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If it’s your first time in Sin City or you want to plan the best Vegas getaway ever, you need this Las Vegas travel guide. Below, you’ll find everything you need to plan a trip to Las Vegas, from attractions and Las Vegas city passes, to the best time to book your hotel.

Planning a Vegas trip step-by-step

Before you start planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Las Vegas, don’t forget to purchase travel insurance for the USA if you’re traveling from outside the country.

With all of the activities available in Sin City, you can plan a Vegas trip for families, kids, friends, or couples. Below, you’ll find the best things to do in Las Vegas, including concerts, day trips, museums, and much more.

2. Plan your Vegas trip itinerary

You have lots of options when it comes to putting together a Las Vegas itinerary. It depends on what you want to do and see, as well as how many days you have in the city.

How many days to spend in Vegas

It’s hard to see all of Las Vegas in a day, but if you’re short on time, two days is enough. Ideally, I recommend planning a 3-day trip to Vegas so you can see all the top attractions.

Vegas trip itinerary ideas

For some ideas on how to plan a trip to Vegas, here are sample itineraries for one, two, and three days.

3. Best time to travel to Las Vegas

The best time to visit Las Vegas depends on what you’d like to see and do in Sin City. Thanks to its pleasant weather year-round, there isn’t necessarily a bad time to visit, but there are times when it’s more crowded and expensive.

What is the best month to go to Las Vegas?

  • Best months for good weather: March and September boast beautiful weather, so you’ll be able to maximize your outdoor time.
  • Cheapest month to visit: January is one of the best times to book a Vegas hotel since prices usually drop after the holidays.
  • Worst time to visit: Christmastime in Las Vegas is busy, but also very beautiful. Also, July and August are super hot and tend to be more crowded.

4. How to find cheap trips to Las Vegas

Now that you know the cheapest time to go to Las Vegas, see if you can save even more by booking a flight with Kiwi or Skyscanner. These sites will help you find the cheapest trips to Vegas across all airlines, as well as the best travel dates for maximum savings.

If you’re traveling from outside the U.S., you should first check if you need a visa:

5. Where to stay while visiting Las Vegas

One of the best travel tips for Las Vegas is to book an amazing accommodation. If you’re not sure where to stay in Las Vegas, consider one of the best Vegas hotels.

Hotels in Las Vegas Strip

If it’s your first time in Sin City, or you want an unforgettable vacation, I recommend booking a room at one of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, an area full of restaurants, attractions, and activities

Hotels in Las Vegas Downtown

The downtown area is an exciting place to gamble, dine, and shop. As the original gambling mecca, downtown Vegas is a hub for culture, events, and the free Downtown Loop shuttle.

6. How to get around Las Vegas

To travel around Las Vegas Strip and the outskirts of the city, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the transportation in Vegas. There are several buses, shuttles, and monorails, and if you want to visit some cool places outside Las Vegas, you can rent a vehicle.

Also, there are several national parks near Las Vegas, so renting a car or RV can be a great idea. If you plan to travel around Vegas, consider one of the Las Vegas road trip ideas in our guide.

7. Tours to book when planning a Vegas trip

While there is lots to do on the Strip, you can also take a day trip from Las Vegas to get away from the crowds. If you don’t want to rent a car, many of these tours include transportation. Here are some ideas to keep in mind while doing your Las Vegas trip planning:

8. Where to eat in Las Vegas

The best restaurants in Vegas appeal to all kinds of appetites and tastes, so treat yourself to a delicious meal during your Las Vegas vacation. Also, the nightlife in Sin City is incredible, so enjoy an after-dinner cocktail at one of the rooftop bars in Las Vegas.

9. How much does a trip to Vegas cost?

Calculating the cost of a trip to Vegas isn’t always straightforward since it depends on when you go, where you stay, how you get around, and which activities you do. Here is a price breakdown to help you out, as well as some Vegas trip planning tips so you can have an awesome getaway without breaking the bank!

  • When choosing the best time to visit Las Vegas, think about what you want to do and where you want to stay. If you would like to travel on a budget, do it during the low season.

10. Download a tourist map of Las Vegas

Finally, keep a map of Las Vegas on hand so you can find all the things you want to see. This way, you can plan a route around those attractions, which will make traveling in Vegas a lot easier.

Other travel tips for Las Vegas

Here are some final tips to keep in mind while you’re doing your trip planning for Las Vegas:

  • It’s hard to see all of Las Vegas in a day, but if you’re short on time, 2 days is enough. Ideally, I recommend a 3-day itinerary for Las Vegas so you can see all the top attractions.
  • This sightseeing city tour on the hop-on/hop-off bus is a great way to get around and see several popular attractions.
  • Remember to always have a map on hand when you plan your trip so you can find the best things to do in Las Vegas and plan out a route that allows you to make the most of your stay.
  • Plan ahead and reserve your rental car in Las Vegas in advance. We use DiscoverCars for the cheapest options.
  • You can legally refuse to pay resort fees since they violate the Deceptive Trade Practices Law in Nevada. If you don’t want to deal with this, book a room at one of the Las Vegas hotels without resort fees.
  • The weather in Las Vegas gets extremely hot in the summer, so if you visit during this season, bring loose, light-colored clothes and lots of water.

Las Vegas travel guide FAQ

To finish up this Las Vegas trip planner, here are some common questions about Sin City and the Vegas Strip:

The yearly average high temperature in Las Vegas is about 80°F. That said, the summer weather in Las Vegas can be brutal, with highs exceeding 100°F.

Most Vegas hotels require guests to be 21 to book a room, but if the resort doesn’t have a casino, the age limit may be 18.

You must be 21 or older to enter the gaming area in any casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yes, most casino hotels on Las Vegas Strip are open 24/7.

It typically costs anywhere from $20 to $100 to get into a Vegas club. Men will pay more than women, and if a famous DJ or performer makes an appearance, cover charges will be higher.

Yes! You don’t have to gamble at a casino to enjoy Las Vegas. Other attractions and activities include museums, tours, exhibits, pools, shops, shows, and more.

In general, the Strip is safe, and you should practice common sense in Las Vegas as you would in any other city.

Yes, there are lots of things to do in Vegas as a family.

There aren’t any ocean beaches close to Las Vegas, but there are beach pools and the beaches of Lake Mead.

Yes, and there are plenty of transportation options like buses, monorails, and trams.

Yes, there are parking lots throughout Las Vegas, and some Vegas hotels offer free parking for guests.

These are the most popular national parks near Vegas:

  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area – 20 mins
  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area – 30 mins
  • Valley of Fire State Park – 45 mins
  • Death Valley – 2 hours
  • Red Cliffs National Conservation Area – 2 hrs
  • Zion National Park – 2 hrs 40 mins
  • Joshua Tree National Park – 3 hrs
  • Bryce Canyon – 4 hrs
  • Grand Canyon National Park – 4 hrs, 10 mins
  • Yosemite National Park – 5 hrs 30 mins

If you have any other questions about our Las Vegas visitors guide, feel free to leave a comment below. I hope this Las Vegas trip planner is helpful, and I wish you a wonderful time in Sin City!

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