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Bali Villas where you would like to stay forever

Bali Villas where you would like to stay forever
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Staying in Bali Villas is undoubtedly one of the best options for lodging on the island. If you are looking for quietness and magnificence in a dreamy enclave, these popular luxury resorts in Bali are the perfect option for you.

In addition to enjoying private pools, incredible views, and greater privacy, the villas show the local personality of the island. Their exclusive designs, their private spas, and their personalized attention will provide you with the rest you need during your long-awaited holidays in Bali.

The Bali villas are designed to mainly host couples enjoying their honeymoon in Bali. However, today we can find villas in Bali for all occasions and pockets. If you are traveling with your partner, friends or family, consider these exclusive luxury accommodations as a good option to stay in Bali.


We can find many types of villas in Bali. Some are located in the middle of the jungle and others have sea views. Whatever your plan is, there is a perfect villa for your trip.

To help you choose, we show you 17 incredible five-star villas in Bali that will make your stay a unique experience:

At the end of this article, we will also tell you about the differences between a luxury villa and resort in Bali, and we leave you a map of the best villas in Bali.


Many travelers do not consider renting a villa in Bali because they think it is very expensive. But do you really know how much is to rent a villa in Bali?

For less than $100 you can find cheap villas in Bali. Of course, if you want other more exclusive services such as a private garden or pool, free access to the Spa, etc. prices can reach $1,000 per night.

To help you to choose the best villa for you we have sort the 17 best luxury villas in Bali by price. At the end, you will find our favorite ones.


1. Pertiwi Bisma 1, Ubud. CHEAP VILLAS IN BALI.

Pertiwi Bisma 1 is located very close to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, one of the most popular places to visit in Ubud.

Although it does not have private pools, it certainly offers the best Bali villas for less than $100.

They have become very popular thanks to the incredible views of its infinity pool, so it is usually very difficult to get a reservation unless you plan your Bali itinerary well in advance.

Therefore, they recently opened Pertiwi Bisma 2, located a few meters from the previous one and with the same quality and price standard.

2. Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud

Dedary Kriyamaha is located 4 miles from Ubud. Its villas, which have a private entrance, are surrounded by rice fields and coconut trees. They stand out for their contemporary Balinese style and their great breadth. In addition, each villa has a private pool where you can ask for breakfast.

Dedary Kriyamaha has a spa, a Balinese restaurant and offers a free shuttle service to the center of Ubud. We can book one of the best villas in Bali from $200 a night.

3. Villas at Visesa Ubud

Villas at Visesa Ubud offers an experience based on the heritage and tradition of Bali. Its villas with private pools reflect the elegance of modern Balinese designs while maintaining architectural elements of the past.

Overlooking the rice fields surrounded by the jungle, their villas are only two miles from the center of Ubud.

Although they cost less than $230 per night, it is one of the most exclusive villas in Bali, so it is usually difficult to get a reservation.

4. Theanna Eco Villa and Spa, Canggu

With a mix of Balinese, Japanese and Scandinavian styles we find Theanna Eco Villa. This resort that has very large villas, is located a short walk from the beach of Canggu, very popular among surfers.

Here, you can not only enjoy the advantages of a villa with butler service and private pool of disproportionate dimensions, but you can let yourself be pampered at the Spa or relax in the infinity pool. Villas from $240 per night.

5. Senetan Villas and Spa Resort, Payangan

Senetan Villas and Spa Resort is a property of the Balinese royal family that has eleven jungle villas in Bali. Each of its villas includes a private pool in the middle of nature and what makes it unique for me, its outdoor showers and in total privacy.

Not only does it offer a high level of service, but it also organizes day-trips in Bali and other cultural immersion activities such as yoga classes and Balinese crafts.

We can rent one of their exclusive Villas from $270 per night.

6. Sanglung Villas, Kubutambahan. VILLAS FOR FAMILIES IN BALI.

According to Forbes magazine, if there is any place that knows exotic luxury that is Sanglung Villas. In this resort located north of Bali and 15 minutes from the beach, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the sea and dense vegetation while testing rich cuisine.

This complex operates exclusively 3 villas, so finding a free one is usually difficult if you don’t plan your trip well in advance.

The villas also have a beautiful terrace with infinity pool, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it one of the best villas in Bali for groups and families. The price of these villas starts at $290 per night.

7. The Griya Villas and Spa, Amed. ONE OF THE MOST LUXURIOUS VILLAS IN BALI.

Located east of Bali, The Griya Villas and Spa has been awarded twice by the 2017 World Luxury Hotel Awards. They are some of the best villas in Bali to rest, surrounded by a dense tropical garden and incredible views of the ocean.

Its Balinese style, its spacious rooms with private infinity pool and its spa area and wellness treatments form an earthly paradise. It has both villas for couples and groups and families of up to 6 people with prices starting from $300 per night.


Wapa di Ume is an incredible five-star accommodation located in the middle of the jungle east of Bali. The resort offers villas with private pools and panoramic views of the mountains.

This complex has a small number of villas of the highest standing. Its design is one of the most avant-garde of the island, intermingling modern styles with traditional raw materials.

In addition to having Spa treatments, they organize other activities such as yoga classes or Indonesian cooking. You can book one of these luxury villas in Bali from $310 per night.

9. Samsara Ubud, Payangan. VILLAS IN THE BALI JUNGLE.

Samsara Ubud, has seventeen villas in the Bali jungle. The complex is a sanctuary designed with modern Balinese furniture that seeks to reconnect the traveler with nature.

Each villa is full of details and has a private infinity pool. There is the option of renting one, two and three bedroom villas, making it ideal also for trips with family or friends.

Its restaurant serving local, international and Indonesian cuisine is one of the best on the island. From $320  you can rent one of the best villas in Bali.


Despite being in the middle of nature, Ayuterra Resort is only two miles from Ubud. Their villas have a private pool with views of the mountains and the Alung River. In addition, Ayaterra Resort has spa service, massage service, and whirlpool.

It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic villas in Bali, and very popular for its spectacular petal tubs. We can rent one of their villas from $330 per night.

11. Bidadari Private Villas & Retreat, Ubud. VILLAS FOR GROUPS IN BALI.

With a modern Balinese design, Bidadari Private Villas & Retreat has spacious villas with private infinity pool from which you can observe nature in its purest state. In addition, this accommodation boasts incredible gastronomy made with the best products from Bali.

Its privileged location, just 10 minutes from Ubud, will make you never want to go home again. In addition, it is especially recommended for large groups, as it has villas up to four rooms from $340 per night.

12. Anapuri Villas, Ketewel. PRIVATE VILLAS IN BALI WITH CHÓFER.

Located in the southeast of Bali, Anapuri Villas is in a perfect setting for diving or snorkeling, one of the best things to do in Bali.

In addition to enjoying its spacious villas with private infinity pool and whirlpool tub, you can go to the spa and sauna.

What makes this villa unique in Bali, is that it includes up to 10 hours of free daily use of hotel car with driver, so you can move around Bali. You can rent one of their villas from $350.

13. The Udaya Resort and Spa.THE MOST ROMANTIC VILLAS OF BALI.

If you dream of taking a petal bath or dine by candlelight with that special person, The Udaya Resorts and Spa is the best Bali villa for you.

This tropical refuge is very close to the center of Ubud, which makes it an ideal place to visit the island. Its contemporary style and attentive staff will make you feel at home.

Its restaurant, Deeva Organic, serves delicious Balinese and Indonesian dishes made with fresh local ingredients. It also includes many vegetarian dishes on its menu. In addition, free afternoon tea is served every afternoon.

You can book a villa with private pool in Bali from $360 per night.


Viceroy Bali is one of the most exclusive accommodations on the planet. Its villas and facilities have received recognition as the “Best Resort in the World 2018” by Conde Nast Traveler.

Each of its villas is full of details and has a private pool with views of the Petanu River and the jungle. It has a spa, shuttle service to the center of Ubud, located five minutes from the resort, and heliport.

The award-winning restaurant CasCades is also located in the complex, where French specialties with Asian influences are served.

To enjoy what is possibly one of the most luxurious villas in Bali, you must have a budget of $700 per night.

15. Hanging Garden of Bali, Payangan. THE MOST POPULAR VILLAS OF BALI.

Hanging Garden of Bali, is possibly the most famous villa on the island. It stands out above all for its incredible infinity pool overlooking a lush jungle in the center of Bali.

The five-star resort has its own spa and all guests have a free IDR200,000 credit to visit it. In addition, within the facilities, we can find three restaurants and English tea is served every day for free.

Hanging Garden is not for everyone. With prices starting from $800 per night, it is a luxury villa only available for the most select travelers.

16. Four Season Resort Bali at Sayan. THE BEST BALI VILLA.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is paradise turned into a villa. If you dream of enjoying a private pool with views of the jungle and a dense tropical garden, you must book at this Bali resort.

On the banks of the Ayung River, Four Season is the villa in Bali that I recommend to make your experience second to none. Its ponds full of lotus flowers and secret corners that help you reconnect with you, make it, without any doubt, the best villa in Bali.

If you want a place to disconnect from everything, do yoga or simply relax contemplating the deep jungle, this villa is for you. You can reserve your villa in paradise from $810 per night.

17. The villas at Ayana Resort. VILLAS IN BALI WITH SEA VIEWS.

The Villas de AYANA Resort are located on a cliff in the bay of Jimbaran, one of the most impressive coastal landscapes of Bali.

During the day the turquoise waters will delight the guests, while at sunset you will see the sun hiding under the sea from your bed.

The complex offers 19 places to eat, 12 pools (in addition to the private pool that you will have in your villa), golf course, tennis court, and private beaches.


In the previous list, the best Bali villas are ordered by different price ranges. Surely you have already fallen in love with any of them if not with all of them. But, in any case, if you want to research a bit more to find the villa that best suits your needs, here is the selection of the best Bali Villas from Booking:


Originally, they called villas to the luxurious countryside properties to which the Roman nobles would escape from their daily lives in the city. Today, Bali’s popular villas are high-design holiday homes set in natural surroundings.

The main difference between a resort and a villa in Bali is that the latter offers much more privacy. Sometimes the entrance is private, so you’ll feel like you’re in your own home instead of in a hotel complex.

In addition to your room and bathroom, Bali villas often have other spaces that you will have access to, such as a private pool, terrace, garden or lounge. It will be like renting a luxury apartment, but with other services such as Spa, room service, chauffeur or butler.

While Bali’s luxury resorts can manage hundreds of rooms, we usually don’t find resorts with more than 20 private villas.


To finish I leave a map with the best villas in Bali. I also leave our downloadable Bali map so you can see where the main Bali attractions are and you can decide where to stay.

Before you go, I leave you the essentials for your trip to Bali:




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