Lofoten travel Budget for 10 days

Lofoten travel Budget for 10 days
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Our Lofoten travel budget is a topic we’ve been asked about frequently since we returned from the trip. Norway, like other Nordic countries, is reputed to be expensive. And while it is indeed expensive, we managed to minimize our expenses.

In the end, our 10 day trip to Lofoten was cheaper than we thought. Indeed, we had to make a few adjustments – we did not indulge in luxury, we cooked our food brought in from home, and slept in a Camper Van even when outside temperature is below zero.

Still, even when traveling on the cheap, Lofoten was a unique experience that we are eager to repeat.

Still, traveling cheap, Lofoten was a unique experience that we are eager to repeat.




To get to Lofoten, you have to stop in Oslo and fly to one of these airports:

  • Tromso: It is the furthest of the three options from Lofoten (7 hours by car), but flights are cheaper and more frequent.
  • Evenes: It’s right in Lofoten, but flights are scarce and expensive.
  • Bodø: You have to take a 4-hour ferry to Lofoten from the airport. This would save some time compared to the journey from Tromso, but flights are also less frequent here than in Tromso.

Since flights were significantly cheaper, we flew to Tromso to reduce our travel budget to Lofoten.

The flight tickets with two stopovers to Tromso from Madrid cost 200€ round trip, with a checked bag.

Total flight expenses = 200 € per person *

* Note: Price for flights from Spain. However, from other countries such as the United States, flights to Lofoten are very expensive (above $ 1,000).– still worth the trip nonetheless!


If you do not have a European health insurance card, it is more than advisable that you purchase travel insurance. For those of you from outside Europe, I recommend the Schengen Travel Insurance offered by Mondo. For only 1.27 € / day, you will be insured with € 30,000 to move around any country of the Schengen area, including Norway.

As we collaborate with them, they have given a 5% discount for our readers. Enter its website from here to enjoy your discount:

travel insurance for lofoten in 10 days Mondo

Total expenses in travel insurance = 32 € x 0.95 = 30.5 € (2 people)


The cheapest way to travel to Lofoten is by renting a Camper Van. We found one that was especially cheap in Tromso, Norwagon, so we rented the van from there and drove it to Lofoten.

travel budget to lofoten islands in camper van roadtrip in caravan

The price of the Camper was 150 € per day. We rented it for 9 of the 10 days of our trip to Lofoten.

Total cost Camper Van (accommodation + transport) = 1350 €


It is essential that you stay at least one night in a Rorbuer, the iconic fishermen’s huts that gave Lofoten its popularity.

We stayed at the famous Eliassen Rorbuer for one night and could not be happier – the cabins are amazing!

how much traveling to lofoten cost norway backpack budget cheap

Keep in mind that the price does not include sheets, towels, or cleaning. You have to leave the cabin as you found it to avoid a 40 € fee.

Total expenses on accommodation of one night in the Rorbuer = 130 €


Although part of our original plan was to join a whale watching excursion, we could not do it in the end. For such, it was necessary to have a good telephoto lens, so we rented a 70-200 2’8 for Nikon.

While we did not use it for capturing whales, we did use it for a lot of photographs of the fjords.

photographic gear rent to lofoten norway from spain

Total cost of telephoto lens rental = € 100

For those who are in Spain and Portugal, we rented it through Fragmáticos, who we collaborate with. For a 5% discount, use the code ATLAS5 at checkout.


I think this is one of the few trips where we did not used cash money at all. We paid for everything with our credit cards, with gasoline being our main expense.

90% of what we ate during our trip to Lofoten was food we had brought from home. As we commented at the beginning of the post, Norway is an expensive country, so if you do not want to spend a lot on this trip, I recommend that you bring a checked bag filled with food.

As it was a road trip, it is not uncomfortable to carry a backpack + suitcase with you. You can save a considerable amount of money from not eating at restaurants or having to buy food at the local supermarket – we spent more here buying water, bread, eggs, fruits, and vegetables than in almost any other country.

Total expenses of food (supermarkets and airport meals) = 150 €


Our Camper Van was diesel, but even then, filling the tank was still expensive – about 80 € per trip, since we drove many kilometers. Apart from the journey from Tromso to Lofoten, every night we drove around a while to search for clearings to see the auroras.

Total expenses in gasoline = 300 €


Feeling the magic of Northern Lights and immensity of the fjords is priceless. We dedicated ourselves to these two activities during our 10 days in Lofoten. However, there are other activities that perhaps would still be of interest, such as whale watching, kayaking, or visiting museums.

In this case, you should consider the price of these activities for your travel budget to Lofoten.

Total expenses for Fjords  + fishermen’s huts + northern lights contemplation = free!


I hope that this travel budget for Lofoten help gives you good ideas about the cost and ways to reduce your budget such as brining a suitcase full of food or traveling by Camper Van.

If you happen to have a low budget and are questioning whether it’s worth it to travel to or give up comfort to see Lofoten, let us give you a glimpse of this place to decide for yourself.

written by Ascenphotography by danzafra

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