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Papillon Helicopters Review – Best Options & Prices

After taking two Papillon helicopter tours, we have written this in-depth Papillon review to share our impressions and experience.

Our first time taking a Papillon tour was during our 10-day American West Coast road trip. On that occasion, we took the Grand Discovery and it was outstanding! Some years later, we found ourselves with one extra day in Las Vegas, so we decided to take another Papillon helicopter to the Grand Canyon, the Celebration with Strip, to land at the bottom of the canyon and see the Strip at sunset, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Papillon helicopter Las Vegas reviews

Papillon Helicopters Review

If you haven’t flown with Papillon yet, you should know that this company is well-known for its air tours of the Grand Canyon and it’s one of the largest sightseeing companies in this area. Papillon Helicopters is a trustworthy company with over 50 years of experience. Its fleet of 48 aircraft is specially designed with large windows and comfortable seating so you can have the best flight ever.

In this Papillon review, I’ll share more about what to expect from a Papillon tour, how to get the cheapest Papillon helicopter flights and their most popular tours that visit the Grand Canyon and other beautiful areas in the southwest.

Papillon helicopter tours

You can find Papillon helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon no matter your budget or schedule. In this guide, I’ll cover a few different Papillon helicopter tour reviews departing from:

As you can see, you can take a Papillon helicopter from Vegas, Nevada, or Arizona. Besides, some of the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas are with this company, so let’s dive into the details!

Papillon helicopter Las Vegas tours

Papillon’s most popular packages are the Las Vegas helicopter tours. Since many people visit this city every year, these are the most convenient option for most tourists. Some Papillon helicopters from Las Vegas just explore the Strip and the city surroundings from the air. However, there are some tours that go farther and soar over other natural landscapes such as the Grand Canyon.

Papillon helicopter Grand Canyon

Papillon helicopter Las Vegas tours

Most of these Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas go to the West Rim, although there are South Rim trips, too.

Most popular Papillon helicopter tours from Las Vegas

These are the top 3 Papillon helicopters from Las Vegas:

Taking a Papillon helicopter to Las Vegas Strip is the most unique way to see Sin City, and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. However, if you can afford it, take a Papillon helicopter to the Grand Canyon. It worth the money but keep in mind that you’ll spend most of your flight traveling between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

That is why we decided to take the Celebration with Strip during our last visit to Las Vegas. That way, we could spend more time at the Grand Canyon since that tour also includes a landing on the bottom of the canyon. We also upgraded the tour to soar over Las Vegas Strip at sunset and it was an experience we will never forget.

Most Papillon helicopters from Las Vegas visit the West Rim but some also visit the South Rim, which is still part of the national park but a little farther away. The cheapest Papillon flights go to the West Rim, and they are also more popular since you can land on the canyon floor on some tours. The views from the South Rim are superior, but I only recommend taking a tour there if you’re already at the South Rim and can take one of the Papillon tours that depart from its South Rim terminal.

Papillon helicopter Grand Canyon South Rim (National Park)

As I said, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour with Papillon is a one-of-a-kind experience, especially if you take a flight from the South Rim, which is part of the Grand Canyon National Park. Since canyon floor landings aren’t allowed in this area, the land is better-preserved and absolutely stunning. Check out some Papillon tour reviews of the South Rim below.

Papillon Grand Canyon helicopters reviews

Papillon helicopter Grand Canyon South Rim (National Park)

Most popular Papillon helicopter tours from Grand Canyon South Rim

Here are the best Papillon tours departing from the Grand Canyon’s South Rim:

The South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park is a prime destination thanks to its magnificent views. Besides, you can find several Papillon helicopter tours departing from the terminal at this location.

When we flew from the South Rim, we took the Grand Discovery tour, which is probably the cheapest Papillon tour since it’s by airplane instead of helicopter. Anyway, the views were incredible but I didn’t think they were as good as the Imperial with EcoStar Papillon helicopter tour. If you can’t afford that tour, don’t worry. The South Rim has some of the most incredible geological formations in the entire canyon and seeing them from a birds-eye perspective, no matter which tour you take, is something you have to see to believe!

Papillon helicopter Grand Canyon West Rim tours

Taking a Papillon helicopter from the Grand Canyon West Rim is a wise choice if you’re in Las Vegas and want to fly over the Grand Canyon but have a tight budget. Rent a car in Las Vegas, drive to the West Rim, and you can get cheap Papillon helicopter tours from there.

Papillon helicopters reviews

Papillon helicopter Grand Canyon West Rim tours

Driving to the Grand Canyon South Rim (which is part of the national park) will take you much longer, but the West Rim is only 2 hours from Sin City. Besides, since the West Rim is not part of the national park, below-the-rim landings are allowed, and most popular tours there include them.

Most popular Papillon helicopter tours from Grand Canyon West Rim

These packages have the top Papillon Grand Canyon helicopter tour reviews:

Another advantage of taking a Papillon helicopter tour from the West Rim is that you will have plenty of time before and after the tour to explore the most popular lookouts on your own, such as Guano Point and Eagle Point. Besides, you can also upgrade your Papillon helicopter tour to include the Skywalk admission.

Papillon helicopter from Page, AZ (Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend)

If you’re interested in visiting Antelope Canyon, you’re in luck because there are a few Papillon helicopters that depart from Page, AZ. These thrilling tours will soar over some of the most spectacular rock formations in the area, giving you a unique perspective of the canyon, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, and other beautiful landmarks in Arizona.

Best papillon tours helicopter page

Papillon helicopter from Page, AZ (Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend)

Most popular Papillon helicopter tours from Page, AZ

These are the highest-rated Papillon helicopter tours from Page, AZ:

Without a doubt, a Papillon helicopter flight in Page, AZ is totally worth it. Take a tour to mystical Antelope Canyon, where you can see the sunlight glinting off the red and white strata. Don’t forget about nearby Horseshoe Bend, an intriguing geological curve in the Colorado River.

Flying over this desert landscape is an exhilarating experience. During your ride, you can get aerial views of Lake Powell, Alstrom Point, the Gunsight and Tower Buttes, Navajo Canyon, and the Glen Canyon Dam.

Papillon helicopter tour prices

Papillon is not just one of the most experienced sightseeing companies in the area, but their rates are the lowest around, too. Plus, you can rest easy knowing there aren’t any hidden costs or surprise fees you’ll have to deal with. You can find a Papillon helicopter to Vegas for as low as $84! Papillon helicopter tour prices will be higher if you want to visit the Grand Canyon. But still, they are cheaper than the other helicopter companies operating in the Grand Canyon.

What I love about Papillon is that each flight is narrated and led by expert pilots and guides, creating an enjoyable and safe experience. As you can read in all the Papillon Grand Canyon helicopter reviews, every tour is unique and exciting, so what are you waiting for?

Papillon helicopter discounts

One of the best things about Papillon helicopters is their pricing. You’ll never have to deal with booking fees or unexplained charges when you hire one of these tours.

Papillon helicopters Grand Canyon

Besides, Papillon has a Special Offers section on their website so you can find the best deals on Papillon helicopters from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Page, AZ. This way, you can check the upfront costs and compare prices online in minutes.

Papillon cancellation policy

Papillon’s cancellation policy is quite simple. You’ll have to reconfirm your flight at least 48 hours before departure. If you want to cancel your Papillon helicopter tour, you can do so without penalty up to 48 hours in advance. When you cancel, you’ll receive a credit voucher valid up to one year from when you first booked your tour.

Papillon helicopter reviews by customers

If you’re still not sure about booking a Papillon helicopter tour, consider that it was named the Best Helicopter Tour for 2020 by USA Today, and it was a Best of Las Vegas 2020 Gold Winner. It’s also a top-ranking Grand Canyon tour company on TripAdvisor, with 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,000 Papillon reviews. The company also has 4.7 stars and over 1,300 Papillon helicopter reviews on Google.

Papillon’s low, transparent pricing, dedication to customer service, and a renowned fleet of sightseeing aircraft makes it a perfect choice for individuals, couples, and families.

My experience – Papillon helicopter Grand Canyon review

I couldn’t end this guide without giving you my Papillon review. As I said, we took a Papillon helicopter to the Grand Canyon during our West Coast USA road trip, and it was a magical experience.

Papillon Las Vegas helicopter tours reviews

My experience – Papillon helicopter Grand Canyon review

Even on shorter flights, you can’t beat the aerial views you get from a Papillon helicopter. The feeling you get when flying over the Grand Canyon and seeing the full magnitude of it from above is hard to put into words. Plus, a heli-tour is the best way to avoid the crowds!

We’ve taken a few rides with Papillon and we always find a tour that suits our budget, schedule, and preferences. The flights are enjoyable, and we appreciate that Papillon gives customers as much airtime as possible.

My experience – Papillon Las Vegas helicopter tour review

Riding in a Papillon helicopter from Vegas was one of our top things to do in Las Vegas when we took a trip to Sin City. We took the Celebration with Strip because we wanted to land at the bottom of the canyon and see the first lights of Vegas’ nightlife twinkle on the Strip. And it was absolutely stunning!

Papillon helicopter Las Vegas

My experience – Papillon Las Vegas helicopter tour review

Not only was this one of the best day trips from Las Vegas, but we also got to enjoy a champagne picnic by the Colorado River. This was a pricier flight package, but it was an incredible adventure I would love to repeat someday.

Is a Papillon helicopter flight worth it?

Before you even consider this question, my answer is YES! A Papillon tour is a great way to explore a new place and have an unforgettable adventure. While there are shuttle buses and road trip packages, taking a Papillon helicopter or airplane is something I highly recommend.

Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll get exclusive birds-eye views of famous sights like the Grand Canyon National Park, the Vegas Strip, and the Mojave Desert. Moreover, if you’re worried about cost, I can assure you that Papillon has the lowest prices as well as special offers that you won’t want to miss.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Papillon helicopter review! Now you should have all the information you need to book an amazing Papillon helicopter tour in the southwestern USA. Of course, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

Happy flying!

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