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march 25th - 31st, 2022

dramatic landscapes and the Milky Way

Join us and capture some of the most dramatic landscapes in the western US. We are running this tour during the best time of year to photograph landscapes and nightscapes, both in Death Valley and the impressive California Eastern Sierra.

April 1st - 5th, 2022

capture our galaxy at its best!

This is an exclusive astrophotography workshop where we will focus on the most advanced techniques to capture and post-process Milky Way images. Our astro playground will be the majestic landscapes of Death Valley National Park.

AUGUST 21st - SEPTEMBER 3th, 2022


The favorite photo tour of the real adventurers. Explore and shoot pristine landscapes and the most active volcanoes in Eurasia. In this workshop, we will visit one of the most remote and photogenic regions in the world.

SEPTEMBER 18th - 26th, 2022

Northern Lights and fall colors

We will photograph the most impressive places in Southern Iceland painted by the incredible red and orange fall colors. We will also chase the Aurora Borealis in a unique landscape full of glaciers, waterfalls, frozen lagoons, and pure magic.

OCtober 14th - 15th - 16th, 2022

waterfalls and forests

Join us in our one-day Ricketts Glen photography workshop and enjoy an incredible experience shooting one of the most magical forests in the entire country while taking your waterfalls and forest photography to the next level!

February 18th - 25th, 2023

Winter Lights in the ARCTIC

In this workshop, we are photographing sharp mountains rising from sea level, turquoise Arctic beaches, fishermen’s cabins, and the Northern Lights. If you want to enjoy “winter wonderland” natural landscapes, this is your photo tour. 

Do you have any questions about our photography tours?

Let us know if you have any questions or proposals; or if you are a group of friends and would like to request a private workshop.

Leave us a message below, indicating which destination you are interested in and a telephone number in case you prefer us to call you to solve your doubts.


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    What is a Photo Tour like at Capture the Atlas?

    Our goal is to provide the most enriching experience to every participant, both from a photography and a personal standpoint:

    • Expertise – We prepare our tours in destinations we know and have deeply researched and photographed before. 
    • Locations – We customize an itinerary according to the most interesting locations to photograph.
    • Timing – We always do our best to plan the perfect timing for each location according to the best moments of light but remain flexible to make the most of each place according to the conditions.
    • You and your photography are the protagonist. We don’t show a few guidelines and leave the group to take our own photos. We provide with assistance according to your level and needs, sharing our vision and our advice with you, but also leaving your own time for exploration and practice.
    • The size of our groups is small so we can deliver a bespoke instruction to each participant.
    • We include post-processing lessons and photography talks, but the amount of this depends on the trip and conditions. In some trips, these are listed in a fixed schedule, whereas in others, they are left for times when conditions are not the best for shooting outdoors.

    Who are Capture the Atlas Photo Tours for?

    Capture the Atlas photo tours are aimed at photographers of all levels who are eager and curious to discover new places, improve their photography skills, and share unforgettable moments with a group of like-minded people.

    We always try to understand each participant’s goals and expectations, and give our most honest advice about the decision of joining or not. As we said, the skills don’t matter, but it’s important to be  willing to photograph, learn, and share. That way, we can make sure we are all on the same page and have the best possible experience during the tour.

    Our photo tours are for you if:

    • You don’t mind waking up early for shooting a beautiful sunrise.
    • Staying until late to chase the Northern Lights or the stars.
    • Bear unpleasant conditions like wind, snow or rain in order to capture a unique shot.
    • You are curious about discovering new places and learning new things.
    • You like sharing experiences with other like-minded people.

    As you can see, our tours are not for everyone, but if you are in tune with these values, take for granted that you’ll enjoy a lifetime experience!


    Not at all.

    Our Photo tours are attended from casual hobbyists to seasoned pros.

    The learning curve of each person is different, but we make sure that everyone can take something from our Tours; From getting started with photography to a more in-depth guidance about how to improve your vision or how to hone your processing skills to the next level.

    Everyone brings their own experience and vision to the table and you won’t only benefit from the instructor-participant experience but also from the general group knowledge.

    There is no age limit to join a Capture the atlas Photo tour.

    Every trip is different, but the ability to follow our Photography workshops is determined more by the general physical conditions than by the age.

    In certain trips, adults above 70 years old might be required a medical physical examination.

    All participants must be of legal age.

    A minimum physical fitness level is required to walk short distances up to a mile, carry your own gear and to get on and off vehicles.

    There will be no strenuous or long hikes during the Photo tour unless mentioned.

    Whenever there is a longer or more strenuous hike, this will be voluntarily and there will always be an option b for those who can’t or doesn’t feel like taking it.

    The basic gear we recommend in any photo tour is:

    • DSLR or mirrorless camera and remote trigger.
    • Wide-angle lens, such as 14-24 mm.
    • Medium zoom lens, such as 24-70 mm.
    • Telephoto lens, like a 70-200 mm lens.
    • A sturdy tripod made of aluminum or carbon fiber and a ballhead.
    • Photography filters if you like taking long exposures.
    • Headlamp for shooting at night and in low-light conditions.
    • Extra batteries and memory cards for the whole trip.
    • Laptop, in case you want to edit and practice post-processing skills.

    There will be an in-depth list of the best gear for the specific Photo Tour with our Welcome kit. You may also be interested in this guide where you can dive deeper into the best photography equipment for traveling.

    Our advice is to wear always light and comfortable clothes.

    We are photographing outdoors most of the times and constantly exposed to the elements, so we don’t recommend wearing jeans or heavy cotton clothes.

    A good reference to be comfortable is to dress in layers, especially in places with cold conditions.

    Layered clothing consists of using many thin and warm layers instead of a few thick layers. This has two advantages: 1) A better insulation and 2) more comfortability since you can always strip off layers if you are walking or if the temperature rises.

    The number of layers and clothing will depend on the general conditions of each tour, but you’ll receive the guidelines with our advice inside our welcome kit.

    In Capture the Atlas we are drone friendly.

    Some of our destinations, like Kamchatka, are paradise to fly the drone with hardly any restrictions or people.

    However, we do not take responsibility for your drone in case of an accident or a fine if you fly it in restricted areas under your responsibility.

    Photo tours are usually very intense, spending most of the time shooting and moving from one location to another.

    Some of the free time is also filled with post-processing lessons. This way, we can make sure that everyone can enjoy a memorable photography workshop.

    However, if you feel like skipping a sunrise, a night photography session or the processing lessons, it’s perfectly fine. Simply make sure that you are ready at the meeting points when we need to move to a different place.

    If you want to explore the start and finish cities or doing some tourism, we recommend to allow extra time before or after the tour.

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer the possibility of joining just for some part of the tour.

    Whoever joins, must do it for the whole tour, with no reimbursement in case he/she decides to leave the tour earlier.

    Since every Photo Tour is different, this will be listed in each Photo Tour’s page.

    Generally, our tours include / don’t include:

    • Pick up at the airport
    • Transportation during the trip
    • Fuel and parking fees
    • Accommodation in shared rooms, single beds
    • Photo guide services
    • Driver for the entire itinerary
    • Flights to/from the airport
    • Meals
    • Accommodation in single rooms (There will be an extra)
    • Entry to different attractions (unless mentioned)
    • Health/travel insurance (We can help you purchase the best travel insurance according to your needs)
    • Telephone, personal expenses, tips etc. and any other service not mentioned in the “INCLUDED” section.

    However, and as mentioned above, this may vary from one Photo Tour to another, so please make sure to check the specific page of each Photo tour.


    We prefer organizing our Photo tours in small groups to increase our attention and provide a bespoke assistance to each participant considering his/her skills and goals.

    Our groups range from 6 to 12 people depending on the destination and type of trip.

    There is a maximum ratio of 6 people per Photo Tour leader. Our average ratio is 4 people per instructor, but this will also depend on the Photo tour.

    The Photo Tour leader/leaders will be announced in the specific Photo Tour page before the Tour.

    At Capture the Atlas, Photo Tour leaders will be available 24/7 for you, whether it is for helping with your photography or for any other thing related to the Tour.

    Photo Tour leaders will share their knowledge and vision with you, always challenging your photography creative process disregarding your skills and experience.

    We believe that in each destination and scene there is a new challenge for everyone, so we strongly believe in sharing and growing during the days that we will spend together.

    Yes, our tours are aimed at international participants and are conducted in English. We are also Spanish-speakers and Dan can also speak Italian in case you are more comfortable speaking in any of those languages.

    We welcome non-photographer partners and friends to join our tours but always make a reminder: These are Photography tours where photography is the first goal and we prioritize the time for photography.

    This usually means waking up before sunrise, staying until late if there are good shooting conditions, having lunch later than usual and other flexible conditions that are understandably linked to the nature of a Photography Tour. If your partner/friend is fine with that, he/she can sign up with you.


    This will depend entirely on the Photo Tour. Our goal is to provide with quality accommodation trying to offer two single beds in a shared room with private bathroom.

    This is not always possible since some accommodation services are located in remote locations where we might be sharing the bathroom or even sleeping in tents, like in Kamchatka.

    You can find the accommodation information for the trip in the specific Photo Tour page. If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to us.

    If you are coming solo, you will be assigned a shared room with another participant.

    In some tours we can offer the possibility of a private single room for an extra amount, but please consider that this is not always possible.

    If there is a possibility of having a private bathroom in the room we will always go for this option.

    However, in some accommodations like the wooden cabin houses in the Lofoten islands or some remote locations in Iceland, the bathroom will be shared by more people.

    We will always provide this information in advance in the specific Photography workshop page.

    TRANSPORTATION during the photo tour

    Depending on the Tour and the number of participants the transportation can vary from a large car to a passenger car or even bigger vehicles like the 8WD Kamaz in remote places like Kamchatka.

    Our goal is that you can travel safe and as comfortable as possible during the entire Photo Tour.

    Yes, we recommend bringing a USB battery charger to charge your camera batteries during the Photo Tour.


    In most photography tours, meals will not be included. However, check the INCLUDED / NOT INCLUDED section of the particular photo trip.

    We consider always the best options in each destination in terms of local and natural products, good quality-price, and general positive reviews.

    We always consider vegetarian options. Please let us know if you are vegetarian/vegan before the Tour so we can include more options.

    Of course. If you need to follow a gluten-free diet or have any specific allergy or food disease, please let us know before the Tour so we can adapt. There will be a specific section in the Photo Tour registration form about this.

    Please consider that during our photo expeditions in some remote locations, it might be more difficult to find a variety of vegan or gluten-free options, so in these cases, we recommend that you carry some dried or canned food in case there are no options available.


    Post processing lessons will be included according to the instructions provided in each photo tour page.

    In some places these will be adjusted to the weather, having the lessons when conditions are bad or hazardous to be shooting outside.

    We cover everything from the basics in the editing to advanced post processing techniques like Bracketing, focus stacking, focal blending, advanced color theory, etc.

    We also cover the vision, something that usually goes overlooked in landscape photography and is key to develop our own artistic voice.

    Taking your own laptop to the Tour is a personal choice. It can help you follow some of the processing lessons and practicing with us during the free time.

    In some Photo Tours there will be some room for other photography activities like photography talks, group constructive criticism, photography contests etc.

    We strongly believe on fun ways of sharing and learning together.


    We accept payments by check, Bank wire transfers (US bank), and paypal (This has an extra 3% increase in the cost).

    • To reserve your spot, a deposit per participant is required at the time of registration. The deposit amount will depend on the Photo Tour; Some Photo Tours may require a higher additional deposit due to advance booking or transportation requirements.
    • Final Payment in FULL is required within 60 days before departure for the Photo Tour.
    • Payment in full is required when registration is completed less than 60 days before the departure date.

    Our advice is always Yes. We can’t provide an estimation of when a Photo Tour will be filled; Sometimes it’s a matter of days while others there might be spots available for a longer period of time. We can’t predict group bookings either, so even if there are 4 or 5 spots available they can be filled overnight.

    For that reason, we always recommend booking your spot as soon as possible and consider the option of purchasing cancel trip insurance in case you can’t attend the photo workshop for any reason.


    If your spot is filled by another participant, we’ll refund your deposit minus payment processing fees and $100 administrative fee.

    If we cannot fill your spot, a $300 cancellation fee will apply.


    If your spot is filled by another participant, we will refund your deposit minus payment processing fees and $100 administrative fee.

    If we cannot fill your spot, a $500 cancellation fee will apply, plus any additional costs incurred, as well as fees, if applicable, that are charged by the suppliers providing the services included in the Photo Tour.


    If your spot is filled by another participant, there will be a $200 administrative fee charged and the rest of your payment will be refunded.

    If we cannot fill your spot, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN and your deposit will be forfeited.

      You can find our complete cancelation policy information more detailed in our Terms and conditions.


    Your safety is our priority, so travel insurance is mandatory to attend any Capture the Atlas Photo Tours.

    The minimum coverage required is:

    • Accident & Sickness Medical Expense Coverage (minimum $100,000 USD)
    • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains (minimum $200,000 USD)
    • Accidental Death / Dismemberment
    • Trip Cancellation Coverage

    There are many providers in the market, and deciding which is the best travel insurance for you might be overwhelming.

    We usually recommend Worldnomads, since they cover a wide range of activities besides the normal coverage, and Insuremytrip, as they help you compare among the best options and offer an advocate service to assist you in case you need to file a claim.

    You can dive deeper into the best travel insurance for Photo Tours in this article we wrote on the best travel insurance companies in the market.

    In addition to the minimum coverage stated above, we also recommend:

    • Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage
    • Hospital Room and Board
    • Trip Delay / Interruption

    Yes. In order to customize your activities and meals, and most important, be ready if any emergency arises, we need to know about illnesses, diseases, allergies or any other condition you might suffer.

    This will be notified in writing in the Photo Tour Registration form that we provide once you reserve your spot.

    We always recommend to carry personal medical items for managing colds, sore throats, headaches, blisters, diarrhea, and those type of minor illnesses.

    If you have any special condition that requires to take regular medication, you should carry an appropriate supply.


    In order to take part in our Photography workshops, you need to provide:

    • Copy of your passport
    • Photo Tour registration form (Provided from our side once you book your spot)
    • Waiver signed (Provided from our side once you book your spot)
    • Copy of your Visa if necessary

    Besides the Visa whenever it is mandatory, the most important thing to check before the departure is your passport:

    • Please double check that it’s not expiring in less than 6 months by the time that you will be returning from the Photo Tour.
    • Make sure that your name, passport number, and birth date matches with the information in your flight ticket.

    We can’t process Visas on your behalf. However, we can walk you through the process to make it as easy as possible.

    Please always make sure to check the requirements to see whether you need a Visa to visit the destination country considering your nationality.

    Also, it’s always best to process your Visas at the earliest because the processing time can be long or delayed in some cases.


    Flights are not included in the price of the Photo Tour.

    Unless otherwise indicated, transfers from and to the airports are included in our Photography workshops.

    In order to fit and travel comfortably, there is a maximum luggage capacity to be carried per participant. As a general rule, this luggage will be a Medium suitcase/bag of 24″-28″ (60-71cm) and a standard Camera bag.

    Our recommend is taking one camera bag and one bag for clothes/personal items.

    In addition, a small shoulder strap bag to take personal items is usually allowed on international flights.

    Our suggestion is to pack smart and light: You will be carrying your bags in and out of transportations and up and down accommodations staircases.

    Rules change depending on the country and even on the airport. Generally, we recommend you pack the following list of items in your carry-on:

    • Medications
    • Documentation
    • Contact lenses solution
    • Camera gear
    • Money

    Tripods are considered as a likely blunt weapon in some airports, so we also suggest packing your tripod on your checked baggage just in case.

    In some destinations, like the Lofoten islands in winter, we suggest arriving at least a day earlier before the Tour starts since flights are sometimes delayed or canceled because of bad weather.

    If you arrive later at the Photo workshop for any reason, we will do our best to accommodate so you can catch up with the group. However, bear in mind that if there is no option to accommodate, you will miss the Photo Tour and there will be no refund from our side.

    This way, we strongly advice to prevent any possible delay communicating with us as soon as you believe that you could arrive later so we can prepare a possible solution.

    You can arrive earlier or stay longer after the Tour, but the cost of this is not included in the Photo workshop.


    We always recommend having a mix of debit & credit card and cash for any Photo tour.

    Before the start of the tour, please communicate to your local bank the time and destination of the tour so there is no issue once you try to pay or draw money with your card.

    The amount of cash will depend on the destination and your personal expenses. Some places like Iceland and Lofoten widely accept payments by card whereas other remote places like Kamchatka accept only cash.

    We always recommend to exchange currency in your local bank before the trip.

    If there is no choice, a local exchange office in the destination would be the best option.

    In any case, try to avoid exchanging currency in the airports since they usually charge the highest commissions.

    Tips are not included in the price of the Photo Tours and it is your personal decision to tip any of the local support partners or Photo Tour leaders.

    As for restaurants, hotels and other services this also depends on the destination. In some places like Iceland tipping is not expected, and most of our other destinations don’t have a tipping social custom like in the United States.


    In most of the places that we visit, there will be cell phone signal and free Wifi in the accommodation.

    However, there are remote locations like Kamchatka where there is no signal/internet and we can spend up to 3 days with no connection.

    Please check with your cell phone provider before the tour the possibility of connecting overseas and if you need to pay for any extra services like roaming.

    This will depend entirely on your phone, company, and destination.

    We always carry a Garmin In reach Explorer + device in case there is an emergency or you need to communicate something important to any of your relatives during our Photo Expeditions.

    This works via satellite even in the remotest locations you can imagine.

    You can find all the in-depth information related to our photo tours and photography workshops in our Photo Tour terms and conditions.