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Top things to do in Sicily in a 10-day road trip

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Traveling across Sicily in 10 days by car was an incredible experience. We were sure we wanted to visit Italy, but in the middle of July and considering the mass tourism and the stifling heat in cities like Rome during summertime, we decided to opt for one of the islands.

Decadent architecture evoking times of greater glory, gastronomy like Arancini, Cannoli or the famous Dolci di Pistacchio, and especially the Mafia or “Cosa Nostra” are some of the images that usually come to mind when someone thinks of Sicily.

Duomo di Cefalú in 10-day Sicily itinerary

However, throughout these different posts, we also wanted to discover the deep-rooted and traditional culture, history, landscapes and magic surrounding this ancient island of the Mediterranean.

Welcome to the complete travel guide for planning a 10-day trip to Sicily by car. By the end of this post, you will have the necessary tools to start preparing your 10-day trip to Sicily itinerary.


  • Day 1: Arrival in Palermo
  • Day 2: Tour around the city of Palermo
  • Day 3: Day in Cefalù
  • Day 4: Day in Stromboli
  • Day 5: Visit  Savoca and arrival in Taormina
  • Day 6: Taormina
  • Day 7: Syracuse
  • Day 8: Ragusa, Noto, Modica, and Ávola
  • Day 9: Aci Trezza
  • Day 10: Return flight from Catania

Now, we will help you plan the best itinerary for a trip to Sicily for you.

HOW TO plan YOUR Sicily road trip itinerary

In this first section, we will try to clarify some necessary points to plan your itinerary to Sicily.


If you are going to spend 10 days in Sicily, you should bear in mind: 10 days are not enough to travel around the whole island. For us, the most difficult time during the preparation of our tour  was  having to decide among different areas of the island that we really wanted to visit.

If you want to travel across the whole island, you will need at least 20 days to 1 month.

how to get around sicily

The second thing you should consider is how to move around the island. Public transportation is not very extended or reliable. Buses are almost non-existent, while trains are old and extremely slow. With no doubt the most convenient plan is to visit Sicily by car.

Train passing through the ss113 road between cefalu and milazzo. 10-day sicily itinerary

Although Sicilians have a reputation for being bad drivers, we did not have any problems. If you are into Road Trips, Sicily is an authentic paradise.


Upon arrival in Sicily, the first thing on your list should be renting a car. Unless you fly to Palermo,  where we suggest renting the car for your Sicilian road trip the day you leave this city. Driving and parking in Palermo is completely chaotic. The best option is to use public transportation while visiting the city, and later return to the airport to pick up the rental car.

You can check our tips to get a cheap rental car here.


There are two main airports in Sicily. The airport of Palermo is located in the Northwest, whereas the one in Catania is in the Southeast.

If you can only spend 10 days in Sicily, I strongly recommend not to take a round trip flight at the same airport. It is better to take a one-way flight to one of the two airports and leave the return flight from the other.

Once we book our flights, now comes the most difficult decision: our travel itinerary.

Top things TO do IN SICILY IN 10 DAYS

If you travel to Sicily, keep in mind that 10 days is not enough to take a circular trip around the island. After landing in one of the two main airports of the island, now it’s time to decide: Should we take a trip through the north side or should we travel through the south?

There are many things to do on a Road Trip through Sicily. Here, we will tell you the best of Sicily, the most interesting things to do in Sicily, and those that you should not miss on a longer trip (20 days or 1 month).

snorkel in Via Giudecca in Cefalu Sicily itinerary

Throughout this article, you will find all the information you need so you can choose between taking a Sicily road trip through the north or the south of the island.

Let’s go review the best of Sicily, the must-see places, and top things to do on the Island.


Many civilizations left their mark in Palermo, which is one of the main reasons to visit this city and have a better understanding  of the history of Sicily.  Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Bourbons…a great variety of cultures made Palermo their home as it was located in a strategic territory of the island.

Cattedrale di Palermo. 10-day sicily road trip

Unfortunately, it also became known for corruption in the last century, especially for the Mafia or “Cosa Nostra.”

In spite of the bad reputation that exists in Palermo in terms of order, cleanliness and security, the historical and cultural variety, as well as the infinite markets and the narrow alleys and streets, make the city as one of the most remarkable places on the island and a recommendable place for the start of our tour.

If you want to plan your visit to Palermo further, you can find out the best things to do in Palermo here.


Cefalù is one of the most visited places in Sicily. Despite being a small fishing village, the blue water of the Tyrrhenian Sea draws thousands of tourists every year, especially during the  hot summer months.

travel around sicily. the best of sicily Promontorio de Torre Caldura seen from Castillo Normando in the submitt of Cefalú rock. 10-days sicily road trip

It is called the Norman citadel, and since 2015, it is considered by UNESCO as part of the Arab-Norman route of Sicily.

Here you can find our guide to Cefalù.


The Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro was the first natural reserve established in Sicily.

In this natural reserve, you will find mountains and steep vertical cliffs over the sea, small bays with paradisiacal beaches, and endemic wildlife that you will not find anywhere else on the island.

Here you can see the photo of one of its beaches.


One of the most popular things to do when traveling around Sicily is visiting a volcano. One of the best options is Stromboli. This is the most popular of the Aeolian Islands, as it is still an active and erupting volcano.

Its small fishing village of tiny white houses and narrow streets takes you back in time.

Street in Stromboli Sicily Italy.

Stromboli is very different from the other Sicilian cities. There are no cars on the island and no traffic rush. If you want to know the most famous Sicilian volcanic beaches, do not miss our guide to Stromboli.


An alternative option to visit other group of islands instead of the Aeolian are the Egades Islands.

These islands stand out for their intense blue waters that have been widely photographed. However, the Egades are much more. You will find natural landscapes, caves, gastronomy, and history.

Here we leave an image of its clean turquoise waters.


If you travel around Sicily by car, you have to make a brief stop in Savoca, especially if you are a classical cinema lover. The reason is that some of the most famous scenes from “The Godfather” were filmed in this picturesque town.

Dani in the Bar Vitelli door in Savoca Sicily Italy. Things to do in Sicily in one week.

Enjoy a delicious Granite di pistacchio in the well-known Vitelli Bar and the incredible views of the sea and the mountains.

Here is our guide to Savoca.


One of the most well-known places of interest in Sicily is the Scala dei Turchi. This pure white coastal rock formation is one of the best places to enjoy the Sicilian summer. Its shape and the small natural steps in the limestone are unique.

In addition, on both sides of the rock we find two beaches with fine sand. Here you can see a photo of this geographical feature.


In Agrigento, we will find the best preserved Greek temples in the world. The city was an important landmark both in Greek and Roman times. However, it never recovered from the siege of Byzantines and Christians.

Finally, the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and today is one of the most visited attractions in Sicily.

Here you can see a common scene of Agrigento.


Taormina is the place where the luxury tourism of Sicily is mostly concentrated. This is the place where the tourism sector of the island and the Mediterranean started back in the XIX century. Besides  trying one of the best pizzas in the world, you can visit the  well-known Isola Bella.

Isola Bella Sicily Italy. 10-day road trip to sicily

Here we leave you details with our full guide to Taormina.


Syracuse was the most important Greek city in Sicily. Even though many centuries passed, it manages to preserve the Greek beauty in every corner. Strolling across the streets transports you to another time. With no doubt, it was one of the biggest surprises on the island for us.

Duomo di Siracusa in Ortigia syracuse sicily june italy itinerary

Also at a very short distance away, you can find the Area Marina Protetta del Plemmirio,  where you can find small beaches all for yourself with no one to bother you even in the middle of summer.

Here you can discover with our guide to Syracuse.


Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe at a height of 3350m. Your visit is almost obligatory if you travel to Sicily. You can take a guided tour or climb the mountain on your own.

differente routes to discover sicily in 10 days. etna volcano from Madonna della Rocca at sunrise in Taormina Sicily Italy

Unlike other volcanoes such as Stromboli, Etna’s lava is not always visible, but only present during short periods of explosion.

The Crateri Silvestri can be accessed free of charge, but to climb higher, you can take a cable car and a jeep that takes you up to 2900 meters.


If you want to see the beautiful baroque Sicily, do not miss the Southeast area of the island, with charming cities like Ragusa, Noto, Avola or Modica.

In Ragusa, an earthquake changed the history of the island. Noto is the best example of Italian Baroque in the world. In Avola, you will delight yourself with the best arancini, the arancino nero di Ávola. While in Modica, you will enjoy chocolate made using cold pressing techiques, the same that was used by the Aztecs.

Duomo di San Giorgio Ragusa Sicily shouteast travel to sicily in 10 days

Discover all the southeast of Sicily accompanied by a couple of locals with this article.


Aci Trezza is known for some very peculiar volcanic rock formations on the coast, called Faraglioni dei Ciclope.

Sunrise on the Riviera dei Ciclopi in Aci Trezza sicily itinerary. travel to sicily in 10 days

If you want to learn the Greek myth that named this place you cannot miss our guide to Aci Trezza.


Catania is the second most important city in Sicily. The main attraction here is Mount Etna, as it is fairly close.

Its airport is a good alternative to make a one-way route to the north or the south towards Palermo airport, or to enjoy the eastern area of Sicily.


Now it’s your turn. Think which of these places you do not want to miss if you travel to Sicily and find out if they are in the north or south.

Sicily travel itinerary maps

Here is the Sicily itinerary map  if you decide to travel North coast of Sicily:

And here the Sicily itinerary map if you decide to take the road trip through the south of the island:

In any case I don’t recommend trying to see all the points indicated in 10 days. Sicily requires more time.


I guess you have no doubt about our travel itinerary to Sicily. That’s right, we took our trip through the north area of the island.

The decision was easy after talking to a friend of Dani, Rubén, who is a historian and archaeologist. He knows the island quite well and told us that he slept in the open in Stromboli while he watched the lava erupting from the volcano. As soon as we heard the story, we knew that we would go to this little island, making the itinerary across the north.

what to visit in sicily by car in 10 days

At the end of our trip, Stromboli proved to be the best adventure during our time in Sicily.

The only thing we regret is that we did not visit the Etna volcano, as in 2016, the year we traveled to Sicily, this volcano was more active than Stromboli.

You can check the 10-day itinerary for our Sicily self-drive holidays and a list of our hotel in Sicily below.


On our first day traveling to Sicily, we arrived at Palermo airport where we took a bus to go to the city center (line 29 worth € 10). We arrived at about noon and went to our first accommodation that was located near the Mercato della Vucceria where we had lunch and spent the afternoon. At the end of the day, we ate the best pizza we tried in the 10 days of or trip to Sicily by car.

mercado de la vucciria must-see places in sicily by car palermo


The second day of our Sicily trip, we got up very early as we had to see many of Palermo’s tourist attractions.

visit sicily in 10 days by car palermo holidays

First we visited the Teatro Massimo that was not far from our hotel. Then we went through the Mercato di Capo enjoying all the aromas of traditional Italian cuisine until we reached the Cattedrale di Palermo. Nearby we visit the Cappella Palatina and the Palazzo dei Normanni, that are two essential places to visit in Sicily.

sicily travel guide for 10 day itinerary selfdrive

Finally, we had to walk to the Catacombe dei Cappuccini, a place that surprised us a lot and that I don’t recommend if you are scared about skeletons and mummies.


On the third day of our route through Sicily, we returned to the Palermo airport to pick up our rental car that would take us around the island and headed for Cefalù, a beautiful coastal town on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea with deep blue waters.

how to plan a trip to sicily in 10 days guide cefalu italy

As soon as we arrived we made the hiking route that took us to la Rocca, a hill on which the whole town can be seen and in the afternoon we went to rest at the beach of Arrecife de Giudecca, after visiting the Duomo di Cefalù.

10-day sicily trip by car Giudecca in Cefalú

I advise you to try the cannoli that they sell in the square where this cathedral is. They were the best one we tried on our trip to Sicily in 10 days. At the end of the afternoon, we headed to Milazzo, where the next day we would take a ferry.


No doubt the fourth day of our Sicily tour was the most adventurous. We took a ferry very early that took us to Stromboli, one of the Aeolian Islands. Upon arrival, we could see the imposing Stromboli volcano that formed the island and that hours later we would climb. But first, we toured its black sand beaches and discovered a cave where we would spend the night. An authentic adventure that we are willing to repeat.

1 week in sicily trip holiday itinerary


The next morning and after not having slept almost nothing, we took the ferry back to Sicily and we headed to Taormina although first, we made a short stop in Savoca, a village in the mountain where the Saga of the Godfather was recorded.

how to visit sicily in 10 day short holidays to italy

After taking a yummy granite of pistacchio in the well-known Bar Viteli, we followed our route arriving in Taormina almost at night, which we toured with its special charm.

Our first night, we went to dinner at Villa Zuccaro, a pizzeria that won the prize for the best pizzas in Italy and the truth is that they were delicious but we liked more the ones we ate in Palermo.


On the sixth day of our trip through Sicily, we were able to discover Taormina thoroughly. Keep in mind that Taormina is one of the most expensive places in Sicily.

best places to visit in sicily in 10 days taormina italy

During this day we visited the main street called Corso Umberto, passing by the Duomo di Taormina and the beautiful views of Piazza IX Aprile. At the end of the street, we take the funicular that leads to Isola Bella, which we did not particularly like because it is very touristy and crowded. On our return, we climb to the Madonna della Rocca Sanctuary to see the views of the entire city and Etna volcanoe behind us.


Before heading to Syracuse, we visited one of the main attractions of Taormina that we left without seeing the day before, to do it in the early hours of the morning and almost without people, the Antico di Taormina Theater. Without a doubt, this theater is a must-see in Sicily in 10 days if you want to be surprised by the architectural remains that the Greeks left on the island.

10-day trip to sicily vacations taormina greek theater.

We headed to Siracusa afterwards and we went to a marine reserve that is very close: the marine protected area of Premmirio. At mid-afternoon, we went to explore the island of Ortigia, an island of only 2 square kilometers that connects with the new area of Siracusa by the Ponte de Santa Lucía.

sicily trip planner best things to visit itinerary ortigia syracuse

Once on the island the aesthetic changes completely and it is that Ortigia makes you go back in time to the Greek era. We were very surprised by the Duomo di Siracusa because from inside the cathedral you can see the columns of an ancient Greek temple, as well as the Fonte Aretusa, full of Greek mythology.


The next morning we visited the Neapolis archaeological park, where in addition to Greek remains, there are ruins from the Normandy domain to the Middle Ages, including the Roman Empire and the Hellenistic era.

best things to visit in sicily in 10 days

Then, we went to Giarratana where some Sicilian friends were waiting for us with homemade food. Without a doubt, if you have the opportunity to stay during your trip to Sicily with a local friend, do it! It is the best way to visit Sicily.

how to tour around sicily by car

With our friends, we went to discover some charming cities that are around, the baroque cities of Ragusa, Noto, Modica, and Ávola. For me, this was the day I enjoy the most of my trip to Sicily by car.


After saying goodbye to our friends, we headed to Aci Trezza, where we would finish our trip to Sicily. We fell in love from the first moment with this beautiful coastal town. Here we could enjoy the Isole dei Ciclopi, tiny islands formed by the activity of Etna volcano thousands of years ago. In the afternoon we took a short boat ride that took us to get closer to these lava formations that are also known as Faraglioni.

best places to visit in sicily trip in 10 days by car


The last day of our trip, we got up very early to see the sunrise behind the Faraglioni. Then we had to drive to the Catania airport to return our rental car and return home. No doubt you will need more than 10 days to go around Sicily. We want to come back soon to see some places we had no time to visit during our first trip to Sicily.

best of sicily by car in 10 days tourism




The best way to stay in Sicily is either at a hotel or a Bed & Breakfast.

This is our accommodation proposal for a Sicily road trip.

Palermo – Very cheap apartment in the city center

Cefalù – We did not stay in Cefalù since it was quite expensive. The best quality price we found is this apartment.

Milazzo – Very close to the port to catch the ferry the next day.

Stromboli – We slept in the open. Bivouac in the Grotta di Eolo although we booked this accommodation.

Taormina – Especially cheap accommodation for Taormina and quite well located. If you are traveling around Sicily by car, it will be better if you leave it in a parking lot before entering this city.

Siracusa – Small cheap apartment and very well located.

Ragusa, Noto, Modica and Ávola – We stayed at the home of our Sicilian friend Jonathan. Some alternatives would be the following: Ragusa, Noto, Modica and Avola.

Aci Trezza – Modern and quite cheap accommodation and well located.

If you visit other areas of Sicily you can find the most convenient accommodation here.

We tried all the accommodation recommended here. Also, if you book your hotel through our booking links we will take a small commission without affecting the price paid by the reader at all. This way you can support us to continue with this project.


Despite the fact that Sicily is not particularly expensive, most touristy places can be pricey. You must pay special attention if you want to stay some nights in Cefalù, Taormina or Stromboli where the prices increase considerably.

Also, if you want to know how much could be this travel to Sicily, also consider the time of the year that you are planning to travel, as July and August is very high season. Also, keep in mind that you should buy the best travel insurance if you don’t want any unforeseen things to ruin these incredible vacations. Also, if you are not from Europe, remember that it is essential to buy Schengen travel insurance when you visit Sicily.

If this is one of the many trips you are going to take this year, the cheapest option is to buy annual multi-trip travel insurance.

heymondo travel insurance

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We  wrote a specific post detailing our travel budget for Sicily in 10 days.

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  1. Rasha Law says:

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    Another question: your trip was in July, which I assume is pretty hot weather – did you not need to be near the water/pools to cool off?
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    • Capture the Atlas says:

      Thanks Rasha,

      Driving in Sicily can be chaotic in big cities like Palermo or Catania, but it’s generally fine across the island. In some small popular towns and villages there are parking fees, like in Taormina, but we parked for free in most of the locations.

      As regards the Sicilian heat, there are incredible beaches and delicious Sicilian ice creams to cool off 😉

      Have fun in your trip!

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      Hi Marietta,

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