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Where to Stay in Death Valley – Best Hotels and Campsites

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Not many people wonder where to stay in Death Valley since most visitors often overlook this national park on the way from Las Vegas to Yosemite Valley. However, I recommend staying in Death Valley for at least one night, since it’s one of the best places in the world to photograph the Milky Way.

The best way to visit is to arrive at sunset to see the sun go down, spend the night in any of the accommodations in Death Valley that allow you to see a beautiful night sky, and enjoy a spectacular sunrise at its sand dunes.

There are three hotels and nine campsites in Death Valley, but there are also other accommodations near Death Valley if you want something a little cheaper.

To help you find the best hotel in Death Valley, in this article you will find:

If you are just passing through, you might want an article about where to stay in Las Vegas and another article about accommodation in Yosemite based on our experience on our 10-day West Coast USA road trip.

Where to stay within Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is a special place that everyone wants to visit. However, its peculiar features make it very difficult to find a place to stay in Death Valley.

Where to stay in Death Valley, USA

Where to stay inside the Death Valley

There aren’t many hotels in Death Valley due to its arid terrain and harsh conditions. Since it has the highest temperatures recorded in America, most travelers try to cross the desert as fast as possible. Others, like us, venture to explore this area in-depth, so here you’ll find information about the three hotels in Death Valley.

The Inn at Death Valley, the best place to stay in Death Valley

The Inn at Death Valley has an aura of luxury and comfort, making it the best hotel to stay in Death Valley. The rooms have all kinds of services, such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and room service 24 hours a day.

The Inn at Death Valley, the best hotel in Death Valley

The Inn at Death Valley, the best place to stay in Death Valley

It has a pool and activities for kids, making it the best option to stay in Death Valley for families. There is also a gym and a sauna. In the surroundings, you will find restaurants and leisure areas to have fun. It’s also one of the best hotels to visit the valley since it’s in the heart of Death Valley, a short distance from Zabriskie Point. It’s undoubtedly a beautiful palm oasis in the middle of the desert.

The Ranch at Death Valley, another option to sleep in Death Valley

The Ranch at Death Valley is another option to stay in Death Valley. It’s very close to the hotel mentioned above, so it’s also in a very good area. It has a swimming pool, tennis court, garden, bar, and restaurant that specializes in American cuisine.

The Ranch at Death Valley, a good hotel in Death Valley

The Ranch at Death Valley, another option to sleep in Death Valley

In the surroundings, you have the option of playing golf and hiking or cycling. The rooms are equipped with complete private bathrooms, wardrobes, and air conditioning.

There is also a laundry service and even a business center in case you need it. The accommodation features a 24-hour front desk.

Panamint Springs Hotel, good accommodation in Death Valley

The last good alternative to stay within Death Valley is Panamint Springs Hotel, with services such as a bar, gift shop, and free parking. Its style is rustic and reminiscent of the Wild West. It also has beautiful views of the sand dunes.

Panamint Springs Hotel, a recommended hotel in Death Valley

Panamint Springs Hotel, good accommodation in Death Valley

This hotel isn’t in the middle of Death Valley, but it is near the west entrance, the Panamint Springs entrance.

In addition to rooms of different categories, it offers the option of sleeping in large tents that they provide, so it can be a very original option for staying in Death Valley.

Where to stay near Death Valley

If you’re looking for cheap accommodation in Death Valley or there are no rooms available in any of the three hotels within the park, don’t worry. There are other options that we’ll see below.

Hotels near Death Valley, California, USA

Where to stay near Death Valley

Around the park, there are many other accommodations in Death Valley that will help you save some money.

Death Valley Junction, the best place to stay near Death Valley

If you’re coming from Las Vegas through the southeast entrance, on Highway 190, Death Valley Junction is the best option to book accommodation in Death Valley. There, you can spend the night at the Amargosa Opera House & Hotel Motel.

It’s a very special hotel with a peculiar style. Rooms have private bathrooms and free toiletries. Plus, there’s free unlimited coffee for guests.

Not far, you can find the Longstreet Inn & Casino, which can be interesting if you come from “Sin City” and want to keep gambling, one of the main things to do in Las Vegas.

Pahrump, cheap accommodation in Death Valley

If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Death Valley, I recommend Pahrump, which you’ll definitely pass through if you come from Las Vegas.

The best thing about staying there is that there are many hotels to stay in Death Valley, so you can always find some deals.

Among the hotels in Death Valley, in the town of Pahrump, I recommend the following ones:

Beatty, hotels near Death Valley

The park’s northwest entrance is not the busiest. However, if it’s the one you use to get to Death Valley, you’ll pass through Beatty. This is an interesting area where, in addition to cheap hotels in Death Valley, you’ll find points of interest such as Titus Canyon and Rhyolite Ghost Town, two places to visit in Death Valley.

The prices for accommodation in Death Valley around this area are quite affordable. I recommend the curious Atomic Inn Beatty Near Death Valley and the Death Valley Inn & RV Park.

Olancha, Hotels near Death Valley West Entrance

Olancha is the largest town near the park’s west entrance. Some of the cheapest hotels in Death Valley are here, like the Rustic Oasis Motel.

And if you’re looking for an original and different place to sleep in Death Valley, you can stay at Olancha RV Park and Motel. Here, you can spend the night in a Native American Tepee, one of the best accommodations in Death Valley.

Death Valley Campgrounds

It’s not only possible to camp in Death Valley; it’s also highly recommended so you can enjoy its landscapes to the fullest. In addition, you can visit the park first thing in the morning and avoid the central hours of the day, when the temperature reaches up to 122ºF.

Camping in Death Valley, the best accommodation in Death Valley

Campsites in Death Valley

Staying in campsites in Death Valley is also a good option because this way you avoid going to and from the park to your accommodation, especially if you didn’t manage to book any of the only three hotels within Death Valley National Park.

There are nine camping areas in Death Valley where you can park your RV or pitch your tent for a very affordable price. There are even some free Death Valley campgrounds. Of course, not all of them are open year-round because high temperatures can be dangerous. Some campsites must be booked in advance, while others are first-come, first-served. You can book or check the opening dates, facilities, and prices here.

Where to stay between Death Valley and Yosemite

During the summer months, the Tioga Road opens, allowing you to go to Yosemite from Death Valley. Tioga Road is not just one more road connecting these two national parks; it’s in itself one of the main places to visit in Yosemite. I recommend you take the time to visit its incredible attractions. If you’re going to drive this road, I recommend several places to look for where to stay in Death Valley on a budget.

Accommodation between Death Valley and Yosemite

Where to stay between Death Valley and Yosemite

Lone Pine

Lone Pine is very touristy since several Western movies have been filmed there, something you might be able to notice when you walk through its streets. It’s just an hour’s drive from Death Valley and a great option to find cheap accommodation in Death Valley, such as the Quality Inn, the Whitney Portal Hostel And Hotel, the Mount Whitney Motel, or the Historic Dow Hotel.


Like Lone Pine, many Western movies have been filmed in Bishop. Today it’s not only visited for that fact, but also for its cultural centers and the natural landscapes that surround it.

It’s further from Death Valley, about two hours from its west entrance, although you’ll be only an hour from the east entrance of Yosemite National Park and three hours from the valley.

If you’re looking for a hotel between Death Valley and Yosemite, I recommend Red Roof Inn Bishop or Vagabond Inn Bishop.

Mammoth Lake

Right next to Yosemite’s east entrance is Mammoth Lake, which is still a good spot to find accommodation between Death Valley and Yosemite. This town is especially known for being the most important ski resort in California. However, it’s also a perfect place to stay in the middle of nature, surrounded by pine trees and lakes.

The offer of hotels is varied, and you have at your disposal places such as Sierra Lodge or Motel 6 Mammoth Lakes, charming places to rest after your excursions. It is located 200 miles from Death Valley.

Visiting Death Valley is, without a doubt, an unforgettable trip. Now that you know the best places to stay in Death Valley, remember to make your reservation in advance.

As you have seen, there are many options for where to stay in Death Valley, from hotels to campsites, including Indian tepees. You just have to make up your mind and then go on a journey that you will always remember.

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