Northern Lights hotels Iceland


If your trip is specifically aimed at seeing the Aurora in Iceland, the Hotel Rangá will be your best bet.

This hotel is designed for the Aurora lovers; it offers a real stars observatory, an atmosphere of low light at night, and even an alarm to wake you up when the Aurora starts shining across the Sky.

On top of that, the facilities have a beautiful design and the rates are superb.


One of the best hotels to see the Northern lights in Iceland both for the quality and the location is the Hotel Husafell.

The Husafell area is a beautiful valley full of snowy peaks, waterfalls, and vegetation. This paradise is also the perfect spot for seeing the Aurora, far from the light pollution of Reykjavik.

The hotel is decorated in a luxury-minimalistic Nordic style and offers activities for the day like hiking and thermal baths. The food and breakfast are some of the top rated in all Iceland.


Away from the city center of Reykjavik, and therefore, most of the light pollution, the Hotel Laxnes is one of the best choices for seeing the Aurora in Iceland.

It is a rustic classic hotel with a picturesque bar and a delicious breakfast.

They also offer other activities from the Hotel like Whale watching tours, hiking and kayak tours.

Reykjavik Domes

Enjoying the Northern Lights in Iceland in a more original way is possible thanks to the Reykjavik Domes, a complex of luxurious tents with garden views to see the Aurora right from the door.

This glamping (“Glamorous camping) option provides also with a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower and free bathrooms.

Just taking a look at the interior of the domes you’ll see that this has nothing to do with normal campings; Here you’ll have all the facilities to stay comfortable seeing the Aurora in Iceland.


If you are looking for a more standard hotel to see the Northern lights in Iceland, the Grand Hotel Reykjavik offers all the standards of normal hotels with top design and quality.

From here you’ll have quick access to many great locations to chase the Aurora in Iceland.

Aurora Cabins

In a remoter location close to the picturesque Stokksnes beach and the village of Hofn, these cabins offer a beautiful mountain view away from any light pollution.

If you like a peaceful mountain view and a bit of solitude for your Northern lights experience in Iceland, this is the place for you.

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