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Visitors Guide to The EDGE, NYC | Tickets, Hours & Views

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For one of the most awe-inspiring experiences in the Big Apple, you must visit The EDGE in NYC. Hovering 1,131 feet above the city, The EDGE observation deck is the tallest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best places in New York City, and of all the things we’ve seen in the Big Apple, The EDGE building is among the most impressive. I recommend coming here at least once, although I’m sure you’ll be hooked once you see the amazing views of NYC from up here.

EDGE observation deck, hudson yards observation deck tickets

Visitors Guide to The EDGE, NYC | Tickets, Hours & Views

If you’re eager to visit The EDGE, you can get your ticket here. This observation deck is also included in most New York city passes, so consider getting one if you plan on going to other top landmarks. I recommend the New York Pass, which offers single and multi-day passes for dozens of attractions.

To help you make the most of your time at the Hudson Yards observation deck, I’m sharing everything you need to know, including hours, ticket prices, and more.

Visitors guide to The EDGE, NYC

The EDGE is one of the best observation decks in New York City, so if you’re not sure which one to visit, you can’t go wrong seeing this one. It’s the tallest outdoor observatory in the city and the entire Western Hemisphere, but there is more to it than that.

In this guide, I’ll cover all the important information you need for your visit:

Tickets for The EDGE at Hudson Yards

Tickets for The EDGE observation deck aren’t cheap, but the experience is well worth it. Your timed ticket, which you can get here, includes admission to The EDGE building and its outdoor sky deck, the skyline steps, the champagne bar, and a souvenir photo.

The EDGE, the edge observation deck glass floor

Tickets for The EDGE at Hudson Yards

The ticket costs $48/person, but if you’re going to visit other observation decks or attractions in NYC, you can get the New York Pass to save on admission.

The Edge hours

The hours for The EDGE are 8 am to midnight, Monday-Sunday. If you want to visit in the evening, keep in mind that the last time to enter is 11:10 pm.

Visiting The EDGE, NYC at night

Seeing the view from The EDGE at Hudson Yards is among the best things to do in NYC at night. Since you’re so high up, you can see all the glittering lights of the city’s buildings and skyscrapers below. Plus, you can see beyond Manhattan to the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and other sights.

Nighttime NYC skyline, the edge observation deck

Visiting The EDGE, NYC at night

That said, I think the best time to visit The EDGE observation deck is at sunset when the golden glow descends over the city. The tips of the buildings take on a burnt-orange tone, and the colors of the sky in the background look beautiful.

The EDGE observation deck

If you have no problem standing 1,131 feet above New York City, then a visit to The EDGE, NYC is a must-do. This 7,500 ft² sky deck is one of the most impressive feats of human engineering, technology, and design. Upon entering The EDGE building at 30 Hudson Yards, you’ll see a multimedia presentation explaining the deck’s construction. Then, ride the elevator to the 100th floor and step onto the sky deck.

The EDGE observation deck’s height grants you 360° views of your surroundings, so you can see the full expanse of Central Park, the Hudson River, and other famous landmarks. Its angled glass walls give you the feeling of hovering above the city, especially when you stand on the far end of the deck.

The EDGE, hudson yards observation deck new york

The EDGE observation deck

This attraction is known for its breathtaking views, but there are other things to check out here. Keep reading to learn about this Hudson Yards observation deck, its glass floor, the bar, and other features.

Outdoor sky deck

The EDGE sky deck at Hudson Yards is the crown jewel of the building. Its 1,131 feet above the ground, so when you step out onto the platform, you’ll feel like you’re floating. The observation deck juts out 80 feet from the building, and the angled glass walls create a dizzying effect. If you dare, get close to the edge and peer out at the sprawling expanse of Midtown, the best neighborhood in Manhattan.

Glass floor

The glass floor at the Hudson Yards observation deck provides a unique view of New York City, but it’s not for the faint of heart. This triangular glass floor is at the center of the sky deck and is large enough for a few people to stand or sit on.

As you look through the glass panels, you’ll see the city streets and the tops of buildings from 100 stories high.

Skyline steps

On the western end of The EDGE observation deck, you’ll see the Skyline Steps. This outdoor staircase is the perfect place to hang out with friends while enjoying a drink. Plus, you can see over the angled walls of the deck, so it’s a great spot to get amazing pictures.

Skyline steps, the edge building nyc

Skyline steps

Eastern point

The Eastern Point is a heart-stopping corner with room for just one person to stand. It’s the part of the Hudson Yards observation deck that’s furthest from the building, so it gives you the feeling of free-floating over NYC. The thick, glass walls are at an angle so you can lean forward a bit, and it’s quite an adrenaline rush.

Champagne bar

The indoor part of The EDGE, New York is where you’ll find the champagne bar. Take a break from the views and treat yourself to a signature cocktail. The champagne bar serves all kinds of drinks as well as light refreshments, so it’s a great meeting point for friends.

View from The EDGE observation deck

While you have to see it to truly understand, the views from The EDGE, NYC are magnificent. The EDGE is a 360° observation deck, so you’ll get sweeping panoramic views of Midtown Manhattan and beyond.

Sunset view of Manhattan, hudson yards observation deck

View from The EDGE observation deck

You can easily spot Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Hudson River, and you can see over to Queens and Brooklyn.

The EDGE restaurant in NYC

If you want to dine with a view, there is a restaurant at The EDGE, NYC where you can order a gourmet meal and signature drinks. The Peak at Hudson Yards is on the 101st floor, above the sky deck, and serves lunch and dinner. It’s open daily from 11:30 am-2:30 pm and 5:00 pm-10:00 pm.

Dine on fresh fish and seafood like oysters, seared tuna, Atlantic scallops, and Maine lobster while taking in the views from 1,296 feet in the air. Peak only serves fresh food and seasonal ingredients, and with views like this, it all comes with a hefty price tag. Still, if you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant for a special occasion, this is a great choice.

The EDGE restaurant, observation deck 30 hudson yards

The EDGE restaurant in NYC

There is also a night lounge and bar at The EDGE, NYC called Peekaboo. It’s open Thursday-Saturday from 10:30 pm to 2:00 am for drinks, light snacks, live music, and dancing. There is also a bar area with seating and large windows that look out over the city.

Other things to do at The EDGE building

There are a few other things to do at The EDGE at Hudson Yards, so if you want to elevate your experience, consider trying one of these activities.

City Climb

The City Climb at Hudson Yards is for people who want an even bigger rush than standing atop one of the tallest sky decks in the world. City Climb is a skyscraper adventure in which you scale the side of the building, dangling 1,200 feet above the ground.

City Climb, 30 hudson yards observation deck

City Climb

This jaw-dropping activity is led by Climb Guides who will suit you up and instruct you throughout the experience. After hooking yourself up to the safety line, you’ll climb an outdoor staircase angled at 45 degrees. The stairs are on the edge of the skyscraper, above the observation deck, and once you reach The Apex, you can lean over the edge and take the best pictures of NYC.

Tickets for the City Climb attraction cost $185 and include your safety equipment, a video of your climb, and a medal to commemorate your adventure. If you don’t want to do the climb but you’d like to watch your friends do it, you can get a spectator ticket for $38.

Sky-high yoga

A more chill activity you can do at The EDGE observatory is sky-high yoga. Breathe deeply and enjoy an early morning stretch while the rest of the city wakes up. The 45-minute class is led by a certified instructor who will lead you through an invigorating yoga flow with the Manhattan skyline in the background.

Classes cost $50 per person and include a yoga mat and a goodie bag of wellness products. After the class, you can hang out on The EDGE observation deck for 15 minutes before carrying on with your day. Sky-high yoga is every Wednesday at 6:30 am.

FAQs – The EDGE at Hudson Yards

Before we finish with this visitor guide to The EDGE, NYC, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

Yes, this observation deck is well worth it, and it’s one of the best sky decks in the country. Its angled walls, glass floor, and incredible height make The EDGE, New York worth more than one visit.

Tickets to The EDGE, NYC cost $48 per person.

The EDGE building is at 30 Hudson Yards in Midtown Manhattan.

The EDGE is open daily from 8 am to midnight.

If you want to avoid crowds, go to The EDGE observation deck when it opens or shortly before it closes. For the best photos, I recommend visiting at sunset.

The EDGE observation deck is 1,131 feet high.

The EDGE observation deck gives you sweeping views of Midtown Manhattan and Central Park. You can also see Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and the Statue of Liberty.

I hope this guide helps you plan your visit to The EDGE, NYC! Feel free to leave me a comment with your questions or your experience at this Hudson Yards observation deck. I’d love to hear from you! Until then, enjoy the incredible views from high above Manhattan.

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