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3 Best Lanzarote Dolphin-Watching Tours of 2024

Seeing dolphins in Lanzarote, as well as other cetaceans, is one of the best activities you can do in the Canary Islands. Witnessing these beautiful dolphins and whales in the wild is truly impressive, so it’ll be one of the best experiences of your trip.

During our travels, we try to book a whale-watching tour whenever it’s possible at our destination. So, if you’re not sure what to do in Lanzarote, I definitely recommend booking a Lanzarote whale-watching tour, because this is one of the best places to do it!

To help you choose an amazing excursion, I’m sharing the 3 best Lanzarote dolphin-watching and whale tours in the Canary Islands.

Lanzarote dolphin-watching tours

Lanzarote is one of the most beautiful Canary Islands thanks to its fascinating landscapes, which are full of beaches and volcanoes. Unlike other islands, this one tends to be quieter, especially during the off-season, so you can see whales in Lanzarote without any problems.

Here are the top 3 Lanzarote whale-watching tours:

  1. Tour to Isla de Lobos with dolphin-watching from Lanzarote
  2. Whale and dolphin-watching in Lanzarote at sunset
  3. Lanzarote dolphin-watching with snorkel

You can also see whales and dolphins if you rent a boat in Lanzarote, but be aware of the restrictions and never disturb the wildlife.

1. Tour to Isla de Lobos with dolphin-watching from Lanzarote

This half-day tour is one of the best dolphin trips in Lanzarote. You’ll get to see wild dolphins as they swim around Isla de Lobos, a protected natural park that you can only visit with a permit.

During this half-day excursion, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Lanzarote coastline while the boat follows the trail of the dolphins and whales that usually swim through these Atlantic waters. It’s one of the best excursions in Lanzarote. Moreover, your guide will give you information about all the different marine creatures you’ll see. You’ll also get time to explore the beautiful Isla de Lobos and enjoy a picnic with drinks. Check our guide on Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura if you need some ideas on what to do there.

Tour to Isla de Lobos, Lanzarote dolphin watching

1. Tour to Isla de Lobos with dolphin-watching from Lanzarote

  • Highlights: Dolphin and whale-watching from Lanzarote and visit to the Isla de Lobos
  • Starting point: Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Price: $66
  • Description: This tour covers the areas most frequented by dolphins and whales in Lanzarote. During the excursion, a guide will provide information about the cetaceans that inhabit the area. Your trip also includes a visit to Isla de Lobos, a picnic, and drinks.

2. Whale and dolphin-watching in Lanzarote at sunset

If you’re traveling as a couple and want to enjoy a Lanzarote dolphin-watching adventure, I recommend that you book this tour, which departs in the afternoon and returns just in time for sunset.

The tour starts in the old town of Puerto del Carmen at 4 p.m. or 6 p.m. depending on the time of year and runs along the entire coast of Lanzarote. During the cruise, you’ll be able to spot dolphins and whales, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful sunset, complimentary champagne, and sweets. In addition to being one of the most romantic Lanzarote whale-watching tours, you’ll learn interesting facts from an expert whale guide.

Whale and dolphin-watching in Lanzarote at sunset, Lanzarote whale watching

2. Whale and dolphin-watching in Lanzarote at sunset

  • Highlights: Dolphin and whale-watching from Lanzarote at sunset with champagne and pastries
  • Starting point: Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Price: $50
  • Description: Depart in the afternoon and see whales and dolphins around the coast of Lanzarote. The tour includes champagne and sweets, making it ideal for couples.

3. Lanzarote dolphin-watching with snorkel

Another interesting tour where you can spot dolphins in Lanzarote is this snorkeling excursion. In addition to sailing the seas in search of cetaceans and other marine creatures, you’ll be able to take a swim or snorkeling session. Without a doubt, the seabed of the Canary Islands is magnificent, so this tour is one of the most impressive experiences.

Like the rest of the tours, you’ll learn from a knowledgeable expert who will share information about the whales in the area. Not only that, but this is one of the cheapest Lanzarote dolphin-watching tours.

Lanzarote dolphin-watching with snorkel, dolphins around Lanzarote

3. Lanzarote dolphin-watching with snorkel

  • Highlights: Dolphin and whale-watching from Lanzarote and snorkeling
  • Starting point: Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: $30
  • Description: See whales and dolphins in Lanzarote and stop for a swim or snorkeling adventure in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lanzarote whale-watching season

One of the most common questions is about the Lanzarote whale-watching season and when to see other cetaceans in the Canary Islands. Well, I have to say that thanks to the calm waters that surround the island, its depth, and its temperature, which ranges from 18 to 25ºC, you can see dolphins and whales in Lanzarote throughout the year.

While there are some transient dolphins and whales in this area, there are also plenty of pods that frequent the waters around the island. This means that your chances of seeing whales in Lanzarote are quite high wherever and whenever you go.

Can you see whales in Lanzarote

Lanzarote whale-watching season

However, keep in mind that these are wild animals and it’s impossible to predict their movements with 100% accuracy, so you might not get so lucky on some tours. That said, the chances of seeing dolphins in Lanzarote are much higher compared to the chances of seeing whales since the former tend to be much more sociable and unafraid of approaching boats.

Where to see dolphins around Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote has become one of the best Canary Islands to enjoy dolphin and whale-watching thanks to the pods that have permanently settled in the surrounding waters. Most tours depart from Puerto del Carmen in the southeast section of the island, which is also one of the most popular places to stay in Lanzarote.

Moreover, due to its location in the subtropical region of West Africa, if you decide to book a tour that departs from any other nearby port, your chances of seeing dolphins around Lanzarote would also be remarkably high.

What kind of whales can you see in Lanzarote?

Before you decide to book one of the top Lanzarote dolphin-watching tours, I’ll explain which species you might see as well as some information to help you identify them.

Dolphins in Lanzarote

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see dolphins in Lanzarote since they’re sociable creatures and tend to approach boats without hesitation. In Lanzarote, you will see the common dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin.

Lanzarote dolphin watching

Dolphins in Lanzarote

The common dolphin is slightly smaller compared to other species and has a dark gray upper body and a lighter lower body. The bottlenose dolphin, on the other hand, has a more uniform gray color, as well as a robust body and an elongated snout.

Pilot whales in Lanzarote

Pilot whales in Lanzarote are quite common among the surrounding coastal waters. These cetaceans are black, although some have a rather grayish color. Males can be about 16 feet long and weigh up to 2 tons, while females are somewhat smaller.

Dolphins around Lanzarote

Pilot whales in Lanzarote

Other cetaceans in Lanzarote

Dolphins and pilot whales are the two most common species of cetaceans in Lanzarote. Some other creatures you might spot in Lanzarote include blue whales, sperm whales, and orcas. These cetaceans are more difficult to see, but depending on when you take a tour, you might get lucky and spot one or two.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember the defining characteristics of each cetacean species right away, because each tour is led by a knowledgeable whale expert who can point out each type.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Lanzarote, and you take advantage of one of these tours! These whale-watching excursions in Lanzarote are incredible and will leave you breathless. If you’re going to visit other islands, I recommend looking through our guide to the Canary Islands, which includes other tours you can take.

If you have any questions about whale-watching in Lanzarote, you can leave me a comment below, and I’ll be happy to help you! Happy dolphin-spotting!

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  1. jim sullivan says:

    I will be staying in Playa blanca / Lanzarote between the 18/011/2021 and 02/12/2021
    and would like to view Whales. Is this possible and where should I make my reservation?
    look forward to your reply
    best wishes

    • Capture the Atlas says:

      Hi Jim,

      You will need to drive to Puerto del Carmen from Playa Blanca but it’s just a 30 min ride. Also, please take into account that dolphins are much easier to see than whales in Lanzarote. I would recommend you to book this tour.

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

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