Northern Lights hotels in Canada


Northern Lights Resort & Spa

If you want to make your Northern lights trip an unforgettable experience, the top option is the luxury and private wooden huts of the Northern Lights Resorts & Spa.

This resort offers relax and privacy in their new wooden cabins with Sauna, jacuzzi, restaurant, fireplaces and the best feature: A huge terrace to enjoy the Aurora away from the city lights.

Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast

Just 20 minutes away from the heart of Whitehorse and away from most of the light pollution, the Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast is one of the best choices for travelers chasing the Northern Lights in Yukon.

It offers a big outdoor terrace to see the Aurora, nice breakfast and a rustic cozy decoration to change your scene and enjoy this magical show.

Aurora Inn

Another top accommodation to see the Aurora in Yukon, this time from Dawson City, is the Aurora Inn. They offer great quality food, some rooms with Jacuzzi, and the opportunity to just take a step away and see a display of Northern Lights.


Just 30 minutes away from Whitehorse and in a superb location to see the Northern lights by the Yukon River, the Sundog Retreat offers homey wooden huts, sauna, and an outdoor jacuzzi to see the Northern lights safe and warm.

Triple B Bed n Breakfast

Our last suggested accommodation to see the Aurora in Yukon is the Triple B B&B, where you’ll enjoy the typical wooden huts with sauna in the middle of the forest.

The location is also superb for seeing the Aurora in Yukon; not too far from Whitehorse but far enough to stay away from light pollution and enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by the boreal forest.




Very close to Yellowknife but at the same time isolated by the Grace lake, you’ll feel like home at the Grace Lake Villa.

The location is one of the best to see the Aurora Borealis in the Northern Territories of Canada.

Jenny’s B&B

Jenny’s B&B offers the ultimate experience to see the Northern lights in Yellowknife; Hunting Aurora tours where a professional guide will take you in a Northern light chasing tour, and Aurora viewing experiences in Cabins and Teepees.

The accommodation is more a classic house B&B than a hotel, so if you are not so interested in luxuries but more into the Aurora borealis experience, this is a very interesting option.

Lou & Francis Guest House

The Lou & Francis Guesthouse cares about every detail to make your stay and Northern lights trip in the Northwest territories unforgettable.

The service and food are one of the best rated in Yellowknife.

Amazing Aurora B&B

If your plan is to see the Aurora from a beautiful location, the lake views of the Amazing Aurora B&B are unbeatable.

From this accommodation, you’ll enjoy the Northern lights reflected in the lake, one of the most impressive ways to see the Aurora.

Capital Suites Yellowknife

If you are looking for a more classic hotel, the Capital Suites Yellowknife might be your best bet. They offer a free transfer service from the airport, all the services you can find in standard hotels, and one of the best locations to chase the Aurora in all Canada.

Canadian Rockies

Jasper Inn & Suites

Offering some of the darkest skies in all of North America, Jasper is one of the best locations to see the Northern lights in the Canadian Rockies.

The Jasper Inn & Suites offers a high-quality hotel with a modern bar, terrace, swimming pool, Sauna and more facilities to make your stay in Jasper unforgettable.

Emerald Lake Lodge

I am a bit biased about the Emerald Lake Lodge. There I was lucky to see the Northern Lights for the first time in my life, in a show that will always remain in my memories.

The wooden cabins are rustic and a bit old-fashioned, but the food is superb, and the location is probably the best I’ve ever seen right in the middle of the most beautiful lake in the Canadian Rockies.


The Frobisher Inn

If your dream is to see the Aurora from a very remote and original location, the Frobisher Inn, in the city of Iqaluit, is not only your best but very likely your only option to see the Northern lights in the Arctic Nunavut territory.

The complex offers all the facilities of a standard hotel, with restaurants, gym, and spacious rooms.


A Frame Chalet

There aren’t many options for Northern lights accommodation in Manitoba, but in this rustic wooden chalet, you’ll be in the perfect spot to see the Northern lights in Churchill.

They also offer a service of transfer to the airport.

IceBerg Inn

More simple and affordable accommodation in Churchill is the Iceberg Inn; a small hostel offering all the basics to enjoy your Northern lights trip to Churchill.

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