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Is Mexico Open for Travel? – Latest Mexico Travel Restrictions

Last update: 09/16/2023

Mexico has reopened for tourism and doesn’t have any entry restrictions at the moment, so it’s one of the best countries that are open to tourists. However, tourists visiting Mexico from high-risk COVID-19 countries might be screened on arrival and have to quarantine if they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.

All international flights have resumed in Mexico, and most resorts and beaches are open in tourist destinations such as Cancun, Los Cabos, Mazatlan, Oaxaca and Playa Del Carmen.

Can I travel to Mexico now?

Mexico has reopened its borders for all countries without exceptions. Here is a map of all the countries that are currently allowed to visit Mexico.

Mexico Placeholder

Travelers from all countries are allowed to travel to Mexico at the moment.

The only travel ban in Mexico now is the Mexico-US land border.

Mexico COVID-19 travel restrictions and entry requirements

The main travel restriction in Mexico is the Mexico-US land border, which is closed except for “essential crossings” until at least  July 21st, as stated by the US embassy.

There are different categories that are defined as “essential crossings,” such as US citizens returning to the United States, individuals traveling for medical purposes, etc. You can see the full list here.

This restriction doesn’t apply for visitors who are flying, so you can travel to Mexico right now by air.

Is PCR testing mandatory to travel to Mexico?

No, a PCR COVID test is not mandatory for visiting Mexico at the moment. Mexico is open for travel with no mandatory testing requirements. However, you shouldn’t travel to Mexico if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

Is there a mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Mexico?

There is no mandatory quarantine to travel to Mexico right now. However, you may have to undergo a health screening upon arrival, and if you exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms, you will be subject to a mandatory quarantine.

is mexico open for tourist - mexico travel restrictions

Mexico COVID-19 travel restrictions and entry requirements

Is travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage mandatory?

While travel insurance for Mexico is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. According to the CDC, COVID-19 risk in Mexico is high, and they recommend unvaccinated travelers avoid traveling to Mexico.

If you’re planning to visit Mexico, I strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage for testing and treatment abroad. On our trips during this pandemic, we’ve been using Heymondo. You can see a review of their COVID-19 travel insurance here. Also, you can get a 5% discount on your insurance for being our reader.

COVID-19 vaccine to travel to Mexico

Although COVID-19 vaccine distribution has begun in most countries around the world, the Mexican government has not yet confirmed whether it will be mandatory to present a proof of vaccine record (POVR) or an international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis (ICVP) to enter Mexico.

If you’re going to get the COVID-19 vaccine before traveling to Mexico, I recommend taking a copy of a vaccination record or certificate with you in case Mexico changes its entry requirements.

Other travel restrictions for Mexico during Covid-19

Mexico is open for tourists, but these entry requirements for international travelers are also in place:

  • A COVID-19 questionnaire must be completed for immigration upon arrival.
  • There may be a medical evaluation for travelers upon arrival.
  • Wearing face masks in public is mandatory in most cities.
  • Social distancing is required in all public spaces like beaches, hotels, etc.
  • Depending on your nationality, you may need a tourist visa to enter Mexico. Check if you need one below.

What is open in Mexico?

Mexico uses a traffic light classification system to determine which states can resume normal activities. You can see the current status of the traffic light system in Mexico here.

Open hotels in Mexico

While “green” states can return to normal hotel operations at full capacity, “yellow” states cannot exceed 75% occupancy in their hotels, and “orange” states cannot exceed 50% occupancy. “Red” states remain closed to tourism.

For example, the state of Quintana Roo, which is where Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel are located, is an “orange” state, so its hotels and resorts are operating at 50% capacity. The same applies to Los Cayos de Baja California Sur. Michoacán, where the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary is located, is a “green” state, so hotels are operating at full capacity there.

These are the best hotels and resorts open right now:

Open beaches in Mexico

If a state is “orange,” beaches are limited to 50% capacity. States in the “yellow” phase can open their outdoor spaces, such as parks and beaches, but only up to 75% capacity and with security measures in place. “Green” states’ beaches are open at full capacity.

beaches open in Mexico cancun

What is open in Mexico?

Currently, there are quite a few open beaches in Mexico. For example, beaches in Campeche and Oaxaca, which are both “green” states, are open.

If you travel to one of Mexico’s “green,” “yellow,” or “orange” states, you’ll find plenty of open beaches.

Open attractions in Mexico

Some archaeological sites in Mexico are already reopening with reduced capacity and mandatory masks.

Teotihuacán, Chichén Itzá, and the Mayan ruins of Tulum and Cobá are some of the pre-Hispanic archaeological sites in Mexico that have already opened to tourism. Even though most of the main attractions in Mexico aren’t currently reaching maximum capacity, we recommend that you book your tickets in advance.

Open restaurants in Mexico

Depending on the state’s phase, some restaurants in Mexico are open. Restaurants in “green” states are open and can operate at full capacity. In “yellow” states, restaurants are operating at 75% occupancy, provided that patrons can maintain a safe distance. There is also a limit of six people per table. In “orange” states, restaurants are operating at 50% occupancy.

Open airports in Mexico

All airports in Mexico are open, and international flights have resumed. Several airports may have strict security measures, such as thermal cameras, mandatory mask regulations, and reinforced social-distancing signs.

Where to get a PCR test in Mexico

Your country may require you to take a PCR test in order to fly back home. If you need to get a PCR test in Mexicohere is a list of places where you can get a PCR test.

Mexico reopening for International tourism – F.A.Q.

Check out these FAQs related to Mexico reopening for tourists and let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below.

Yes, Mexico is open to travel from all countries without exceptions.

There are currently 56,000+ active cases of COVID-19 in Mexico and 240,000+ deaths as of today. The CDC classifies the risk of COVID-19 in Mexico as “Level 3 – High”.   We advise against traveling if you have any pre-existing condition that could pose a risk for severe illness.

The only travel ban in place in Mexico is nonessential travel via the US/Mexico land border.

There is no mandatory quarantine for traveling to Mexico, except if the authorities consider it necessary if a traveler shows any symptoms during the health screening upon arrival.

No, at the moment, it is not mandatory to get a PCR test or any other type of COVID-19 test to visit Mexico.

There is no universal curfew in place in Mexico right now. However, individual states may have curfews in place, so be sure to check curfew information for individual states here.

Yes, there are some restrictions on intercity or interstate travel in Mexico. Restrictions vary based on the state, so be sure to check them here.

Yes, hotels are open in Mexico, especially those in the most touristy areas of the country. 

Yes, airports are currently open in Mexico and all international flights have resumed.


Yes, resorts are open in Mexico, but this can change depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Yes, Cancun was one of the first areas to reopen to tourism in Mexico.

Yes, beaches are currently open in Mexico.

Yes, Mexico is open to American tourists traveling by air. The Mexico-US land border is still closed for tourism.

Yes, Mexico is open to all Canadian tourists with no quarantine/PCR requirements.


We update this guide on Mexico open borders any time there’s news about tourism in Mexico during Covid-19. However, if you are still wondering “Can I travel to Mexico right now,” I recommend checking these official sources:

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