Ricketts Glen Photography Workshop 2021 - Capture the Atlas

Ricketts Glen photography workshops 2021

waterfalls and fall colors

Would you like to join us in one of our Ricketts Glen photography workshops next fall?

Ricketts Glen offers some of the most fascinating landscapes to photograph not only in Pennsylvania but in the entire U.S-East Coast. With more than 20 waterfalls and countless creeks,  the photo opportunities at Ricketts Glen are endless. Add to that the beauty of the fall colors, and you’ll have an unforgettable photographic experience.

Besides plenty of woodlands, wildlife, and trails, the real photographic gem that we’ll be shooting during our Ricketts Glen photography workshop is the “Falls Trail system”. This area features a series of wild waterfalls of all heights, shapes, and volume cascading through an ancient old-growth forest.

Join us in our Ricketts Glen photography tour and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience shooting one of the most magical forests in the entire country while taking your waterfalls and forest photography to the next level!

Ricketts Glen State Park photography workshop Highlights

  • Day workshops during the peak of the fall colors (October 15,16,17, 2021)
  • Group size: 6 people with 2 instructors (3 people per instructor)
  • Main topics: Nature and Landscape (Waterfalls, woodlands, fall colors)
  • Main areas: Falls Trail system at Ricketts Glen State Park
  • Photography techniques: Long exposure, Lens filters, Composition
  • Post-processing video included with the workshop

 2021 Ricketts Glen photography workshops

Although the itinerary of our Ricketts Glen photography workshops is the same during the three days (October 15th, 16th or 17th), you can also join us for two consecutive days since there are plenty of photo opportunities in the Falls trail system.

Ricketts Glen Photography Tour – Morning

Our Ricketts Glen photography workshop starts at 7 am at the Lake Rose Trailhead Parking.

There are more than 8 waterfalls in the first section of the trail and 11 in the second, so we will focus on capturing those that are most interesting from a photographic point of view.

It is important to start this activity early; if there are no clouds, after 10:00 am the light is usually too harsh to photograph some of the waterfalls.

Approximate duration of the morning session: 4 hours

Ricketts Glen Photography Workshop – Afternoon

Once we finish the first session, we’ll get back to the trailhead and take a break for lunch at the Ricketts Glen Hotel restaurant.

Approximate duration of the lunch break: 2 hours


After the break, we’ll get back to the trail and hike the second section to continue with our shooting. Same as in the morning session, we will be photographing the waterfalls that offer more interesting compositions based on the current light conditions. This is the map of the Ricketts Glen Falls trail system with the main waterfalls that we are photographing during our Ricketts Glen day photo workshop.

*Note: The Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen is considered a Moderate trail. The total length is 6.6 miles, and the elevation gain is 1000 feet. In some areas, you might have to descend/ascend muddy/wet rocks. Please consider your physical condition since you could struggle to complete the workshop if you aren’t moderately fit. 

topics covered during our Ricketts Glen photography workshop

  • Visualization and composition in landscape photography (especially forests and waterfalls)
  • Best settings to take the highest quality images
  • Long exposure technique using neutral density filters
  • Mastering the polarizer in waterfalls & fall photography
  • Advanced shooting techniques like bracketing/focus stacking
  • Tips and tricks for photographing waterfalls and fall colors
  • Post-processing video tutorial of a Ricketts Glen image included with the workshop

Price: $280 (or $560 for the full weekend )

Payment for the Ricketts Glen workshop is required to secure your spot. There is a 100% free cancelation policy until 2 months before the start of the workshop and a 100% refund if the workshop can’t take place because of COVID-19.

What is included in the price?


  • Photography instruction in the field as mentioned in the program
  • Guidance through the entire Ricketts Glen Falls Trail
  • Full photography assistance during the entire duration of the workshop
  • Post-processing video tutorial of a waterfall image after the completion of the workshop

Not included in the workshop

  • Transport
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Health/travel insurance
  • Calls, personal expenses, and any other expense not mentioned in the “included” section

Ricketts Glen Photography Workshop Intructors

Dan is one of the instructors for this workshop and he’ll make sure that you make the most of your Ricketts Falls experience. He will be available during the entire workshop for all your questions about landscape photography, technique, and composition. 

Dan is a passionate photography educator as he demonstrates during his workshops and international photography tours. Ricketts Glen is his favorite place on the US East Coast, and he has been photographing the Ricketts Falls during the different seasons for years. The fall season is his favorite time of the year to photograph, and he’ll share all his experience with you so you can take incredible images while having a lot of fun!


Ascen is the other instructor for this Ricketts Glen photo workshop. She has an incredible talent and eye for composition and she’ll help you take images from angles and perspectives that go unnoticed by most photographers. 

She pays special attention to details and teaching photography is one of her great passions. She also visits Ricketts Glen many times throughout the year and is very knowledgeable about the best lighting, spots, and tricks to photograph Ricketts Glen.

  • Sturdy boots with a good grip are a must for this workshop since we’ll be walking and shooting from many wet rocks and slippery surfaces.
  • Waders are highly recommended for this workshop to get to the best vantage points for shooting.
  • The weather is not usually very cold during this time of the year so you don’t need extra warm clothing. In any case, long and comfortable pants and a rain jacket are recommended.
  • A plastic bag or basic camera rain cover like this is recommended in case it rains.
  • Take at least a couple of microfiber cleaning cloths like this to protect the lens from the water spray.
  • Pack some snacks and water to take during the sessions.

Your safety during COVID-19 is our priority

  • All the participants and instructors are required to wear face coverings during our photography workshops when social distancing can’t be practiced.
  • We provide face masks and hand sanitizer for the group, and the instructors will use it regularly during the workshop.
  • The instructors won’t handle your equipment unless it’s totally necessary and, if they do, they will use hand sanitizer before handling the equipment.
  • 100% refund if there is a cancelation because of COVID-19.

Ricketts Glen workshop reviews from our participants

“During my Ricketts Glen workshop with Capture the Atlas, Dan was very thorough, explaining in-detail all the best camera settings, lenses, and lens filters. His photographic skills are superb, and I loved his willingness to show all his knowledge. This workshop has been one the best experiences I’ve had since I started doing photography.”

– Aleida Gallangos (Virginia) – Ricketts Glen photography workshop 2019


“We had a fantastic day with Dan in Ricketts Glen State Park working on smooth water and swirl technique. Dan is a wonderful guide, patient, funny, and helpful. We learned a lot about shooting waterfalls with lens filters and I grabbed some fantastic shots. I am happy to now call him and Ascen friends.”

– Heather Andrews (Pennsylvania) – Ricketts Glen photography workshop 2020


Dan helped us set up our waterfall shots and other nature photos at the peak of the fall color at Ricketts Glen. He also knew the park so well and exactly where to stop for those million-dollar shots. I learned so many tips and tricks from him, and my shots look amazing! Well worth the investment.

– Mary Dennehy (New York) – Ricketts Glen photography workshop 2020


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