Trinidad: Complete Guide – Topes de Collantes, Valle de los Ingenios and Ancón Beach

Trinidad: Complete Guide – Topes de Collantes, Valle de los Ingenios and Ancón Beach
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If you only had three days to see Cuba, I would recommend spending at least one in Trinidad. The most beautiful city of Cuba is located in the central part of the island and is an ideal place to enjoy both the history and the culture as well as nature and relaxation. Its beautiful cobblestone streets legacy of the Spanish colonization period put the icing on the streets of colorful colonial buildings.

car in old town trinidad Cuba

Old Town of Trinidad

Trinidad was the third city founded when the Spaniards arrived in Cuba. The capital of the province of Sancti Spíritus won its title of World Heritage Site because it is one of the best preserved colonial cities in the Americas. However, the wealth is exponential when discussing the environment where it is located. So close to other places that will leave you speechless.

Complete Trinidad Cuba Travel Guide

So that you can make the most of all the possibilities that the city offers to you, we have divided this complete Trinidad Cuba travel  Guide into 4 main sections:

  • Ancón Beach. The beach where we saw the most beautiful sunset of our lives.

We have also added five other sections that we believe can be very useful:


Trinidad is considered the city museum of Cuba, both for the number and for the variety of them and also for the conservation of historic facades. The life of the city moves around the Plaza Mayor. From there to any of the points that we will tell you next, it will not take you more than 10 minutes walking. All the distances are small.


The Romantic Museum of Trinidad, also known as Palacio Brunet is located in the northern corner of the Plaza Mayor. It is the building of orange tones that appears in the extreme right of the following pic.

romantic museum trinidad cuba guide

Romantic Museum at the Plaza Mayor

It is a colonial residence of the eighteenth century that has managed to keep all its details. We can find there from historical furniture to jewelry, crockery, linen and the luxuries of the time. This is the best way to learn about the colonial life in Trinidad.

A Mudéjar style especially highlights the Andalusian patio in the inside. The price of admission is 2 CUC. The opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday at 8:30. On Tuesdays and Thursdays it closes at 22:00 while the rest of the days at 17:00. On Mondays it remains closed.


Very close to the Plaza Mayor and sticking out thanks to its square tower, we find the Historical Museum. This museum located on the Palacio Cantero of nineteenth century not only shows the wealth possessed their former owners. There we can also learn about the history of the sugar industry, the business of the slave trade and artillery and weapons used at the time.

historic museum trinidad cuba guide

History Museum

Do not miss climbing to its tower to have some very nice views of the city. The price of admission is 2CUC. It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Saturdays to Thursdays. On Fridays it remains closed.


We found this museum installed in the old Convent of San Francisco de Asís of the XVIII century. The only thing that remains original from the structure is its bell tower; the highest tower of the whole old town and from where you will have the best views of the city.

things to do in trinidad cuba

National Museum of the Fight Against Bandits

This museum explains the warfare that took place between the militias of Fidel Castro and the counterrevolutionary bands that hid in the nearby Sierra de Escambray. Some curious objects that we can find inside are a pirate boat, a GAZ 63 truck or fragments of an airplane shot down in the 1962 missile crisis.


The Church of the Holy Trinity is one of the largest places of worship in Cuba. This majestic building is the real protagonist of the Plaza Mayor de Trinidad, surpassing the extension of the square by a lot.

holy trinity church of trinidad cuba

Church of the Holy Trinity

Inside stands the image of Our Father Jesus, whose mantle embroidered in gold was donated by Queen Elizabeth II.


If you missed visiting this two establishments in Havana and in Cienfuegos you are in luck; Trinidad will give you a third chance.

Although the mythical Bodeguita del Medio where Hemingway used to go is the one in the capital, if you missed it and you really want to try the most famous cocktail in Cuba, do not hesitate to visit this place.

In the Coppelia of Trinidad you will find, as in Havana and Cienfuegos, a small supply of ice cream flavors at really low prices. We recommend that if you have not already done so, try those.

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But far from museums, palaces, churches and locals what really made us fall in love with Trinidad were its cobblestone colonial streets.

Although all are beautiful, the ones that left us speechless were those that we walked from the Plaza Mayor to the Plaza de las Tres Cruces. Those are the Amargura Street and Real de Jigüe Street.

real jigue street trinidad cuba

Real de Jigüe Street

The variety of colors is unimaginable. Your eyes will lose count until you come across the Sierra de Escambray.

amargura colorfull street trinidad cuba old town

Amargura Street


And if you want to have the best views, not only of the historic center of Trinidad, but also from the Valle de los Ingenios, the Sierra de Escambray and Plaza Ancón, we recommend you climb the Cerro de la Vigía.

view from the valley trinidad cuba travel guide

Cerro de la Vigía

From the center of Trinidad it will take you about half an hour, but is highly advised. We went up to see the sunrise and the mist of the morning. The beauty of the landscape touched us.

In the following map you will find both the points mentioned above, and also places to eat and bars to go for in Trinidad  we will talk later.

Trinidad Cuba Map


Topes de Collantes

If you visit Trinidad you cannot miss a trip to the Natural Park of Topes de Collantes. In these mountains belonging to the Sierra del Escambray inhabit 50% of the native species of Cuba. The environment will really leave you speechless, and not just for its wildlife. But also the tropical vegetation, the rock formations… It is an incredible way to spark your sense of wonder.

topes de callantes trinidad cuba travel guide

Topes de Collantes


It took us a long time to find a car that would take us to the mountains. They claim that not many people want to go to Topes de Collantes, so it is difficult to set up shared cars. They also tend to say that the slopes are very steep up there so not any car can go up, in order to increase the price of the cars that are offered for this trip.

I do not know what part is true of all this because the driver with whom we went to Topes de Collantes made that day two round trips from Tope de Collantes – Trinidad. At first he told us that he had not found anyone with whom to share the car and that he had to charge us for the price of the whole car. However upon returning sooner than expected we realized that the car was about to return to Trinidad with other passengers who had taken Topes the same day. Given that we only shared the return trip, but not the going there, then the price we paid for the taxi was 25 CUC instead of 30 CUC; that was what we had negotiated for the round trip for us alone. The ride is approximately 40 minutes, although it is only 20 km from Trinidad.

Before embarking on the route by car, our driver took us to a place to buy tickets to Topes de Collantes cheaper than at the entrance to the natural park itself. Instead of paying 10 CUC we paid 6.75 CUC by buying it at the center of Trinidad, in the travel agency Paradiso.


The main attraction of Topes de Collantes is the Salto del Caburní. From the village of Caburní, you just have to follow the path to meet this 64-meter waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in the Caribbean.

After the first 100 meters of the road there are two cabins where beside from offering to buy snacks and refreshments they also control if you have an entry ticket. If not you can just buy it right there.

salto del caburni trinidad cuba travel guide

Access booth to the trail of the Salto del Caburni

As you go down the path, the dense jungle is covering the sky. Giant butterflies, chickens and some lizard will accompany you on a route that is not easy. The humidity and the slipperiness of the mud in the road force you to be equipped with at least well-closed shoes. We saw several groups that had to turn around when they were trying to descend in the mud with flip flops

things to do in trinidad cuba salto del caburni

Trail Salto del Caburni

You can complete the 3.5 kilometer route in less than two hours until you reach the waterfall.

Unfortunately the Waterfall of Caburní did not surprise us as much as we expected. The previous night it had rained a lot and the blue waters that we had seen in photos were stained with the reddish clay of the surroundings. We could not bathe.

salto del caburni trinidad travel guide cuba

Salto del Caburni

If you can choose from several days to visit the waterfall of Caburní choose one in which it has not rained recently. In addition avoid going if there is any rain forecast.

salto del caburni trinidad cuba travel guide

Salto del Caburni

As we walked the trail back a tropical storm began. Despite the fact that there was barely half an hour journey, we had to take refuge in an outpost because moving forward was impossible.

things to do in cuba trinidad topes de collantes

Refugees from the tropical storm in Topes de Collantes


If you do not pay attention it  will easily be unnoticed. However, with the aid of a good camera, you will discover that what flits between the flowers that border the Salto del Caburní is not an insect, but a Cuban hummingbird. The smallest bird in the world also known locally as zunzuncito by the sound of its wings when flying. This bird lives in the mountains of Topes de Collantes as 50% of the native species of the island.

cuban hummngbird tope de collantes

Cuban Hummingbird 

Apart from a camera with great focusing speed you will have to pay close attention to get to see the zunzuncitos feeding on the nectar of the flowers at the margins of the river that leaves the Salto del Caburní.
cuban hummingbird in topes de collantes trinidad

Cuban Hummingbird


VALLEY OF the sugar mills

Another must visit that you have to do in your visit to Trinidad, it is the Valley of the Sugar Mills, Valle de los Ingenios.

In this valley there were sugar factories and distilleries settled since the 17th century. At that time these industries supplied sugar to virtually all of Europe, adding an incalculable fortune to the Spaniards who undertook the new continent. However, the Valle de los Ingenios also hides an obscure truth. The fortunes of landowners resided in the hands of slaves brought from Africa.

The Valley of the Sugar Mills is the place where we have felt closest to that dark history of our country, the hidden history of Spain. Which to know it firsthand you must cross the Atlantic and let the spoils of our colonies tell us. It is not surprising that like Trinidad, the Valley of the Sugar Mills is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Thanks to this fact, important restoration and conservation actions are being carried out.


Of all the sugar plantations settled in the Valle de los Ingenios, the most prosperous was always that of the Ingenio de Manaca Iznaga mill. It is very well-conserved with the house farm as part of the slave barracks; as well as the impressive watchtower turned into the star of this visit.

manaca iznaga tower valley of the sugar mills things to do in trinidad cuba

Manaca Iznaga

Manaca Iznaga tower controlled the work of the slaves, warned of their escapes and also warned in the event of a fire in nearby plantations.

manaca iznaga tower valley of the sugar mills things to do in trinidad cuba

View from the Manaca Iznaga Tower

manaca iznaga tower valley of the sugar mills things to do in trinidad cuba

Valle de los Ingenios

The estate of Manaca Iznaga today is quite exploited by tourism. At the entrance there are lots of stalls where you can buy handmade souvenirs. You can find everything from hats, handmade tablecloths or sugar cane juice. Climbing the tower has a cost of 1CUC from where you will undoubtedly have the best views of the entire valley.

manaca iznaga tower valley of the sugar mills things to do in trinidad cuba

Hacienda Manaca

Inside the property you will find a museum shop with lots of souvenirs. After the farm, you will arrive at what is known as ingenuity, the device with which the juice of sugar cane was extracted. We were very fortunate to be able to see a demonstration that a private guide was doing to his clients.

Another construction that still stands is the barracks of the slaves where the structure of the building was used to support what is now the restaurant El barraca de Manaca.

San Isidro de los Destiladeros

If the ingenuity of Manaca de Iznaga surprised us by the good conservation of the buildings and the incredible tower with views of the entire valley, the ingenuity of San Isidro de los Destiladeros captivated us by the delivery of our guide.

The price for the visit is only 1 CUC, although it could have cost us more and even then it would have been worth it. The gentleman who took us to the entrance is the only farm worker and the one in charge of conservation. Given that tourist visits are very scarce when a tourist comes to know this ingenuity does not hesitate to have all the details about the farm.

Unlike the previous one, the main business that was carried out here was to distill rum using sugarcane from the plantations. The mill also presides over a tower quite similar to the previous one but of smaller height, also used for the control of the production and the slaves.

San Isidro de los destiladeros tower trinidad cuba travel guide

San Isidro de los Destiladeros tower

The main construction together with the remains of the farm was much deteriorated. He told us that during the revolution was used to keep animals and it has not obtained the restoration like that of his sister in Manaca.

Then we walked past, through the remains of the distillery, hidden under the overgrown grass. He explained the whole process step by step from the harvest of the sugarcane to the packaging of the rum.


However, the best thing about our guide was that he managed to move us to the era of slavery. Among all the anecdotes I remember one with a special emotion.

Taken from their African lands, the slaves arrived in the New World, separated from what they wanted and what they knew. Nothing was familiar to them, no one they knew before, not even the flowers or insects told them about their home. They just found something in the farms where they were enslaved that made them feel their land. The sacred tree, the Ceiba or Bongo.

ceiba tree valley of the sugar mills trinidad cuba


It was not exactly the same kind of tree, but being from the same family it was very easy to confuse them. Under the Ceiba of the farm of San Isidro, I was put for the first time in front of all the horror caused by Spain where millions of families who saw their loved ones ripped out and taken to distant lands.


There is a steam train that makes the trip Trinidad – Manaca Iznaga for 10 CUC per person. As we discussed this ingenuity is amazing but we would not have done without the whole story we were told in San Isidro sugar mill. That is why we recommend that you visit at least these two mills. The farms are quite far away so the option of the train is not good if you want to do something other than going to Manaca.

We found transportation through the landlord of our private house. For 35 CUC not only he took us to the two mills but on the way back he left us and picked us up in Ancón Beach, as we presented you in the post that we wrote about the budget.

Valle de los Ingenios is easily seen in three hour’s time, so I recommend you take advantage of the day and try to negotiate with a taxi driver a route of this type to see different points of interest near Trinidad on the same day.


Ancon Beach is that expanse of white sand and crystal clear waters, in which you thought a lot when proceeding with the payment of your plane tickets to the island. However, to say that it is only that is just not enough. Ancon Beach are also rocks that hide millions of colorful fish. There are flames in the sky under the sunset light. And hours under the umbrella that will add years of life.

In short, going to Playa Ancon is mandatory if you visit Trinidad. However, I can not say that it is our favorite Cuban beach due to its easy access. As easy as to place on the beach a monstrous hotel full of tourists who we managed to dodge with difficulty. A miracle for families traveling with children and a nightmare for those who like to enjoy nature on their own. However, we will tell you some tricks to make Ancon beach your private paradise.

playa ancon beach paradise trinidad

Ancon beach


We  liked Ancón beach so much that once was not enough and we returned.


The first day we rent bikes in Trinidad for 5 CUC per person. In total it takes about 40 minutes to reach the beach so you have to take into account the physical condition. Bear in mind that the return will be uphill.

playa ancon beach in trinidad cuba

The trail that we did by bike in Playa Ancón

The return to Trinidad by bicycle was hard to us because a thunderstorm started out of nowhere. With the rain the road was filled with crabs that it was impossible not to run over. If we add to this some thunder that threatened to hit us and the fact that we returned practically in darkness we can not say that the return was pleasant.

A storm began in Playa Ancón and we still had a lot to pedal to our casa particular

things to do in trinidad cuba playa ancon storm

Upon arriving at our casa particular we were able to photograph the lightning bolts

The journey to Ancon Beach was not a path of roses either. The heat was huge and we were soon to bathe in the Boca. Luckily our private house warned us that faecal waters were spilled there but I bet that many who decide to go by bicycle to Playa Ancón without this information, stop at La Boca and bathe, since it is the first beach you can see from Trinidad.

But not all are bad for the bicycle. Being able to stop at each beach we wanted to find the one that we liked the most. You can also find both stretches of white sand and more rocky coves to snorkel. If you go by bicycle you can go to the main beach where there are places to eat and then return to one of those beaches where you will be alone.


We made our second visit to Playa Ancon , as we have commented in the section of the Valle de loss Ingenios, through a personalized tour with the help of the private house where we were staying. Our landlord took us to see two mills in the valley and then he left us at Ancon Beach. After sunset he picked us up at the same spot where he had left us.

The best thing about going to Playa Ancón by car is the comfort and time it will take to get there. However, it limits to a large extent the areas of the beach that you can explore. This is undoubtedly the best option for those who want to spend the day lying down and ordering cocktail in the beach bar next door.

We paid 35 CUC for the tour while a round trip taxi Trinidad – Playa Ancon you can find it for 10 CUC. If you plan to visit both the Valle de los Ingenios and Playa Ancón, we recommend that you do so as you will save money and time.


Ancón Beach is an extensive land that spreads out over the Caribbean Sea. Do not just imagine a very long beach. It is an extension of land that you can hardly cover completely on foot. Each corner is different. Some with all the amenities ideal for families, other sections where you can enjoy the paradise of Playa Ancón in solitude. Be the type of beach that they really are, we promise you that in this section we will find the option that best suits you.

As some of these coves have no name at least known to us, we present them to you on a map with the name we have baptized them so that you know what part of the beach we are talking about.


The first beach we will talk about and the only beach we name precisely for you to stay away is the beach of La Boca. If you go to Playa Ancón by bicycle, after half an hour pedaling through the hot Cuba, it is logical that you will be tempted to refresh yourself in the first piece of sea you see. However, you should know that in La Boca the sewage gets dumped both from Trinidad and neighboring towns. The beach is not dirty and there are no signs of warning. We got rid of this experience thanks to the fact that the owners of our private house warned us of this fact. If you go by there you will see that there are some clueless tourists enjoying their beach day in these waters.

No matter how hot you feel, wait for the next beach. Paradise is close. We promise!

Snorkel Playa Ancón

Although almost all of Ancon Beach is white sand, there are those who prefer to enjoy rocky beaches where the waters are more crystalline by not getting muddy with the sand. We love to snorkel. If you also come by bicycle we recommend you to stop at the point of the map we have called Snorkel Playa Ancón. This piece of beach has big umbrellas made of straw to rest and a pile of rocks full of colorful fish and plenty of marine life. In this corner of the beach you can even find coral.

snorkel in trinidad cuba playa ancon beach

Snorkel Playa Ancón

Along the road from Playa Ancon we saw some companies that rented snorkel gear near this beach, because in this area there are more rocks than sand. We had our own diving goggles, so we put ourselves in this location, perfect for snorkeling and where we were alone.

In addition to being an intermediate point between the main beach of Playa Ancon and Trinidad it is a perfect place to watch the sunset. If you have come to Playa Ancón by bike remember that you have a long way back and it is not convenient for you to spend 40 minutes pedaling in the dark. From this beach it will take you less in return to Trinidad as it is in the middle of the road.

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If you decide to spend the day at the beginning of the main beach of Playa Ancón, you will have a beach bar nearby where you can eat or have a cocktail and at the same time you will not be surrounded by hundreds of bathers.

This is your ideal beach if you like the convenience of having the bar next door and at the same time you do not want your neighbor’s children to step on your towel.

playa ancon in trinidad cuba relax

West Ancon beach

We visited this side of the beach the day we biked, but it is also an ideal place if you come by car. Since you will be isolated and at the same time close to an establishment where you can even buy a bottle of water.


This area of the beach is the most crowded of all. The guests of the immense hotel only have to cross the sand that separates them from the sea. It is also the favorite spot to meet taxi drivers. If you ask to be taken to Playa Ancón they will take you here.

the best beach in trinidad is playa ancon

Sunset at Playa Ancón

Cubans do not like to drive at night. Avoid at all costs to taxi services after sunset and that for a photographer can be a problem. The day we went to this area of the beach we came in with the car of our shared house and the landlord asked us not to be later than 8:30 on the doorstep of the hotel. There he would pick us up back to Trinidad.

So we did not have another one, when the sun began to fall and with just enough time to meet  our landlord we approached the hotel from the beach where we were.

Sunset at Playa Ancón

Surprisingly the crowd that had been in the morning disappeared.

sunset in playa ancon the best beach in cuba trinidad

Sunset at Playa Ancón

Almost alone, we experienced one of those sunsets that are kept in the retina forever. We have seen many since then but none as beautiful as this one.

sunset in playa ancon the best beach in cuba trinidad

Sunset at Playa Ancón

First the water became a reflection of the infinite sky.

sunset in playa ancon the best beach in cuba trinidad

Sunset at Playa Ancón

When the sun plummeted, sky and sea were engulfed in flames of bright colors.

sunset in playa ancon the best beach in cuba trinidad

Sunset at Playa Ancón

Purples, oranges, fuchsias, blues; the most valuable free show in the world.

sunset in playa ancon the best beach in cuba trinidad

Sunset at Playa Ancón

Paradise of Ancon Beach

And even if we did not live that magical sunset in which we have baptized like our Paradise of Ancon Beach, we have no doubt that we should have seen the same or better 500 meters from the hotel. Where we spent the whole morning.

As we discussed most of the taxis prefer to leave you near the hotel. Walking along the beach  on the left towards the end of the land of Playa Ancón you will see straw umbrellas hidden among the vegetation. You have to walk about 15 minutes to find you totally alone and with perfect privacy to make this your own private beach.

sunset in playa ancon the best beach in cuba trinidad

Our private beach at Ancon

In the 5 hours we spent in this corner of white sand and blue waters nobody crossed our umbrella. And the only ones who stepped on our towels were crabs and hermits, which from time to time came out of the holes they dug in the sand.

the best beach in playa ancon trinidad cuba travel guide

Our first time together in the Caribbean

Although snorkeling is not the best option, because the fine sand clouds the water by the waves, if you could only visit a beach it would be this one.


If you are staying late at Playa Ancon, or any other beach in Cuba, do not forget to bring a good mosquito repellent.

Although there are mosquitos all the time when it cools it appears to be what they call “pulguilla“, the flea beetle. This tiny mosquito that is found mostly in coastal areas and leaves a very annoying sting, a kind of tiny pimple that is more than the itching. Besides, you not only receive one bite. Flea beetles usually go in groups and suddenly have a thousand bites all over your body. To make matters worse the marks remain for several weeks, as well as the burning.

My advice is that if you plan to be on the beach to watch the sunset, you equip yourself with repellent and if possible, you better be accompanied by someone who gets stung more than you. In my case accompanied by Dani I had no problem. I was not bitten by a bug while he suffered from the painful presentation of the flea beetles.


I could not miss in this complete guide of Trinidad a section to talk about the nightlife of this city. Even Havana cannot compete with Trinidad’s nightlife. To live the authentic Son Cubano touch it will be your turn to lose yourself in the Trinidad night. In this section we tell you three main sites where you can enjoy the Cuban party that you cannot miss.

casa de la música OF TRINIDAD

Of all the existing ones in Cuba, the Casa de la Música of Trinidad is the most acclaimed. By day you will pass in front of its stairs without appreciating it. However at dusk it is difficult to find a gap between the steps.

The Casa de la Música is composed of an outdoor stage and more space to sit between the stairs than on the few tables in front of the dance floor.

backpacking trinidad cuba

Casa de la Música of Trinidad

Anonymous couples give themselves up to the dance, while the others look with envy from the stands. Normally two groups play live. We were lucky enough to see two completely different styles. The first was Latin music, where they played a large part of our Cuban classics.

The second performance was of Afro-Cuban music. The humor, eroticism, and incomprehensible rites with a lot of emotional charge were accompanied by the rumble of drums made by artisans. We had never seen a similar performance. It seemed like a religious ritual.

casa de la musica things to do in trinidad

Casa de la Música of Trinidad


In the historical center, Casa de la Trova is an ideal place to enjoy Cuban music while enjoying a good rum. It is a less crowded place than the Casa de la Música, mainly because the performances are not held outdoors.

They also have live music and all kinds of events are held to promote Cuban musical development. It also serves as a museum thanks to the decoration where local discographies and objects of high cultural value are shown.

The price of admission is 1 CUC. We recommend this place if you prefer something less crowded than the Casa de la Música.


The Disco Ayala also known as la Cueva (the Cave) is one of the most popular discos in all of Cuba. The nightclub is directly inside a cave. The rough walls of the stone are illuminated every night with the lights of this club. If you want to end the night dancing Reggaeton or the two previous options you think are closed too early we recommend that you come here. The place does not close until 3 in the morning. It opens every day but during the weekends it can be a bit overwhelming. The price of the tickets and drinks is 3 CUC.

It is located a little away from the center. We finally did not go there because the night we had booked to go to the club I got sick as I comment in this post. So no doubt as soon as we return to the island we will go to this place.



This is probably the restaurant where we ate the best food on the whole trip. At least to me, since being a vegetarian in Cuba is somehow challenging. I could never have imagined the limited variety of foods to which Cubans have access. However in Sol Ananda there was everything and it was delicious.

sol aranda things where to eat restaurants in trinidad cuba

Sol Ananda

The decor also could not be more original, retaining all the furniture of the old colonial palace where it is located. The tables were made hollow between the spaces left by a bed with golden details. The wardrobe, the mirrors, everything is from the colonial era.

sol aranda things where to eat restaurants in trinidad cuba

Sol Ananda decoration

This taste is required if you visit Trinidad. The price is ok. For 25CUC we dined two people with drinks included. The staff is very nice and we also enjoyed the evening with a group playing live. Ideal for traveling couples.


After the anecdote they told us in the sugar mill of San Isidro of Distilleries we became fond of the Ceibas. The main attraction of this restaurant, as you can imagine, is one of these immense trees overlooking the terrace.

We liked the place very much. I recommend it especially for dinner while enjoying the breeze of eternal summer.

Taberna la Botija

And not every restaurant will be advised for couples in love. Our last recommendation to eat well in Trinidad is La Botija. This tavern serves meals 24h. Your perfect place if you leave the night club Ayala with more hunger than sleep.

The quality is quite good for the low price. The walls are decorated with instruments of torture used during the centuries of slavery, as well as shackles.

la botija things where to eat restaurants in trinidad cuba

La Botija

We went to dinner, one night that we were late and everything was closed. some people recommended this place and it was completely full. Strong music and groups of young people clearly arranged to go out that night in this place.


As we explained in the Guide to planning your trip to Cuba we always stayed in private houses. We found them the same day we arrived at a new place. However in the case of Trinidad I will insist on recommending our private house. It is called the house of Tony and China. It is very close to the historic center, at 293A de Calle Desengaño.

This marriage owns our favorite house of the entire trip. From the terrace you could see all Trinidad. Especially the tower of the Museum of the Bandidos and the tower of the Trinidad History Museum.

where to stay accomodations in trinidad cuba

Views of Trinidad from the terrace of our casa particular

The breakfasts on the terrace for 5 CUC were great. With a variety that in other houses we did not see.

breakfast in trinidad cuba things to do

Our breakfast

Our landlord was also our driver in order to go to the Valle de los Ingenios and to Ancón Beach, as we said before.

During my stay in Trinidad I got infected by amoebas (in this post I will tell you my experience with Cuban hospitals and health insurance). Tony and China not only bought me medicines, but they also cooked me a soft diet so that I could recover. Lovely people.

They were great with us and if we went back to Trinidad we would not hesitate to go there. Here you can make a reservation at his home. We did not go with a reservation and we were able to negotiate a price of 15 CUC per room / night. However, in high season it is not surprising that if you go without a reservation there are no rooms left.


If you intend to visit the Old Town of Trinidad, do the Salto del Caburní route, visit the Valle de los Ingenios and enjoy Ancón beach at least three full days are necessary.

We passed one more because I got sick, but we had enough things to see, especially the old town. Three and a half days or four would be more than enough to not miss anything essential of Trinidad.


To finish this Trinidad guide we wanted to include a section to indicate how to get to the city.

Trinidad is the most visited city in the northern half of Cuba after Havana. So you will have no problem moving around using any means of transport.

If you arrive to Trinidad from Cienfuegos, as we did, it is best to use a shared taxi.

However, if you want to get to Trinidad from Havana our recommendation is a private bus (if you want to leave from the center of Havana) or a Viazul bus (if you do not mind leaving from the Viazul bus station outside Havana) ).

If you want to make connections Trinidad – Viñales you will not have another option than shared taxi, because if you decide to go by bus you will have to make a connection in Havana and you will lose a lot of time.

I recommend you read the transport section included in the guide to planning a trip to Cuba.


written by Ascenphotography by danzafra

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