Il Conto – Travel budget for Sicily in 10 days

Sicily was our first trip together. So it was not a backpacker trip as such. So the budget we had was higher than for other types of trips I have done before and after with backpack. Sleeping in bed always comes out more expensive than sleeping under the stars.



As we commented in our roadmap we flew to Palermo airport and came back from Catania. If tickets to Sicily are not cheap, simply buy two one-way tickets instead of one round-trip ticket.

The tickets Madrid – Palermo cost us 263 € between the two (with the billing of a suitcase that we share). And the tickets Catania – Madrid cost us 300 €.

Total flight costs = 563 (two people + 1 checked bag)


Communications are not exactly the strong point of Sicily. Public transportation is based on non-existent buses, or old and extremely slow trains. The most convenient (and practically unique) way is to travel by renting a car.

We rent a car for 8 days. The price of the rent was 216 €. Also, because of not leaving the car in the same place where we had picked, we were overcharged 60 €. We also had to rent a GPS which cost us 80 €. Of course we contracted an all-risk insurance that cost us 84 €.

Total transport cost = 440 (rental car for 8 days)


I take this opportunity to recommend that you NEVER CONTRACT INSURANCE WITH A CAR SEARCH ENGINE. Hire it directly with the company to which you rent the car. If you do not hire the rent directly with the car company you can hire the insurance at the counter once you go to pick up the car.

That is, if you find a good price for car hire in car search engines like (Rentalcars, economycarsrental, etc…) rent the car to these search engines, but do not hire insurance until you go to the counter of the car rental Company (Henz, Enterprise, etc.).

The insurances that the search engines sells are not the same and in case of an accident you will have more problems if you do not hire the one of the rental company. In addition to that if you do not subsequently hire the insurance at the counter, they will be looking at the minimum scratch at the time of returning the car.


We went to Sicily with all the accommodations previously booked through Airbnb. Without a doubt, of all the places we visited, Taormina and Stromboli are the most touristic; therefore the most expensive (remember that we were traveling the last week of July, high season).

  • Palermo: 38€
  • Milazzo: 45€
  • Stromboli: 86
  • Taormina: 72€
  • Siracusa: 27€ ( it included bicycles)
  • Aci Trezza: 34 €

Luckily I managed to convince Dani to sleep in the open at Stromboli, with the intention of seeing the volcano erupting under the stars. So at the last minute we canceled the Airbnb by recovering part of the reservation. And no, we did not do it for the money. Making bivouac together in Stromboli for the first time is something we will never erase that from our minds or from our hearts.

Total accommodation costs = 216 €


In addition to the flights, the rental car and the accommodations, from Spain we booked the ferry to Stromboli. The return fare between Milazzo and Stromboli was 45 € per person. We booked it with Usticaline.

We spent on the trip 370 € each, among pizzas, pasta dishes that made the mouth water and many mezzi litri di vino bianco della casa. Within that amount we also hired a boat trip in Aci Trezza to tour the riviera dei Ciclopi for 15 € per person.


Another important thing that cannot be counted financially was the two nights we spent hosted by Dani’s friends, Jonathan and Anthea. Two days of incalculable value for all the history and culture that transmitted us, so much that we fell in love with Sicily as if we were already part of it.

Grazie milLe per aprire le porte della vostra casa e il vostro cuore Siciliano


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