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10 Things to Do on Lobos Island, Fuerteventura

While small in size, there is a wealth of attractions to explore and numerous things to do on Lobos Island. With unparalleled natural beauty and otherworldly landscapes, this islet is one of the most popular destinations in Fuerteventura.

Lobos Island derives its name from a once-thriving population of sea lions that inhabited its coasts. Unfortunately, despite ongoing conservation efforts, these creatures have not been present for quite some time. Still, Lobos Island is one of the best Canary Islands, so I’m sure you will have a great time no matter what.

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Best things to do on Lobos Island, Fuerteventura

Nevertheless, Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura remains a stunning protected natural park overseen by the Ministry of the Environment. As such, access to the island requires a permit to ensure its preservation. But don’t worry, because I will provide all the essential information for your visit to Lobos Island, including what to do and see to make the most of your time.

Guide to visiting Isla de Lobos

Visiting Isla de los Lobos is one of the best things to do near Fuerteventura due to its close proximity. However, if you’re unsure how to begin organizing your trip, this guide provides all the crucial details to help you decide what to do on Lobos Island. Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

Before delving into specifics, it’s important to note that Lobos Island in Fuerteventura is a protected natural reserve. Therefore, it’s crucial to show the utmost respect for the environment and for all the animal and plant species inhabiting the area.

Lobos Island permit

A permit is mandatory to access Lobos Island, whether you plan to explore it independently via ferry or join an organized excursion. Please note that permits do not include transportation, although some Lobos Island excursions may handle permit arrangements as well.

You can request a Lobos Island permit through the Cabildo website up to 5 days before your planned visit. The permit is completely free, so you should be cautious if you encounter a website that charges for it, as it may be a scam.

Permit to visit lobos island fuerteventura

Lobos Island permit

The Lobos Island permit is personal and non-transferable. Each person can request authorization for up to three individuals, providing personal details such as name, age, country of residence, and ID or passport number for each person. This permit must be carried throughout the visit and is issued solely to control the number of daily visitors to the island, which is limited to 400 people (200 people in the morning shift, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 200 people in the afternoon shift, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.). This means you’ll have only 4 hours to explore the islet.

There is no accommodation on Isla de Lobos, nor is there an option to stay for more than 4 hours. While the time limit may seem restrictive, these measures are in place to protect and preserve the island. We visited Isla de Lobos before these limitations were implemented and spent about 6 hours there. However, with proper planning, I’m sure you can still thoroughly enjoy and explore the island within the allotted time frame.

How to get to Isla de Lobos

To reach Isla de Lobos from Fuerteventura, the only mode of transportation available is by sea, with boats departing from the port of Corralejo. The journey from Fuerteventura to Lobos Island takes approximately 20 minutes.

You can book the Lobos Island ferry in advance through this link. This is the best option, especially if you want to visit the Islote de Lobos independently, as it is not only the most economical choice but also includes the necessary permit to access the island, saving you some time and energy. I highly recommend booking in advance to secure a spot on the ferry and maximize your 4-hour visit.

Another option is to book one of the excursions in Fuerteventura that includes a visit to Lobos Island. Some of these Isla de Lobos tours offer additional activities such as dolphin watching, kayaking, or snorkeling. For example, this comprehensive excursion provides round-trip ferry travel, the permit, and snorkeling equipment, along with free time to explore key attractions on the islet.

best things to do in isla de lobos fuerteventura

How to reach Isla de Lobos

Alternatively, you can book this excursion, which features a catamaran ride along the Isla de Lobos beach. This tour also includes onboard meals and beverages, as well as snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking equipment. Although it doesn’t disembark on Lobos Island, this option offers a scenic tour along its coastline, making it a great alternative in case you haven’t obtained the permit.

If you want to visit Isla de Lobos from Lanzarote, I recommend taking this dolphin-watching excursion departing from Puerto del Carmen, which also includes a stop at Lobos Island.

Best things to do on Lobos Island, Fuerteventura

Now that you know how to reach Isla de Lobos and obtain the permit required for access, let me guide you through the various attractions on the island so that you can make the most of your 4-hour visit.

The island is relatively small, allowing you to explore it thoroughly within this time frame. However, I recommend carefully planning your itinerary and prioritizing the places you wish to visit on Lobos Island to ensure you have enough time for everything.

1. Puertito de Lobos, one of the best places to visit on Lobos Island, Fuerteventura

Puertito de Lobos, formerly the island’s port, is a must-visit destination on Isla de Lobos. While it no longer serves as a functioning port, its proximity to the pier makes it a pivotal stop for visitors.

Puertito de Lobos, lobos island things to do

1. Puertito de Lobos, one of the best places to visit on Lobos Island, Fuerteventura

Renowned for its azure, crystalline waters and panoramic views of the northern coastline of Fuerteventura, Puertito de Lobos is recognized as one of the most stunning natural pools in the Canary Islands. It’s an ideal locale for leisurely swims and snorkeling excursions, as the calm waters make it easier to observe a variety of small marine species beneath the surface.

In addition to the pristine bathing area, Puertito de Lobos is home to the only restaurant on Lobos Island. This dining spot offers a delightful culinary experience with panoramic views of the sea, providing yet another reason to include it among the must-see places on Isla de Lobos.

2. Explore the island by bicycle, a fun thing to do on Lobos Island

Renting a bicycle to tour Lobos Island is one of the best ways to make the most of your 4-hour visit.

Given the island’s compact size, it takes approximately 45 minutes to cycle around it. However, you should keep in mind that certain sections of Lobos Island are not suitable for cycling and may require walking due to potholes. Nevertheless, cycling provides an excellent opportunity to explore the island’s charms at a leisurely pace.

Bike tour on lobos island fuerteventura

2. Explore the island by bicycle, a fun thing to do on Lobos Island

During our visit, we had the luxury of spending six hours on the island, as there were no restrictions at the time. This extra time allowed us to fully appreciate the island’s attractions without feeling rushed. Therefore, with only four hours, utilizing a bicycle can help you access the most picturesque spots in Lobos Island, Fuerteventura, and get more out of your visit.

It’s worth mentioning that there are no bicycle rental services on Isla de Lobos, so you’ll need to rent one in Fuerteventura. We rented ours from Easy Riders Bike Center in Corralejo and took them on this ferry without any issues. However, do note that there’s a €5 per bike supplement, payable onboard the ferry.

3. Punta Martiño Lighthouse, a unique place to visit on Isla de Lobos, Canary Islands

Until 1958, the only inhabitants of the island were the lighthouse keeper and his family, who were responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. The Punta Martiño Lighthouse is situated 3 miles from Puertito de Lobos, at the opposite end of the island, atop a small hill known as Martiño Mountain.

Punta Martiño Lighthouse, trips to lobos island

3. Punta Martiño Lighthouse, a unique place to visit on Isla de Lobos, Canary Islands

This Neoclassical-style lighthouse is one of the must-visit attractions on Lobos Island, Fuerteventura, and the basalt stones used during its construction add to its uniqueness. Standing at a modest height of 20 feet, the lighthouse is perched atop the hill, reaching an elevation of 100 feet above sea level.

While the Punta Martiño Lighthouse is a significant landmark on Isla de Lobos, it may not be the most suitable destination for families with children due to its distance from the drop-off point of the boat. However, if you are traveling as a couple or with a group of friends, it’s definitely worth a visit during your time on Lobos Island.

4. Snorkeling, another fun thing to do on Lobos Island

One of the unique features of Lobos Island is its location and access restrictions, which contribute to the abundance of marine life on its seabed. In other words, it’s one of the best snorkeling spots in the Canary Islands.

Snorkeling excursion in lobos island

4. Snorkeling, another fun thing to do on Lobos Island

If you bring your own equipment, you can head to Puertito de Lobos, where the calm and transparent waters allow for impressive underwater exploration. If you don’t have snorkeling gear or experience, you can opt for this guided excursion, which includes round-trip ferry transportation, a Lobos Island permit, snorkeling, and enough time to explore the islet and enjoy its calm and untouched environment.

Alternatively, you can book this catamaran excursion to cruise along the entire coast and enjoy activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling on Lobos Island. This tour is ideal for discovering the best snorkeling spots on the island, making it a great option if you haven’t gotten the permit to disembark on the islet.

5. Climb Caldera Mountain, the best hiking route on Lobos Island

Caldera Mountain is a must-see on Isla de Lobos, especially if you enjoy hiking.

Calera Mountain, what to do in lobos island

5. Climb Calera Mountain, the best hiking route on Lobos Island

This Lobos Island volcano emerged over 130,000 years ago following a series of eruptions. Today, it stands at a height of 400 feet, making it one of the most impressive volcanoes in Fuerteventura. From its summit, hikers are treated to stunning panoramic views of Los Lobos Island, with vistas extending to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote in the distance.

You can reach Caldera Mountain by walking from where the ferry drops you off. Everything is well signposted, so you can’t get lost, and it will take approximately 40 minutes to reach the mountain.

6. Visit La Concha de Lobos Beach and other beaches on Isla de Lobos

La Concha Beach is one of the best beaches on Isla de Lobos. In fact, it is practically the only accessible beach on the island. The other beaches are either inaccessible or simply small coves.

La Concha de Lobos Beach, kayak fuerteventura isla de lobos

6. Visit La Concha de Lobos Beach and other beaches on Isla de Lobos

This beach is divided into two sections by a strip of rocks. The first section, although smaller, tends to attract the majority of visitors. However, many are unaware of the existence of the larger and more picturesque area beyond the rocks. I highly recommend venturing beyond this rocky barrier to discover the tranquility and privacy of the lesser-known section of the beach.

7. Dolphin-watching, one of the best things to do on Lobos Island

Dolphin-watching is one of the most thrilling things to do on Lobos Island. With a bit of luck, you may spot dolphins during the ferry journey between Corralejo and Isla de Lobos or vice versa. Alternatively, you can book a more comprehensive excursion to watch these magnificent creatures.

It’s essential to remain vigilant and alert the crew as soon as you spot dolphins. This ensures a respectful approach, allowing you to fully enjoy the sighting.

Dolphin-watching lobos island tour

7. Dolphin-watching, one of the best things to do on Lobos Island

This area of the Canary Islands is renowned for its rich marine life, making it an ideal destination for cetacean sightings. In addition to dolphins, you may encounter humpback whales, pilot whales, and even sea turtles. In fact, some dolphin-watching tours from Lanzarote venture here, as the likelihood of sightings is very high. Specifically, this excursion, departing from Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, also includes a stop at Isla de Lobos, making it a great option if you’re exploring the main attractions of Lanzarote but still wish to visit Lobos Island.

Moreover, this Lobos Island excursion provides snorkeling and kayaking equipment, so it’s quite a comprehensive experience.

If you’re looking for whale and dolphin-watching tours from Fuerteventura, be sure to check out our guide.

8. Las Lagunitas in Isla de Lobos, one of the most secluded areas on the island

If you’re headed to the lighthouse, consider making a stop at Las Lagunitas, another essential destination within the Isla de Lobos Natural Park.

Las Laguintas, things to do in lobos island

8. Las Lagunitas in Isla de Lobos, one of the most secluded areas on the island

Here, you’ll discover some of the most stunning natural pools on Isla de Lobos, making it a favorite spot among those seeking a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature. Additionally, due to its remote location, Las Lagunitas is often frequented by numerous seabirds.

Moreover, Las Lagunitas is known for its collection of Limonium bollei, a unique plant species found exclusively within the Isla de los Lobos Natural Reserve.

9. Go surfing on Lobos Island, Fuerteventura, and ride the longest wave in the Canary Islands

Surfing on Los Lobos, Fuerteventura ranks among the most popular activities for locals and visitors alike. Enthusiasts and professionals can enjoy riding what is considered the longest wave in the Canary Islands. This exceptional and rare wave can be found on the southwest coast of Isla de Lobos, specifically in Marrajo. Renowned for its length, diverse sections, and exceptional quality, it’s a wave that surfers dream of experiencing.

Surfing on Lobos Island best things to do

9. Go surfing on Los Lobos, Fuerteventura, and ride the longest wave in the Canary Islands

While it’s not typically recommended for beginners, if you’re considering surfing on Los Lobos in Fuerteventura, it’s an experience worth considering.

10. Hiking the circular route of Islote de Lobos, the best way to explore the island

While exploring the island by bicycle is a great idea, you can also opt for a leisurely hike. With just 4 hours, you’ll have enough time to traverse the entire island and discover its main attractions along the circular route of Islote de Lobos.

Covering nearly 8 miles with a 650-foot elevation gain, the hike may be demanding, but the experience is truly rewarding. If you choose to explore Lobos Island on foot, make sure you wear sturdy hiking boots or, at the very least, comfortable sports shoes. Avoid flip-flops or any footwear unsuitable for walking on dirt and mountain paths.

The best hiking route on Islote de Lobos fuerteventura

10. Hiking the circular route of Islote de Lobos, the best way to explore the island

Embarking on this circular route allows you to visit some of the island’s key attractions, including the Punta Martiño Lighthouse, Las Lagunitas, Puertito de Lobos, Caldera Mountain, and La Concha Beach. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best hiking trails in Fuerteventura, offering an immersive experience on Islote de Lobos.

As a friendly reminder, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before embarking on your hike, as shade is scarce across the entire island.

Lobos Island restaurant

There’s only one restaurant on Isla de Lobos, but it offers spectacular views and a memorable dining experience. El Chiringuito Lobos Antoñito El Farero, located near Puertito de Lobos, is a simple and cozy establishment with a good quality-price ratio, considering it’s the only restaurant on Lobos Island. While the variety of dishes may not be extensive, seafood lovers will appreciate the fresh flavors of the sea.

Lobos Island restaurant, what to do in lobos island

Lobos Island restaurant

I recommend reserving a table as soon as you arrive at Isla de Lobos. With limited seating and high demand, the restaurant tends to fill up quickly.

If you plan to explore the entire island by bike or on foot, it’s better to bring your own snacks. However, please remember to leave no trace behind and carry all trash to preserve the island’s natural beauty.

Closest hotels to Lobos Island

You cannot stay overnight on Isla de Lobos, as there are no hotels or accommodations available, and camping is not permitted. Visitors must depart the island by 2 p.m. for morning shifts or 6 p.m. for afternoon shifts.

The closest option for accommodation near Isla de Lobos is to look for places to stay in Fuerteventura, preferably in Corralejo, where ferries depart to Isla de Lobos.

There, you’ll find a variety of options, including many all-inclusive hotels in Corralejo, perfect for a worry-free and relaxing holiday. Our favorite is the Barceló Corralejo Bay, located in front of Verilitos Beach and offering excellent facilities and incredible buffet-style meals. Please note that this hotel is for adults only. For families traveling with children, I recommend the H10 Ocean Suites, which offers a diverse program of activities.

Barcelo Corralejo Bay, holiday to lobos island

Closest hotels to Lobos Island

If you are looking for a more exclusive experience, you can opt for one of the luxury villas in Corralejo, such as Villas Veaco Bahiazul, which is ideal for groups. Keep in mind that villas tend to be more expensive due to their exclusivity, luxury, and privacy. Alternatively, there are many excellent apartment rentals in Corralejo, such as Corralejo Surfing Colors Hotel & Apartments, which offer excellent value for money.

For further information, you can refer to our guide on hotels in Corralejo.

Best time to visit Lobos Island

You can visit Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura, at any time of the year. Ferries connecting Corralejo with Lobos Island operate year-round, and permits are available throughout the year.

However, the best months to visit Lobos Island are September and October. During this time, there is less wind and haze, and the temperatures are more comfortable. Additionally, these months are less crowded with tourists, making it easier to obtain a permit to go to Lobos Island.

Port in Isla de Lobos, boat to lobos island fuerteventura

Best time to visit Lobos Island

In September and October, you can enjoy all the activities mentioned in this guide, as well as swimming. The water temperatures are particularly pleasant during these months.

That being said, Isla de Lobos can still be enjoyed during other months of the year. Keep in mind that during peak tourist months such as June, July, and August, you should request your permit well in advance due to higher demand.

Lobos Island map

Now that you have all the information you need to fully enjoy Isla de Lobos, organizing your visit will be much easier with our tourist maps of Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura.

As you can see on the Lobos Island map above, both the circular route and all the points of interest I mentioned in this guide are marked.

With this map and the comprehensive guide, you’re all set to make the most of your excursion to Lobos Island. If you have any questions or want to share your experience visiting this small but beautiful island, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m here to assist you and hear about your adventures!

Enjoy your Lobos Island trip to the fullest!

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