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Map of Iceland – 15 Tourist Maps of Iceland

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Do you need a map of Iceland to plan your trip around the land of ice and fire? Since this is one of our favorite destinations and also one of the places where we run photo tours every year, I have been saving and creating maps of Iceland of all different kinds.

As there are many things to do in Iceland, in this guide you will find all the tourist maps of Iceland you’ll need to plan your trip and enjoy it to the fullest once you’re there. Remember to always carry the maps of Iceland with you so you don’t miss any part of this beautiful Nordic island. In addition, you can print out or download them on your smartphone so you can check them at any time during your trip.

In this guide you will find:

In addition, at the end of the article, I’ll give you an Iceland map for downloading in KML so you can take it with you even without an internet connection.

1. Iceland on a map – Where is Iceland on a map of the world?

If you’re wondering, where is Iceland on a map of the world, don’t worry, because below, you’ll find a world map where you will see its location. Iceland is an island located between the European and North American continents but is considered part of Europe. In fact, below you will see where Iceland is on the map of Europe. It is a Nordic country, located between Norway and Greenland, at a high latitude, just below the Arctic Circle.

Where is Iceland in the world map?

1. Iceland on a map – Where is Iceland on a map of the world

And now that you know where Iceland is on the map, you can imagine that, due to its location, temperatures are very low in winter and cool in summer. However, thanks to where Iceland is on the map, you can enjoy two incredible phenomena there: the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. Below you will also find a map with the best locations to see Northern Lights in Iceland.

2. Tourist map of Iceland – Map of Iceland attractions

On the Iceland tourist map below, you’ll be able to quickly locate the island’s main points of interest. I like this type of map for getting a general idea of where the most important things are and for planning an itinerary.

Iceland map with tourist attractions

2. Tourist map of Iceland – Map of Iceland attractions

3. Interactive map of Iceland

Below is an interactive map of Iceland so that you can see each and every one of the interesting places in this beautiful country.

On the map, you will find everything from the main tourist attractions of Reykjiavík, the capital of Iceland, to volcanoes, the most impressive waterfalls, natural pools with hot springs where you can bathe, and the best places to see the northern lights in winter.

I have organized the map with different layers so that you can use exactly the map of Iceland that you need. Later, I will also show you some of the most important maps, and, at the end of the article, I will tell you how to download this tourist map of Iceland so you can have easy access to it on your phone.

4. Road map of Iceland

This Iceland road map is an essential map for exploring the country by car. If you are going to drive in Iceland, make sure you download this map.

On it, you will see the main roads, including a map of Iceland F-Road, a road you must take if you visit the Highlands. Remember that to drive on the F-roads, you will need to rent a 4×4 in Iceland.

If you’re going to go to the Highlands of Iceland, I also recommend checking the following map to see if you have to cross any river to reach your destination (marked on the map with a V).

Map of Iceland roads

4. Road map of Iceland

Apart from having this map of Iceland on hand, I recommend always checking the road conditions on, as you may find that you have to take some detours due to snow, overflowing rivers, storms, works, etc.

5. Map of Iceland’s Ring Road

Route 1, better known as the Ring Road, is the road that goes around the island and is, therefore, the most important road in the country. In some areas near Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, the Ring Road may look almost like a highway, but it is usually a very narrow road, with only two lanes at best.

Either way, it’s the best road for getting to know the entire island, as it passes by the main points of interest. Additionally, it is open throughout the year, and you won’t need a 4×4 car to drive it.

It’s a good idea to have a detailed map of the Ring Road so that you can see the places you will go through if you decide to visit it. On this map of Iceland, you will also see how long it takes to go around the island. You can check the best Ring Road 10-day itinerary here.

Map of Iceland Ring Road

5. Map of Iceland’s Ring Road

6. Map of Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and therefore one of the places I recommend you visit because it has everything. To make it easy for you to locate the best tourist spots, on the map of Reykjavik below, you can find the most important ones.

Also, in this article, you can find the most important things to do in Reykjavik.

7. Map of Iceland Waterfalls

Iceland is a country full of waterfalls, and some of them are really impressive. Even three months wouldn’t be enough to visit them all, but I hope that, at least, with the following map of Iceland waterfalls, you know where the most important ones are. You can check the 25 best waterfalls in Iceland here.

If you have visited one that is not on the map and it left you speechless, leave me a comment so I can add it.

8. Map of Iceland hot springs

One of the things that impressed me about Iceland is the large number of natural pools with hot springs there. The feeling of bathing in the open air surrounded by wild nature and without being cold is indescribable. If you want to have this experience, on the map of the hot springs of Iceland below, you’ll find the best ones.

I definitely recommend making a stop to enjoy one of the best hot springs in Iceland. Do you know any other that is not on our map of Iceland? Don’t hesitate to let me know so I can add it.

9. Map of Iceland volcanoes + Map of Iceland glaciers

Iceland has around 130 active and extinct volcanoes and as many glaciers. If you want to know where they are, check out the map of Iceland volcanoes and also the map of Iceland glaciers below, which are essential for enjoying the land of ice and fire.

As there are so many volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland, I have surely forgotten to include some on the map, but I would like at least those that can be visited to be included. Therefore, if you have been to a volcano or glacier that is worth visiting, leave me a comment and I will add it.

10. Map of Iceland Cities and Villages

Here is a map of Iceland cities and villages so that when you travel around the island, you can find cities and towns where you can stop for lunch or rest.

Iceland map with cities

10. Map of Iceland Cities and Villages

11. Map of the best places to see Northern Lights in Iceland

Seeing the northern lights is one of the best things to do in Iceland if you travel in winter. However, due to light pollution, not all places are good for seeing and enjoying this phenomenon in the same way. In order for you to have a good memory and the best photographs back home, I have created a map of the best places to see northern lights in Iceland.

As you will see, in addition to points with the optimal conditions to see them, I have also marked the best Northern Lights hotels in Iceland.

Aren’t sure if you are traveling at the best time to see this phenomenon? Here is all the information you need to see Northern Lights in Iceland. Is this your first time seeing them and you don’t want to risk missing them? Here are my favorite Northern Lights tours from Reykjavik.

12. Map of Iceland Golden Circle

The Golden Circle of Iceland is a route of about 186 miles that begins very close to Reykjavík and goes into the heart of the island, passing by volcanic craters, waterfalls, geysers, continental divide, and much more. It is undoubtedly the most touristy area of the island, so here is a map of the Golden Circle of Iceland so that you know all the interesting places that are worth stopping at.

Map of Iceland Golden Circle route

12. Map of Iceland Golden Circle

13. Map of the best places to stay in Iceland

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, we return to the island every year to run our Iceland photo tours, so we have tried many accommodations. Here is a map of the best hotels in Iceland, although I also wrote this article about where to stay in Iceland. But if you want to find the best hotels near your favorite attractions at a glance, you can do it with this map of Iceland.

14. Iceland Map in Europe

If you wonder where Iceland is on the map of Europe, I leave you the following map so you can locate it.

Where is Iceland on a map of the Europe

14. Iceland Map in Europe

15. High-resolution Iceland map

Are you looking for a printable Iceland map? Then surely you want this map of Iceland in high-resolution that you can print out or see in great detail by zooming in. Thanks to this map, you will not miss a single detail. If you are looking for a map of Iceland as a PDF. this is your best option.

Iceland map printable

15. High-resolution Iceland map

Iceland map for downloading

Finally, I leave you a map of Iceland for downloading so you can take it with you on your trip. On it, you will find a map of Iceland waterfalls, the road map of Iceland, the map of Iceland hot springs, the map of Iceland’s Ring Road, and more.

map of iceland for downloading

To use it on your phone without internet is as easy as installing the app on your smartphone and searching for “Iceland” to download the basic information. Then, download our map of Iceland in KML on your phone, and open the file using that application so that all the points indicated appear for you. Done! You can use your map of Iceland even if you are offline.

And that’s all! With these 15 Iceland maps, you already have everything you need to plan your trip. Enjoy Iceland to the fullest! The Land of Ice and Fire has fascinated us.

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