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Is Egypt Open for Tourists? – Latest Egypt Travel Restrictions

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Last update: 4/11/2021

Egypt has been open for tourists since July 1, 2020, and is one of the countries that are open for tourism now. Currently, travelers from any country can visit Egypt, although there are some entry requirements in place.

One of the most important Egypt entry requirements is that all travelers must have a paper copy of a medical certificate for a negative PCR test result that was obtained within 72 hours of departure to Egypt. Travelers should also expect to have their temperatures checked, to complete a health card with personal details, and to provide evidence of a travel insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage.

Museums, temples, and archaeological sites such as the Giza pyramids have been open since September 1, 2020, so it is still possible to see Egypt’s most famous sights.

Can I travel to Egypt right now?

Egypt is open to travel from any country. Below is a map of all the countries that can currently visit Egypt.

Egypt - EN Placeholder
Egypt - EN

Tourists from all countries are welcome to travel to Egypt.

Egypt has not currently banned travelers from any country.

Egypt COVID-19 travel restrictions and entry requirements

Egypt may be open to travelers from all countries, but there are still several entry requirements that tourists need to observe.

All tourists must present a paper copy of a medical certificate for a negative PCR COVID test result that was obtained within 72 hours before departure, although certain countries may present test results from up to 96 hours prior to arrival. Tourists flying direct into certain airports will have to pay $30 for a PCR test at the airport if they cannot present valid negative PCR test results upon arrival and will need to self-isolate until test results are obtained.

Is PCR testing mandatory to travel to Egypt?

A PCR COVID test is mandatory to travel to Egypt no matter which country you are traveling from. Travelers from most countries must provide a paper copy of a medical certificate for a negative PCR test result from within 72 hours prior to their departure for Egypt.

However, travelers coming from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France (only Paris), Germany (only Frankfurt), Guyana, Italy (only Rome), Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, Suriname, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom (London Heathrow only), Uruguay, and Venezuela can present a negative PCR test result from up to 96 hours prior to departure for Egypt due to the length of travel from these destinations.

Can I travel to Egypt right now?

Is PCR testing mandatory to travel to Egypt?

Only paper copies of test results are accepted; digital copies are not considered valid. Children under the age of 6 from any country are exempt from presenting a negative PCR test certificate.

If you are flying directly into airports in the Red Sea area (Hurghada and Marsa Allam), the South Sinai area (Sharm El-Sheikh), and Marsa Matrouh and you do not present evidence of a valid negative PCR test result, you will be tested at the airport for a fee of $30 and will have to self-isolate until your test results are returned.

Is there any mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Egypt?

No, there is no mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Egypt unless you fly into Hurghada, Marsa Allam, Sharm El-Sheikh, or Marsa Matrouh and do not have a valid negative PCR test certificate. If that is the case, you will take a $30 test at the airport and be required to self-isolate in a hotel until the test result is ready. If your test results are positive, you must quarantine for 14 days in a specially allocated room in your hotel.

Is PCR testing mandatory to travel to Egypt?

Is there any mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Egypt?

Is travel insurance mandatory to enter Egypt?

Yes, you need to present proof of valid travel insurance to be able to enter Egypt.

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Do you need a COVID-19 vaccine to travel to Egypt?

Although COVID-19 vaccine distribution has begun in most countries around the world, the government has not yet confirmed whether it will be mandatory to present a proof of vaccine record (POVR) or an international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis (ICVP) to enter Egypt.

If you’re going to get the COVID-19 vaccine before traveling to Egypt, I recommend taking a copy of a vaccination record or certificate with you in case Egypt changes its entry requirements.

Other travel restrictions for Egypt during COVID-19

There are a few precautions travelers must take while they are visiting Egypt during the COVID-19 pandemic:

    • Travelers from all countries should expect to have their temperature checked upon arrival.
    • All travelers must complete a public health card and provide proof of valid travel insurance.
    • Face masks are required in public areas.
    • Social distancing must be observed.
    • You may need a tourist visa to enter Egypt. Check if you need one below.

What’s open in Egypt

Egypt has reopened many businesses and attractions, including some of its most famous archaeological sites. However, some places, such as beaches and public parks, remain closed.

Hotels that are open in Egypt

Many hotels in Egypt are open at the moment but they can only operate at 50% capacity or less. However, several hotels in tourist areas, such as Hurghada, have had to close due to low occupancy.

As travel resumes and tourists start traveling worldwide, we expect that the 50% capacity will not be enough to keep up with the high demand. However, at the moment, you can find many great hotel deals for the accommodations that remain open.

You can check which hotels are open in Egypt here.

Beaches that are open in Egypt

Private beaches in Egypt are open, but many public ones may still be closed. If you want to enjoy the Red Sea, I recommend staying in one of these hotels with a private beach:

Attractions and Pyramids that are open in Egypt

Many of Egypt’s museums, temples, and archaeological sites reopened on September 1st, 2020. This includes famous landmarks such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Sphinx of Giza, and the Valley of the Kings.

what is open in Egypt during covid-19

Attractions and Pyramids that are open in Egypt

However, tickets and tours are limited to 25% of their normal capacity. We recommend booking in advance if you want to visit the Pyramids of Egypt that are open to tourists or take any of the popular tours that are running during the pandemic:

Restaurants that are open in Egypt

Restaurants are open in Egypt at the moment. However, they are operating at 50% capacity and must close by midnight. Social distancing and wearing a face mask when you enter a restaurant is mandatory.

Airports that are open in Egypt

All of Egypt’s major international airports are open and international flights have resumed.

Cairo Airport is the largest airport in Egypt and where most tourists arrive. However, if you are looking to have a beach holiday, we recommend flying to Hurghada Airport, Sharm El Sheikh Airport, or Marsa Alam Airport.

In all airports in Egypt, you there are many safety measures you will be requested to follow, such as social distancing, frequent hand sanitizing, and wearing face masks. Airports have also implemented health screenings and temperature checks.

Where to get a PCR test in Egypt

Your country may require you to take a PCR test in order to fly back home. If you need to get tested in Egypt, here is a list in Arabic, and here is a list in English of places you can get a PCR test.

Egypt reopening its borders to tourists – F.A.Q.

Check out these FAQs related to Egypt reopening for tourists and let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below.

Yes, you can travel to Egypt no matter which country you’re from.

There are currently 27,000+ active cases and 9,600+ deaths due to COVID-19 in Egypt as of today. The CDC classifies travel to Egypt as “Level 4- Very High Risk.” If you have a pre-existing condition or any health condition that could increase your chances of serious illness, do not travel to Egypt. Additionally, even if you are not high-risk, you might want to reconsider traveling to Egypt.

No, there is currently no travel ban on any travel to Egypt.

No, you do not need to quarantine upon arrival in Egypt. You only need to self-isolate if you have been tested at an airport and are awaiting your results. If your results are positive, then you will need to quarantine for 14 days.

Yes, every traveler, unless they are under the age of 6, must present a paper copy of a medical certificate for a negative PCR COVID test result to enter Egypt. Check the specific requirements for your country to see if the PCR test must be taken up to 72 or 96 hours before arrival.

No, there is currently no curfew in place in Egypt.

No, there are currently no restrictions on intercity or interregional travel in Egypt.

Yes, hotels in Egypt are open at the moment.

Yes, Egypt’s airports are currently open. Commercial flights are available from many parts of the world.

Yes, restaurants and cafes are open in Egypt, although they can only operate at 50% capacity. They are also required to close by midnight.

Yes, museums, temples, and archaeological sites in Egypt were reopened on September 1st.

Yes, private beaches are open, but some public beaches may be closed.


Yes, the Great Pyramid of Giza is open and you can book tours to see it. It is open from 8:30 AM to 4 PM at the moment.

Yes, the Great Sphinx of Giza is open from 8 AM to 4 PM at the moment.

Yes, the Valley of the Kings in Egypt is currently open.

Yes, Egypt is currently open to American tourists.

Yes, Egypt is currently open to Canadian tourists.


We will update this guide on Egypt reopening to tourism with any new developments. If you need more information on travel to Egypt, you can check these official sources:

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