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7 Best SIM Cards for Indonesia in 2024

A SIM card in Indonesia can be a lifesaver during your visit to this incredible country. It’ll help you get updated information, find directions on Google Maps, and stay in touch with loved ones. A few years ago, we took a trip to Bali and other parts of Indonesia and fell in love with the country. And of course, having mobile data on our phones saved us on multiple occasions.

If you’re getting ready for your adventure, in addition to finding the best things to do in Bali and deciding whether to see the orangutans at Bukit Lawang, I recommend choosing a SIM card for Indonesia that suits your travel style.

We always use the Holafly eSIM card because it’s super easy to install and comes with unlimited data. If your phone is eSIM-compatible, it’s your best option. Plus, you can take advantage of this Holafly discount to save money.

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5% OFF your international eSIM card

But there are other great choices, like SimOptions, which offers plans for up to 1 month with budget-friendly prices, in case you prefer a physical SIM card.

If saving money is your priority, you can also opt for one of the local SIM cards in Indonesia. In this article, I’ll explore each option along with all the necessary information about them, including pricing and data limits, so you can pick the best one for your needs.

How do SIM cards in Indonesia work?

SIM cards in Indonesia work pretty much the same as they do in your home country. They provide Internet access and, in some cases, texting and calling without additional costs.

To set up your SIM card in Indonesia, first, you must ensure your device is compatible with the country’s networks. If you decide on an eSIM for Indonesia, check your phone’s compatibility using this link.

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How do SIM cards in Indonesia work?

If you opt for a physical SIM card for Indonesia, it’s as simple as inserting it into your device to start using the Internet. If your phone doesn’t have a dual-slot, make sure to keep your home country’s SIM card in a safe place to prevent damage.

Activating a digital SIM card in Indonesia is even easier. After you make the purchase, you’ll receive a QR code via email. Once you scan the code, you are all set to enjoy the Internet in Indonesia without incurring roaming charges.

Indonesian SIM cards comparison and prices

In the following table, you’ll find the best SIM cards for Indonesia. We’ve got the Holafly eSIM card, the SimOptions SIM card, and some of the most popular local Indonesian SIM cards. This chart shows the key details about each option, including prices, duration, and data limits.










Holafly eSIM









SimOptions SIM Card

10 GB/$50

10 GB/$25

Telkomsel SIM

25 GB/$10


30 GB/$3
125 GB/$8
205 GB/$13
260 GB/$20

IM3 Indosat SIM

5 GB/$5

20 GB/$7

3 (Tri) SIM

30 GB/$5

Smartfren SIM

30 GB/$3
60 GB/$5
84 GB/$7



After analyzing these options, you’ll probably notice that the Holafly eSIM is the only SIM card for Indonesia with unlimited data. If you’re looking for a stable connection, need to be plugged in for work, or simply want to use social media, this is your best bet.

That being said, there are other plans from local phone companies offering generous data limits at budget-friendly rates. Still, I prefer paying a bit more and enjoying the high speed and other benefits that Holafly provides.

One significant advantage shared by both the Holafly eSIM and the SimOptions card is that you can set them up at home before starting your journey. Personally, this brings me peace of mind, as I can begin browsing the internet as soon as I arrive in Indonesia. This has helped me save time in long lines at airport phone booths and allowed me to book a Grab and reach my hotel without any delays.

Best SIM cards for Indonesia

For me, the Holafly eSIM is the most convenient way to have Internet while traveling. It’s super practical, easy to use, and has consistently provided excellent coverage on all my trips.

However, if you prefer a physical SIM card, I recommend the SimOptions card, which offers a variety of plans with considerable data to keep you connected throughout your vacation. Just remember to order it in advance, since it may take up to 72 hours to arrive at your doorstep.

Now, let me to provide more insight into the features, pros, and cons of each SIM card for Indonesia.

1. Holafly eSIM, the best SIM card for Indonesia

The Holafly eSIM is the best eSIM for Indonesia with unlimited data. This digital SIM card is a fantastic choice for those who lack a dual SIM slot on their mobile phones or even for travelers who are already on the road.

The activation process is very simple. All you need to do is scan a QR code that you will receive by email upon purchase, and that’s it! However, you should keep in mind that not all mobile devices are compatible with this digital SIM. So, make sure to verify your device’s compatibility first by using this link.

Holafly eSIM card, esim indonesia telkomsel

This eSIM for Indonesia offers various plan durations, ensuring that you won’t pay extra or run out of data in the middle of your vacation. Plus, you’ll have unlimited data, so you can update your social media, work remotely, or surf the Internet as much as you want without any worries.

Another standout feature is the 24/7 technical support. This kind of support is invaluable when you’re in a foreign country, especially one where you might not speak the language. What’s more, the Internet you’ll get with this SIM card in Indonesia is not only secure but also high-speed, making you feel like you’re browsing from your own home.




5 days



7 days



10 days



15 days



20 days



30 days



60 days



90 days




We’ve used Holafly in more than 10 different countries, including Indonesia, and I was especially surprised by the extensive coverage of their SIM card in Bali, Indonesia, even in remote areas where the local SIM cards of our fellow travelers often fail. This is because Holafly typically partners with more than one local network to offer the best connection for travelers.

If you decide to choose this SIM card for Indonesia, here’s an Holafly discount as well as other travel discounts that will surely help you prepare for your next trip to the country.

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5% OFF your international eSIM card

2. SimOptions card, the best physical SIM card for Indonesia

If you are a traditional traveler and prefer a physical SIM card for Indonesia, the SimOptions card is an ideal choice for you. Personally, I like to have my device ready to go before embarking on a journey so that I can stay connected as soon as I land at my destination. This is especially handy if you, like us, wish to start a 7-day adventure in Bali and plan to head straight to Ubud from the airport. Another advantage is that if your phone doesn’t have a dual SIM slot, you can leave your local SIM card safely at home and eliminate the risk of losing or damaging it during your vacation.

SimOptions, sim card indonesia bali

Once you purchase this SIM card for Indonesia, it’ll be delivered to your home within 3 business days, so, I recommend placing your order in advance.

To install it, you just have to insert the SIM card into your mobile phone, and you’re good to go. Plus, if you encounter any questions or issues along the way, there’s a support team ready to help you out.




14 days

10 GB


30 days

10 GB



3. Telkomsel, another excellent SIM card for Indonesia

Telkomsel is one of the most famous local Indonesian SIM card companies, providing coverage in 97% of Indonesia. So, whether you’re traversing the Gili Islands or exploring the temples of Yogyakarta, rest assured that you’ll have a reliable connection with Telkomsel.

They offer reasonably priced month-long plans, so, if you think 25GB is enough for your trip, this might be an excellent choice for you. The downside is that you will need to spend time during your trip to purchase this Indonesian SIM card, so it’s not an option I recommend, especially for a short trip.

Telkomsel, the best indonesia sim card for tourists

Initially, you’ll need to purchase it online and then collect it from one of their designated pick-up points, which are only available on the islands of Bali or Lombok. Keep in mind that for the collection process, you’ll need to present the confirmation email, your passport, and your phone’s IMEI number.

Another challenge is that not all of their in-store staff will speak English. So, depending on your luck with the salesperson, the process of purchasing this mobile SIM card for Indonesia can be somewhat complicated. Additionally, the activation process is done through SMS in Indonesian, so you’ll need help at the store.




30 days

25 GB




4. XL, one of the best SIM cards in Indonesia for one-month trips

XL is another top choice among Indonesian SIM cards. This company offers generous data plans, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to get the most out of their connection without breaking the bank.

The downside is that they only offer monthly plans, but considering their rates, it might be a worthwhile investment. It also provides great coverage in various regions, including Jakarta, Bali, Java, and Lombok, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

XL SIM card, best esim for indonesia

In my case, I prefer to have my phone set up before going on a trip. However, if you decide on this SIM card, all you need to do is insert it into your device to get started. I recommend seeking assistance from the salesperson to ensure everything is working correctly. Remember that if you encounter any issues, you may not receive support in English, which could be quite challenging.

Additionally, I suggest asking the store attendant for data confirmation via SMS, as some of my friends were sold cards that had already been used, which means they had less data than they had purchased.




30 days

30 GB


30 days

125 GB


30 days

205 GB


30 days

260 GB




5. IM3 Indosat, a SIM card for Indonesia with good coverage

Indosat is another well-known mobile phone company, so if you’re looking for a reliable mobile SIM card for Indonesia, it’s an option worth checking out.

IM3 Indostat, sim card indonesia bali

They offer both two-week and one-month plans at very low prices. However, be aware that mobile data is limited, so if you need to work remotely or want to use social media more frequently, these plans may not be enough. Sometimes we choose the cheapest rates, only to find ourselves needing to make additional recharges that will end up costing us more.

To obtain an Indosat SIM card, you’ll need to visit one of their official stores and provide your passport for registration. If saving money is a priority, this could be a viable option. But keep in mind that stores often have long lines, and you’ll need to spend time during your trip to compare offers and complete forms.




15 days

5 GB


30 days

20 GB




6. 3 (Tri), a cheap SIM card for Indonesia

If you want a prepaid SIM card for Indonesia and haven’t made up your mind yet, I’d recommend choosing 3 (Tri). They provide one-month plans with 30GB of mobile data, ensuring you can stay connected without spending a fortune.

3 (Tri) SIM card, best esim for Indonesia

You can get a 3 (Tri) SIM card at certain convenience stores and even supermarkets. But remember that you’ll need to install and activate it yourself, and the whole process will be in Indonesian. So, I recommend doing so at one of their official stores. Plus, some fellow travelers warned us that these SIM cards can sometimes be deactivated prematurely or may not contain the amount of mobile data they claim.




30 days

30 GB




7. Smartfren, another one of the cheapest SIM cards for Indonesia

Lastly, Smartfren is an exceptionally affordable prepaid SIM card for Indonesia, so, if you’re looking for a low-cost option, you can check it out. The data plans they offer are quite generous, starting from 30GB for a one-month period. So, it can be a suitable choice if you have a high data consumption.

Smartfren SIM card, indonesia sim card for tourist

The major drawback is that it’s not specifically designed for tourists. All the notifications and installation instructions are in the local language, which makes it impractical for foreign speakers. If you decide to purchase this SIM card in Indonesia, I recommend having it set up at an official store.

Personally, I always prefer to receive technical support in my language and have the assurance that everything is functioning correctly, so this isn’t my first choice.




30 days

30 GB


30 days

60 GB


30 days

84 GB




Where to buy a SIM card for Indonesia

When it comes to buying a SIM card for Indonesia, you have the option to do it from your home country before your trip or after you arrive at your destination. Personally, I prefer to have everything sorted out in advance, so I can relax and fully enjoy my journey. But I’ll explain both options in case you decide to follow the other approach.

Buy a SIM card for Indonesia before your trip

In my opinion, getting a SIM card for Indonesia before starting on your journey is the best option. This way, I have the time to install it and verify that everything is working correctly before I leave home.

If you opt for the Holafly eSIM, you can order it online, and you’ll receive it in your email instantly. All you need to do is scan a QR code to begin using the internet. Another option is to order one of the physical SIM cards from SimOptions, which will be delivered to your home within 3 business days.

Buy a SIM card for Indonesia at your destination

If you decide to purchase a local SIM card for Indonesia, you will need to wait until you arrive at your destination to have Internet on your device.

Ocean cliff in Indonesia, esim indonesia telkomsel

Buy a SIM card for Indonesia at your destination

If you choose this option, make sure to visit one of the official stores of the mobile network provider. If your device is compatible, simply insert the SIM card into your phone to get connected. But remember, if you don’t have a dual-slot, ensure that your first SIM is stored in a safe place.

Depending on the local company you select, there might be an activation process by SMS or phone call, which will be in Indonesian. Therefore, I suggest seeking assistance at the store and not leaving until you have confirmed that the data you have is as per your contract.

One great thing about the Holafly eSIM is that you can order it even when you’re already traveling, as it will be delivered to your email. So, if you happen to forget to arrange it before your trip, you have nothing to worry about.

How to activate a SIM card for Indonesia

The process of activating your international SIM card may vary depending on the card you choose, but I assure you that it’s generally simple and quick. For the Holafly eSIM, activation is as simple as scanning the QR code that is automatically sent to your phone upon purchase.

For other physical SIM cards, you’ll need to insert the card into your device, and it will be ready to use. Depending on the mobile network provider you choose, you might have to call a designated phone line and follow a series of steps, usually in Indonesian. The activation can also be done via SMS. I recommend activating your SIM card for Indonesia at an official store to ensure your phone is properly set up.

Indonesia SIM card requirements and compatibility

It’s crucial that your phone is unlocked and compatible with the network frequency in Indonesia; otherwise, you won’t be able to use any of the SIM cards for Indonesia, regardless of your choice.

Denpasar Bali, international sim card for indonesia

Indonesia SIM card requirements and compatibility

As for the Holafly eSIM, you can check if your device is compatible via this link. If you have a relatively new phone, you’ve got nothing to worry about, as these international eSIMs work with almost all new devices. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to review the list of compatible models and brands.

Typically, you won’t need to present any specific documents to purchase an international SIM card for Indonesia, with the exception of the Telkomsel company, which may require you to verify your identity when collecting your SIM card.

Indonesia SIM card vs Asia SIM card

If you’re planning to travel to multiple countries across Asia, like I did during my 20-day Southeast Asia trip, you might consider the Holafly eSIM for Asia. This card allows you to use your mobile data in over 12 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Laos.

Holafly has cards for 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 30 days, all with unlimited data. Depending on your itinerary and data consumption, an Asia SIM card could be more practical than purchasing individual cards for each country.

You can find more details below.

Holafly logo

5% OFF your international eSIM card

If your mobile phone isn’t compatible with digital cards, SimOptions also offers SIM cards for Asia, which I encourage you to check out here.

And that wraps up our guide on the best Indonesian SIM cards. I hope this guide has helped you choose the best SIM card for your trip so you can get internet in Indonesia. If you have any questions or wish to share your experiences, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to hear from you!

Enjoy your trip!

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