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10 Best Things to Do in Arona, Tenerife

Arona, Tenerife is a municipality in the southern part of the island and a haven for beach tourism. This place is packed with tons of entertainment options, including hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and various other attractions. Here, you will find the vibrant tourist towns of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas.

During our multiple visits to Arona, we have had the pleasure of trying exciting things to do in South Tenerife, learning about the Arona, Tenerife holidays, and engaging in thrilling water activities. One of the highlights of Arona is the opportunity to witness the majestic sight of wild whales and dolphins, an experience that cannot be described in words.

If you’re eager to learn more, this travel guide to Tenerife is for you. Here, I will provide you with comprehensive insights into all the remarkable sights and activities that Arona has to offer.

1. Playa de Las Américas, one of the most popular places in Arona, Tenerife

Playa de Las Américas is surely one of the must-see places in Arona, known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere. During the day, you can lie down and enjoy sunbathing or swimming at the famous beaches in Playa de Las Américas like Playa Las Vistas and Playa El Camisón. You can even explore the Golden Mile and visit the most popular Arona Tenerife shopping centers.

Fountain Las Américas, arona tenerife shopping

1. Playa de Las Américas, one of the most popular places in Arona, Tenerife

As night falls, Playa de Las Américas transforms into a different world, brimming with energy and excitement. Make sure to schedule your visit so you don’t miss the captivating lights, colors, music, and water performances at the Fountain Las Américas.

And for a memorable night out, head to the renowned Papagayo Beach Club, considered one of the best nightclubs in Tenerife. While offering an unparalleled, energetic environment, if you choose to stay in one of the top hotels in Las Americas, rest assured that you can still enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating stay.

2. Los Cristianos, a touristy place to visit in Arona

Los Cristianos, another popular tourist spot in Arona, is located close to Playa de Las Américas, offering a very similar lively atmosphere. Among the many places to visit in Los Cristianos, the prominent ones include Los Cristianos Beach and the Los Cristianos Market. But we found the ultimate joy on a dolphin and whale watching tour.

Los Cristianos Market, arona tenerife map

2. Los Cristianos, a touristy place to visit in Arona

Another great option is booking a snorkeling tour to explore the rich marine life and vibrant underwater world of Tenerife. With a bit of luck, you might even encounter sea turtles and dolphins during your adventure.

And when the night beckons, you have a golden ticket to enjoy the nightlife of Arona, Tenerife and lots of beautiful scenes comparable to Playa de Las Américas. Make sure to visit the renowned Punta Cana Disco for a memorable evening and unwind in one of the best hotels in Los Cristianos.

3. Visit Malpaís de la Rasca, the best thing to do in Arona, Tenerife

One of the best things to do in Arona, Tenerife is visiting Malpaís de la Rasca. This place is a Special Nature Reserve packed with stunning volcanic landscapes and pristine, secluded coves. To fully grasp the beauty of Malpaís de la Rasca, you’ll need to embark on a simple circular walking route because you are not allowed to use any vehicle in the protected area.

The excursion starts near the entrance to Palm-Mar, indicated by a sign. So, before entering into this other-worldly landscape, park your car before the sign and then, you are ready to step into heaven!

Malpaís de la Rasca, arona foods tenerife

3. Visit Malpaís de la Rasca, the best thing to do in Arona, Tenerife

As you traverse this route, you’ll be witnessing some of the most extraordinary volcanic scenery that seems straight out of a science fiction movie. This area also serves as a habitat for various endangered animal and plant species, including the fragrant Canary wormwood.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to visit notable spots like Montaña Gorda, Montaña Aguzada, the Rasca Lighthouse, and Los Enrojados Beach, among other intriguing places and landscapes of interest. This hike in Arona, Tenerife, is truly a remarkable experience, offering both breathtaking landscapes and a chance to reconnect with nature.

4. Playa de las Vistas, one of the best beaches in Arona

Arona, Tenerife in Spain is also famous for its magnificent beaches, especially Playa de las Vistas. With its fine golden sand and calm crystalline waters, Playa de las Vistas stands out as one of the best beaches in Tenerife.

Playa de las Vistas, arona tenerife restaurants

4. Playa de las Vistas, one of the best beaches in Arona

This beach is equipped with a breakwater, which creates gentle waves and minimizes currents, making it a safe option for families with children. However, you should still keep a close eye on the little ones, especially if they are not strong swimmers.

At Playa de las Vistas, you’ll find amenities such as sunbed and umbrella rentals, showers, restrooms, volleyball nets, and a lifeguard station. The beach also provides accessible ramps and walkways for individuals with reduced mobility, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy this beach in Arona, Tenerife.

5. Dolphin and whale-watching in Arona, Tenerife

One of our favorite things to do in Arona, Tenerife was watching whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. If you’re also interested in these beautiful creatures, make sure to take this tour that departs from the port of Los Cristianos. The tour typically lasts about two hours and includes a stop where you can take a refreshing swim in the open sea or even go snorkeling.

The great thing about this activity is that you can enjoy it pretty much all throughout the year as the waters surrounding the Canary Islands provide optimal conditions for a variety of cetacean species, including dolphins and pilot whales, to inhabit the area permanently. That said, I recommend checking out the Arona, Tenerife weather forecast to make sure there are no surprises.

Dolphin-watching boat tour, arona tenerife things to do

5. Dolphin and whale-watching in Arona, Tenerife

Keep in mind that you are observing creatures in their wild, natural habitat, where we can rarely predict how things happen. So, each tour is unique, and no company can guarantee the exact sightings or the number of whales you’ll encounter. Your best option is to take the tour I mentioned above so that if you don’t have any luck, you can repeat the tour for free.

If you’re interested in learning more about this activity, make sure to check out our guide on whale and dolphin-watching in Tenerife. It covers not only Arona but also other locations on the island where boats depart for cetacean spotting.

6. Plaza del Cristo de la Salud, another place to visit in the town of Arona

Next on our list is Plaza del Cristo de la Salud located in Arona, Tenerife, one of the most popular destinations in this small town. Plaza del Cristo de la Salud is home to the Town Hall and the Church of San Antonio Abad, which we’ll discuss in the next point.

Plaza del Cristo de la Salud, things to do in arona tenerife

6. Plaza del Cristo de la Salud, another place to visit in the town of Arona

As you approach the Town Hall, you’ll notice two statues—one honoring Santo Hermano Pedro and the other dedicated to Cardinal San Carlos Borromeo. They are magnificent, so make sure to take some photos!

Also keep in mind that most Arona, Tenerife holidays, events, and celebrations will take place around this square. If you’re in luck, you can even join locals in celebrating their exciting ceremonies.

7. Church of San Antonio Abad, a historic building in Arona, Tenerife

Another significant place to visit in Arona, Tenerife is the Church of San Antonio Abad, situated in the Plaza del Cristo de la Salud. This place holds exceptional value to locals and has turned into one of the most visited destinations for tourists who come to the town of Arona in Tenerife.

Church of San Antonio Abad, arona tenerife shopping

7. Church of San Antonio Abad, a historic building in Arona, Tenerife

This remarkable structure holds great importance and is considered the most prominent and emblematic building in the Historic Center of Arona. The origins of the church date back to the late 18th century when it was built on the site of the old hermitage of San Antonio Abad. Although in the 19th century, it underwent some renovations and expansions, several of its original elements remain.

This splendid Baroque building has a lot of cultural value as well because of its historical connection with the arrival of the first Castilian settlers.

8. Calvario Chapel, another touristy place in Arona, South Tenerife

One of the other popular things to do in Arona, Tenerife that has attracted many tourists from all over the world is visiting the famous Calvario Chapel. This site was constructed in the late 19th century, showcasing an impressive artistic design as well as high historical value.

Calvario Chapel, things to do in arona tenerife

8. Calvario Chapel, another touristy place in Arona, South Tenerife

Perched on a promontory, the chapel offers stunning views of Arona. It also delivers an artistic and spiritual representation of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ, making it an important landmark for both religious folks and those who admire religious and historical architecture.

Despite its seemingly modest appearance, the Calvario Chapel is full of incredibly beautiful details, and is also cherished and revered by the local community. So, make sure to check out this place during your time in Arona, Tenerife.

9. Diving, surfing, and other water sports in Arona

For water enthusiasts, Arona, Tenerife offers fantastic opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and surfing, regardless of how skilled you are.

The beaches of Arona are home to numerous surf schools that offer high-end services to all visitors with different levels of experience. I suggest booking this private class in Playa de Las Américas, which delivers flexible services to beginners as well as professionals. Even if you’ve never surfed before, this will be your first chance to have a fun and educational experience and learn a new skill.

Surfing in Tenerife, arona tenerife holidays

9. Diving, surfing, and other water sports in Arona

If you’re interested in exploring the underwater world, Los Cristianos is an excellent place for snorkeling and scuba diving, since it offers exceptionally diverse marine life and vibrant flora. So, if you’re new to tank diving, this tour is a great way to start.

A simpler alternative is taking this kayak safari tour and experiencing one of the most attractive and unforgettable activities on the Island. These thrilling water activities add an extra dimension to your visit to Arona, Tenerife.

10. Go partying and enjoy the nightlife of Arona

If you’re planning to spend several days in Arona, Tenerife, you can’t miss its famous party nights. You’ll find some of the best clubs in Tenerife between Playa de Las Américas and Los Cristianos.

One popular option is the Papagayo Beach Club, located in Playa de Las Américas. This world-class club is in the open-air, allowing you to dance under the starry sky and feel the sea breeze as you enjoy the music.

Papagayo Beach Club, arona tenerife nightlife

10. Go partying and enjoy the nightlife of Arona

Another very popular nightclub in Arona is the Punta Cana Disco Los Cristianos, which is located in front of Playa de Las Vistas. This club offers contemporary music and a vibrant atmosphere. If you get there at dusk, you can even witness Arona’s beautiful sunsets while enjoying your drink.

I should also mention the Magic Lounge Club, Tramps de King of Clubs, and Babylon Disco Gay Pub, some of the most popular nightclubs in Arona, Tenerife. Keep in mind that these places can get very crowded, especially on weekends and during the summer season. So, it might be a good idea to get there early.

If you don’t like big, populated nightclubs, don’t worry. The bars in Arona, Tenerife come in all sizes! So, you can easily find a sweet spot for yourself and enjoy plenty of entertainment and good vibes.

Where to stay in Arona, Tenerife

When it comes to accommodation options in Arona, Tenerife, you have tons of options due to its popularity among tourists. With so many attractions and landmarks, Arona is surely one of the best places to stay in Tenerife, since most of the best excursions from Tenerife depart from here.

One highly recommended option is the Regency Country Club, considered one of the best hotels in Arona, Tenerife. The rooms are spacious, bright, and well-maintained, and the facilities are simply phenomenal. That’s why it has been listed so many times as one of the best hotels in Playa de Las Américas.

Catalonia Oro Negro, arona tenerife hotel

Where to stay in Arona, Tenerife

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly choice, the Catalonia Oro Negro is your best bet. This beautiful hotel in Arona, Tenerife offers good value for your money and a convenient location which makes it one of the best cheap hotels in Tenerife.

Another excellent option is the Sol Arona Tenerife, one of the best hotels in Los Cristianos. This hotel features nice and clean rooms with private balconies or terraces offering sea views, an ideal place for couples, families, or friends traveling together.

If you prioritize freedom and cost-efficiency, check out the Paloma Beach Apartments. This accommodation option is one of the best apartments in Los Cristianos, featuring a stunning pool area with a hot tub, a heated swimming pool, and lots of other luxury facilities.

You can also check out our list of the best apartments in Playa de Las Américas. Spoiler alert! Our favorite choice is the KN Aparthotel Columbus.

As you can see, there are plenty of accommodation options available, ensuring you’ll find a nice comfortable hotel or apartment that suits your budget and travel style. Just keep in mind this is a very popular tourist destination, so it might be a good idea to book one of the hotels in Arona in advance, especially during peak season.

Where to eat in Arona

Now let’s talk about restaurants in Arona, Tenerife. When it comes to dining options in this town, you’ll have more options than you can imagine. Two of our favorite restaurants are El Ventorrillo, located in Los Cristianos, and Taberna del Tío Martín in the Las Américas area.

El Ventorrillo offers a cozy atmosphere and a menu featuring delicious Spanish dishes. Our top pick would be their grilled octopus. It really tastes good! At Taberna del Tío Martín, you can indulge in tapas-style dining and savor specialties from various regions of Spain, including some of the best foods of the Canary Islands.

Taberna Tio Martin, arona tenerife bars

Where to eat in Arona

If you want to experience an authentic taste of Canarian cuisine, head to Guachinche La Fuente. This restaurant is one of the best places we visited during our trip, offering genuine local flavors and a warm, family-friendly ambiance.

The only problem is that the restaurant is a bit far from the heart of the city. If you need a closer dining option, El Pincho or Mesón Las Lanzas are both excellent alternatives that offer great value.

For more information about the finest dining options available, you can check out our guide on the best restaurants in Tenerife.

How to get to Arona, Tenerife

Getting to Arona, Tenerife is really easy, no matter where you are on the Island. But if you want to explore the island with maximum freedom, renting a car from DiscoverCars is your best transportation option in Tenerife.

They offer their services at an affordable price, and you can use the option to pick up and drop off the car at the airport for added convenience. Check out our comprehensive guide on renting a car in Tenerife for more information.

If renting a car is not a suitable option for you, you can always use public transportation services. The best way is to take line 343 which connects Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport with Los Cristianos, one of the main towns in Arona. You can check all the schedules on the TITSA website.

Canarian bus, arona tenerife map

How to get to Arona, Tenerife

Another option is to hire a private transfer. This is the most comfortable way to reach Arona from anywhere on the island. Private transfers may be a bit costly, but if you’re traveling in a group, you can divide the expenses among yourselves and enjoy a more convenient and affordable option.

Map of Arona, Tenerife

Now that you have all the information you need about this beautiful town, take a look at this map of Arona, Tenerife to help you locate all the places mentioned:

I hope this guide has been helpful in getting to know Arona and offering lots of incredible options to visitors who want to enjoy this heavenly place to the fullest. If you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll be more than glad to help you! Have a fantastic time exploring Arona, Tenerife!

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