Forest in Andorra, best esim for andorra

3 Best SIM Cards for Andorra in 2024

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You should buy a SIM card for Andorra if you want to access the Internet during your trip. These days, we rely heavily on our mobile phones while traveling, whether we’re checking flights, booking tickets, or uploading content to social media. Plus, if you want to be able to contact friends and loved ones during your trip to this country, you’ll want an Andorra eSIM or SIM card.

There are several ways to get Internet while traveling, but the best and most convenient option is an Andorra SIM. To help you sort through the different available ones, I’m sharing my top recommendations next, but I’ll tell you upfront that we use the eSIMs from Holafly, which are digital. After reading this guide, if you want one of these cards, use our Holafly discount code to save money on your purchase.

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Of course, there are other prepaid SIM cards for Andorra, including conventional SIMs that you insert into your device.

Before we begin, remember that Andorra is not part of the European Union, so you won’t be able to use a European SIM card for free when visiting this tiny yet incredible country. To avoid the hefty roaming fees, I highly recommend getting one of the cards in this guide. You’ll find all the details you need below, so let’s get started.

How do SIM cards for Andorra work?

SIM cards in Andorra use your phone’s roaming service to access the Internet. However, Andorra isn’t part of the EU, so roaming isn’t free here even if you have a SIM with free European Internet. While you’ll be able to browse the Web and use data, the cost to do so is quite high, so it’s not my first choice.

Snowy forest in Andorra, best sim cards for andorra

How do SIM cards for Andorra work?

Moreover, the only cell carrier in this country is Andorra Telecom, and they charge about €15 per day (or around €6/MB) for roaming. We actually had a friend who forgot to deactivate roaming on her phone before crossing the Spain-Andorra border, and she was charged €15 for just 20 minutes of Internet. Insane!

To avoid all this, I recommend buying a SIM or eSIM for Andorra. This way, you can still have Internet in Andorra without amassing a huge phone bill.

Price comparison – Best eSIMs and SIM cards for Andorra

There are a few different SIMs for Andorra, so I’ve created this chart to help you quickly compare them. You can see each card’s price, days of duration, and GB of data. I’ve included the Holafly eSIM, the local Andorra Telecom card, and the SimOptions card, which is another good alternative for accessing the Internet during your trip.





Holafly eSIM





SimOptions card



€50/10 GB

€45/30 GB

Andorra Telecom




€9/1 GB or €19/3 GB



Looking at this comparison chart, you can see that Andorra Telecom offers the cheapest cards. However, keep in mind that their data plans are quite low, so you’ll probably have to buy extra data during your trip. Unless your data consumption is super low and you’ll only be using the Internet for emergencies, I don’t recommend buying from this company.

Rather, the international eSIM from Holafly is a great choice if you want an eSIM for Andorra. If you prefer a physical card, the one from SimOptions is perfect. With both of these companies, you can buy the Andorra SIM card before your trip and have it ready to go as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Best SIM cards for Andorra

Let’s dive deeper into each of these SIM cards for Andorra. The best option for you will depend on the duration of your trip and how much data you need.

For me, Holafly is super convenient since I can order through the website and instantly receive it in my email. I like having everything ready to go before my trip, and with Holafly, I can set up my mobile data before I even land in a new country. I’ve used Holafly in many different destinations and have never had any issues. Even so, the company offers 24-hour customer support should you need it.

I’ve also used the physical cards from SimOptions, and I can wholeheartedly recommend this company if you want a conventional SIM card for Andorra. You can order this card online here and receive it in the mail. Just make sure you buy it before you leave for your trip since it takes up to three business days to arrive.

Finally, there is always the option to get a local Andorra SIM card after arriving in the country.

1. Holafly eSIM, the best eSIM for Andorra

Again, the Holafly eSIM is my top choice, so I highly recommend it. This eSIM for Andorra has unlimited data plans ranging from 5 to 90 days. Plus, it’s totally digital, so you can keep your usual SIM card inserted and not risk losing it while abroad.

Holafly eSIM, esim for andorra

1. Holafly eSIM, the best eSIM for Andorra

Of course, you should make sure that your device is compatible with the Holafly eSIM. Most new models are compatible, but you can check the list of supported phones here.




5 days



7 days



10 days



15 days



20 days



30 days



60 days



90 days




I’ve used Holafly in many countries, and it’s always been a great experience. What I like the most about this card is the simple installation process. All you have to do is scan the QR code in your email (print it out or have it sent to a different device with a screen so you can scan it). If you run into any issues or have questions, the 24-hour customer support chat is available.

If you decide this Andorra eSIM is right for you, use our Holafly discount code to save on your purchase.

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2. SimOptions card, the best physical SIM for Andorra

For those who prefer a physical SIM card, the one from SimOptions is the best choice. This Andorra SIM card is available on the official website, so you can order it before your trip and install it at home. Just remember to order it ahead of time since it takes up to three business days to arrive.

I like SimOptions because it helps me prepare for my trip and have everything ready to go before I arrive at my destination. This way, I can dedicate all my vacation time to relaxing and enjoying the attractions.

SimOptions, holafly sim card Andorra

This prepaid SIM card for Andorra is available in a 14-day plan with 10 GB or a 30-day plan with 30 GB. SimOptions also offers 24-hour customer support, so you don’t have to worry if you run into any problems.

While you have to insert this SIM into your device physically, it’s very easy. Plus, if your phone has a dual SIM card slot, you don’t have to remove your usual SIM to insert the new one.




14 days

10 GB


30 days

30 GB



3. Andorra Telecom, a prepaid SIM card for Andorra

The last Andorra SIM option I want to mention is the local card from Andorra Telecom. This company has month-long plans with 1 or 3 GB for browsing the Internet and using social apps. You can buy this mobile data SIM for Andorra at one of the authorized retailers in the country.

While Andorra Telecom offers cheaper rates, the plans have a limited amount of data, so unless you closely monitor your consumption, you’ll likely run out of data during your trip. If you need more data and don’t want to worry about topping up your SIM card, I recommend going with Holafly or SimOptions.

Andorra Telecom, mobile data sim card Andorra

Another thing to consider with Andorra Telecom is that you can only buy their SIM cards in Andorra, either at a store or one of the kiosks at the airport. You’ll end up spending some of your vacation time searching for a store and waiting in line, which isn’t ideal, especially for shorter trips.

As for the installation process, it’s pretty easy: just insert the local prepaid Andorra SIM card into your device and dial 115 to activate it. Make sure it’s working correctly before leaving the store!




30 days

1 GB


30 days

3 GB




Where to buy an Andorra SIM card

The matter of where to buy an Andorra SIM card depends on your preferences. You can set up your device before your trip or you can wait until you arrive in Andorra to get a SIM card.

Buy an eSIM for Andorra before your trip

Personally, I prefer to purchase an eSIM for Andorra before my trip so I can install and activate it at home. That way, I can connect to the Internet and use data as soon as my plane lands. Best of all, I don’t have to spend valuable vacation time searching for a store.

I always opt for the Holafly eSIMs when I travel. They work great, and I can set them up in minutes from the comfort of my home. After purchasing the card, I get an email with a QR code that I can scan to activate the eSIM. Of course, Holafly’s digital cards only work with eSIM-compatible devices, so make sure you check this link before buying.

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On the other hand, I like to use SimOptions when I want a physical SIM card for travel. With SimOptions, you can order an Andorra SIM card from home and have it mailed to your address within three business days. It’s ideal if your phone isn’t compatible with eSIM technology. Plus, if your device has a dual SIM slot, you can keep your usual SIM card inserted while using the SIM card for Andorra.

SimOptions offers 14-day and 30-day plans, so if you’re going on a longer trip, be sure to check it out.

Buy a SIM card for Andorra at your destination

The other option is to buy an Andorra SIM card once you arrive at your destination. While using a local SIM card is one of the best ways to travel cheaply, these cards tend to have less data.

Andorra Telecom has local prepaid SIM cards for Andorra that last one month, but they only have 1 GB or 3 GB of data, depending on your chosen plan. Unless you restrict your Internet use, you’ll most likely end up having to buy more data during your trip, so it’s not as great a deal as it seems.

Also, you can only get these Andorra SIMs once you cross the border. After arriving in Andorra, you must look for an official point of sale and buy the card in person. Some airport kiosks sell these cards, but the kiosks might be closed depending on when your flight lands.

To use this SIM card, just insert it into your device and dial 115 to activate it. While it’s easy to use, it’s a pain to find a store, and it can eat into your vacation time, so I don’t recommend it.

How to activate an Andorra SIM card

If you get an Andorra eSIM from Holafly, you just need to scan the QR code you receive via email after purchasing. Once you scan it, you can start enjoying your Internet connection. Holafly’s 24-hour customer service team is always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Forest in Andorra, best esim for andorra

How to activate an Andorra SIM card

If you order a physical SIM card for Andorra from SimOptions, you’ll receive it in the mail within three business days. Insert it into your device and follow the on-screen instructions to activate it. SimOptions also has 24-hour customer support should you need assistance.

For local SIM cards from Andorra Telecom, you must go to an official retailer and buy the card in person. I recommend staying at the store as you install the card so you can make sure it’s working correctly.

Requirements to have a SIM card in Andorra

Buying an eSIM or SIM card for Andorra is simple; all you’ll need is your passport and a credit card. Of course, your device must be unlocked and compatible with Andorra’s network frequency; otherwise, it won’t work with any prepaid Andorra SIM cards.

To use an Holafly card, your phone must be compatible with eSIM technology, so check here before you purchase one. In the case of SimOptions, any device is compatible since it’s a physical SIM card. Just remove your usual SIM first if you only have one card slot.

That’s it for this guide to Andorra SIM cards. Now you’re ready to get Internet in Andorra and stay connected during your trip. As you can see, there are several options to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any trouble accessing the Internet.

If you have any other questions or you want to share your experience using an Andorra eSIM or SIM card, leave me a comment below.

Stay safe, and have a great time in Andorra!

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