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Guide to Wine Tasting in La Geria, Lanzarote

The wineries and vineyards of La Geria, Lanzarote are some of the most beautiful places to visit on the island, whether you’re a wine lover or you want to discover the cultivation history of this area. Beyond its extensive ash-covered area, the people of Lanzarote have been able to adapt to their environment and produce high-quality wines with a one-of-a-kind flavor.

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Guide to Wine Tasting in La Geria, Lanzarote

You can visit the wineries of La Geria on your own by traveling along the LZ-30 highway, or you can take an organized tour like this tasting, which is the one we took during our first trip to the island. During the tour, we visited the Vega de Yuco Winery, where we got to learn about the wine-making process and do a tasting while enjoying the lovely landscape.

So, if you want to add the vineyards of La Geria to your list of things to do in Lanzarote, keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about each winery, the tours that are available, and more.

What makes La Geria, Lanzarote special?

The La Geria wineries (Bodegas La Geria) stand out from other wineries in the Canary Islands, and even the entire world. They’ve developed an ingenious cultivation method to adapt to the volcanic soil, which is quite a hostile environment for crops. As a result, the wines here are out of this world, and some of the highest-quality productions available.

Initially, it was discovered that after the island’s volcanic eruptions, the ash-covered plantations began growing better crops than before. This is because the volcanic gravel allowed moisture to remain in the fields longer, which was very beneficial for an island that doesn’t get much rain. While people thought the volcanic ash would be a disadvantage, it ended up a blessing in disguise for wine production.

Lanzarote cultivation methods, vineyards la geria

What makes La Geria, Lanzarote special?

In La Geria, the cultivators grow their crops in a particular way. They dig holes in the surface until they reach fertile soil, often digging quite deep to ensure the plants have firm and stable roots. Then, they build a stone wall around the crop to protect it from the island’s trade winds.

Thus, Lanzarote’s La Geria wine-tasting region was formed; a landscape of green plants interspersed against the contrasting black tones of Lanzarote’s volcanoes and lava lakes.

What to expect from a visit to the La Geria vineyards

You can choose to visit La Geria on your own or with a tour group. During our first trip to Lanzarote we decided to do this vineyard tour, which included a visit to the Vega de Yuco Wintery and a tasting.

The tour lasted about two hours, which gave us enough time to explore the vineyards at the foot of the Testeina volcano and learn about the history of wine cultivation in Lanzarote. Our guide also explained the different varieties of wine in La Geria, so when it came time for the tasting, we could easily identify each option. The views from the winery were wonderful, and in addition to the organic wines, we got to enjoy handmade chocolates.

Bodegas La Geria, la geria lanzarote wine tasting

What to expect from a visit to the La Geria vineyards

We loved this La Geria wine-tasting tour, so I highly recommend it, especially if you have limited time to explore. That said, you can visit the vineyards of La Geria on your own, but I don’t recommend going wine tasting and driving yourself!

That said, to visit La Geria wineries you should drive along the LZ-30 road, which crosses the La Geria Valley. There, you can stop at one or two of the wineries along the way to do a wine tasting. Some of the wineries only offer tastings, while others, like Rubicón, La Geria, El Grifo, or Stratvs, have guided tours and small exhibits.

Whichever option you choose, I’m sure that it’ll be one of the most interesting experiences during your stay on this volcanic island.

What are the best wineries in La Geria?

In total, there are 14 wineries in La Geria that you can visit, but I recommend choosing one or two so you can get the full experience. Below, I’ll tell you about the most well-known vineyards in La Geria and some information about each of them.

Vega de Yuco Winery

The Vega de Yuco Winery (Bodega Vega de Yuco) is the one we visited on our vineyard tour. This wine cellar is in the heart of the La Geria Valley, so it boasts a unique landscape and lovely views of Timanfaya National Park.

Vega de Yuco Winery, la geria lanzarote

Vega de Yuco Winery

If you take the tour, a guide will walk you through the facilities and explain everything about the wine-making process, from planting the seeds to bottling the wines. You’ll also take a walk through the vineyard and enjoy a tasting on the beautiful terrace.

Bodega El Grifo

The Bodega El Grifo is another famous winery in La Geria and one of the oldest in all of Spain. Founded in 1775, El Grifo is a historical landmark, so visiting it feels like stepping back in time.

This legendary vineyard also has a museum with interesting exhibits and information about La Geria and the Lanzarote’s distinct wine-making methods. You can also take a guided tour and see the old wine press and the beautiful cactus garden, where you can hang out and admire the views.

Bodega El Grifo, vineyards la geria

Bodega El Grifo

Another cool thing about this place is that its logo was designed by none other than famed Canarian artist César Manrique. Also, El Grifo’s Lías wine and Ana Britto Moscatel have received international awards and have been in production since 1880.

You’ll have to visit this vineyard on your own, but it’s worth it. Plus, El Grifo is next to the Casa Museo del Campesino, a museum dedicated to traditional Lanzarote gastronomy and handicrafts that was also designed by César Manrique.

Bermejo Winery

The Bermejo Winery is another place where you can try the organic wine of La Geria. It’s near the town of El Islote and stands out for its incredible Malvasia wine. In addition, this is one of the few places where you can try the carbonic maceration red wines on Lanzarote.

Bermejo Winery, festival la geria lanzarote

Bermejo Winery

During your visit, you’ll gain new insights into the winery’s history, tour the beautiful barrel room, and learn about Bermejo’s cultivation methods and wine varieties. You can also book a tasting, which includes an artisan goat cheese tapa with your glass of wine on the dreamy outdoor terrace.

La Geria Winery

The La Geria winery (Bodega La Geria) is located in the heart of the valley, next to the hermitage of Our Lady of Charity, which dates back to the 17th century. The wine cellar was built at the end of the 19th century by the Rijo family, and is one of the most prestigious wineries, standing out for its high-quality Malvasía and Muscatel grapes.

La Geria Winery, wine tasting la geria

La Geria Winery

If you go here, you can choose between two types of visits. The first consists of a one-hour tour of the facilities and the vineyards, in which you’ll learn about La Geria’s grape-growing and harvesting process. The other option is a three-glass wine tasting, with the choice of including some accompanying snacks and tapas.

Bodegas Rubicón

Finally, Bodega Rubicón is right in front of the La Geria Winery, so you can lump both vineyards into your visit. Bodega Rubicón opened its doors in 1979 and continues to be one of the most popular wine cellars on the island.

Huge eucalyptus trees surround its historic farm, and you can visit for free. There aren’t any tours available here, but you can explore on your own and see the old wine press from 1802, the barrel room, and the cisterns, which are well-preserved in a beautiful room with traditional Canarian architecture.

Bodega Rubicón, la geria wineries

Bodegas Rubicón

Best of all, you can book a wine tasting here and try a couple of wines paired with dehydrated fruits.

Best wine tastings in La Geria

Visiting this area is a great opportunity to try the different wines of La Geria, and the best way to experience all the nuanced flavors is by signing up for a tasting. I recommend sipping the most famous wine in La Geria, Lanzarote, which is the white Malvasia, an aromatic and sweet wine. It has a subtle acidity to it and comes in three types: dry, semi-dry, and sweet. Of course, there are also various reds and rosé wines that you can taste, too.

If you have your own vehicle or you plan on renting a car in Lanzarote, you can tour La Geria on your own and stop at the wine cellars that interest you the most. Just remember to have a designated driver who can safely transport you around the area!

Catas de vino, la geria lanzarote

Best wine tastings in La Geria

In the event that all your travel companions want to drink, I recommend booking one of the excursions in Lanzarote that I mentioned earlier. Most of these tours include pick-up at your hotel in La Geria, Costa Teguise, Arrecife, or Puerto del Carmen.

Again, we signed up for this vineyard tour with a wine tasting at the Vega de Yuco Winery. We got to tour the facilities and try the classic La Geria wine and the Listán Negro de Lanzarote. The tour lasts two hours, so it’s the perfect activity to do in the morning or afternoon.

On the other hand, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of enology, or the study of wine-making, I suggest this 4-hour tour. It includes visits to three separate wine cellars, including El Grifo, Bermejos, and Bodega Rubicón. You’ll do a tasting at each vineyard, sampling three different types of local wines, so it’s one of the best tours through La Geria, Lanzarote.

Last but not least, if you’re short on time but want to see several La Geria vineyards in one go, this tour is the best option. You’ll start with a visit to Timanfaya National Park to see its magnificent volcanic landscapes. Afterward, you’ll enjoy a tasting at one of the top wineries in La Geria, followed by a visit to the town of El Golfo. This is one of the most traditional towns on the island with some of the best restaurants in Lanzarote where you can try authentic Canarian food.

How to get to La Geria, Lanzarote

The wineries of La Geria are located along the LZ-30 highway, which runs from the Monumento del Campesino, in the town of Mozaga, to the town of Uga.

Moreover, La Geria is in the central-southern area of Lanzarote, so it’s well-connected to several tourist attractions on the island. For example, if you’re visiting Puerto del Carmen, you can get to La Geria in just 15 minutes. In addition, Timanfaya National Park is only 10 minutes away, so you can easily combine your wine tasting with an excursion to Timanfaya.

Best hotels in La Geria

Among the best places to stay in Lanzarote, several of them are hotels in the La Geria region. If you plan on staying overnight, here are some accommodation suggestions that I’m sure you’ll love.

  • Ecofinca Buenavista: This rural hotel is in the Natural Park of La Geria, so you’ll have beautiful views of the vineyards from your room.
  • Timanfaya Casa Rural: As one of the top-rated rural hotels in Yaiza, close to La Geria, this accommodation has cozy rooms with a view, and the property has a swimming pool and complimentary breakfast.
  • Finca Isolina Hotel Boutique: Located in the town of Mácher, this accommodation is in an old 19th-century mansion. It has just six rooms, so you’re guaranteed an intimate experience and exclusive treatment.

That’s it for this guide to La Geria, Lanzarote. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below. I’d also love to hear about your experience visiting the vineyards of La Geria and one of the best Canary Islands.

Enjoy your La Geria wine tasting!

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