Son cubano – The playlist you can’t miss in your Cuban trip

After reading the Guide to planning a trip to Cuba, you think you have everything ready? Let’s see, Why was it set on fire in Tula’s room? What kind of question is that? You are forgetting the most important thing on your trip to the island. The Son Cubano. The music and rhythm that runs through the veins of every inhabitant of Cuba.

In this post, we have selected 8 songs that you should take to the island. We promise that after you loop this list you will not only meet Tula as if you had been dancing with her all night. You’ll be thrilled to say goodbye to Che in Santa Clara and you’ll learn Cuban words that I assure, you will still not understand at your return.

Start to live to the Cuban rhythm, reproduce the list when preparing your luggage, in the sub visualizing already in some paradisaical beach or dancing in your living room as if you were in the House of the music of Trinidad.

You can not go to Cuba and not listen to it. Even if you do not look for it, she will find you. And when this happens I hope that at least you know some of them or, as it happened to us, we had them so internalized that it was as if by chance they played our song.

These are our chosen ones, although there are many others that to this day they are able to take us to Cuba with only two notes.

Chan Chan

Our favorite. It does not matter if you listen to the version of Buena Vista Social Club, Compay Segundo or an unnamed group in the Plaza Vieja de la Havana. It is always unparalleled. Learn it well because it may be the one that sounds the most on your trip.

El cuarto de Tula

A hilarious song that deals with how the house of this Tula was set on fire. Pay attention at the lyrics. It is also a classic that will not stop sounding on your trip to Cuba.

Hasta Siempre

I love the depth of this one and the feeling with which they sing it. A very emotional farewell to Che Guevara that makes you understand in large part that contradictory feeling of love/hate that Cubans have about the Revolution.

La negra Tomasa

Another mythical song. Here we leave you the Compay Segundo’s version. A simple and catchy song that you will learn without even giving notice.


Almost the second part of Cuarto de Tula. With more fire and more firefighters. To dance it very close.

Guajira Guantanamera

This I know it since I have use of reason. It was covered by I do not know how many artists. Here we leave you the Compay Segundo’s version.

Me voy pa’ la Habana

This song we did not stop singing it the days before the trip. Actually, It isn’t a Cuban song and we did not listen to it during the trip, but it is great to motivate those lazy people who leave the suitcase until the last moment. Come on guys, lets go to Havana!!!

A la United Café

I love it because I do not understand a word of what it says and I said: Well I put it here to see if someone translates it to me. Any volunteer?

written by Ascen

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