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Hello everyone! This is Ascen, with my heart split between the beaches of my hometown Almería and the skies of Madrid, where I have lived for 8 years. Adventurer, Traveler, Amazon Girl and Volcanoes Climber disguised as Industrial Engineer from Monday to Thursday.

With my first salary I started saving to make an interrail and it was there that I recovered a part of my childhood that had left hidden in a corner. My past as a Scout. I unpacked my backpack after 15 years and filled it again with enthusiasm as I did in each summer camp. Since I came back from that trip, I decided that I would never hide the explorer I carry inside and since then there is not a day that I think of anything else. Everything and I say EVERYTHING I earn I invest it in trips; Because for me there is nothing that gives me more wealth than discovering new places, new people, new cultures …

After the interrail many trips came and I finally get defined as an Amazon Girl. All travelers are not of the same type. I am the one who gets mad with the sea and the mountain; Who enjoys falling asleep counting stars and getting up to see the sunrise even if breakfast is not included; Who prefers climbing mountains more than taking elevator of the tallest building in the world; Who knows that with 3 shirts, rope and bar soap I have more space in my backpack for adventure. So that’s me: an Adventurer, Traveler, Amazon Girl and Volcanoes Climber with a tremendous hunger for new experiences.

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Traveling not only makes me happy but also teaches me. And one of my biggest flaws is not knowing how to get out of the script. So with the trips (with some of them) I let myself go and let the road decide for me. In others I can not avoid it and I use lists, post it, almanacs and calendars. And this is the excuse I give when my family asks me why I travel so much.“It’s because of my personal development! I’m learning to manage contingencies”. Without doubt, that is my vocation.


So since it makes me as happy to travel as to organize trips, I decided to write this blog to help others get started. Here you will find the information that I disgorged of different blogs, guides and asking to other travelers. And of course I include all my personal experiences and feelings. I warn you that I won’t keep any secret. I will tell you where I lost time and where I lost my speech.

I take the opportunity to tell you the biggest of my  fulfilled dreams (just for now). Cross the ocean and not to make a visit. I have been working in the United States for a very short time so I plan to take the opportunity to explore the New Continent in depth.

Brave!!! They said when I told them that I was leaving. That with two suitcases that did not make a total of 55kg I left everything in Spain (family, friends, stable work and my boyfriend) and I left. But what are we going to do?, I confess I am addicted to my zone of discomfort. In fact every goal I achieve is a key that opens me to a new unattainable dream. A new challenge in which to leave my skin but above all my heart.

Un abrazo viajeros!

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