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Best Trips to See the Northern Lights in 2024

Norway, Canada, Iceland, Greenland…if you’re thinking about taking a trip to see Northern Lights, you’ve come to the right place. I hope that in 15 minutes, the time it takes to read this article on the best Northern Lights tours of 2024, you will already have decided where you’re going to make your dreams come true.

But first, let me tell you why it is so important for us to help you to plan your Northern Lights holidays. Every year we lead an Iceland Photo Tour and a Lofoten Photo Tour, so many travelers who want to see the Aurora Borealis ask us if they can participate.

best trips to see the Northern Lights in 2020 norway, iceland, alaska, finland, canada

Best trips to see the Northern Lights in 2024

Our photography tours are aimed at photography lovers who want to learn how to photograph the northern lights. If you sign up without being a photographer, it’s more than likely that you won’t enjoy the tour as much as you would with one of the best Northern Lights holiday packages, such as the ones I will recommend below.

However, I’d be very happy to help you fulfill your dream by helping you choose a good Northern Lights vacation package. Therefore, in this article, we’ll tell you how to pick a Northern Lights tour package in 2024.

Best trips to see the Northern Lights in 2024

Taking into account price, dates, visited attractions, and quality of the tour guides, these are the best Northern Lights vacations in 2024:

How much does it cost to see the Northern Lights?

The cost of seeing the Northern Lights varies depending on where you live, the chosen destination, dates, if you want to travel on your own or book a Northern Lights tour, the duration of the trip, etc.

Northern lights tours price deal

How much does it cost to see the Northern Lights?

Don’t worry, though. There are affordable trips to see the Northern Lights. Now we’ll tell you how much a Northern Lights vacation package costs and how much you would spend if you traveled on your own.

Cheap flights to see the northern lights

The best way to find cheap flights to see the Northern Lights is through, between 3 and 5 months before your trip.

how to get cheap flights everywhere

This is the approximate cost for a round trip ticket to some Northern Lights destinations:














Canada (Toronto)





















Northern Lights trip cost


Northern Lights vacation packages

You may think that taking a Northern Lights trip on your own is cheaper than booking a tour. However, there are very affordable Northern Lights holiday packages.

Although we will go into detail later, a Northern Lights tour in Iceland costs around $153 a day, including all accommodations, tour guides, and transportation. Of course, it would be much more expensive to plan it on your own.

best iceland northern lights vacation packages and tours

Best Northern Lights vacation packages

In Canada, for example, there are Northern Lights vacations that are even cheaper, at a price of $130 per day.  However, there are also some luxury Northern Lights tour packages, which include more activities, for $500 a day.

It all depends on what type of trip to see the Northern Lights you want to take.

If you don’t want to book a Northern Lights vacation package, remember to take into account the following expenses:

In case you decide to take a Northern Lights trip on your own, you should consider the price of accommodation. Although you can choose to stay in one of the best Northern Lights hotels in the world, in most Northern Lights destinations you also find cheap options.

Also, if you decide to travel by yourself, you should consider the price of transportation. The cheapest way will always be a rental car. We practically always book through Rentalcars, since they have many discounts.

In case you don’t want to risk missing out on the show, it is recommended to hire a one-day tour to see the northern lights. The tour guides of these tours know perfectly where to see northern lights, and with them the chances of seeing the aurroa are quite high.

The prices of the Northern Lights tours in Reykjavik (Iceland) start at $ 50 per person, while in other places, they can be much more expensive. For example, the Northern Lights tours in Tromso (Norway) start at $ 80.


Check our guide on how to plan cheap trips. Below are our recommendations for the best Northern Lights holiday packages by destination.

Trips to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland is the most popular place to take a Northern Lights trip this year. If you don’t have much time or want to travel on a budget, the Land of the Northern Lights is your best bet. In just five days, you’ll see all the Iceland must-sees: Blue Lagoon, half of the South Coast, the Golden Circle, and Reykjavik.

Best tours to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

Trips to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

However, if you have more time for your Northern Lights vacation in Iceland, I recommend Northern Lights Exploration where, iin addition to the above, you’ll tour the easternmost area of ​​the South Coast, visiting places as impressive as the Jokulsarlon ice lagoon, Diamond Beach, and the SnĂŚfellsnes Peninsula. You also have the option to visit an ice cave.

The 5-day Northern Lights trip to Iceland departs every Tuesday and Thursday during the winter months of 2021 (from September to April). You can check if there is availability for your dates here.

The 8-day Northern Lights tours in Iceland leaves every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from September to April. You can check if there are free spots for your dates here.

The Land of the Northern Lights costs $ 1045, although it is currently discounted, so you can book for $ 768. This is $ 153 per day. If you take a trip to see the Northern Lights on your own, you will spend much more on accommodation and transportation.

On the other hand, the Northern Lights Exploration tour costs $ 1916 ( $ 240 per day). It may seem to you that it is much more expensive than the previous one, but keep in mind that the selected accommodations are superior and that it includes a cruise on the BreiðafjÜrður fjord and a farewell dinner. If you have enough time, I assure you that it is very worthwhile to make the itinerary of this Northern Lights trip.

In case you are not interested in a guided tour, I recommend you read our guide to know when and where to see Northern Lights in Iceland on your own. We have also written a guide on the best places to visit in Iceland.

Also, if you would like to have the help of a guide to increase your chances of seeing the aurora, you can always use an affordable one-day tour to see the northern lights. Most of them depart from Reykjavik.


Although you can read here our opinion on the best Northern Lights tours in Reykjavik, summing up, the ones we recommend:


Trips to see the Northern Lights in Canada

Canada is one of the most magical places to see the Northern Lights in the world.

The Best Value Aurora Viewing tour is the cheapest tour to see the Northern Lights and takes place in Whitehorse. For 4 days, you’ll visit the capital city of the Yukon on your own and then meet your guide in the afternoon to hunt the Northern Lights. You’ll go to the AuroraCentre, a camp where you can wait, away from light pollution and sheltered by the heat of a fire, for the Northern Lights to appear.

northern lights holiday trip in canada

Trips to see the Northern Lights in Canada

Another option is to take a Northern Lights holiday package in Yellowknife. Northern Lights at Aurora Village, which also lasts 4 days, is the best option. Your guide will accompany you on different winter activities during the day, and at night, you’ll chase the Northern Lights from the Aurora Village, where you can shelter in a teepee or next to a bonfire.

choose the best Northern Lights destination where to go

Best winter Northern Light Tours

However, Winter in the Rockies & Northern Lights is my favorite Northern Lights vacation in Canada. It is a combo of a Northern Lights tour in Yellowstone and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The tour is quite like our 15-day Canadian Rockies trip, except that we had the tremendous fortune of seeing the Northern Lights in the Rockies. Realistically, you are much more likely to see them if you head to Yellowknife after your Rockies adventure.

The Best Value Aurora Viewing tour run every day of the year except for April, May, June, and July. However, if you want to have a better chance of seeing the northern lights, I advise you not to book the tour in August or September.

The Northern Lights at Aurora Village tour currently only is available every day of December 2021, so if you are interested in this tour, I recommend you book well in advance.

The Winter in the Rockies & Northern Lights departs once a month in January, February, and March. The spots in January and February sold out immediately. If there is any place left for March, I recommend you book it, or in case you are planning your vacation well in advance, book it for 2022. This is possibly the most comprehensive aurora borealis trip of all since, in addition to enjoying the northern lights, we can admire the incredible beauty of winter landscapes in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

In Canada, we have Northern Lights tours of all prices. The Best Value Aurora Viewing tour includes hotels, transportation, and auroras guide, for a price of $ 525 ($ 131 per day). However, the Northern Lights at Aurora Village tour also includes winter activities and daytime guidance for $ 1194 ($ 300 per day).

The Winter in the Rockies & Northern Lights may seem more expensive, at a cost of $ 5608 ($ 560 per day), but keep in mind that the Rocky Mountains hotels are much more expensive. In addition, this hotel includes a resort and premium activities, such as a helicopter excursion for snowshoeing. Without a doubt, it is the best luxury Northern Lights holidays in Canada.

In case you prefer to see the Northern Lights in Canada on your own, you can also hire the following night tours to enjoy this phenomenon.

Northern Lights tours in Whitehorse

Whitehorse is the only place in Canada that offers one-night Northern Lights tours. The price of this tour is $ 100. In addition, they will teach you how to photograph the northern lights.


Trips to see the Northern Lights in Norway

Norway is one of the cheapest places to see the Northern Lights in Europe. Moreover, as far as tourism is concerned, there are many options. You’ll find everything from hotels specialized in the observation of this phenomenon to multi-day holidays for touring the north of the country.

best northern lights tours in Norway tromso

Trips to see the Northern Lights in Norway

Virtually all tours depart from Tromso, the Arctic capital, and from there, either visit the Lofoten Islands, such as this 7-day Norway Winter & Northern Lights tour, or take you to Alta, epicenter of the Norwegian Lapland, where you’ll have a great opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis, as in this 5-day Capitals of Northern Lights tour.

tour alta + tromso northern lights package

Best Northern Lights holidays in Norway

In my opinion, if, in addition to taking a tour to see the Northern Lights, you would like to fall in love with the landscapes of Norway, I recommend choosing the Lofoten Islands tour. We visit these islands every year during our Lofoten Photo Tour, and they have some of the most impressive landscapes I have ever shot in my life. If you choose that tour, here is a list of the most amazing places to see in the Lofoten Islands.

The Norway Winter & Northern Lights starts every two Sundays from November to March. However, I recommend that you don’t take this tour in November, as historical data indicates that rainfall in Lofoten is more common that month, so you may have fewer opportunities to see the northern lights.

The Capitals of Northern Lights starts every Thursday from December to March. In this case, March would be the best month to take this Northern Lights Holiday Package.

The price of the 7-day trip to see the northern lights in Tromso and the Lofoten Islands varies according to the chosen date. On average, it costs $ 2,000 ($ 285 per day), although they often publish Northern Lights vacation package deals. You can check price and availability here.

The cost of the 5-day Northern Lights tour through Tromso and Alta is $ 1269 ($ 253 per day). You can check availability here.

In case you want to see the Northern Lights in Norway on your own, it is best to hire a one-night guided tour to make sure you go to one of the best locations to see the aurora depending on weather. Although most of the Northern Lights night tours run in Tromso, there is also some interesting option in the Lofoten Islands


We have tol about the best Northern Lights tours in Tromso in that article. However, if you want a quick list of the tours we recommend, check here:

Northern Lights tours in Lofoten

The offer of Northern Lights tours in Lofoten is more limited. However, we can find some interesting Northern Lights in Svolvaer, like this one.


Trips to see the Northern Lights in Alaska

Although Alaska isn’t the only place in the United States where you can see this phenomenon, it is the best place to plan a trip to see the Northern Lights. However, the options are somewhat scarcer than in the rest of the countries mentioned. The only multi-day tour we found departs from Fairbanks. On it, you’ll spend five days chasing the Northern Lights in the Borealis Basecamp and partaking in winter activities, such as snowmobiling or sledding.

Best trips to see the Aurora borealis - Alaska

Alaska – Trips to see the Northern Lights in Alaska

This tour is available throughout the year except in May, June, and July. However, if you want to have a chance to see the auroras, I recommend you hire it from October to April, the best time to see Northern Lights in Alaska.

The price of this Northern Lights holiday package in Alaska is $ 1123 ($ 225 per day).

If you want to see the northern lights in Alaska, another very convenient option is to hire a one-day Northern Lights tour. The variety is wider. These are the best Northern Lights tours in Alaska:


Trips to see the Northern Lights in Finland

Finland is one of the most popular destinations for Northern Lights packages and Christmas tours. Meeting Santa Claus, staying in an igloo, or seeing the Northern Lights in Lapland are the main attractions. If there’s a country where everything is about Northern Lights tourism, it’s got to be Finland. Here you can find some of the best Northern Lights hotels in the world.

One-day trips to see the Northern Lights in Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – One of the best Northern Lights Hotels in the World

There are numerous guided Northern Lights multi-day tours in Finland, so here a complete list.

The Finnish Lapland in Winter tour is the cheapest 8-day vacation package. On this tour, you’ll travel by train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi to chase the Northern Lights. The four-day Finland Northern Lights tour is also a good option, where you will visit Harriniva in search of the Northern Lights.

Best trips to see Northern Lights in Finland

Trips see the Northern Lights in Finland

If you want a more exclusive tour, where you’ll visit Oulu, Kemi, Rauna, Rovaniemi, Kemijarvi, Kuusamo, and Syöte in 8 days, I recommend the Northern Lights: A Lapland Winter tour.

December, January, February, and March are the best months for a Northern Lights trip in Finland. However, if you travel with children and would like to visit Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, his hometown, I recommend you take it in December.

The Finnish Lapland in Winter tour cost $ 3120, although it currently has a discount ($ 312 per day). The Finland Northern Lights tour costs $ 2015, although it is also discounted ($ 419 per day).

If you take the luxury Northern Lights tour: A Lapland Winter, the price would be $ 5673, ( $ 709 per day).

In case you want to make the trip on your own and take a one-night tour to see northern lights, the best options are in Rovaniemi. These would be the most popular tours:


Trips to see northern lights in Sweden

Finally, if you have chosen Sweden as your Northern Lights destination, the Northern Lights & wildlife in Swedish Lapland tour, which lasts 6 days and leaves from Lulea, is your best option. With the Northern Lights and Wildlife holiday package, you’ll live an authentic adventure, camping in Sami tepees and photographing moose and wild reindeer found in this area of ​​Sweden.

Trips and tours to see northern lights in Sweden

Trips to see northern lights in Sweden

Winter is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Sweden. The tour run in December, January, and February. Spots usually sell out quickly, so check here if there are any available.

The best place to hire Northern Lights one-day tours is in Kiruna. This would be the best option.


Northern Lights travel deals

If you want to find affordable trips to see the Northern Lights, visit the TourRadar deals section. There, they post significant discounts, and you can select the country in which you are interested to see if there are any good deals.

If you’re looking for cheap Northern Lights holidays, please note that when traveling in a guided group, you won’t have to worry about paying for accommodation, rental car, etc. Sometimes, hiring a Northern Lights vacation package is cheaper than planning the trip on your own.  However, always compare the prices of all the Northern Lights tours to choose the best option for you.

best time to take a northern lights tour in canada yellowknife

Which is the best Northern Lights destination this year?

Have you already decided where to spend your next Northern Lights holidays? Remember: it’s very important to travel during the best time to see the Northern Lights. If not, you won’t see them, no matter which tour you hire.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you need help with anything. Nothing would make me happier than helping you fulfill your dream of seeing the Northern Lights.

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    • Ascen Aynat says:

      Hi Gregg,
      For a 4-day trip to see the Northern Lights, I recommend going to Iceland. It’s the best option for shorter trips.
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      Hi Venkat,

      Where exactly in Sweden are you? The northern, the better when chasing the Northern Lights!


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    • Ascen says:

      Hi Juan,

      We have just selected the best Northern Lights trips for 2022 but we don’t run these tours. I recommend you to contact directly with the organizer of the tour that you like by clicking on the links on our article. Anyway, March is a great time to see the Northern Lights and I wish you luck for your Aurora Viewing Tour.


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