen more frequently than we like to think. In these cases, many airlines look for ways to deny compensation to travelers, especially those who don’t know how to claim a delayed flight.

You can save yourself the headaches and aggravation by using AirHelp, a service that can get you up to $600 in compensation. They make the process super simple since all you have to do is fill out the form on their website and let them take care of it from there.

AirHelp discount on air travel

These are the best discounts for travel, and we’ll keep updating this guide when a new offer or deal comes along to help you save on your next trip.

If you have any questions, you can leave me a comment below. I’ll try to help you in any way that I can. Until then, enjoy your vacation!

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