Driving in New Zealand, Travellers Autobarn

Our Experience in New Zealand With Travellers Autobarn

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In September 2023, we rented a campervan from Travellers Autobarn in New Zealand for a month-long adventure full of amazing sights, beautiful landscapes, and a variety of unique wildlife. Thanks to our efficient campervan hire, we were able to make the most of our time and fully appreciate all that this wonderful country has to offer.

Travellers Kuga campervan, travellers autobarn new zealand

Our experience in New Zealand with Travellers Autobarn

With Travellers Autobarn, we had everything we needed for life on the road, from a fully-equipped kitchen to a convertible sleeping and dining area, to plenty of storage space. Travellers’ Kuga campervan was the perfect vehicle for me and Dan, and since every rental comes with free unlimited miles, we were able to venture across the North and South Islands worry-free.

Below, I’ll share more about why we chose Travelers Autobarn and what it was like traveling for a month by campervan across one of the most picturesque countries in the world.

Why we chose Travellers Autobarn in New Zealand

Going with Travellers Autobarn NZ for a campervan hire in New Zealand was a no-brainer for us. We already had experience with this company and consider them to be one of the best camper rental sites in the U.S. So, we knew we would be in good hands in New Zealand with a Travellers campervan rental.

Kuga campervan interior, travellers autobarn nz

Why we chose Travellers Autobarn in New Zealand

In addition to campervan rentals in the USA and New Zealand, Travellers Autobarn has campervan hires in Australia and campervan rentals in Japan, so keep them in mind if you’re visiting any of these destinations.

For our trip, we rented the Kuga campervan. It’s the perfect option for us and also happens to be Travellers’ most popular model. It has a high roof, which makes it easier for us to stand up and move around inside the vehicle. This way, we’re not hunched over while preparing meals and cooking on the gas stove.

Cooking in the Kuga campervan, traveller autobarn nz

Cooking in the Kuga campervan

Speaking of which, the campervan has a full kitchenette with a 2-burner stove, a fridge, a sink, and a microwave. There is a decent amount of space for storing cutlery, plates, and pantry items, so we can venture out into more remote areas without worrying about having enough food.

The Kuga van also has a convenient dining area that easily converts into a double bed. It’s perfect for the two of us, and we can use the single bed in the loft area as extra storage space for our luggage and camera equipment.

Loft area in the Kuga campervan rental, travellers autobarn new zealand

Loft area in the Kuga campervan rental

Also, the campervan is self-contained (you can request a porta-potty for an extra fee). This is super important in New Zealand, where there are strict regulations when it comes to free camping. Our Travellers campervan didn’t have a shower, but there are plenty of campsites with unlimited hot water. That said, some campgrounds have paid showers, so keep that in mind. Also, many campsites have laundry facilities, so we were able to wash our clothes once a week.

Best of all, every Travellers Autobarn campervan rental comes with free unlimited miles, so we were able to hit the open road without worrying about adhering to a strict mileage policy.

Our experience with Travellers Autobarn in New Zealand

Our New Zealand Travelers Autobarn experience began on the North Island. We picked up our campervan hire in Auckland and loaded it up with our bags and photography gear. The pick-up process was super simple, especially since we received email notifications in the days leading up to it. After just a few minutes, we were ready to start exploring the North Island.

Exploring the North Island in a travelers camper

We spent a week traveling to incredible locations like Hobbiton, which is famous for being the magical setting in several movies. We also spent a day visiting the Waitomo area and its incredible caves. This guided tour of Ruakuri Cave and this Waitomo Caves glow worm excursion gave us so many beautiful photo opportunities and were just amazing experiences overall.

Hobbiton, travellers autobarn new zealand review

Exploring the North Island in a travelers camper

Our next stop was Rotorua, an area with lots of geothermal activity. It’s a must-see, particularly the Wai-o-tapu Thermal Park. I recommend getting your ticket in advance. We also enjoyed an amazing hike through the Waimangu Volcanic Valley and its hot springs and forests. Of course, to really treat yourself, I suggest taking advantage of the natural geothermal pools here with a relaxing mud bath. After all the hiking, it’s the best way to rest and refresh yourself!

Taranaki, traveller autobarn new zealand

Traversing New Zealand in a Travellers NZ van rental

Thanks to our Travellers NZ van rental, we had no trouble traversing this region’s uneven terrain and accessing more remote areas. This was a huge advantage when we wanted to venture towards the coast to capture peaceful images of Taranaki and photograph the Three Sisters and Elephant Rock before all the tourists arrived. It was about a 7-hour drive from Rotorua, but we were comfortable the entire time since we had the luxury of being in our own campervan.

Seeing the South Island in an Autobarn campervan

For the next leg of our trip, we boarded the ferry to the South Island. Travellers Autobarn NZ allows customers to board ferries, so the ride was smooth sailing for us. Also, since Travellers offers free unlimited miles, we planned to spend the next 3 weeks journeying throughout the South Island.

With our Travellers Autobarn camper rental in New Zealand, we made our way through Mount Cook and set up camp in the great outdoors. The campervan was our home away from home while we hiked through Hooker Valley and experienced the majesty of Lake Tekapo. After a helicopter tour of the Tasman Glacier and Lake, we slept soundly in our Kuga van.

Aoraki Mt. Cook Milky Way, travellers autobarn new zealand camper van

Seeing the South Island in an Autobarn campervan

The journey continued with a stop at the Clay Cliffs in Omarama. Then, we drove to Wanaka and took a gorgeous hike at Roys Peak. Back in town, we captured lovely photos of the famous Wanaka Tree. We saved money on accommodation by parking our Autobarn vehicle at one of the campervan parks in town.

Our next stop was Fiordland and its magnificent environment. We wanted to fully experience this beautiful place, so we took this overnight cruise through Doubtful Sound. It’s less touristic than the majestic Milford Sound but as spectacular if not more. However, it was our first time in New Zealand, so we had no option: next day we took this day cruise through Milford Sound, and we loved it too! We even saw some penguins, so it was totally worth bearing the crowds!

Roys Peak, travellers autobarn new zealand

Renting a Travellers Autobarn camper in New Zealand

In addition to the South Island’s natural areas, we took our Travellers campervan to the city of Dunedin, where we saw the Southern Lights for the first time ever. Another highlight of our trip was visiting the coastal towns of Akaroa, where we swam with wild dolphins, and Kaikoura, where we took a whale and dolphin-watching tour.

We visited at the end of winter when there were fewer hours of daylight, so we had to be mindful of the van’s solar panels, which power the microwave and USB ports. Fortunately, we didn’t have any issues, and even when it rained, we had enough battery power for 3 days of non-stop working on our laptops.

It ended up raining for 5 days straight during our trip, so we didn’t have the time to see everything we wanted to see in this first trip to New Zealand. However, we loved the country so much that Dan and I are already planning to spend another month and a half in New Zealand next year. And we’ll definitely be renting a Travellers campervan for the adventure!

Mountain hike, new zealand travelers autobarn

Exploring in our Travellers NZ van rental

We’re excited to see even more of this stunning country and experience all that it has to offer. Some activities we’re planning to do include this heli-tour of the Franz Josef Glacier and an aerial tour of Milford Sound to see it from a totally new perspective.

We’re also interested in hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing trail to see breathtaking views of Tongariro National Park and its volcanic landscapes. And of course, we can’t wait to learn more about New Zealand’s wildlife and see more critters in their natural habitats. This wild kiwi encounter in Little Glory Cove sounds awesome.

Final thoughts on Travellers Autobarn New Zealand

We had a wonderful time using Travellers Autobarn NZ. The campervans are comfortable, we had plenty of space, and the prices are super competitive. The Kuga van was easy to drive and park, and while we didn’t need to use it, Travellers’ 24/7 roadside assistance was always available.

Plus, if you get the CamperMate app (available on Google Play and in the App Store), you can find campsites, plan your itinerary, and download offline maps for free.

Driving in New Zealand, travellers autobarn new zealand

Final thoughts on Travellers Autobarn New Zealand

There are New Zealand Autobarn locations in Auckland and Christchurch, so whether you’re traveling in the North Island or the South, you can take advantage of their fleet of campervans.

Overall, our experience with Travellers Autobarn in New Zealand was phenomenal, so I highly recommend them. We can’t wait to return and check out all the locations we weren’t able to get to this time around!

If you want to learn more, check out our in-depth Travellers Autobarn review. Also, if you have any questions about Traveller Autobarn NZ, feel free to leave me a comment below. I’d also love to hear about your adventures with Travellers in NZ, Australia, Japan, or the U.S.

Stay safe, and happy camping!

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