Camping in Tromso, the best way to enjoy the great outdoors and explore the Arctic wilderness in Tromso

Guide to Camping in Tromso – Campsites and Wild Camping

Going camping in Tromso will allow you to immerse yourself in the Arctic wilderness and more easily explore the local mountains, fjords, and glaciers. However, camping doesn’t have to mean sleeping outside in a tent. Tromso is home to a wonderful lodge and campsite, and charming Tromso camping cabins are scattered throughout the area.

Camping near Tromso is also a convenient way to ensure that you’re close to Tromso’s best hiking trails. Instead of having to drive or walk back to your accommodation after a tiring trek, you can simply find a wild camping spot and set up camp for the night.

Camping in Tromso, a way to get closer to nature and sleep under the stars

Ultimate Guide to Camping in Tromso – Campsites and Wild Camping

Of course, in order to go wild camping in Tromso, you must follow Norway’s regulations for outdoor camping. To help you, this article contains the following information:

Ready to enjoy the great outdoors in Tromso? Let’s get into it!

Tromso Lodge and Camping

Tromso Lodge and Camping is the main campground and camping lodge in Tromso. Visitors can stay in one of the 58 Tromso camping cabins onsite, which house anywhere from two to six people, or book one of the available tent sites.

If you want to fulfill your dream of seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, the Explorer cabins even have roofs with glass panels so you can admire the aurora without leaving the comfort of your accommodation.

Alternatively, if you have an RV or camper van, you can book parking spaces with electric hookups and artificial turf. All guests can access the communal kitchen and service building with toilets and individual shower stalls, although many of the cabins include a kitchen and bathroom.

Additionally, Tromso Lodge and Camping features some incredible amenities, including a football field, sauna, bar, and barbecue facilities. If you visit Tromso in summer, you can even enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast every morning.

  • Number of caravan/RV sites: 54
  • Number of cabins: 58
  • Electric hookup: Yes
  • Restrooms/showers: Yes
  • Dump station: Yes

Tromso camping cabins

If you’d prefer to stay in a private Tromso camping cabin, the area around Tromso contains numerous picturesque options. In fact, we already have an article on the best cabins in and around Tromso.

Tromso camping cabins, a way to go camping near Tromso and still have all the modern amenities you need

Tromso camping cabins

Other than Tromso Lodge and Camping, most Tromso camping cabins are located about a one- to two-hour drive from downtown Tromso. As such, booking a rental car in Tromso will not only allow you to reach excellent accommodation options, but also enable you to explore the area more easily.

Wild camping Tromso

Camping outside a campsite can be tricky if a country’s laws are strict, but luckily, Norway has developed a generous wild camping policy. The “right to roam” throughout the country means selecting a spot for wild camping in Tromso should be a fairly straightforward process.

Still, there are some restrictions you should know if you plan to wild camp. Accordingly, the rules for wild camping in Tromso and the rest of Norway are as follows:

  • You may only camp in open country, otherwise known as unfenced land or land that has not been cultivated. Fenced land, where wild camping is not allowed, is private land and does not actually have to be fenced. More information on this distinction can be found here.
  • You may only camp in a designated area for up to two nights. If you wish to stay in a spot for more than two nights, you must ask the landowner’s permission, unless you are camping in the mountains or a very remote area.
  • Your tent, car, caravan, or RV must be at least 150 meters away from the nearest inhabited house or cabin.
  • Collect all trash and take it with you. Additionally, if your RV contains a toilet, you may only empty said toilet at signposted areas.

You are also allowed to forage freely throughout Norway, though you should be careful not to eat anything poisonous. As such, make sure to identify items before you pick and/or eat them. You wouldn’t want your Tromso camping trip to end with a hospital visit (but it’s smart to purchase good travel insurance anyway).

Wild camping Tromso, the best way to enjoy the great outdoors and explore the Arctic wilderness in Tromso

Wild camping Tromso

As you’ll have seen, camping in Tromso involves much less rigamarole than in many other places. Norway’s liberal wild camping policy and the multitude of Tromso camping cabins in the area make finding a place to stay a breeze. Whether you like sleeping indoors with modern amenities or roughing it in nature, there’s a Tromso camping accommodation option for you.

Still, if you’d prefer a cushier sleeping experience, you may want to look at where to stay in downtown Tromso. Also, no matter where you stay, be sure to download a map of Tromso before your big adventure.

Have fun sleeping under the stars!

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  1. Ben says:

    Where exactly was that picture of the white tent taken? I would love to camp at that spot!

    • Ascen says:

      Hi Ben, that is not an established campground in Tromso but just free camping. The picture was taken near the Lyngen Alps. Be prepared for the cold weather if you’re planning to go camping in Tromso in winter.


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