Dan Zafra

Chief photographer, Astro freak, and Expedition designer at Capture the Atlas

Hey there! I’m Dan Zafra, a professional landscape and astrophotographer with roots in Spain, currently based in the captivating desert Southwest of the United States.

My photography is a blend of both my artistic vision and technical expertise. I draw inspiration from the majestic landscapes and the classical masters of light and composition and use advanced camera technology and editing techniques to transform my creative vision into reality.

My true calling is helping others unlock their creative potential and capture the beauty of the world around them. Whether through online tutorials, photography tours, or workshops, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with people from every corner of the globe and inspiring them to see the world through a different lens.

My work has been recognized by esteemed organizations such as NASA, National Geographic, and Forbes, and I’m honored to have been named the People’s Choice winner of the 2022 Astronomy Photographer of the Year award. I’ve also had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences as a speaker at numerous photography talks and events like the Nightscaper Photo Conference or the Night Photo Summit.

Additionally, I take pride in creating resources like the Capture the Atlas Milky Way Calendars, which help thousands of photographers plan their Astro shots each year, and curating the “Milky Way Photographer of the Year” & the “Northern Lights Photographer of the Year” collections, inspiring countless photographers to explore the wonders of our night sky.

My (unconventional) Journey

From a young age, my passion for travel and exploration has been a driving force in my life. Despite finishing studies in business and law, my heart always gravitated towards the visual arts and the allure of capturing moments in time. It wasn’t until I received my first paycheck at a multinational bank that I decided to invest in my passion and picked up my first digital camera. From that moment on, the world became my canvas, and I embarked on a journey to explore its wonders through the lens of my camera.

As I traversed the globe, immersing myself in different cultures and landscapes, I discovered the enchanting realm of night photography. Capturing the ethereal beauty of the Milky Way and the dancing Northern Lights ignited a new passion within me—a passion for astrophotography. Despite its technical challenges, the reward of capturing the cosmos in all its splendor was immeasurable.

To document my journey of discovery and learning, I co-founded Capture the Atlas alongside Ascen, my partner in adventure and life. It was then that I unearthed another profound passion—one that would dramatically redefine my journey: sharing my photography knowledge with others.

Initially, through online content such as photography blog posts, or tutorial on my Youtube Channel, and later through immersive experiences like photography tours & workshops and the Capture the Atlas photography academy, I’ve been fortunate to help individuals from all walks of life, assisting them in honing their photography skills and igniting a fresh perspective on capturing the world.

My journey from a conventional career path to the unpredictable yet fulfilling world of photography has taught me that life is too short to ignore our passions. With each photograph I capture and each person I inspire, I’m reminded that the pursuit of one’s dreams is the true essence of living. Join me as I continue to explore, learn, and share the beauty of our world, one frame at a time.


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