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How to Have Internet in Indonesia Without Roaming

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Are you planning a trip to Indonesia? If so, then you’re probably wondering how to have internet in Indonesia without breaking the bank. In this article, I’ll provide you with all the information you need to stay connected without spending a fortune on data roaming in Indonesia.

Indonesia offers incredible activities, from visiting awe-inspiring temples and immersing yourself in turquoise waters to scuba diving among vibrant marine life and exploring palm tree-lined roads on a motorcycle. It’s a fantastic destination to have all these adventures at an affordable price.

Meanwhile, you need internet access to use travel apps, maps, social media, etc. However, data roaming can be costly. That’s why I always recommend finding an alternative way to access the internet in Indonesia.

During my own trips, I rely on the Holafly eSIM to ensure I have internet access while traveling. These international eSIM cards are easy to install digitally and offer unlimited data, so you won’t have to worry about data consumption while enjoying your vacation. If you think this option might be suitable for you, you can even get a discount on Holafly to save some money.

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5% OFF your international eSIM card

If you prefer using a physical SIM card, I recommend the SIM cards from SimOptions that can be delivered directly to your home. I like their service in particular because it allows me to set up my device before leaving for the trip, so I can have internet access in Indonesia as soon as I arrive. However, there are other viable alternatives that I will explore in the following sections.

Roaming in Indonesia

Roaming in Indonesia allows you to use your phone as if you were in your home country, thanks to your mobile provider’s agreements with international internet companies. It is true that data roaming in Indonesia is a convenient option, but I don’t recommend it because roaming in Indonesia is super expensive.

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Roaming in Indonesia

To help you make an informed decision, you can contact your mobile service provider’s customer service and ask about the cost of roaming in Indonesia. They will provide information on current rates, available plans, and how to deactivate roaming to avoid any surprises on your bill.

How to get Internet in Indonesia

If you want to have internet in Indonesia without using roaming, there are various alternatives to consider. As I mentioned earlier, we prefer using the Holafly eSIM for our trips, and in my opinion, if offers the most reliable internet connection in Indonesia. However, if you want to explore other options, I’ll explain each of them in this section along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Holafly eSIM, the best option to have Internet in Indonesia

The Holafly eSIM is the best eSIM for Indonesia and the one we consistently use. After evaluating other alternatives, we found this digital SIM card to be the easiest to install and the most advantageous.

When you buy your Holafly eSIM, you’ll receive an email containing a QR code. All you need to do is scan the QR code and start enjoying mobile data in Indonesia. This is an excellent choice for those without dual SIM slots on their devices or for travelers who are already on their journey, as the installation is entirely virtual.

Holafly eSIM, roaming in indonesia

While it might not be the cheapest option, we absolutely appreciate having unlimited data and 24/7 customer support. Keep in mind that not all mobile phones are compatible with this type of digital SIM. You can verify your device’s compatibility through this link.

Furthermore, if you plan to visit multiple countries in Asia, I encourage you to check if it’s a better idea to purchase individual cards for each country or to get Holafly’s eSIM for Asia.




5 days



7 days



10 days



15 days



20 days



30 days



60 days



90 days




We used this eSIM during our trip to Bali, and it really helped us. Also, if you’re looking to save money on your next trip, you can get a discount on your Holafly eSIM card, so don’t miss out!

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2. SimOptions SIM card, another reliable way to have Internet in Indonesia

When it comes to SIM cards for Indonesia, the SimOptions card is another top choice, especially if you want a physical SIM. One of its key advantages is that you can purchase it online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep within 3 business days. You can easily install it at home, ensuring everything is set up before your trip begins.

SimOptions, data roaming indonesia

All you need to do is insert the SimOptions card into your mobile phone, and you’ll be ready to access the internet in Indonesia. However, if your phone lacks a dual SIM slot, you’ll need to remove your SIM card first, so make sure you keep it safely stored until your return.

Unlike local Indonesian SIM cards, SimOptions provides technical support and customer service in English. So, you shouldn’t be concerned about having questions or encountering internet problems in Indonesia.




14 days

10 GB


30 days

10 GB



3. Local SIM card, a cheap way to get Internet in Indonesia

Purchasing a local SIM card is one of the cheapest ways to access the internet in Indonesia. However, it has one major drawback; you need to spend time during your trip to go to a physical store and compare various offers. So, it’s never my first choice, especially in countries where English is not the predominant language.

It’s essential to note that local phone companies usually don’t offer customer service in English. If you still want this option, you can get local SIM cards at the airport, official points of sale in shopping centers, or even supermarkets. Make sure you only purchase from legitimate stores, as there are unauthorized sellers offering seemingly cheaper rates. However, these SIM cards may get deactivated prematurely or not contain the amount of data advertised.

Telkomsel, internet in indonesia

The main internet providers in Indonesia are Telkomsel, XL, Indostat, and 3 (Tri), but there are other widely used alternatives available as well. The advantage is that all of them offer reasonably priced rates, along with various data plans that are usually quite generous.

Activation is fairly straightforward. Simply insert the SIM card into your device, followed by an activation process through a call or SMS, which is typically in Indonesian. So, I recommend asking for help from the salesperson and ensuring it’s set up properly before leaving the store.

Here’s a table to help you compare several different options:





25 GB/$10


30 GB/$3
125 GB/$8
205 GB/$13
260 GB/$20


5 GB/$5

20 GB/$7

3 (Tri)

30 GB/$5


30 GB/$3
45 GB/$7
60 GB/$9



4. Portable Wi-Fi, a convenient alternative to have Internet in Indonesia

If you have a remote job or handle sensitive information, a portable Wi-Fi device or pocket Wi-Fi in Indonesia can be a great choice for you. This option ensures reliable internet coverage in Indonesia as well as an encrypted connection to protect your data.

Solis Wi-Fi router, roaming in indonesia

In our experience, we’ve found this mini router to be a convenient and effective way to stay connected. We have an unlimited data plan, which Dan and I share, and we use it mainly for work on our laptops. However, there are multiple plans and offers to choose from.

These devices can connect up to five devices simultaneously, so if you are traveling in a group, this would be a cost-effective solution.

5. Wi-Fi network, a way to get free Internet in Indonesia

If you only need to access the internet in Indonesia for tasks like checking emails and responding to messages, you can use public Wi-Fi in Indonesia, which can be found in various accommodations, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Connecting to these networks typically requires email registration, which gives you access without any charges, or in some cases, without any registration at all, making it quite practical.

Public Wi-Fi, best pocket wifi indonesia

5. Wi-Fi network, a way to get free Internet in Indonesia

However, I wouldn’t recommend opting for this type of free internet in Indonesia if you have work obligations or require consistent coverage, since public Wi-Fi in Indonesia often operates at slower speeds or has limitations such as restricted usage time or data consumption per day or device.

In addition, many times, you may need to make purchases at different places to access the free Wi-Fi, and in the end, it might not be a cost-effective approach.

How much is roaming in Indonesia?

Using roaming in Indonesia is one of the most expensive ways to access the internet, so I do not recommend it. Telecommunications companies charge approximately $13 for each megabyte (MB), although it depends on your home country and company. While you can sometimes find special offers or data packages, at the end of the day, it’s a lot of money.

Furthermore, you won’t know the final price until after your trip because your bill will depend on your data consumption. Personally, I prefer to pay a fixed amount upfront so that I know the total cost of internet from the moment I plan my trip.

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How much does Internet in Indonesia cost if you roam?

While using roaming does allow you to keep your phone number, there are other less expensive and equally effective alternatives to access the internet in Indonesia, which can provide good internet speeds in Indonesia at a much better price.

How to avoid roaming in Indonesia

In most cases, the roaming service in Indonesia is enabled by default on your device. If you wish to avoid using roaming while in this country, remember to deactivate data roaming in your phone settings before departing on your trip. If you have trouble doing this or want to ensure that roaming is disabled, you can call your mobile provider’s customer service for assistance.

However, if you are considering using roaming, I recommend calling your provider in advance to review the conditions, pricing, and billing methods so you have all the necessary information beforehand. This way you can decide whether this option aligns with your budget and travel needs.

My experience connecting to the Internet in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of my favorite countries in Southeast Asia since it offers a wide range of experiences for travelers seeking adventure. My journey began with a trek to see orangutans in Bukit Lawang, an experience that allowed me to escape the usual tourist crowds found on other islands.

Sunset in Bali, data roaming in internet

My experience connecting to the Internet in Indonesia

Following this adventure, I took a trip to Bali where I fell in love with the landscapes and the people. Bali has numerous hidden gems to discover beyond the typical tourist destinations.

During my travels in Indonesia, I used a 10-day Holafly eSIM for internet access. This option allowed me to complete my 10-day itinerary on the “Island of the Gods” without committing to a longer data plan that I wouldn’t use later. Having unlimited internet in Indonesia gave me peace of mind, ensuring I wouldn’t lose connectivity in the middle of my trip. Plus, I knew Holafly’s customer support team was available in case I encountered any coverage issues or required assistance.

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5% OFF your international eSIM card

Having Internet in Indonesia was crucial for me to navigate the island by motorcycle. It allowed me to use GPS for directions, book last-minute accommodations, and explore Bali in greater depth. Many times, I saw that there was a temple or a beach nearby, and we did not hesitate to take a detour to see them, so it was a great investment.

There you go, folks! Our guide on how to access the internet in Indonesia ends here, but if you have any questions or wish to share your own experiences, feel free to leave a comment below.

Enjoy your trip!

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