bali tanah lot temple 7 day itinerary

The Best Bali 7-day itinerary

The Best Bali 7-day itinerary
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Taking a 7-day trip to Bali could seem stressful, but I assure you that with good planning, a week is enough to visit Bali and its main attractions.

Best things to do in Bali 7-day itinerary. rice terraces

Rice paddies west of Ubud

On my first 20-day trip to Southeast Asia, I decided to plan a 7-day Bali itinerary. However, even it is enough time, I wasn’t able to get the most out of those 7 days due to a bad planification.

To help you to avoid the same mistakes we made, we have compiled the best Bali 7-day itinerary, alternative itineraries if you also want to visit the Gili Islands or the Nusa Islands and tips to plan the perfect Bali vacations.

bali 7-day itinerary with gili island best option sunset

Sunset in Gili Trawangan

Do not miss anything to do in Bali in 7 days.

The best Bali 7-day itinerary

If you have 7 full days to tour the island, this is the best one-week Bali itinerary:

  • Day 1: Arrive in Ubud. Beginning of your 7-day Bali trip.
  • Day 2: Tegalalang rice terraces and Ubud surroundings.
  • Day 3: Sunset hike at Mt. Batur. The best of my one-week Bali tour.
  • Day 4: Eastern Temples of Bali – Besakih, Lempuyang and Tirta Gangga.
  • Day 5: Ulun Danu Beratan. Essential temple to visit in Bali in 7 days.
  • Day 6: Taman Ayun Temple, Tanah Lot and Canggu.
  • Day 7: Jimbaran and Uluwatu. End of your trip to Bali in a week.

One week Bali itinerary map infography

Following this itinerary, you will be able to do most of the important things to do in Bali in the shortest time. Also, if you are going to rent a scooter in Bali, then we will tell you which other attractions you can visit every day.

If you do not have your own means of transport and prefer to book top-rated Bali tours to visit each of the points of interest with a driver, you will also find the best alternatives. In addition, we will give you tips on where to stay in Bali to optimize your route to the fullest.

Pura Batu Bolong near to Tanah Lot. Best Bali one-week itinerary

Pura Batu Bolong

Before telling you about our route through Bali in 7 days, I will remind you of the importance of buying travel insurance to Bali. I had to use it due to an incident during my first day on the island.


I recommend that you hire the transfer to Ubud. So, as soon as you arrive in Bali, a driver will pick you up and take you to the center of the island.

During the first day of your one-week Bali trip, visit the principal attractions in Ubud. Start at Jl. Raya Ubud, the main street, from east to west. There, I recommend you visit the Puri Saren Agung, better known as the Royal Palace of Ubud. The royal family still lives in this palace, so you can only visit part of it.

Puri Saren Agung, real palace in ubud bali

Day 1: Trip to Bali – Ubud: Puri Saren Angung

Right in front of it, you will find the Ubud Traditional Art Market, a place to lose yourself among handicrafts such as handbags, sculptures, paintings and earrings and where you can buy the best souvenirs of your Bali 7-day trip.

Following the street Raya Ubud, you will find the Pura Taman Saraswati, a must-see in Ubud. This temple dedicated to the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, stands out for two ponds full of lotus flowers.

If you keep going, you will see the Pura Dalem Ubud temple, where some nights, traditional dance exhibitions are performanced.

Returning, at the corner of the art market, the Jl. Monkey Forest street leads to one of the essential places to visit in Bali, the Sacred Monkey Forest.

Things to do in Bali in a week - Sacred monkey forest of ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest

This forest is popular for being home for macaques very used to interaction with tourists. The monkeys will not hesitate to approach, play, ask for food, steal or even bite you.

They can become very aggressive, as I could experience in my own: I let some monkeys climb on me and one of them bitted me. Luckily, everything was fine because I had hired the best travel insurance for Indonesia.

best travel insurance company World Nomads


You only need to hire the transfer to Ubud from the airport, which takes approximately 45 minutes. The rest of the attractions that we recommend for the first day are accessible on foot.

However, if you prefer to take a guided tour, this one will visit the same places that the ones we recommended in this 7-day Bali itinerary.


There are many accommodations in Ubud, including some of the best private villas in Bali. These are the accommodations we recommend depending on your budget, for the first days of your trip:


Ulun Ubud Resort, located in Sanggingan, 3 miles from the Ubud temple, is the perfect hotel for the most demanding guests. The rooms have a modern Balinese style and your pool in the middle of the Bali jungle will make you never want to return from your vacation.


Adiwana Monkey Forest is located 1 mile from the Ubud market. This hotel has 21 suites, which mix the charm of the Monkey Forest with the indigenous culture of the area. If you want a greater immersion in the Balinese culture, this is one of the best hotels where to stay in Bali thanks to its healthy and traditional gastronomic offer.


B Saya Villas is a complex that has simple, traditional style villas with wooden furniture. Being located between rice fields, from your terrace you will have fantastic sunset views. In addition, every morning they organize yoga sessions. For me, it is one of the best accommodations in Bali with a price starting at $40 per night.


Teja Home Stay is located near the Ubud art market. This family business is one of the most popular hotels in Bali. It stands out for its garden surrounded by fountains where you can see exotic birds. It offers rooms from $20 per night with continental breakfast included.



During the second day of your one-week Bali tour, I recommend visiting the Ubud surroundings.

Go to Tegalalang, the most popular rice fields on the island, in the morning. If you are lucky enough to match your 7-day Bali route with the best time to visit Bali, the rice terraces will have an intense green color. In addition to strolling through the rice paddies, you can enjoy their swings with spectacular views and photograph some of the icons of the island.

best rice fields to visit in Bali in 7 days tegalalang

Day 2: Trip to Bali – Tegalalang

You can also stop at Tirta Empul, one of the most important temples in Bali, since Balineses go there to purify their soul using the sacred water that flows from 12 pipes. Nearby you can also visit the Pura Gunung Kawi, a temple in which the souls of royalty are symbolically buried and where we can visit a small waterfall.

In the afternoon, we recommend you go to the Elephant Cave, Goa Gajah, a must-do in Bali in 7 days. There, you can enter a grotto through the jaws of an evil monster and inside you will find a statue of Ganesh (son of Shiva with elephant’s head). Outside the cave, we can see some ponds that are supplied with purified water through stone statues.

Elephant cave goa gajah bali 7-day itinerary

Goa Gajah Entrance


If you have no transport, hire this private tour, telling the driver to skip the Monkey Forest and replace it with Pura Gunung Kawi.


I recommend that you stay at the same hotel as the night before, because if you follow our 7-day Bali itinerary, the third day you will have to get up very early.


For the third day of your trip, I recommend climbing the Batur volcano and see the sunrise from its summit. Without a doubt, this was the best experience of my trip to Bali in 7 days. It is true that your guide will pick you up very early (around 2:30 am) but having for breakfast eggs cooked with the volcano’s steam is priceless.

sunrise at mt batur volcano best hike bali 7 days

Day 3: Trip to Bali – Mt. Batur Sunrise

From the top of Mt. Batur, you will see how the sun rises behind Mt. Agung, one of the most important things to do in Bali in 7 days.

The hike was not difficult for me, but in our group, there was a girl who couldn’t climb it because she found it exhausting. In total it takes an hour and a half to go up. Once up, your guide will prepare banana pancakes and boiled eggs for you.

batur lake from volcano in the morning hike

Batur Volcano Views

Depending on the tour you choose, after the hike you can go for a swim in a hot spring, visit a waterfall or even go rafting.

Practically the Mt. Batur tour will take you the whole day, but if you arrive in Ubud early and you are not tired, I recommend you visit Campuhan Ridge Walk. There, you will find beautiful rice fields dotted with huge palm trees in idyllic scenery, being a magical place at sunset.


You need to hire a guide to climb Mount Batur but there is a wide variety of tours. We took this one, but if you have some more time I would recommend one of the following:

If you are planning a Bali 10-day itinerary, you may also be interested in a camping tour in Mt. Batur.


You can return to the same hotel as the previous two nights or you can treat yourself to Hanging Garden of Bali, one of the best hotels in the middle of the jungle. In case it is out of your budget, I recommend the affordable option of Pertiwi Bisma 1, which is next to the Monkey Forest and is one of the most popular on Instagram for its infinity pool in the middle of the jungle.


During the fourth day I recommend visiting the eastern temples: Pura Besakih, Tirta Gangga and Lempuyang.

Get up early to head to Pura Besakih, also known as Mother Temple for being the largest temple in Bali. You would need all day to see it whole, since it is composed of 22 independent temples. The most popular area and the one I recommend you to visit is Gunung Agung, where there is a 7-level temple that represents the universe, and which are connected by a stairway that only Hinduists are allowed to climb.

Pura Besakih: Mother temple things to see in bali in one week

Day 4: Trip to Bali – Pura Besakih Temple

On the way to the temple of Lempuyang, you can visit the Tirta Gangga. This royal palace stands out for its tropical gardens, fountains and ponds. Its landmark is a pond full of carps where you can walk on water thanks to some small platforms.

We continue to the Pura Lempuyang temple, where there are the well-known Gates of Heaven. To get to this temple you will need to be in a good shape since you will climb many stairs. The temple is in a mountainous area and from the Gates of Heaven you can have one of the best views of the Agung volcano. This was one of the places I most want to see during our week-long Bali tour.

pura lempuyang. day 4 of our Bali 7-day trip

Pura Lempuyang

In the way back to Ubud, if you have time, you can at Pura Goa Lawah, the bad temple.


If you don’t have transportation, I recommend hiring this tour where you will visit the three main temples we recommend for this day.


For the fourth day of your trip to Bali in a week I also recommend you to stay in Ubud, in any of the accommodations mentioned.


Although Bedugul is somewhat remote, it is worth spending a day here during your one-week trip to Bali.

In this mountainous area north of the island we find a trio of beautiful lakes (Tamblingan, Buyan and Bratan) that completely change the landscape of what you have seen so far.

I recommend you visit one of its waterfalls (Banyumala Twin, Git Git or Sekumpul ), the temple of Ulun Danu Beratan , located on the water of Lake Bratan and the Handara gate.

temples to visit in bali in 7 days

Day 5: Trip to Bali – Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

In the way back to Ubud you can visit the most impressive rice fields of Bali considered World Heritage by UNESCO for their unique terraces, the rice fields of Jatiluwih.

Many visitors don’t visit this part of Bali as it is somewhat remote. However, if there is only one plan that I don’t recommend missing during your 7-day Bali itinerary, it is a visit to the temple of Ulun Danu Beratan. Without a doubt, this was the most amazing temple we visited during our trip.


Driving a motorcycle through these mountain roads can be somewhat uncomfortable, so I recommend you take this tour to visit the Bedugul area.


This will be the last night I recommend spending in Ubud, so I advise you to try some of the incredible villas you’ll find here.


For the penultimate day of your trip to Bali in a week I recommend you visit the most touristic area of ​​the island. It is not my favorite area, but it is true that you cannot leave Bali without knowing Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu, where surfers, Australians looking for a party and the best “beach clubs” on the island come together.

These three cities are at the seashore southwest of Bali and on your way there from Ubud you can stop at Taman Ayun Temple and Alas Kedaton (this second one is totally dispensable).

Depending on the type of traveler you are, I recommend one of these three locations to spend the day:

  • Canggu: If you want to surf and find “veggie” options in each restaurant.
  • Kuta and Legian: If you prefer a beach full of young people and the best night clubs in Bali.
  • Seminyak: If you prefer beach clubs where you can eat well and have good drinks.
things to do in bali in 6 days seminyak sunset

Day 6: Trip to Bali – Seminyak

You can also visit a less crowded beach, such as Pasut Beach, famous for its slanted palm tree, which can be found on our tourist map of Bali.

At the end of the day I recommend you go to Tanah Lot. This temple, located on an island only accessible when the tide is low, is undoubtedly the best place to see the sunset in Bali. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to buy a roasted cob with hot sauce in one of the many stalls you will find and enjoy it watching the sun go under the sea.

Tanah Lot is on an islet in bali to visit in 7 days

Tanah Lot


You don’t need to hire any tour for this day. In case you don’t have transportation, you can request the necessary transfers here. A car with driver will take you from one place to another for 10 hours; enough time to do the whole itinerary.


If you decide that Canggu is the best option for you, I recommend one of these four options.

Theanna Eco Villa and Spa, Canggu

With a mix of Balinese, Japanese and Scandinavian styles, Theanna Eco Villa is located near the beach. Here you can not only enjoy the advantages of a villa with butler service and private pool, but you can also benefit from the resort’s services such as a spa or infinity pool.


Kelapa is a small boutique hotel offering spacious villas with open spaces with a traditional Javanese rustic style. It is ideal for nature lovers who want to escape the bustle, but be close to the beach, since it is only 9 minutes away. In addition to having a Balinese massage area, it offers free daily yoga sessions.


Aston Canggu Beach Resort is a four-star hotel located on the beachfront with spectacular panoramic views of the sea. The rooms have a balcony from which you can listen to the singing of birds in the morning and from the rooftop pool you can enjoy incredible sunsets. You can sleep in one of Bali’s finest accommodations from $70 a night.


Eastin Ashta Resort is located six minutes walk from Echo Beach. This three-star resort stands out for its colorful personality. The reception and colorful stairs will catch your attention immediately. In addition, it serves an excellent breakfast and its rooms are surprisingly spacious.


In case you prefer to stay in Kuta or Legian , these are the best alternatives for you.


This boutique hotel mixes tradition with luxury and nature. From the tropical garden of The Sandi Phala you can enjoy incredible sunsets overlooking the white sand beach located at the foot of the hotel. Being only 15 minutes by car from the airport, this hotel is ideal for those who want to say goodbye to Bali with style.


This resort has a spectacular pool from which you can admire its vertical garden. The Stones has a spa specializing in therapies from Southeast Asia and an Indonesian restaurant, being undoubtedly one of the best luxury hotels in Bali with prices from $100 per night.


Located just a few feet from the beach, Sun Island Hotel & Spa Legian is an oasis of tranquility in one of the most vibrant streets of Legian. It has two restaurants in which oriental dishes with a contemporary style are presented. In addition to having several swimming pools, they offer spa services and a weekly calendar with several activities such as craft classes, towel doubling, cooking or music sessions.


This simple but colorful hostel where you cannot stop taking photos is 700 feet from the square of Kuta. Cara Cara Inn, offers both beds in shared rooms and private rooms, being one of the best accommodation options in Bali for solo travelers or groups of friends.


If you want to stay in Seminyak , these are the four hotels that I recommend.


IZE Seminyak is a modern design hotel that creates a cool urban refuge. This hotel stands out for the roof terrace with pool and bar and its spa and wellness services. Just 15 minutes from the beach, it has restaurants with oriental and European fusion food.


Lloyd’s Inn is one of my favorite places to stay in Bali. This modern hotel doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Its contemporary style combines the use of monochromatic decoration with pieces of wood. The showers are designed in an open concept, so you can enjoy the outdoors from the privacy of your room. In addition, it is less than 10 minutes walk from the beach and close to the best restaurants and shops in the area.


Dash Hotel Seminyak is without a doubt one of the hotels with more personality and with more atmosphere of Seminyak. In this hotel the custom made iron furniture is fused with paintings, with colorful sculptures and with retro lighting of industrial style. It has a spa, gym, and an amazing roof terrace. If you are looking for accommodation in Bali different from everything else, you should take a look.


Summerhome Seminyak is an eleven-room boutique hotel with colonial beach style decorated with white and light colors to create a sense of tranquility. If you want to rest during your trip, this can be a very good accommodation option in Bali.



To finish your week-long tour around Bali, I recommend you visit the Bukit Badung peninsula, the piece of land that juts out to the south of the island.

This area stands out for its amazing white sand beaches, its cliffs and its incredible luxury resorts.

Some of the most emblematic beaches are Padang Padang (where the movie “Eat Pray Love” was filmed), Tebing Pantai Balangan, with wonderful views from a cliff and Pantai Tegal Wangi, which hides a cave.

essential things to do in bali in 5 days jimbaran beach

Day 7: Trip to Bali – Jimbaran Seashore

If you have time it may also be interesting to visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana, a park designed in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu that features impressive statues of up to 120 meters.

In the afternoon, before the sun sets, I advise you to visit the Uluwatu temple, located on a cliff and from which you can see one of the best sunsets on the island.

Uluwatu is a temple at a cliff sunset bali in a week itinerary

Pura Uluwatu Temple

In this temple there are also exhibitions of Kecak Fire and Trance dances, where a group of men singing in unison give voice to the choreographies of Balinese dancers who move in a hypnotic way. If this is your first time in Bali, it is more than advisable that you attend this show. I did in Pura Dalem Ubud, although the most popular temple for Kecak shows is the Uluwatu temple.

After the performance, there’s nothing like a fresh seafood dinner in Jimbaran Bay to end your trip to Bali in a week.


If you haven’t rented a scooter, this tour makes practically the same route that we are recommending in this trip to Bali in 7 days.


There are many accommodations in Jimbaran with beautiful sea views. Depending on your budget, I recommend any of the following:


RIMBA Jimbaran BALI by AYANA is a spectacular five-star hotel that has a huge garden and twelve swimming pools, two spas, three restaurants and private beach access. In addition, in its facilities, you can perform all kinds of activities for the whole family, from Balinese painting, yoga or cooking classes to bicycle tours or beach picnics.


Just 1200 feet from the beach Jimbaran Bay Villas offers villas with a simple style and a pool with a waterfall. Jimbaran Bay Villas is located in the best area of ​​Jimbaran, close to many restaurants where you can eat grilled fish or seafood.


Keraton Jimbaran Resort is located on the seafront and next to Jimbaran’s famous seafood market. This traditional Balinese hotel is surrounded by tropical gardens. It has a spa, two restaurants, two bars and direct access to the beach.


Just five minutes from the beach, FOX HARRIS is defined by elements of art, culture and contemporary style. In addition, it offers exclusive spa and wellness treatments.


Another option is to stay in Nusa Dua, east of the Bukit Badung peninsula and where you can find luxury resorts.


The Laguna is one of the most popular accommodation in Bali because at its feet we find a white sand beach. In addition to incredible views of the Indian Ocean, beautiful tropical gardens and butler service, this resort & spa offers activities such as diving or local craft classes for greater immersion in Balinese culture.


All rooms at this 5-star Bali resort have ocean views and balconies overlooking a tropical garden. The design of Sadara Boutique Beach Resort is based on the Balinese heritage while exceeding the expectations of the clients with a contemporary urban touch and with a sustainable approach to tourism.


This establishment is a four-star hotel that has a quiet private beach and a beach club located 5 minutes by car from the hotel. Its exuberant vegetation is a key element in the decoration of The Grand Bali Nusa Dua.


Alidra Villa offers rooms with open spaces in traditional Balinese style and with a hot tub. Guests receive a small welcome tropical fruit basket.


Other Week-long Bali itineraries

A few weeks before my first trip to Southeast Asia I was told about the Nusa Islands and the Gili Islands, some amazing islands very close to Bali. They stand up for its dreamy sunsets, seabeds full of life and white sand beaches.

itinerary 7-day Bali + islands boats at gili trawangan

One-week trip to Bali + Islands

I knew I had to go to one of these two archipelagos of tiny islands, but I already had all the flights of my trip bought. I would arrive in Bali from Yogyakarta and after 7 days I would head for Kuala Lumpur.

After reviewing our 7-day Bali itinerary many times, we decided to cut back two days to visit the Gili Islands, since it was the cheapest option. Here you can see how much was our trip to Southeast Asia.

If in your case you only have 7 days to visit Bali and the Gili Islands or you want to take a week-long trip to Bali and the Nusa Islands, here are other two itineraries that can be interesting for you.


From the previous 7-day Bali itinerary, remove the two days that you like the less to visit the Gili Islands. In my case, I renounced to the 4rd day (Eastern temples) and 7th day (Jimabaran and Uluwatu).

If I could make that decision again, without any doubt I would change it. I think the less interesting day plan is the 6th  (Seminyak – although I would try to visit  Tanah Lot as it is one of the essential places to visit in Bali) and would compress Mt. Batur and Tegalalang in a day, giving up visiting others places that surround Ubud. Visiting the temples of the east seems to me something important to do in Bali in a week.

The island that I decided to visit was Gili Trawangan and the truth is that I liked it a lot. However, depending on the type of trip you are doing, I would recommend you Gili Air instead. In our travel guide to the Gili Islands, I tell you the differences.

sign trawangan beach blue water best bali one-week itinerary

Gili Trawangan

To get to the Gili Islands, I recommend this ferry, which includes transfer from your hotel. In case you follow my itinerary recommendation, after visiting the eastern temples, instead of going back to Ubud, head to Sanur to take the ferry the next day.

These are the accommodations that I recommend in Sanur:


Este pequeño hotel es un negocio familiar que destaca por sus exteriores. Sus jardines contienen antigüedades. En Tandjung Sari Hotel se realizan eventos donde grupos locales realizan danzas tradicionales. Además, su restaurante ofrece platos de estilo rústico y tradicional indonesio.


Maya Sanur Resort & Spa es un resort boutique ecológico de cinco estrellas que no deja indiferente a nadie. Su diseño moderno se mezcla con elementos de la tradición balinesa, donde además la vegetación cuenta como un elemento clave del hotel. Ofrece sesiones de yoga todas las mañanas, servicios de wellness y piscina infinity.


El arte, la artesanía y los valores tradicionales de Bali son los protagonistas en el diseño de este hotel. Sudamala Suites & Villas busca un auténtico encuentro del viajero con el Bali tradicional mediante conexiones culturales, exploraciones culinarias y el descanso en un enclave único.


Santhi & Tresna Boutique Eco-House es una amplia villa con capacidad para seis personas y una decoración minimalista que se encuentra a tan solo 150 metros de la playa de Mertasari y a menos de 4 kilómetros de la isla de las tortugas.


In my case I organized my excursion to the Gili Islands by my own, hiring only the ferry, but in case you prefer to hire a package that includes not only the ferry, but the accommodation and the visit to the different islands for two and a half days (two nights), I recommend this tour.


The Nusa Islands have some of the best attractions in Bali. To see Bali and the Nusa Islands in a week, as with the Gili Islands, replace two days of the previous itinerary for a trip to the Nusa Islands.

Nusa Penida - places you need to visit in Bali in 7 days

Nusa Islands

You can do it by your own, staying in Sanur to catch the ferry to Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida the next morning, or you can take this two-day tour, where you also visit Nusa Ceningan.


In case you just want to visit the main island, a week in Bali is perfect to see the most important thing. However, if you also want to visit the Gili or the Nusa Islands, I would recommend at least spend 8 days in Bali.

Anyway, don’t worry, if you have even fewer days, in this article about the best excursions in Bali I have listed four tours that will allow you to see the most important things if you can only be 4 or 5 days in Bali.

In case you have even more days, here is a list of the best Bali itineraries.

Whatever the itinerary you choose, remember that monkeys can be dangerous and hire the best insurance to travel abroad.

best travel insurance company World Nomads

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