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Where to Rent a Camper Van in Tenerife

If you’re thinking of renting a camper van in Tenerife, but you’re not sure where to begin, keep reading, because this guide will cover everything you need to know.

First of all, I always recommend renting a car in Tenerife since it’s one of the most comfortable and convenient ways to get around the island in total freedom. However, if you hire a caravan in Tenerife, you’ll be able to access all the same locations while also saving money on accommodation.

We’ve visited Tenerife several times, so we know lots of great options for where to stay in Tenerife. That said, traveling around the island in a motorhome is a unique experience that grants you more independence and time in nature, so if that sounds good to you, I say go for it! Below, I’ll tell you where to find camper van rentals in Tenerife as well as some tips to keep in mind.

Guide to renting a camper van in Tenerife

As I said, renting a campervan in Tenerife will allow you to enjoy the island in a completely different way, so it’s worth it. In this guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the rental process, including a comparison of the top rental sites for caravans in Tenerife, and more:

Keep in mind that if you plan on traveling by caravan in Tenerife, I recommend renting the vehicle in advance. This way, you’ll have a wider selection of caravans to choose from, at the best prices. Also, depending on how many days you plan on spending here, it’s worth reading our guides on the best Tenerife itineraries so you can make the most of your time.

How much does it cost to rent a camper van in Tenerife?

To give you an idea of how much it costs to rent a campervan in Tenerife, here is a comparison chart of the two most popular rental companies on the island; Motorhome Republic and Yescapa. For this comparison, I searched both websites for the same travel dates (June 1-7) and selected the cheapest caravan for four adults.






Motorhome Republic


4 adults


Fees apply




4 adults

Free (excess €900)

Free up to 30 days before




Something to keep in mind is that in addition to offering motorhomes from professional companies, Yescapa also searches for private campervans in Tenerife. These can be quite cheap, although the condition of the vehicle depends on the owner. Also, you’ll have to organize a meeting time and place with the vehicle owner.

Overall, Yescapa tends to have the cheapest caravan hires in Tenerife, and you can find a variety of vehicle types. I’ll share more about Yescapa and Motorhome Republic below so you can decide for yourself which company to go with.

Where to rent a caravan in Tenerife

Another thing to consider when renting a campervan in Tenerife is that you’ll have to pick it up and drop it off in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The only exception is if you rent through Yescapa, in which case you may have different pick-up and drop-off options for private caravan rentals, depending on where the owner lives.

There are several easy ways to get around Tenerife, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting to the pick-up location by public transportation. Before you think about that, however, you’ll have to decide which company to rent a campervan from. Keep reading to learn about Motorhome Republic and Yescapa, two great rental sites for Tenerife caravans.

1. Motorhome Republic, the best company for camper van rentals in Tenerife

First, Motorhome Republic is one of the best options for camper van rentals in Tenerife and almost anywhere in the world. We’ve used this company several times while traveling around the United States, and we’ve never had any problems with it. In fact, it’s a well-known rental site for motorhomes, campervans, and caravans in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Motorhome Republic, caravan hire in tenerife

While Motorhome Republic isn’t the cheapest option, you’ll find a great selection of vehicles, all in very good condition. The campervans are quite new, and you can even find options for up to six adults.

Another thing to consider is that the all-risk insurance doesn’t have any type of excess as it does with Yescapa. Just be aware that insurance coverage isn’t included in the rental price, so you’ll have to add it to your total when you checkout.

2. Yescapa, the best place to find cheap camper vans in Tenerife

On the other hand, Yescapa is a great alternative to Motorhome Republic, especially if you’re looking for a cheaper camper van in Tenerife. We used this website to rent a caravan during one of our previous trips to the island, and it went very well.

Yescapa offers vehicles from both rental companies and private owners. While we hired our Tenerife campervan from an individual, I used the price from a company vehicle in my comparison chart to be as fair as possible. It’s true that you’ll likely find better prices if you rent through a private owner, but the trade-off is that there is no sole company responsible for the care and maintenance of the vehicles, so they may not be in such good condition.

Yescapa, campervan tenerife rent

When we rented through Yescapa, our vehicle was quite new, but it had a broken tire pressure sensor, so the tire pressure light was on even though there wasn’t an issue. The owner of the caravan notified us when we picked it up and let us know that he had an appointment scheduled for fixing the sensor once we return the caravan.

Also, all-risk insurance is included in the rental price on Yescapa, and it has an excess of €900. This means that if the vehicle gets damaged, you’ll have to pay the first €900 of the repair costs. Personally, I think this amount is quite high and could end up making your rental much more expensive. However, Yescapa makes it possible to find camper vans throughout Tenerife, not just in the capital city, so it’s a worthwhile option.

How much does it cost to hire a caravan in Tenerife

To get a realistic price estimate for a camper van rental in Tenerife, you should take into account not only the rental price but the cost of fuel, too. Fortunately, caravan parks in Tenerife and other designated camping spots are free, although you’ll have to apply for a permit online. In this way, spending the night in a campervan can be significantly cheaper than paying for a rental car and hotel.

Las Lajas campsite, tenerife camper van rental

How much does it cost to hire a caravan in Tenerife

As for fuel costs, a motorhome can use up to 25 liters (6.5 gallons) per 100 kilometers (60 miles), which could be up to €30. Of course, this price depends on the type of vehicle you choose and how much you plan on traveling.

Where to park a caravan in Tenerife

If you’re going to rent a campervan in Tenerife, be sure to save yourself the headache of a parking fine by respecting all the regulations. There are designated areas throughout the island where you can spend the night in a motorhome or other authorized vehicle, and you can even find campervan parking in Tenerife’s urban areas.

To help you avoid hefty fines, here are a few things to consider during your trip.

Campsites and caravan sites in Tenerife

Again, there are numerous caravan parks in Tenerife as well as campsites that allow motorhomes and camper vans. Some of them allow both RV camping and tent camping, although there is a limited number of spots available. You should book your spot in advance, so you know you have a place to sleep during your trip.

Arenas Negras campsite, caravan sites in tenerife south

Campsites and caravan sites in Tenerife

You’ll find everything you need to know about camping in Tenerife in our specific guide, which includes the locations where motorhome camping is allowed, as well as how to request a permit.

Something you should know here is that it’s completely forbidden to camp in a caravan, motorhome, or tent outside of the designated areas!

Campervan parking in Tenerife

You can park your camper van in any of the designated parking lots throughout the island, including in urban areas. Just be sure that you don’t occupy a space larger than that of a closed camper van. In other words, you can’t expand your motorhome, open awnings, or take out tables or chairs from the vehicle. Sleeping and eating inside your caravan is permitted, although you can’t dispose of any wastewater.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, tenerife campervan hire

Campervan parking in Tenerife

It’s more comfortable to camp your caravan in one of Tenerife’s RV campsites, but if there aren’t any available spots, you can park in an urban area and spend the night. As long as you obey all the regulations I mentioned above, you can sleep comfortably and avoid extra fines.

Tips for traveling by camper van in Tenerife

You’ll have the most enjoyable experience traveling by camper van in Tenerife if you research campsites and reserve your spot in advance. Here are some other tips to keep in mind to make your trip a success:

  • Make sure you have a valid driver’s license that’s at least three years old so you can rent a caravan in Tenerife.
  • Plan your itinerary in advance and note any gas stations, campsites, and designated parking lots along the way. It’s also a good idea to mark the points of interest and restaurants you want to visit.
  • Be clear about your travel budget and keep some additional cash tucked away for extra fuel or emergencies.
  • Take advantage of your camper van’s fridge and bring plenty of food and drinks. This way, you’ll save money on meals and have more time to explore the island.

FAQs – Renting a camper van in Tenerife

Now that you know all the essentials about renting a campervan in Tenerife, I’ll finish up with some commonly asked questions:

You must be at least 23 years old to hire a caravan in Tenerife, although some companies push the age requirement to 25. Also, you must have held a Class B license for at least three years.

You need a Class B license that’s at least three years old. If you’re renting a campervan in Tenerife that exceeds 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs.), you need a Class C license.

Driving a caravan in Tenerife isn’t too difficult since the island’s main roads are in good condition. Of course, if you’re used to driving small cars, you’ll need more time to adjust to maneuvering such a large vehicle.

There are gas stations throughout Tenerife where you can fill your camper van’s gas and water tanks.

Some caravan sites in Tenerife have designated areas where you can dump wastewater. Some gas stations and waste facilities offer this service, so check this link to find one near you.

There are designated spots for caravan parking in Tenerife throughout the island. Just make sure that your vehicle fits in the parking space.

The best time to rent a campervan in Tenerife and take a trip is in the low travel season. The temperatures will be milder, which will make spending the night in a camper more comfortable.

You’ll find the cheapest camper van rentals in Tenerife through Motorhome Republic and Yescapa. Yescapa tends to have the most affordable rates.

Yes, traveling by caravan in Tenerife is a comfortable experience, and you can find a variety of rentals to suit your preferences and the number of travelers.

That’s it for this guide to campervan rentals in Tenerife, so I hope you feel better prepared for your adventure. If you have any questions or want to share your experience hiring a caravan in Tenerife, leave me a comment below.

Until then, have a safe trip!

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